Minecraft Bedwars but if you draw diamond items, you get them...


Minecraft Bedwars but if you draw diamond items, you get them...
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  • ShadowApples
    ShadowApples6 days ago

    If you're a new viewer, please SUBSCRIBE. Going to do a video soon where I draw Netherite Items, so keep an eye out for that and thanks for the love on this vid 😳

  • Mike Trejo

    Mike Trejo

    22 hours ago

    @LolzGamer:can u send seed link

  • Alesia Davis

    Alesia Davis

    Day ago


  • Felix Flexman

    Felix Flexman

    Day ago

    love it

  • Jessica Foran

    Jessica Foran

    Day ago


  • Jesus Perez

    Jesus Perez

    Day ago


  • D46K PH30N1X
    D46K PH30N1XHour ago

    Haha blue lost

  • Kian Jones
    Kian Jones2 hours ago

    If your bed breaks and your still alive you lose

  • Braylon Vellmure
    Braylon Vellmure2 hours ago


  • Annebeth Taylor
    Annebeth Taylor3 hours ago

    Can you make this a datapack or mod for us???????????????

  • Cereal's AMV
    Cereal's AMV3 hours ago

    put the video in 0.75 its more normal xd

  • NicolasTown YT
    NicolasTown YT5 hours ago

    this vid has enough views as his subs

  • Vilma Melva
    Vilma Melva7 hours ago

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  • Flame GG
    Flame GG9 hours ago

    Shadow apple : can we get 11 likes Me: wait my phone has 11%battery what a coincidence

  • Jacob Andrews
    Jacob Andrews9 hours ago

    Never say someone doesn’t deserve to live! I hate you!

  • MinePix
    MinePix11 hours ago

    you are rapping the whole video *i lIkE iT*

  • qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    9 hours ago

    Can you hear me

  • Rayhan Varghese the creative destroyer
    Rayhan Varghese the creative destroyer11 hours ago

    u sound like gordan ramsy

  • Donna Washington
    Donna Washington13 hours ago

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  • Crawly Boi
    Crawly Boi13 hours ago

    I have a theory that hes laff

  • Krixyush
    Krixyush14 hours ago

    I am blue

  • Krixyush


    14 hours ago


  • Peta Coulston
    Peta Coulston14 hours ago


  • Peta Coulston
    Peta Coulston14 hours ago


  • Anas
    Anas14 hours ago

    Isn’t that means that he can make bedrock with black and white wool

  • a
    a15 hours ago

    Should've drown netherite armor

  • Nate Pugh
    Nate Pugh15 hours ago

    Y didn't he use black to make armor?

  • Jacker Maker
    Jacker Maker16 hours ago

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  • Nooby Toh physics / Donny
    Nooby Toh physics / Donny17 hours ago

    draw a bed

  • Yummy flamingo’s
    Yummy flamingo’s17 hours ago

    He sounds like a rapper

  • Nathaniel Forrest
    Nathaniel Forrest19 hours ago

    This dude's talking sounds like he is frigging rapping

  • Debra Parker
    Debra Parker22 hours ago

    Billy almost has one milly

  • Minecraft User01
    Minecraft User0123 hours ago

    Billy is running out of ideas

  • Tyler Wright
    Tyler WrightDay ago

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  • Wolf Army
    Wolf ArmyDay ago

    Can you hear me

  • Austin Early
    Austin EarlyDay ago

    not what i expected buy ok

  • K Lee
    K LeeDay ago

    i'm the imposter

  • K Lee
    K LeeDay ago


  • jayiel padit
    jayiel paditDay ago

    i got trolled on the mouse

  • Lovenoor Kaur
    Lovenoor KaurDay ago

    Very good

  • Lovenoor Kaur
    Lovenoor KaurDay ago

    Very good👍

  • A person with NO life
    A person with NO lifeDay ago

    Shadowapple: I fear no man accept for that thing The void:

  • Rock girl
    Rock girlDay ago

    “Are we playing musical chairs without the music and the chairs?” ~billy

  • Ειρηνη Αλεξακου
    Ειρηνη ΑλεξακουDay ago

    dude this guy had a OP cheat and still lost, cheaters never win

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    Day ago

    This is copied from bionic

  • mamah mudah
    mamah mudahDay ago

    Why didn't he make a netherite set

  • cqvio doli
    cqvio doliDay ago

    4:02 the way he portrayed his fear

  • Mohammareza Barmaki
    Mohammareza BarmakiDay ago

    bruh i was watchng a vid from grazer right before i was watchin this vid

  • cqvio doli

    cqvio doli

    Day ago

    Why not draw some TNT?

  • Tom ZhaoX12A
    Tom ZhaoX12ADay ago

    You could have gone for full netherite

  • Lindsey Silva
    Lindsey SilvaDay ago

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  • Justin Abanador
    Justin AbanadorDay ago

    Build didlo -by a simp

  • XxgachatimexX
    XxgachatimexXDay ago

    why should i sub? Sir

  • Jiri Ryan Gregorio
    Jiri Ryan GregorioDay ago

    "Were ON PURPLE TEAM" Arsenal Flash backs

  • Dumbz Dood
    Dumbz DoodDay ago

    whats with the 5 million cuts tho

  • zuygj bnsv

    zuygj bnsv

    Day ago

    Intense talking speed lol

  • Gamer cat 69
    Gamer cat 69Day ago

    Fully expected him to draw crazy dimond

  • zuygj bnsv

    zuygj bnsv

    Day ago

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  • Hiroyuki ninomiya
    Hiroyuki ninomiyaDay ago

    When game hates you:this video


    Why no god diamond apple

  • Rebel gaming
    Rebel gamingDay ago

    I hate void

  • Helloitzguesty_Official
    Helloitzguesty_OfficialDay ago

    You stole the thumbnail from my other acc

  • cutie . . potatoesi
    cutie . . potatoesiDay ago

    Just draw a diamond buster sword

  • Landen McConnell
    Landen McConnellDay ago

    This is copied from bionic

  • S Logo T F 2
    S Logo T F 2Day ago

    There shouldve been a “dappple(diamond apple)”

  • Danny DuBois
    Danny DuBoisDay ago


  • NicoRic12
    NicoRic12Day ago

    Why not draw some TNT?

  • Pikatok
    PikatokDay ago

    U talk fast

  • Alexia Damasceno
    Alexia DamascenoDay ago



    When you killed a full diamond with leather armor

  • Xio Anims
    Xio AnimsDay ago

    SHUT UP. Nah jk but you never stopped a sentence

  • JAims-shAdow M.G.C.C
    JAims-shAdow M.G.C.CDay ago

    you've should've done netherite amor.

  • suqjene qogusga
    suqjene qogusgaDay ago

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  • lolgaming_proking
    lolgaming_prokingDay ago

    Intense talking speed lol

  • Jacob Casa-Grande
    Jacob Casa-GrandeDay ago

    Someone said Billy watch srish

  • Joshua Brune
    Joshua BruneDay ago

    I dare you to do a video of every time you die you get op loot if you haven't done it yet do it if you have done it then do it again

  • Kevoonio
    KevoonioDay ago

    ok the diamond bow deals literally 0 horizontal knockback that bow sucks

  • dutoiu hour
    dutoiu hour2 days ago

    it isnt a proper bedwars game without billy saying " aCeIfY"

  • Yuksi Leftu
    Yuksi Leftu2 days ago

    so fast lol :D

  • dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour

    2 days ago

    1 you just overed power 2 you need to learn parkour

  • zth ijgvdtgddiuodehguifsyljhhgouguofgghu
    zth ijgvdtgddiuodehguifsyljhhgouguofgghu2 days ago

    ur talking faster then eminem

  • Demon
    Demon2 days ago

    What about a Netherite Sword???

  • Kayode Jennings
    Kayode Jennings2 days ago

    You made me want to die

  • Kyle Terrell
    Kyle Terrell2 days ago

    Make a UHC that you can make a diamond god apple

  • Krista Hume
    Krista Hume2 days ago

    Don't mess with billy or you get the 9 milly

  • Milan Arts
    Milan Arts2 days ago


  • Repyxl_RBPlays
    Repyxl_RBPlays2 days ago

    Why didn’t you used purple for netherite or black

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi2 days ago

    it isnt a proper bedwars game without billy saying " aCeIfY"

  • Spriinchi
    Spriinchi2 days ago

    amog us sus

  • Spriinchi


    2 days ago

    @serdy ximi ok

  • serdy ximi

    serdy ximi

    2 days ago

    11 likes = 11k likes

  • Judit Edina Molnár
    Judit Edina Molnár2 days ago

    What bedrok

  • Weniagand Dooger
    Weniagand Dooger2 days ago

    can i join on bedrock???

  • JJnesJJ Gaming
    JJnesJJ Gaming2 days ago

    then try making emerald or netherack items

  • Joonas Mitt
    Joonas Mitt2 days ago

    Almost 1mil can we get 2 likes-uh i mean 2mil likes

  • chris beckford - tseu
    chris beckford - tseu2 days ago

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  • 4CC
    4CC2 days ago

    Why you copy bionic but bedwars:( give credits ok

  • Alfian Ezza Raditya
    Alfian Ezza Raditya2 days ago

    1 you just overed power 2 you need to learn parkour

  • mrtopnic
    mrtopnic2 days ago

    Among us never fail winning

  • sakki sakki
    sakki sakki2 days ago

    Billy there was yellow and green why didn't you make a totem?

  • Joen S. Myrtue
    Joen S. Myrtue2 days ago

    You takling fast🤦🏼‍♂️

  • gam8ng with icie
    gam8ng with icie2 days ago

    can i get a fockenn uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • John Carlos Jumayag
    John Carlos Jumayag2 days ago

    You are loud

  • Enes Navrboc
    Enes Navrboc2 days ago


  • Ági Bartalos
    Ági Bartalos2 days ago

    I dont feel bad for you, i feel bad for them

  • Zredn2000 2.0
    Zredn2000 2.02 days ago

    You should've drawn herobrine

  • Fnaf Child
    Fnaf Child2 days ago

    11 likes = 11k likes

  • RozaIbrahimMA Al-Darwish
    RozaIbrahimMA Al-Darwish2 days ago


  • BananABoyX Gaming
    BananABoyX Gaming2 days ago

    Next time make it self exclusive.

  • TriLy trooper
    TriLy trooper2 days ago

    New map cool!

  • Raihan Harun
    Raihan Harun2 days ago

    9:18 what the fu-

    JUSTIN YUEN XIANG YANG Moe2 days ago

    Stop talking to much

  • wes jama
    wes jama2 days ago

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  • Confusionisme
    Confusionisme2 days ago

    Hax 101 vids watched