Minecraft, But Eggs Drop OP Items...


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  • Feared Wolf
    Feared Wolf17 minutes ago

    me: eww an egg disgusting. if i had that mod:YES EGG!

  • Ares Brown
    Ares Brown27 minutes ago

    Am I right

  • Ares Brown
    Ares Brown27 minutes ago

    This is like a economic re place it with eggonomic

  • karee Ong
    karee OngHour ago

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  • Hannah Kindall
    Hannah KindallHour ago

    The last minute where he killed the dragon be like... (epic music + screaming in awesomeness)

  • Skullplazminecraft C
    Skullplazminecraft CHour ago

    Chickens be like, hey I was hiding this stuff take it and don’t kill me and eat me please.

  • Price Jamie
    Price Jamie2 hours ago

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  • Rugar Herschfeild
    Rugar Herschfeild2 hours ago


  • Mateus Moreno
    Mateus Moreno2 hours ago

    Minecraft but Villagers t4ade op iten

  • James Swan
    James Swan2 hours ago

    I would have called the pickaxe !!!SPEEEEEEEED!!!!!

  • Lailani Smith
    Lailani Smith2 hours ago

    This was too overpowered for humanity it’s incredible

  • Jasmine Tillman
    Jasmine Tillman2 hours ago

    14:25 THe lamassssssssssssssssss NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  • Maliyah Harrison
    Maliyah Harrison3 hours ago

    The whole chat at the beginning: POOP IS POG!!!

  • Shiela Vilando
    Shiela Vilando3 hours ago

    I love your youtube

  • C gaming
    C gaming3 hours ago

    netherite is a platinum-gold alloy

  • Aland Fatah
    Aland Fatah3 hours ago


  • Aland Fatah
    Aland Fatah4 hours ago

    CHICHEN POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harlan Codona gamer
    Harlan Codona gamer4 hours ago

    Like the vid

  • S.O. Elite
    S.O. Elite4 hours ago

    speedrunners when they kill the ender dragon with no armor and minimal weapons-"my time wasn't fast enough" TapL when he beats it with super op stuff-LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO YEAHHHHHHHH LETS GOOOOOOOOO

  • Lucas Petersen
    Lucas Petersen4 hours ago

    Can u pls put the link to the mod thing in the description

  • Mathias Båtvik
    Mathias Båtvik6 hours ago


  • Caine Holma
    Caine Holma6 hours ago

    Be smart

  • the gold of mind
    the gold of mind6 hours ago

    Chad the chinkens

  • zeze rubio
    zeze rubio6 hours ago

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  • demonic_granny84
    demonic_granny847 hours ago

    7:50 he is one with the pigmen

  • Michelle Videz
    Michelle Videz7 hours ago

    19:12 diamond resistance

  • Blackholegames
    Blackholegames8 hours ago


  • Shubham Datta
    Shubham Datta8 hours ago

    Chickens r the best

  • Connor Mcclure2
    Connor Mcclure28 hours ago

    I have like 3 large chest pull of eggs

  • Eli Rider
    Eli Rider8 hours ago

    This is so stupid but I love it!

  • Eli Rider
    Eli Rider8 hours ago


  • Lil Demon
    Lil Demon8 hours ago

    TapL: I HAVE FOUR STACKS OF BONE MEAL! that left out 14 bone meal just listening to him: *... am I a joke to you?*

  • patroll
    patroll8 hours ago

    where can I download the OP egg mod?

  • Saad Saifi
    Saad Saifi9 hours ago

    What is name of this mod

  • Diego Herrera
    Diego Herrera9 hours ago

    Huh,It's a male...

  • Drosos Mpillias
    Drosos Mpillias10 hours ago

    How you play this? What mod are you using?

    GZ CLXPZ10 hours ago


  • Jacobi Clingenpeel
    Jacobi Clingenpeel10 hours ago

    He makes minecraft on baby mode every video

  • Sarah Myers
    Sarah Myers10 hours ago

    0:11 wait how do you have 64 water buckets that’s inposaoble maybe he is the imposter from among us

  • Chad the mad man
    Chad the mad man11 hours ago

    Your welcome

  • Mathis Gariépy
    Mathis Gariépy11 hours ago

    dont imagine is studio after the ends. lol

  • Dugfvj Sfhg
    Dugfvj Sfhg11 hours ago


  • Teagan Slomp
    Teagan Slomp11 hours ago

    How do I get the mod? I like it a lot. Plz

  • taqe تقي
    taqe تقي11 hours ago


  • Suhash amrit
    Suhash amrit12 hours ago

    Him after doing this video . . . . . . . . . . . . I am going to KFC 🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥 👁👄👁

  • Random Hater
    Random Hater12 hours ago

    No one: Literally nobody: Not a single fucking soul: His chat: HI USplan

  • Noah Daxer
    Noah Daxer12 hours ago

    I'm wondering what has more health the ender dragon or a chicken

  • Tanya Berger
    Tanya Berger12 hours ago


    AVA SEPE12 hours ago

    So collect chickens cuz u don’t know wut they drop.😂😂😂😂

  • Ahmed Elghazali
    Ahmed Elghazali12 hours ago


  • gta lover
    gta lover13 hours ago

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  • Darylene Chan
    Darylene Chan13 hours ago

    A stack of water buckets???

  • Lazar Savic
    Lazar Savic13 hours ago


  • Lazar Savic
    Lazar Savic13 hours ago


  • IBO's World
    IBO's World13 hours ago

    Nope 🤣🤣🤣

  • Zary Kulla
    Zary Kulla14 hours ago

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  • Younium
    Younium14 hours ago

    5:45 bro he cares more about a common thing more than something of proper worth lol

  • Nguyen FallenX
    Nguyen FallenX15 hours ago

    Bro i found a little x Zombie riding a little chicken today


    Download plz cuz a romanian youtuber was inspired by You and made the SAME video and he had the SAME datapack plz download!!

  • Thi Kim Thoa Huynh
    Thi Kim Thoa Huynh16 hours ago

    0dragon die ggggggg

  • Thi Kim Thoa Huynh
    Thi Kim Thoa Huynh16 hours ago


  • shodni
    shodni16 hours ago


  • harita86
    harita8617 hours ago

    i like when at the begining was so calm and then at the end screaming -.-

  • Mikael Mohabbat
    Mikael Mohabbat17 hours ago


  • Mr Leaf
    Mr Leaf17 hours ago

    Chickens:Cow And Sheep Useless Now We ArE InviNcible InvInCiBLe.

  • Lara Sún
    Lara Sún18 hours ago

    Wait from were did you get a dainond pick

  • Gekko
    Gekko18 hours ago

    EGGonomics -TapL

  • Kristy Broad
    Kristy Broad19 hours ago


  • carolene11
    carolene1121 hour ago

    does anyone else not notice he always fall between the stairs in the stronghold???

  • LeBruhN James
    LeBruhN James21 hour ago


  • Samuel Dobinda
    Samuel Dobinda22 hours ago

    The music at the end tho 😎👌

  • c.o.d god
    c.o.d god22 hours ago


  • Pixy Stickz!
    Pixy Stickz!22 hours ago


  • MarcySalad
    MarcySalad23 hours ago

    i really want the downloads for these challenges

  • arianne santos
    arianne santos23 hours ago

    I never know dhat

  • arianne santos
    arianne santos23 hours ago


  • The Blaze
    The BlazeDay ago

    TapL: *Eggs gives OP items* How to basic: pathetic

  • Jean Melendez
    Jean MelendezDay ago

    the first video i see from Tap and it made me sub from the start by him begging the chicken to poop

  • Brooke Vinson
    Brooke VinsonDay ago


  • Fried Chicken
    Fried ChickenDay ago


  • L Clark
    L ClarkDay ago

    If u were in my minecraft world u will have 2 big chests of seeds u would love it

  • Meisme Danier
    Meisme DanierDay ago


  • Bilal Ahmed
    Bilal AhmedDay ago

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  • Jimmy wu
    Jimmy wuDay ago


  • VirtualHam
    VirtualHamDay ago

    A stack of water buckets, I nearly clicked off, its that cursed

  • Sammy Moore

    Sammy Moore

    10 hours ago

    oh OK

  • Khalid Hassan

    Khalid Hassan

    10 hours ago

    Spelled it wrong it’s first

  • Khalid Hassan

    Khalid Hassan

    10 hours ago

  • Sammy Moore

    Sammy Moore

    23 hours ago


  • Hannah Taylor
    Hannah TaylorDay ago


  • Kannon Harmer
    Kannon HarmerDay ago


  • Goergina D.M
    Goergina D.MDay ago

    This must be real in irl

  • Maria Jose
    Maria JoseDay ago

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  • Blue Da
    Blue DaDay ago

    Sup bro

  • SithGaming
    SithGamingDay ago

    Want mod

  • beast gamer 45675
    beast gamer 45675Day ago

    Get a stack ok water buckets. Literally every Minecraft player: wait that’s illegal

  • Tamu
    TamuDay ago

    Chad is a quite large country. This makes logical sense.

  • Purple Dragon 4K
    Purple Dragon 4KDay ago

    Omg hahahahahaha love your videos

  • hellttvohyeah
    hellttvohyeahDay ago

    Imagine not posting the link to the mod

  • ScizorX
    ScizorXDay ago

    HOW DO I GET THIS MOD!?!?!?!

  • gamin fahren
    gamin fahrenDay ago

    when he says iron me THERE IS A DIAMOND RIGHT THERE

  • Sarah Kattan
    Sarah KattanDay ago


  • Grace M
    Grace MDay ago