Minecraft But Every Mob Is Hostile With Knockback 1,000...


Minecraft But Every Mob Is Hostile With Knockback 1,000 (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft Challenge in which I try to beat the game with @Wisp​, but every mob is Hostile and has Knockback 1000! this idea was inspired by @TapL's "Minecraft, But Every Mob Has Knockback 1,000,000" video, except I put my own twist on it!
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  • Henwy
    HenwyMonth ago

    Alternative Title: Pigs hunt down Wisp & Silver for 24 minutes straight

  • Isaiah Brown

    Isaiah Brown

    17 hours ago

    imagine getting roasted by like someone who has over 100 times the subs u have

  • rehana shaikh

    rehana shaikh

    23 hours ago

    Why did people dislike?

  • dozen gaming

    dozen gaming

    2 days ago

    Hi henwy love ur vids

  • To 3 z

    To 3 z

    3 days ago


  • dozen gaming

    dozen gaming

    3 days ago

    Hey henwy

  • Mexican Dream
    Mexican DreamHour ago

    01:45 slowmode power.

  • Mexican Dream
    Mexican DreamHour ago

    'There's a sheep on that island, don't go there'

  • Mexican Dream
    Mexican DreamHour ago

    01:01 Chicken apocalypse but with 2 chickens be like

  • Piyush Gohil
    Piyush Gohil2 hours ago

    You are with wisp!!

  • Abigail Peña
    Abigail Peña11 hours ago

    In Soviet Russia, you no kill bunny, bunny kill you

  • God gamer 124
    God gamer 12411 hours ago

    In the intro he is level 69 😂

  • Jolly Dirt
    Jolly Dirt12 hours ago


  • NMB Chiko
    NMB Chiko12 hours ago

    He did not take golden apple so sad 🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • William Jr
    William Jr12 hours ago

    I feel like the pigs are the most deadly

  • FeArxtinct
    FeArxtinct14 hours ago

    this guy tries to act like tapl

  • m w
    m w14 hours ago

    lolllllll wisp gets bullied by panda lol

  • Brayan Espinoza Bope
    Brayan Espinoza Bope15 hours ago

    Did anyone else see the sucidal bunny

  • Jinkee Fondo
    Jinkee Fondo15 hours ago

    good for transportation

  • Liquid Cat
    Liquid Cat15 hours ago

    Ok next do entities

  • powercreeps
    powercreeps16 hours ago

    this is a anime fight but everything is the strongest clan

  • William Nielsen
    William Nielsen17 hours ago

    Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooolllllllllĺlllll,lllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kkkkkkkkkrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaapppppppp

  • VanixV2
    VanixV217 hours ago

    ive been a subscriber sense you were at 300k subs

  • Kat Lover18
    Kat Lover1819 hours ago


  • Lyle Billones
    Lyle Billones20 hours ago

    them fighting the enderdragon wisp yesssssssssssssss!!!!! When the dragon dies

  • Daniel Morgan
    Daniel Morgan20 hours ago

    This video has some of the funniest sayings I ever heard. 😂😂 "there's a baby chicken just beating me up" "pigs from the sky" etc.

  • Tomasa Lumague
    Tomasa LumagueDay ago

    Can you quiet plsss

  • emilio_diaz1015
    emilio_diaz1015Day ago

    At 23:01 my brain is confused

  • Lakshya Sharma
    Lakshya SharmaDay ago

    My favorite video by silver! ;)

  • Lakshya Sharma
    Lakshya SharmaDay ago

    I watched this video 6 times

  • Moe Shata
    Moe ShataDay ago

    Terrfine and wisp

  • Laurent Romero
    Laurent RomeroDay ago

    This is weird but

  • Hoda Bassiri
    Hoda BassiriDay ago

    I meant the word (this), not thai

  • Hoda Bassiri
    Hoda BassiriDay ago

    I’m never ever doing thia


    I would be so scared to leave the island

  • J Boss
    J BossDay ago

    1:17 anyone see that monument

  • Richard Lyttle
    Richard LyttleDay ago

    Your a scp

  • Todoroki Shoto
    Todoroki ShotoDay ago

    10:48 Silver:they won’t jump down they’re too scared they can’t clutch Pigmen:WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT

  • JacePlayzYT
    JacePlayzYTDay ago

    Minecraft but, Wisp and Scott is scared of every mob... XDDDDDD

  • itz_silver_ender_playz
    itz_silver_ender_playzDay ago

    we have the same name

  • Ricardo Recomono
    Ricardo RecomonoDay ago

    0:01 xp doe

  • Jay dontworryimnotblack
    Jay dontworryimnotblackDay ago

    Silver I like your real name

    OIVERDay ago

    5:15 i have it in my minecraft world

  • Noah Skifter Nyholm
    Noah Skifter NyholmDay ago


  • dr frog frog
    dr frog frogDay ago

    Imagine this with hardcore lol

  • SMOOTH 444
    SMOOTH 4442 days ago

    Copy intro of wisp

  • Aryan Shinde
    Aryan Shinde2 days ago

    Cool 😎

  • Basel Zaidan
    Basel Zaidan2 days ago

    What did he say kill dababy

  • Frosty GANG
    Frosty GANG2 days ago

    I’m head before one mill with you guys

  • Keilyann Figueroa
    Keilyann Figueroa2 days ago

    No one: Villagers: ahhh yes finally revenge

  • Jet Nevins
    Jet Nevins2 days ago

    Best combo ever

  • josephwinas
    josephwinas2 days ago

    I love your accent

  • Amy Vano
    Amy Vano2 days ago

    i wanna see more videos with you and wisp plz and you guys are like brothers

  • Amy Vano
    Amy Vano2 days ago

    this video is so hilarious i keep laughing when u guys get in danger with mobs so funny!

  • dozen gaming
    dozen gaming2 days ago

    Rarest biome is like the modified jungle edge

  • Jonah Goldberg
    Jonah Goldberg2 days ago

    Why didn’t wisp record this

    STAIN HERO KILLER2 days ago

    did anyone see 2 whips at 23:05 whips was running at silver and then whips was ontop of him?

  • Ethan Davenport
    Ethan Davenport2 days ago

    They should try to get netherite armor bc it have knockback resistance

  • KingJD Gamer king
    KingJD Gamer king2 days ago

    Is it just me or they both said seven enderpearls at the same time

  • nicolas ou
    nicolas ou2 days ago

    Bruh 700k sub's

  • Donnie Maclin
    Donnie Maclin2 days ago

    We in 700K CLUB NOW!!!!!!

  • RedPanda AlarakIsKing
    RedPanda AlarakIsKing2 days ago

    My favorite part: Silver: I will catch you. Silver: ahh horses Wisp: that was the stupidest idea ever

  • Weasle god Orange
    Weasle god Orange2 days ago

    Alternate title: Every mob is Kuma and is trying to kill me

  • Wyatt Jackson
    Wyatt Jackson2 days ago


  • HAG gamer
    HAG gamer2 days ago

    i wonder crepes???

  • Edrian Esguerra
    Edrian Esguerra3 days ago

    There ls something wierd in time 23:02 there's 2 wisp watch closely

  • dozen gaming
    dozen gaming3 days ago

    You gain subs fast



  • ElmStar
    ElmStar3 days ago

    Video idea Minecraft but all the mobs can one hit you

  • Snowsly
    Snowsly3 days ago

    Alternative Title: Mobs wanna eat your chicken now

  • Raina Liu
    Raina Liu3 days ago


  • GL1D Is cool
    GL1D Is cool3 days ago

    y does it sound like they keep saying kit

  • Crazycoolcash
    Crazycoolcash3 days ago

    “Chicken, Scott, Chicken!” - Wisp 2021

    MKS GAMING3 days ago

    Silver when he is attacked: Kalm Wisp when he spots a turtle: panik

  • santiago m
    santiago m3 days ago

    Who was mad when he didn’t get the gold

  • lewawsome
    lewawsome3 days ago

    Will a tamed dog attack?!

  • Duckyy
    Duckyy3 days ago

    Bro what if you litteraly put leash on a cow then when they hit you hes gonna go with you bruh haha

  • Some Weeb
    Some Weeb3 days ago

    alternative tltle: wisp and silver are spawn kill buy cats for half the video

    AQIM DINO3 days ago

    You are frozen

  • The gamer boy
    The gamer boy3 days ago

    What have you done?

  • The gamer boy
    The gamer boy3 days ago

    What is this Minecraft dudes?

  • JhonMike Alba
    JhonMike Alba3 days ago

    It's just way too funny 😂

  • JanineBM
    JanineBM3 days ago

    Silver: Can we beat minecraft without these overpowered mobs stopping us? Villager: *kniks*

  • Del Meredith
    Del Meredith4 days ago

    Hi I can from TikTok

  • XxCxtton_CandyxX
    XxCxtton_CandyxX4 days ago

    Lol Scott and kit getting yeetef

  • ZITREX7 hi
    ZITREX7 hi4 days ago

    There is 2 wsp in the end

  • Doge Ashton
    Doge Ashton4 days ago


  • CreamyCheeseSticks
    CreamyCheeseSticks4 days ago

    What is this seed? Can someone tell me please?

  • Radha Devi
    Radha Devi4 days ago

    Xp level 69 in start lmao 😂😂

  • Bubba
    Bubba4 days ago

    I never herd someone scream in tarroer of a chicken

  • Shadow muffinX
    Shadow muffinX4 days ago

    Clam "Here before 1 million subs"

  • Alejandro Verdugo
    Alejandro Verdugo4 days ago

    At the start he had 69 levels

  • amy rack
    amy rack4 days ago

    This is the best video i have ever watched

  • Stacey Mann
    Stacey Mann4 days ago


  • Luke Bear
    Luke Bear4 days ago

    lets go to the end and come back with an end city stuff

  • Squigly
    Squigly4 days ago

    Every time I see them fly I think there gonna take extra damage from the compact of the blast

  • Elliot Lin
    Elliot Lin4 days ago

    hi wisp

  • Application Zone5428
    Application Zone54284 days ago

    You two are friends?

  • Roxxy God
    Roxxy God4 days ago

    i can brag cuz i was subbed in 400k

  • Minding Gammerz
    Minding Gammerz4 days ago

    You make 3 Block

  • Killer1623
    Killer16234 days ago

    Never knew two grown men are are afraid of chickens lol I love your guy’s videos

  • Teddy Hunter
    Teddy Hunter4 days ago

    How to travel: get hit by innocent animals

  • Kiskivmiske
    Kiskivmiske4 days ago

    Ah, you use bright lighting. Very considerate It's so annoying when youtubers record with dark screen AND shaders, and you can see shit except it's in front of the moon or in a room full of torches. "Oh wow OMG it's a new mob!" Yea! Very cool black blob.

  • Maher Mahermaher
    Maher Mahermaher4 days ago


  • Maher Mahermaher
    Maher Mahermaher4 days ago

    nb GG h Dr u