Mike Tells Nicole About Angelina | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Nicole and Mike sit down for a chat to catch up, and he tells her all about the Angelina drama.

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All your favorite moments with Snooki, JWoww, Deena, Vinny, DJ Pauly D, Ronnie and The Situation.

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  • D'nna Dae
    D'nna Dae2 days ago

    Glad Snooki and her God awful surgery is off the show. I really hope she does no more appearances. I would rather see sam than her. So that says alot!!

  • Bradley S
    Bradley S18 days ago

    Sober Mike is such an awkward dude

  • Sarah Bee
    Sarah Bee19 days ago

    Ugh I love these crazy kids

  • Rahim Almawri
    Rahim Almawri23 days ago

    Mike is so corny and Snooki is phony... lol. AWKWARD. This is when you know it's time to call it quits. It's a wrap everybody go home....

  • Daniel Geld
    Daniel Geld26 days ago

    These people have become so boring

  • Niles Guy
    Niles Guy28 days ago

    Get rid of JWOW and Snooki and bring back Sammy and JWOW ex hubby

  • Star Dreams
    Star Dreams28 days ago

    Angelina please be with Vinny

  • Brown sugar
    Brown sugarMonth ago

    Snooki talking about how she missed him and such, girl. She could have visited anytime, the tv show wasn't stopping her 🙄 she's always dramatic I swear. It's her own fault on missing out on the events, talk it out and move on.


    Not normal, Mike. Someone fired him. And he trusted. And he is already spreading what Angelina was saying to him. And what is happening in her life. I would not like to have a friend like that. Angelina should be careful what she tells to whom.

  • Christopher Martinez
    Christopher MartinezMonth ago

    Always love me some good gossip ! 🤭🤭

  • PrestigeWorldWide
    PrestigeWorldWideMonth ago

    I'm glad Nicole is back time to increase the drama now

  • Krystyl Summers
    Krystyl SummersMonth ago


  • Krystyl Summers
    Krystyl SummersMonth ago

    G.T.L. bia lol

  • Carolina Vargas
    Carolina VargasMonth ago

    Mike the instigation

  • Brn Eyes
    Brn EyesMonth ago

    I love Mike

  • Gabrielle DePaulo
    Gabrielle DePauloMonth ago

    this show is still on?

  • kolim jone
    kolim joneMonth ago

    i miss the original jersey shore

  • Christine Proper
    Christine ProperMonth ago

    Angelina is no better she’s just as drama as they are

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiueMonth ago

    this show is slowly dying, every season someone goes their own way...

  • Kate Urm8
    Kate Urm8Month ago

    I used to loveee snooki and jenni but now it seems as though they turned into mean girls :/

  • kolim jone

    kolim jone

    Month ago

    Y’all know 24 wrestles in AEW and calls himself “Jersey Shores #1 star”? Hahaha. Facts

  • Zenner Scott
    Zenner ScottMonth ago

    You mean Jenny still with her young boo

  • CozyCow Pooper
    CozyCow PooperMonth ago

    I mean she did cheat on chris how many times with vinny. I don't feel bad at all, she made this mess herself now lay down in it. Girls need to be held accountable for cheating too

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    Month ago

    Lauren specifically said everything that happened on game night has to stay there, but they're doing the opposite.

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiuMonth ago

    hangs out with them when the other group of friends are busy. I might be wrong, but that’s what it seems like.

  • Bunny Girl
    Bunny GirlMonth ago

    Angelina knows theh don't like her on the show so its her problem sge stays on the show

  • LupitaSin21
    LupitaSin21Month ago

    I can honestly say I haven't missed snooki not one bit. She just wasn't the same upbeat, charming girl I came to like. Momhood changed her a lot.

  • Queen Kayy

    Queen Kayy

    Month ago

    Fame and money can change a person also

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnonMonth ago

    this show is slowly dying, every season someone goes their own way...

  • Miss Jaime
    Miss JaimeMonth ago

    There's not way Angelina thinks the roommates are her friends. They have explained why they don't like her (they each have their reasons) and they don't even pretend to like her. I hope she negotiated therapyas a part of her contract..it can't be good for her mental health to be constantly around people who clearly don't like you.

  • wuoi zuiu

    wuoi zuiu

    Month ago

    Situations hair looks crazy

  • Video Games And The World
    Video Games And The WorldMonth ago

    The snitchuation

  • Meghan Alena
    Meghan AlenaMonth ago

    Dude Angelina is so in love with vinny

  • qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    Month ago

    I do not like Nicole anymore she claims not to be a mean girl but she is. For that to be her first reaction to what Angelina is going through shows how selfish and entitled she i

  • Amy Michelle
    Amy MichelleMonth ago

    Nicole must be running out of money.

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vootyMonth ago

    this show is slowly dying, every season someone goes their own way...

  • Whiteboy Steve
    Whiteboy SteveMonth ago

    Snookie and Angelina's original faces looked better IMO. Mike still gossips. Looks like I don't miss anything by not watching this show

  • L A
    L AMonth ago

    Proverbs 11:13 13 A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.

  • Miccy C
    Miccy CMonth ago

    Y’all know 24 wrestles in AEW and calls himself “Jersey Shores #1 star”? Hahaha. Facts

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    Month ago

    Everyone talking about feeling bad for Angelina and Snooki is the worst. Let’s be real and say they all start drama expect for Deena😍

  • green miner
    green minerMonth ago

    this show is slowly dying, every season someone goes their own way...

  • Cory Fields
    Cory FieldsMonth ago

    I see Vinny and Angelina getting together

  • chrity willy
    chrity willyMonth ago

    Lauren specifically said everything that happened on game night has to stay there, but they're doing the opposite.

  • david Barnes
    david BarnesMonth ago

    She was missing that check. That’s easy money

  • chrity willy
    chrity willyMonth ago

    Mike, please don't turn into old Mike again because it's already showing.

  • chrity willy
    chrity willyMonth ago

    Snooki just returned and she's already in some drama, smh.

  • James Massaro
    James MassaroMonth ago

    Situations hair looks crazy

  • James Massaro
    James MassaroMonth ago

    Situations hair looks f

  • M
    MMonth ago

    Fake staged garbage

  • Karla Alejandra
    Karla AlejandraMonth ago

    I do not like Nicole anymore she claims not to be a mean girl but she is. For that to be her first reaction to what Angelina is going through shows how selfish and entitled she is.

  • Karla Alejandra

    Karla Alejandra

    Month ago

    @Bunny Girl I have watched the first seasons of jersey shore. Angelina has changed and is trying to better herself while some of the others have not. They still are holding onto their cliques and same attitudes. They are adults now it’s time to grow up.

  • Bunny Girl

    Bunny Girl

    Month ago

    First off watch the first seasons of Jersey shore angelina always cause drama! I hate her. Shes just came back for the mtv paycheck she said it herself

  • Amy lynne Moses
    Amy lynne MosesMonth ago

    Omg she's back! Are their shoes airing right now? Didn't realize there was more already. Can't wait to watch.

  • Jay Toner
    Jay TonerMonth ago

    Love how mikes sober but still loves a gossip ahahaha got to love him

  • Josh Hermosillo
    Josh HermosilloMonth ago

    I just canceled my cable! Anyone know where I can watch these new episodes?? Plzzzz

  • Ilikecorndogs208
    Ilikecorndogs208Month ago

    It’s so weird to think that half these adults have slept with one another

  • izabella garcia
    izabella garciaMonth ago

    Everyone talking about feeling bad for Angelina and Snooki is the worst. Let’s be real and say they all start drama expect for Deena😍

  • AshlyMonet
    AshlyMonetMonth ago

    Mike still talks too much smh

  • Angie Kubrick
    Angie KubrickMonth ago

    Mike is so matured it’s crazy

  • leilani garcia
    leilani garciaMonth ago

    Hi guys

  • Fk It
    Fk ItMonth ago

    Why did Jenny and Roger split?

  • Tori Vee
    Tori VeeMonth ago

    I used to love Snooki! But as the seasons went on her personality changed for the worse. I don't care for her being back. She and Jenny really are the "mean girls" of the group.

  • Spongy bob
    Spongy bobMonth ago

    Isn't it funny Mike is the only one married and not divorced lol well the meatball isn't lol

  • Bjean F
    Bjean FMonth ago

    Did I miss this episode? When was this?

  • Rachel Kessinger
    Rachel KessingerMonth ago

    Anybody else surprised that Jwoww & 24 are still together???

  • Larissa Reyes
    Larissa ReyesMonth ago

    No no no that speech drama was necessary. They crossed the line and they needed to know that. It wasn’t okay divorce or not.

  • S S
    S SMonth ago

    You know what I got a divorce after only a year. Everyone loved to gossip, they loved to see me down. Don't ever talk bad about people who are down because it can happen to you too. Who cares if she got a divorce as long as she's happy.

  • Anna D

    Anna D

    Month ago


  • S S
    S SMonth ago

    Mike you are recovered through a 12 step program. You know that gossip is not allowed and calls for an amends. Stay in recovery Mike, it's not worth it!

  • Kassy Rocha
    Kassy RochaMonth ago

    Has this new season aired already ?! I want to watch

  • Amazin Crudup
    Amazin CrudupMonth ago

    Mike : Stop it! Stop it !

  • edizzlee
    edizzleeMonth ago

    Nicole’s lips look horrible

  • cherryonasundae
    cherryonasundaeMonth ago

    Snooki wanted that $$$$ that’s why she came back

  • cory
    coryMonth ago

    Angelina joins Floribama shore...lol😁

  • anthony cataldi
    anthony cataldiMonth ago

    Why do they look like dolls lol

  • jc Sanne
    jc SanneMonth ago

    24 creeps me out lol

  • Celina Bofina
    Celina BofinaMonth ago

    I think it’s crazy bc Angelina has always been problematic and I’m proud of her for changing but it’s only been like a year since the wedding and y’all act like they haven’t gave her so many chances. It’s okay to forgive people without wanting to have a relationship with them again.

  • Carolina Jackson
    Carolina JacksonMonth ago

    Must be hard for all them this with Ron,like how much try to help,how much they want to say: Hey Step it up now Ron and all that.Important to that he have a dauther too like with her age" she really needs both parents and I don't know this with that mother like is crazy and ALL STUFF you know what I mean.

  • peanutjelly
    peanutjellyMonth ago

    Just because Angelina's marriage isn't working out doesn't mean that her anger about how the girls carried on at her wedding wasn't justified. She still has the right to be upset about the way they disrespected her that day.

  • adorealiah
    adorealiahMonth ago

    they will never like angelina dude. she hasn’t experienced what they have together. she will never experience that. they’re there own family, she will forever be an outcast

  • Joy Rose
    Joy RoseMonth ago

    Angelina 🥴 you just got married,wow it's over already,jeesh

  • edddilll _l
    edddilll _lMonth ago

    Yeah its wrong for Mike to bring up Angelina’s business to Nicole. But her relationship is already being shown on the internet and in articles and she practically told Mike about her situation on camera. We are watching so basically aren’t we invading her business too!

  • B
    BMonth ago

    They aren’t real friends.

  • Michelle Sirca
    Michelle SircaMonth ago

    1:44: what's with situations wife's left side tongue out???!!!!!!?

  • gabrielle gifford
    gabrielle giffordMonth ago

    Vinny,...Angelina,... just get together already.

  • Leila Radovic
    Leila RadovicMonth ago

    Ronnie and Jenny getting engaged , I hope we get more weddings lol

  • bottify
    bottifyMonth ago

    Repent from your sins and turn to god ❤️🙏

  • Erin Kenny
    Erin KennyMonth ago

    I love Snooki but does anyone else think Snooki seemed high?

  • Cat Mae
    Cat MaeMonth ago

    Snooki’s top lip kills me

  • Bunny Girl

    Bunny Girl

    Month ago

    They are horrible

  • Anna D

    Anna D

    Month ago

    Her and JWoww fish lips...JMO

  • Leslie Martinez
    Leslie MartinezMonth ago

    Didnt Jenny and 24 break up? R they back together

  • klgr 1973
    klgr 1973Month ago

    yay nicole

  • klgr 1973
    klgr 1973Month ago


  • gi822
    gi822Month ago

    Everyone saw Angelina’s divorce coming. Even if they reconcile it won’t last

  • Maricia Charles

    Maricia Charles

    Month ago

    Angelina husband she super cool and Down to earth she Does not give him all of the attention he needs so sad for her hubby .

  • Jennie Janine
    Jennie JanineMonth ago

    Sometimes people mull things over for advice. He's not an actual priest. He didn't take vows of confidentiality. They all know each other. Nicole was at the wedding and I'm sure she doesn't rejoice and gloat over another person's failed marriage. Imperfect vessels, but still a community. You think Nicole's marriage never suffered communication issues or trauma? They can help when it matters. No man or woman is an island.

  • Angel
    AngelMonth ago

    Interesting that they are discussing her business to others but if she does it then it's an issue.

  • Laura Frank
    Laura FrankMonth ago

    Can someone tell me if there is a way Nicole can have her lips fixed? I don’t know a lot about lip fillers but she looked a lot better b4 her last injections.

  • Karen Brown
    Karen BrownMonth ago

    I love jersey shore so us Ronnie coming back I saw a article on dv

  • carolyn smythe
    carolyn smytheMonth ago

    Lets be real ! Nicole can back only because she didn't want Nikki to steal the spot light let keep it 100

  • Marcemellow
    MarcemellowMonth ago

    I’m soooo glad Nicole is back! 😭💕

  • Armani JoNae
    Armani JoNaeMonth ago

    mike and snooks came a long waaaay . i love their friendship

  • LaTia Santiago

    LaTia Santiago

    Month ago

    Snooki bodied the whole team. Except Ron.

  • Ms. Mckay R
    Ms. Mckay RMonth ago

    I didn't want snookie back! This sucks!! Wish Snookie could take J Woww with her and leave the show together.

  • Christina C
    Christina CMonth ago

    Nicole saying the speech drama was for no reason just shows how extremely self absorbed and selfish she is.

  • Bunny Girl

    Bunny Girl

    Month ago

    Its the truth though

  • erasure1378
    erasure1378Month ago

    I hope everything works out for Angelina.

  • Tim Satterwhite

    Tim Satterwhite

    Month ago

    Me, too. But the show would be so much better without her.

  • Red
    RedMonth ago

    Ratings ratings lol

  • Tricia
    TriciaMonth ago

    I thought Nicole was gone from the show....

  • Tim Satterwhite

    Tim Satterwhite

    Month ago

    They must have listened to me begging "please pay Snooki to come back."

  • Shanna D.
    Shanna D.Month ago

    God, Mike loves running his mouth😄😄

  • M Durán
    M DuránMonth ago

    So instead of Nicole feeling bad for Angelina that she might get divorced her first sentence is "So all that speech drama was for nothing" & a sarcastic laugh?? Classic...its always about her even it is NOT.

  • Bunny Girl

    Bunny Girl

    Month ago

    Well she's right No one cares about angelina

  • Chelsea Wilkins

    Chelsea Wilkins

    Month ago

    Honestly.. we all saw this relationship not lasting.

  • DJ Pauly D

    DJ Pauly D

    Month ago

    She came back for the money lol

  • M Durán

    M Durán

    Month ago

    @USplan Twitter Yes, her & Jenny are the worst since Family Vacation started.

  • YouTube Twitter

    YouTube Twitter

    Month ago

    Exactly. Cannot stand that mean girl as she refuses to accept lol. Prefer Angelina now..

  • Natalie H
    Natalie HMonth ago

    Nicole gives awful vibes. I really feel like the fame and money changed her. She acts so snobby now. There’s something incredibly disingenuous about her.

  • alien jess

    alien jess

    29 days ago

    If u look back u will see she was always shady. We were blind to it tho. Like the time she gave Mike a BJ and he told the house,she denied it, didnt talk to him for two seasons, called him a liar and went hella crazy on him. Only to find out she really did. And wen Jenni called her out on it, she guilt tripped her and said she was supposed to stay quiet and agree with her bcuz their friends.

  • Kristelle Ruisi

    Kristelle Ruisi

    Month ago

    I don't like how she used God's name in vain 😢 not cool

  • Mrs. Erotica

    Mrs. Erotica

    Month ago

    @Lita martinez a sell out for a mtv show?😭😭😭 lets be realistic

  • Lita martinez

    Lita martinez

    Month ago

    Nicole is a sell out she sold her soul along time ago!!..she openly admitted it ! 💯 She’s on borrowed she knows it

  • Lilac Carb
    Lilac CarbMonth ago

    The girls lips honestly drive me insane 🤦🏼‍♀️