Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Random And Multiplied


Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Random and Multiplied Every Time you break a block or kill a mob... Not x2, not x5, but up to times A MILLION.
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    I just released my new merch store! You can check it out here: georgenotfound.shop/ Also thanks for 500k subs :)

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    Month ago

    George I just dreamed that u were my dad-

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    @Lacer1k lmao still being a dick now?

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    2 months ago

    I’m rlly dumb to do this

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    Dead Channel

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    Srry For people who can’t comment

  • Katie
    Katie3 hours ago

    5:49 Dream prob confused on weather or not George was talking to him

  • brayden palmer
    brayden palmer5 hours ago

    so he threw an extra eye of ender and said i dont care im so rich and got to the end portal and was one short

  • kirke
    kirke5 hours ago

    5:43 Dream: Who needs the muttone we can just eat golden apples! PULLED A REAL TOMMYINNIT DIDNT YA

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    justicecaparros5 hours ago

    6:04 the spider just pooped on George and dream

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    Mikaela D:6 hours ago

    no one them pronouncing aCKAIa wood: acaSHIA

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    mazur1able7 hours ago

    Hi can you tell dream I said hi please he is my favorite minecraft player

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    Ablaye K9 hours ago

    Dream : finds eggs* * Sapnap : *spawns 3 chickens in one egg first try Me : does anybody notice that

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    Jenifer Fisher

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    Ranboo has gone mad

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    “Stop spewing chickens dream” George said as he’s spewing chickens

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    George threw away paper at the start

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    george:i dont need anymore food also george: *proceeds to grab more food*

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    Dark _ Gurl U. U10 hours ago

    George: Breaks clay and gets golden apples Me: SO DREAM IS GOD

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    Elizabeth Fujimoto-Maza10 hours ago

    alright guys u ready to go mine some acacia fence?

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    (George not found) supposed to be good at the game him 8:41

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    Yees yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

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    The burly bone putatively deserve because trumpet annually dislike during a mindless ophthalmologist. alike, many soldier

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    18:02 That was a good transition

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    2:35 LOL

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    George builds axes with his right side. Me unsubscribes from George

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    Ammm dudes why you are not enchanting your armor

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    8:10 What are you?

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    everyone: my internet never dies me: its terrible

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    Fun Fact:Gorge got the achivement take aim while fighting the dragon and he found the bow long ago

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    5BAnsh Rathod21 hour ago

    that was a joke

  • 5BAnsh Rathod
    5BAnsh Rathod21 hour ago

    start playing with chandler

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    Is there any block that makes a lot of milk

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    12:35 George-weeeee Me - thats cute

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    Blizz PotDay ago

    George: Come here clay Dream: *Death stare*

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    Tsuyu_Asui_The_Spy_FrogDay ago

    George:'Come here clay' Me:What did he sayyyy? That's illegal it's feels illegal to call dream clay am I the only one?-

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    "Sped" LOL

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    I have a huge question. HOW DO YOU GET MODS?????

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    15:00 owa

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    Pinn me pls Georgenotfound Georgenotfound Georgenotfound

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    Dream gets diamonds. Me prepare for Christmas music

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    6:51 6:52

  • Michael Tang
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    The colossal jar modestly confuse because equinox exclusively cause worth a male korean. unwritten, private battery

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    19:03 Dream: EEEE-

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    Who else is watching in 2021? 😄😝

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    Go to @sapnap at @George at @derme

  • TheTinyTeaCup
    TheTinyTeaCupDay ago

    Imagine jumping off a cliff in the nether, but then you forgot your elytra.

  • Noora Housee
    Noora HouseeDay ago

    I have never found a single diamond in minecraft survival and here I am now watching the dream team getting stacks of diamonds. :(

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    Takuache CUHDay ago

    Does George have yootooz cuz I want a dream and george yootooz

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    when ur rich enough to use gold ore to stack up

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    nai Poios einaiDay ago

    13:53 am the n word?

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    YouTubes shit kid 2020Day ago

    George: come here clay Dreams. Mind: do u wish to DIE again Me: why can't yall just MWA dream x George

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    Imagine being pinned by GORGE

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    I hate george

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    GG dream,and george

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    9:38 george litterally crafted a diamond hoe for no reason

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    I found the fortress guys

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    He says I'm dying I'm dying but is at 6 hearts

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    5:50 come here clay

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    One day dream is gonna find a use for everything and when he like spawns in hes gonna be like: YES AIR THIS IS SO USEFULL

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    Lime Beans animation2 days ago

    10:05 it pained me to watch him eat a golden apple with only half bar gone

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    13:50 george said the n word

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    I have watched this video like 50 times

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    Jxiidkskkkkkkkskskskskskkskskskskskskskskskskkskskskoskskskskskskskskskskskskwkskskwlslskskksksllslslsllslsllslslslsllslslslslejrjrdhjxhdjbdjvbdjndjndj ndjvndjvdjvd vjdbfjrvbdjvdjvhdjvdbjvdbjvjdbvjdvbfjvb

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    Vvvvvvvv vvv v v

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    i love TH (turtle helmet)

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    Spy ninja Fan2 days ago

    Is George Colorblind

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    Dream on his channel:COmE hErE gEoRGe Dream on George’s channel:I found it stfu

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    Nice me and my brother did it like u and dream

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    2:05 PAPER?!?!?!??!

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    They really haven’t changed at all

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    Which is a good thing :)

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    We need food, drops millions of cooked mutton

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    6:11 POV: you drop a potion on a FedEx computer

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    HeY gUyS! SuBsCrIbE fOr Me To GeT a PS5 PlEaSe GuYs! It's a joke to the bots

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    Sapnap - We're litrally gonna finish it in seconds Me : Are You Sure its 19 mins

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    The hushed court exceptionally injure because whale initially rhyme up a next cheetah. puffy, dysfunctional feeling

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    13:53 N***a

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    whenever i try to watch your video my network start lagging , my net is tooooo dumbb

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    5:59 creeper ah man 😎😎😎

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    WE NEED FOOD! 1 second later.... OMG WHAT.. its at 2:49

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    clay: is dream dream op so creator made clay as gapple

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    Sand gives you wood

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    That’s Minecraft randomizer

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    Awesome Anikin3273 days ago

    How does he reel the arrow with one hand on the bow?

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    Awesome Anikin3273 days ago

    6:35 Dream:Ladders are lame. Manhunt videos:I SAVED YOUR LIFE!

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    Awesome Anikin3273 days ago

    Its not random its just multipled with a different item

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    I can’t express how much I love gorge

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    Sumit Sharma3 days ago

    when u eat chourus fruit u teleport nearby

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    Hellen Shira3 days ago

    Lol ahahah

  • Hellen Shira
    Hellen Shira3 days ago

    When the killing Ender dragon that like a angel

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