Marvel Studios' Loki | Official Trailer | Disney+


Loki’s time has come. Watch the brand-new trailer for "Loki," and start streaming the Marvel Studios Original Series June 11 on Disney+.
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  • Helena silva
    Helena silva11 minutes ago

    Mudou a data de estreia. A série será numa quarta-feira dia 09 de junho. Os episódios serão adicionados às quartas também....

  • Muniya Ach
    Muniya Ach58 minutes ago

    Where can I watch the series.??? Plz answer....

  • Kishore Kumar
    Kishore KumarHour ago

    The bgm just suits loki 🔥🔥🔥

  • Aayush Rajput
    Aayush RajputHour ago

    Ahh finally loki in the house boys !

  • daniel pranoto
    daniel pranoto2 hours ago

    it might be legendary

  • crithon
    crithon3 hours ago

    What is up with the Boku drink, is it like 1990?

  • BlackhawkX02
    BlackhawkX024 hours ago

    Hey Disney, how many episode is this mini series going to have? 5? or maybe less?

  • Marvel FGC

    Marvel FGC

    2 hours ago


  • Red Panda
    Red Panda4 hours ago

    If they don't mention and explore loki being genderfluid I'll cry

  • robloxissoamazing
    robloxissoamazing5 hours ago

    2:07 is his lover scene!!

  • Gianny Galindo
    Gianny Galindo5 hours ago


    DEVANSH5 hours ago


  • Scythe
    Scythe6 hours ago

    Correct Me if I'm wrong but is that black widow? 2:05



    5 hours ago

    lady loki

  • Conor Gillingham
    Conor Gillingham7 hours ago

    Unlike the prior two shows this one has an immediate premise so I expect great things.

  • Jonathan Levant
    Jonathan Levant7 hours ago

    I have a good feeling this will be the best one

    VIKASH RAJ8 hours ago

    Loki is Loki but Owen Wilson 🔥

  • SGB
    SGB8 hours ago

    Any explanation for the funny font? Looks good ngl! Should I watch falcon and winter soldier? Already watched wandavision and I enjoyed it

  • HaritaHiran Vasu
    HaritaHiran Vasu13 hours ago


  • TheJediBro
    TheJediBro13 hours ago

    Chaos + Pride + Ego = Loki 😎👌🏼💚💛🖤😈

    NISHANT SINGH15 hours ago

    Aree सर ne to loki ka trailer playlist me dal diya 😂😂

  • Moustapha Diane
    Moustapha Diane15 hours ago

    The only villain in the MCU that they can never actually get rid of

  • No Idea
    No Idea16 hours ago

    This is gonna be epic than wandavision, and falcon and winter soldier or captain America and winter soldier.

    MR PERFECT ARMY16 hours ago

    A big thanks to Hulk for taking stairs

  • Dmitriy Shabatin
    Dmitriy Shabatin17 hours ago

    Who know soundtrack?

  • Mike D
    Mike D17 hours ago

    So wait, Loki broke time? Shouldn't all the core avengers plus Gamora and Thanos be in there too?

  • Pandi's Journey
    Pandi's Journey17 hours ago

    It's stars from the Avengers end game where Loki disappeared with the tesseract. Nice Move.

  • Ntombikayise Nzimande
    Ntombikayise Nzimande19 hours ago

    Well I'd never do it again!

  • Rubens S
    Rubens S19 hours ago

    Is is Natasha Romanoff at 2:06? It looks like her

  • Marvel FGC

    Marvel FGC

    2 hours ago

    No, it's Loki.

  • Scepter
    Scepter20 hours ago

    Was that black widow with loki

  • theAstarrr
    theAstarrr20 hours ago

    This is my favorite trailer out of the trailers for Loki

  • bella
    bella22 hours ago

    2:06 IS THAT NAT

  • Marvel FGC

    Marvel FGC

    2 hours ago

    Why does everyone think it's her? It's obviously Loki.

  • Yuris Abrori
    Yuris Abrori22 hours ago

    The joker of MCU

  • Kaori Miyazono
    Kaori Miyazono22 hours ago

    The fact that he prepared 3 months to audition for Thor but the director saw Loki for him, now he's born to be Loki ughh 😍🥵

    THANOS23 hours ago


  • Veeresh game

    Veeresh game

    23 hours ago


  • DiVE
    DiVE23 hours ago

    2:08 Shahrukh Khan

  • Gnothaev Scheautonikova
    Gnothaev Scheautonikova23 hours ago Parallel Universe Loki is alive and kicking".

  • Gabrisx Gtyx
    Gabrisx GtyxDay ago

    Thanos in Hell watching this trailer His reaction : WHAT THE HECK? I already killed him Loki : Hell nah

  • Gumiho Mochi
    Gumiho MochiDay ago

    Am I hallucinating because of sleep deprivation or did I just see black widow at 2:05?

  • manpreet singh
    manpreet singhDay ago

    Loki without ⚡🔨Thor Little bit bor😌

  • Dhruva Sharma
    Dhruva SharmaDay ago

    Black Widow at 02:06 ??

  • Aarti Sharma
    Aarti SharmaDay ago

    Wednesdays are the new Fridays.

  • Caroline Lundy
    Caroline LundyDay ago

    At 2:07 doesn’t that look like black widow????

  • Lokanadham.Bharath Kiran Bharath Kiran
    Lokanadham.Bharath Kiran Bharath KiranDay ago

    We want it in telugu

  • Jainil Patel
    Jainil PatelDay ago

    loki has death on do not disturb

  • A r m a a n
    A r m a a nDay ago


  • Marvel FGC

    Marvel FGC

    2 hours ago

    He's the only Loki that we've ever seen...

  • MR.𖤓STARK࿐
    MR.𖤓STARK࿐Day ago

    2:09 BGM awesome 😍👌👌👌

    DEVANSHDay ago

    Seems interesting

  • Mrs. DeVil
    Mrs. DeVilDay ago

    He makes my heart flutter

  • Priya all in one official channel
    Priya all in one official channelDay ago


  • Jon Wick
    Jon WickDay ago

    Seems boring

  • Tassy
    TassyDay ago

    Owen's chemistry with Tom is going to be like how he is with Ben Stiller and Jackie Chan...can't wait!

  • Oliver JACKSON
    Oliver JACKSONDay ago

    this trailer is lo-key one of the best

  • Dr NachoManiac
    Dr NachoManiacDay ago

    And now it’s coming even sooner than expected

  • xd revxrt
    xd revxrtDay ago

    2:06 is that Nat?!!!

  • Unemployment Villager
    Unemployment VillagerDay ago

    2:06 nat?

  • Chikiru Uchiha
    Chikiru UchihaDay ago

    I am sooooo getting Disney + when this comes out 💕

  • TRAZ 3:16
    TRAZ 3:16Day ago

    Yes !!! :)

  • Flammable
    FlammableDay ago

    1:49 WHAT

  • Bryan Salvage Jr
    Bryan Salvage JrDay ago

    Tom is one of the best castings in the MCU!

  • MasterGaming VK
    MasterGaming VKDay ago

    1 year and 1 day left to new Thor movie

  • MasterGaming VK
    MasterGaming VKDay ago

    I'm just waiting for Thor cameo btw new Thor movie is releasing tommorow for 1 year

  • LegendaryTronic
    LegendaryTronicDay ago


  • seafood
    seafoodDay ago

    Reminds me of terry gilliams brazil

  • Raptor Jesus
    Raptor JesusDay ago

    trailer music on point

  • CaptnMexico21
    CaptnMexico21Day ago

    wait.....Loki and Scarlet soul stone scene?! Yessss

  • SwinE
    SwinEDay ago

    I wonder why black widow is in the trailer?

  • Caleb Hicks
    Caleb HicksDay ago

    Love the music

  • Nick Scarpitti
    Nick ScarpittiDay ago

    1:51 was Loki DB Cooper

  • Arnold Samson
    Arnold SamsonDay ago

    2:06 i think its black widow

  • Amjad Nawaz
    Amjad NawazDay ago

    This show has the same vibes as Joker being scared of the IRS 😅

  • NTFO
    NTFODay ago

    why is there a Volca Keys at min 0:33 ?

  • Pascoolism
    PascoolismDay ago

    Please , i Hope its not about politics

  • Sridevi R
    Sridevi RDay ago

    2:05 is that black widow and loki

  • Zora Lala

    Zora Lala

    Day ago

    Not black widow

  • Jagadeesh gss
    Jagadeesh gssDay ago

    Does any body observed Loki with Black widow sitting on bench...😂

  • SaadF_XD
    SaadF_XDDay ago

    "Well, I'd never do it again" Loki has earned my trust

  • saurab 123
    saurab 123Day ago

    A person with many colors: Loki

  • Manish Nath
    Manish NathDay ago

    Why they no dubbed in hindi 🥺🥺🥺

  • Olivia Delaney
    Olivia DelaneyDay ago

    Is he sitting next to Natasha Romanoff?

  • Ranjanjyoti Nath
    Ranjanjyoti NathDay ago

    Can't wait to watch it

  • Bigdre Fromthebay
    Bigdre FromthebayDay ago

    This movie will announce Kane the Conquer 😭

  • L.M. Hammond
    L.M. HammondDay ago

    Who’s here after finding out the release date has changed from June 11 to June 9?

  • Mickey Valenz
    Mickey ValenzDay ago

    I remixed the Loki trailer music. Video is on my channel 🕺🏻

  • Satishkumar Behura
    Satishkumar BehuraDay ago

    Change the date @Marvel 😂😂😂 lol

  • Adam Tamer
    Adam TamerDay ago

    This could actually be better than wandavision and TFATWS

  • Ilya Zotak
    Ilya ZotakDay ago

    0:37 - Korg Volca keys

  • Md Siam
    Md SiamDay ago

    make it release with hindi dub

  • CashOut T
    CashOut TDay ago

    I’m not seeing this shiet

  • stupid abc
    stupid abcDay ago

    This give me some of those twilight zone vibe and i don't know why, maybe w the visual or the use of music but it brought chills up my spine

  • daniela llontop
    daniela llontopDay ago

    9 June YASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Krishnan Isaac
    Krishnan IsaacDay ago

    At 2:06 , is that Black Widow?!

  • Somil Pedhadiya
    Somil PedhadiyaDay ago

    I request you please your series Realise in hindi and trailer release in hindi Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please,please,please, please, please please, please, please, please, please, please, please please,

  • ACV
    ACVDay ago

    This trailer is amazing

  • Devarshi Raju
    Devarshi RajuDay ago

    June 9 it is 🔥

  • Vimal Krishna
    Vimal KrishnaDay ago

    Anyone here after wednesdays are the new fridays !!!

  • Ayana Tide
    Ayana TideDay ago

    Pause the video at 2:06 and confirm that you think that the red head is Natasha

  • sohil shaikh
    sohil shaikhDay ago

    Song name

  • Devarshi Raju

    Devarshi Raju

    Day ago

    Tunuk tunuk

  • Koushik Sahoo
    Koushik SahooDay ago

    Loki.....The Mastermind

  • Lauren Sii
    Lauren SiiDay ago

    Loki's bark at the beginning of this trailer sums him up.

  • brox
    broxDay ago

    Guys... Black widow isn't in this series, so stop with the "WHy HAs nOnE SaId aNyThInG AbOuT tHiS " because its not even ack widow its lady loki, and everyone has been saying it. At 2:06

  • MrBonafide861
    MrBonafide861Day ago

    Anyone know the name of the song in the trailer.

  • Prasad Malage
    Prasad MalageDay ago