Minecraft but you can Mine mobs


Mining mobs in Minecraft brings a whole new challenge to the game! Thanks for all your comments! Keep em coming for future video ideas.
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This is Minecraft but you can mine mobs. First, you have to get cobblestone to turn into pebbles. These can be thrown at mobs to stun them so you can mine them. After you mine three of a mob, you can turn them into a pickaxe. The chicken pickaxe lets you float to the ground instead of falling, while the sheep pickaxe drops wool everytime you mine. The villager pickaxe gives you Hero of the Village and amazing trades and the spider pickaxe even lets you climb walls. Of course, as you advance, you need stronger materials to stun mobs. While pebbles may work on passive mobs, coal is needed for neutral mobs, iron for hostile mobs, and even diamond for some of the strongest mobs. These stronger mobs include the Iron Golem, whose pickaxe launches whatever you attack, and the Ravager, whose pickaxe has a roar attack. Even the Ender Dragon can be turned into a pickaxe, which will mine any blocks you walk towards. Which pickaxe was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!
Minecraft but you can Mine mobs
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  • Dyllan Creedon
    Dyllan Creedon17 minutes ago

    Why did the endermem look like bedrock when they were about to be finished mined

  • Friday_night_funkin _pro1
    Friday_night_funkin _pro139 minutes ago

    How are u on 1.17

  • Priyanshu Pd
    Priyanshu Pd7 hours ago

    19:08 Does that break BEDROCK???

  • Zahra Minecraft
    Zahra Minecraft7 hours ago

    Ulun suka pidiu ini

  • Walkiria Reyes
    Walkiria Reyes9 hours ago

    Did anyone saw the black hole from a old vid I did

  • Demetrius Oglesby
    Demetrius Oglesby11 hours ago

    The iron golem kinda confuses me bc it’s a neutral mob so I don’t understand why it needed diamonds

  • Happy Side
    Happy Side11 hours ago

    Beetroot = netheit

  • Paul Isidore Frolik
    Paul Isidore Frolik13 hours ago

    this is so fake

  • Turtle Wade
    Turtle Wade14 hours ago

    why dint he make a wither pickaxe

  • Bikash Bro
    Bikash Bro14 hours ago

    Mining hero brine.,.

  • Laila Zanders-Litman
    Laila Zanders-Litman14 hours ago

    The funny and stupid thing he missed a ruin portal in the middle of the village he is so stupid

  • Laila Zanders-Litman

    Laila Zanders-Litman

    14 hours ago

    2 ruin portals for aswamp a SWAMP

  • sohaib khan
    sohaib khan15 hours ago

    tyler are you playing this on the latest snapshot? becuase i saw copper

  • StickerBugger Tree
    StickerBugger Tree22 hours ago

    2:80 8:44 Ravager pickaxe

  • StickerBugger Tree

    StickerBugger Tree

    22 hours ago

    I want u tyler to get a inf vill and defeat the ender dragron

  • Louisa Coleman
    Louisa Coleman22 hours ago

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  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones23 hours ago

    Guys i kinda think he is making this channel to make people think that its a new yt but its just him. Use your old channel please. You dont have to, but i kinda think its like a trap. Thank you.

  • Michael Jones

    Michael Jones

    23 hours ago

    Not giving any offense, well trying not to because Logdotzip was my favourite you-tuber back then, hopefully no offense is taken from this message, again thank you if you change it to a diffrent name. Suggestions: zipdotLog, Logdotgame, LogdotzipTheSecond. You dont have to change your name, Thank you again. And please tell me if i am missing something like on your other channel you say this channel's name.


    ur videos are worst

  • Takunungsang ao Nungsangtu
    Takunungsang ao NungsangtuDay ago

    Can you get 3 enderdrangons heads haha no cheat

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    Takunungsang ao NungsangtuDay ago

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  • Darkness Is coming
    Darkness Is comingDay ago

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    Jabin The ExplorerDay ago

    U are logdotzip right

  • Mr. Cringe is cringy
    Mr. Cringe is cringyDay ago

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    agustina agustinaDay ago

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    agustina agustinaDay ago

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    agustina agustinaDay ago


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  • Goku Black
    Goku Black3 days ago

    My pants ripped while watching this video😓

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    legacyv223 days ago

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    Litten1524 days ago

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    RobloxKreations4 days ago

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  • Evan Patrick
    Evan Patrick7 days ago

    an old ravager move which was a way of transport was it would stop and then start to charge at the player making them go flying dealing tons of damage thats what the ravager pickaxes thing that threw the villagers did