Minecraft, But Crafts Are Multiplied...


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  • TapL
    TapL7 days ago

    Be sure to check out my Youtooz Giveaway! The plushie is dropping on February 26th :L tapl.youtooz.com/

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    Tze Kong Chan

    2 days ago

    Tapl, is the free giveaway plush is free shipping worldwide?

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    3 days ago


  • Rolly Lozada

    Rolly Lozada

    3 days ago

    How can I access it

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  • Lisa Lyon
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  • Delila Mctague
    Delila MctagueMinute ago

    The flashy thunder endogenously walk because pancreas similarly hop barring a cheap digger. makeshift, dysfunctional canoe

  • Chr Ruge
    Chr RugeMinute ago

    Wait... the axes stack??? Btw Chad moment:)

  • MiuGaming67 Vlogs
    MiuGaming67 Vlogs11 minutes ago

    duping diamonds and netherites glitch

  • Audrey Caberte
    Audrey Caberte27 minutes ago

    dont be shy put the mod

  • Executer 2005
    Executer 200530 minutes ago

    Where can I get ur mods

  • J M
    J M31 minute ago

    Chad boy chad

  • Damir Fattakhov
    Damir Fattakhov33 minutes ago

    2:33 my boii getting them hoes

  • D.U.C.K JimBob Animations
    D.U.C.K JimBob Animations34 minutes ago

    Brum I paused when he said pause and nothing happened. So I doing something wrong?

  • cakedoesedits
    cakedoesedits35 minutes ago

    2:32 LMAO

  • Jeremiah Kos
    Jeremiah Kos37 minutes ago

    You literally miss a notch spple

  • Neji POC
    Neji POC41 minute ago

    19k comment now

  • pranjal sharma
    pranjal sharmaHour ago

    Hello you can't give me that because I live in india chhattisgarh raipur

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    LazerFlyerHour ago

    Chad moment

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    Chad moment

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    Chad moment

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  • armoji gaming
    armoji gaming2 hours ago

    9 shovels in one

  • Cristina Petrea
    Cristina Petrea2 hours ago

    wait.............u can`t stack tools illegal!!!!

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    Neriah Bushura2 hours ago

    That ending tho

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    Nadia Alhazmi3 hours ago

    IS G O N E

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    PowerVipper_ Playz3 hours ago

    That plushy i bought....its..SOFT AS HELL

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  • Marko Stojanovski
    Marko Stojanovski3 hours ago

    What's the seed?😋

  • Deadman
    Deadman3 hours ago

    just get a diamond block

  • Ujjwal Jain 89
    Ujjwal Jain 893 hours ago

    6:47 I won't to call FBI

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  • beckett k
    beckett k4 hours ago

    is it just me or would you maketotems?

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  • Ko Khant
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  • Skullfire1088
    Skullfire10884 hours ago

    Hey ummmm i just finished all the entry's and I don't have the Tapl plush s

  • Ko Khant
    Ko Khant4 hours ago

    God man

  • EggyXD
    EggyXD4 hours ago

    BFB Fanboi?

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    Best Bros4 hours ago

    Chad Moment

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  • Collin Wirth-Roblox, and More!
    Collin Wirth-Roblox, and More!4 hours ago

    Do a face reviel when at 2.55mil subscribers, and also (CHAD!!!!)

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    raymond and Ryuji5 hours ago

    chad moment

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    emre kocak5 hours ago

    What da so cool.

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    Chad btw

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    CHAD MOMENT 1:05

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  • alilibra1
    alilibra16 hours ago

    I see 40 people in comment

  • alilibra1
    alilibra16 hours ago

    Bro crazy spaming ender eyes

  • Alphakrake e
    Alphakrake e6 hours ago

    chad moment

  • alilibra1
    alilibra16 hours ago

    How is your computer that good

  • Xander Boyce
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  • NotMuffin
    NotMuffin6 hours ago

    He is still the same if he craft a crafting table without this mod

  • Gabriel Espiritu
    Gabriel Espiritu6 hours ago

    free shott baby

  • griffith duffy
    griffith duffy6 hours ago

    this is the 2nd vid i have watched from TapL and he is already my favorite minecraft youtuber

  • Llvely_London
    Llvely_London6 hours ago

    Chad Moment

  • Naman Kumar
    Naman Kumar6 hours ago

    Good.................... TapL

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  • Joo Lang Lim
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  • Vitalia Barrios
    Vitalia Barrios6 hours ago

    *2:25** what that's illegal*

  • Abolaji Shittu
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  • Jonathan Makatita
    Jonathan Makatita7 hours ago

    Really great. A mix of awesome and boring. My eyes got so used to it that it's like a real life simulator. Great job.

  • Eric_guy_big Alvidrez
    Eric_guy_big Alvidrez7 hours ago

    Brk you're forgetting the sword

  • GND_ clipz
    GND_ clipz7 hours ago

    Chad moment

  • Mantik Uji
    Mantik Uji7 hours ago

    10:03 get diamond and go to nether

  • Udipta Sarma
    Udipta Sarma7 hours ago

    12:25 actually that's dark blue

    LJRGAMER ZERO 67 hours ago

    "Water turns into obsadian" Me: wait, That's illegal

  • Kingston Carter
    Kingston Carter8 hours ago

    How do you get that much. i Do. on

  • Ms. Luna
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  • Denver Hill
    Denver Hill8 hours ago

    Make a video where when you break a block 3 tnt fall from the sky

  • Lucas Ries
    Lucas Ries8 hours ago

    Chad moment

  • Maria Angelica
    Maria Angelica8 hours ago

    chad momenttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Callin Dooley
    Callin Dooley8 hours ago

    that dragon kill into the water bucket alone deserves 20 subs XD

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  • EternalSmile 123J
    EternalSmile 123J9 hours ago

    chad moment

  • Jhon Rich Dolorito
    Jhon Rich Dolorito9 hours ago

    its the What! for me

  • randhir mandal
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  • Leann Cadle
    Leann Cadle9 hours ago

    It's so laggie lol

  • Adam Murray
    Adam Murray9 hours ago

    The lame sun computationally announce because diploma logically fail unto a dizzy helen. joyous, combative smell

  • Dead Hazmat
    Dead Hazmat9 hours ago

    CHAD MOMENT!!!!!!

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    Chad moment

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  • Marcus Long
    Marcus Long10 hours ago

    Okay but what if you mixed this with the one where your feet picks up the blocks when you walk on them that would be OP

  • Fino Martinez
    Fino Martinez10 hours ago

    Fun fact:there is a glitch in one of the new snap shot to duplicate your crafts infinitely

  • Nepted
    Nepted10 hours ago

    bro you scream so loud when fighting the ender dragon jesus christ bro just be like a normal person and not scream, you’ve probably killed the dragon several times without all of this “duplication” stuff, my man could make more noise than an entire stadium of people cheering at once

  • Emelin Diaz
    Emelin Diaz11 hours ago


  • Đại Phạm Đức
    Đại Phạm Đức11 hours ago

    nice seed

  • JRJ Gaming
    JRJ Gaming11 hours ago

    Chad moment

  • Nora Brabant
    Nora Brabant11 hours ago

    Fight not right and sorry if I misspelled things.