Minecraft, But If I Laugh, I DIE!


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  • taylor duggins
    taylor duggins6 minutes ago

    Your punishment for the first one is that you get to laugh on the next on and it doesn't count.

  • Kiko Adame
    Kiko Adame8 minutes ago

    Eat a ant

  • Vince Josef Belen -29
    Vince Josef Belen -2911 minutes ago

    Unspeakable: โ€œWhat will my punishment be? me:be in a house of ice for one week

  • Daviesi d bJohn
    Daviesi d bJohn12 minutes ago


  • Nelia Teves
    Nelia Teves14 minutes ago


  • Ashton Payton
    Ashton Payton14 minutes ago

    pore water on your head let james do it

  • Vickie carroll
    Vickie carroll15 minutes ago

    You ducktape 20 ice packs too you :give Gabe this message he is my favorite besides you nathen

  • Matthew Fukushima
    Matthew Fukushima18 minutes ago

    A bite of onion

  • Ulzii Tse
    Ulzii Tse23 minutes ago


  • kitsune_kea belen
    kitsune_kea belen31 minute ago

    Can u drop ur best thing in the world

  • Sandra Rodriguez
    Sandra Rodriguez31 minute ago

    Put five eggs on your hand and hit it on your head with the hat off

  • Santino Giannettino
    Santino Giannettino32 minutes ago

    i have iude makemore videos

  • Amanda Reed
    Amanda Reed32 minutes ago

    Since you lost you have to jump on the longest trampoline and go as high as you can on screen

  • rhen santos
    rhen santos32 minutes ago

    Dilet a vedeyo

  • Kayla Balzer
    Kayla Balzer56 minutes ago

    Unspeekble your punshment should be burn the shirt that your wearing in the video

  • Jassy Hall
    Jassy HallHour ago

    slap your 100 times

    JOHNNIE LEEHour ago

    Slap yourself with butter

  • Nick Harp
    Nick HarpHour ago

    Eat your boogers eat your eat your boogers

  • irene Caldwell
    irene CaldwellHour ago

    Dump slim on your self

  • Jo N
    Jo NHour ago

    I laughed at the first meme

  • Mary Marr
    Mary MarrHour ago

    Eat a whole carmal covered onion

  • Jenn Brown
    Jenn BrownHour ago

    dlet mincraft

  • Rockydock Socklock
    Rockydock SocklockHour ago

    R.I.P plant me he was a very weird plant

  • Jenn Brown
    Jenn BrownHour ago

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no

  • CaydenPlayz Gaming
    CaydenPlayz GamingHour ago

    in your favriot shirt

  • CaydenPlayz Gaming
    CaydenPlayz GamingHour ago

    your punishmient should be too pour water on you ICE WATER

  • Jaci Cardwell
    Jaci CardwellHour ago


  • Jaci Cardwell
    Jaci CardwellHour ago

    Omg hi I didn't think I could text or comment my mom just told me how

  • milira williams
    milira williamsHour ago

    Play hide and seek in the easiest spot so they can see you

  • Brandy Adams
    Brandy AdamsHour ago


  • Breezy Joy
    Breezy JoyHour ago

    i have

  • Brandy Adams
    Brandy AdamsHour ago

    Take cold water and put ice in it and dumped it over your head

  • Ashley Westfall
    Ashley WestfallHour ago

    Donโ€™t wear a hat for a vLog Day at all

  • K E
    K EHour ago

    Kill a zombie villager.๐Ÿคฅ

  • Alina Larose
    Alina LaroseHour ago

    Slap yourself

  • Ellie kitty cat
    Ellie kitty catHour ago


  • olaf sjaawalz
    olaf sjaawalzHour ago

    Your puneshman eat food with open mouth

  • Ellie kitty cat
    Ellie kitty catHour ago

    Eating a rotn banana

  • braylee hefner
    braylee hefner2 hours ago

    I think you're punishment should be deleting 1 of your Minecraft world's

  • Analisa Henriquez
    Analisa Henriquez2 hours ago

    Get diamonds and burn them

  • Magic Afton
    Magic Afton2 hours ago

    Enderman ,ocean block and lots of arrows OR Enderman,ocean,Fence AND LOTS OF ARROWS

  • Jake Heckadon
    Jake Heckadon2 hours ago

    Unspeakable can you vlog every day?

  • Dc Dubs
    Dc Dubs2 hours ago

    Unspeakableโ€™ how you doing in there โ€˜ Meโ€™ we are good

  • Jake Heckadon
    Jake Heckadon2 hours ago

    Being a girl for 24 houers

  • floopish
    floopish2 hours ago

    sorry but you have too let mrbeast tell you what to do in micraft

  • Aaron Joyce
    Aaron Joyce2 hours ago

    U have to play like a noob in minecraft

  • Sadia Zahid Siddiqui
    Sadia Zahid Siddiqui2 hours ago


  • Tanner Tv
    Tanner Tv2 hours ago

    Crush your hand with a hydraulic press

  • the Erin squad
    the Erin squad2 hours ago

    Let gabe and James control your whole day

  • Stevie Lewis
    Stevie Lewis2 hours ago

    Set in Spanish for an hour

  • Richard Kaffer
    Richard Kaffer2 hours ago

    I do to make a video FaceTime in your face in forever James and Gabe says hi

  • Daniel Sasser
    Daniel Sasser2 hours ago


  • ghostlogic360
    ghostlogic3602 hours ago

    Let PrestonPlayz control your life for 24 hours

  • Brittany Russell
    Brittany Russell2 hours ago

    Oops i laughed

  • rocky
    rocky2 hours ago

    lol i dare you to run 10 times around your mansion

  • Daniel Sasser
    Daniel Sasser2 hours ago

    Make you self bald

  • Nikki Gaudin
    Nikki Gaudin3 hours ago


  • Brody Tucker
    Brody Tucker3 hours ago

    do the boody dans

  • Owen Lennard
    Owen Lennard3 hours ago

    unspeakable stay in your pool for 24 hours

  • Owen Lennard
    Owen Lennard3 hours ago


  • shelly ford
    shelly ford3 hours ago

    tfghnftdcfrhdc fmrd

  • Curtis B
    Curtis B3 hours ago

    Your punishment is S L I M E

  • kids stimpson
    kids stimpson3 hours ago

    tell youre friinds you will never see thelm angin

  • Darrin Rotman
    Darrin Rotman3 hours ago

    The punishment is to.... play among us for 24 hours!!!

  • Alan Fischer
    Alan Fischer3 hours ago

    Delete Minecraft

  • XXXclXฬธอŸอžoudyXXX
    XXXclXฬธอŸอžoudyXXX3 hours ago

    Okay i chose for your punsih meant i chooooose......do a fart moments with preston and unspeable

  • Ella Bridson
    Ella Bridson3 hours ago

    You have to spend 1 hour in a melted chocolate pool :)

  • ใ€Œ sunflรธwer ใ€
    ใ€Œ sunflรธwer ใ€3 hours ago

    it says game mode has been updated to creative

  • ใ€Œ sunflรธwer ใ€
    ใ€Œ sunflรธwer ใ€3 hours ago

    not real

  • Maggie W
    Maggie W3 hours ago


  • Hannah Harbin
    Hannah Harbin4 hours ago

    Your punishment can be you make a new world with NO sleep :>

  • thejoinerfamily
    thejoinerfamily4 hours ago

    Your punishment should be to make a day without Minecraft witch means that there will be no punishment

  • M Don Dot
    M Don Dot4 hours ago

    Yell FLIP 10 times out of your house

    MAXIMUS POWERS4 hours ago

    get 100 kittys

  • - Wolf Grrrl Gaming -
    - Wolf Grrrl Gaming -4 hours ago

    umm maybe you should delet your mincraft world

  • Cowen Woyak
    Cowen Woyak4 hours ago

    Get trapped in a prison by officer james and officer gabe for punishment

  • Lightazer Vlogs
    Lightazer Vlogs4 hours ago

    To eat the last dab sauce without anything to drink

  • Brody Carrick
    Brody Carrick4 hours ago

    His punishment should be to eat poop! ๐Ÿคฃ

  • Vinny Rosas
    Vinny Rosas4 hours ago

    I think you should talk like a baby for a hole video

  • Karla E
    Karla E4 hours ago


  • Vinny Rosas
    Vinny Rosas5 hours ago

    Are you trying I think I know what you challenge is going to be it is going to be you talking like a baby for a whole entire video

  • ALI Hasan
    ALI Hasan5 hours ago


  • Michaelle Gallagher
    Michaelle Gallagher5 hours ago

    I lapht

  • Uros Popadic
    Uros Popadic5 hours ago

    Sekrfise to de banana gods

  • josh bivens
    josh bivens5 hours ago

    Eat a bar of soap

  • josh bivens
    josh bivens5 hours ago

    Eat a bar of soap

  • Amanda Belk
    Amanda Belk5 hours ago

    kiss james

  • Gemma Oakley
    Gemma Oakley6 hours ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Lerpway
    Lerpway6 hours ago

    lose your diamond by dropping in lava!

  • ghasterplazys8
    ghasterplazys86 hours ago

    My house can move because I have trailer

  • Etchetera
    Etchetera6 hours ago

    I want u to wear a poop costume out side in public ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Peta Stenhouse
    Peta Stenhouse6 hours ago

    Your punish is eat your worst food

  • arf pup
    arf pup6 hours ago

    get rid of all your dimonds

  • Abbey and Annie
    Abbey and Annie6 hours ago

    In minecraft find a lava pit and put all your diamonds in the lava pit

  • shaalam syed
    shaalam syed6 hours ago

    your panisment play fortnite and add me Rinzler_flynn007 ok noice

  • thats a drag
    thats a drag6 hours ago

    Dip your body into a pot of poop and beans for two days

  • Elijah Bryant
    Elijah Bryant6 hours ago

    He should play as a d-class in scp containment breach

  • Pamela Fogt
    Pamela Fogt6 hours ago

    The wheel of punishment

  • Noah Grenke (Student)
    Noah Grenke (Student)7 hours ago

    diy 5000 tims in minecraft

  • supyoitisyourgirl
    supyoitisyourgirl7 hours ago

    You have to Cartoon Cat haunt you...