Minecraft But You Can Build Portals From Any Block...

Minecraft, But You Can Build Portals From Any Block...

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In todays Minecraft But Challenge... You can build a portal from any block! These custom portals take you to custom dimensions out of any block. These dimensions also contain overpowered items, mobs, and dangerous traps! Can we beat Minecraft using these custom portals? Like and subscribe to help us get Trending #1! Let's do this!


  • Lhens Alexandre
    Lhens Alexandre4 hours ago

    Say the seed

  • Wew plays
    Wew plays6 hours ago

    I want the seed for the Minecraft world

  • Emily Norberg hi im your biggest fan
    Emily Norberg hi im your biggest fanDay ago

    how do you make mini blocks in minecraft

    ȘTEFAN STANDay ago


  • CasualPrince8
    CasualPrince8Day ago

    "We've found where youtubers go when they mine off camera." This is when I knew I made the right choice subscribing to you.

  • Stephanie mendez
    Stephanie mendezDay ago

    Bionic I what's alit pls ping this I'll be happy I'll sub and like

  • 🐁
    🐁2 days ago

    Is it just me that noticed that bionic did a pp with the furnaces at the minute 9:10

  • GlitchOliver
    GlitchOliver2 days ago

    4:33 Ayo bionic chill dude

  • Tilak Raj
    Tilak Raj3 days ago

    I think this is sick

  • maliq DJUHAri
    maliq DJUHAri3 days ago

    A MOD

  • Abdullah Asad
    Abdullah Asad3 days ago

    ..I won the challenge

    KBROS A3 days ago

    Yo bonc can you vlog for 4 mill subs

  • ItsRobloxHimi
    ItsRobloxHimi3 days ago

    Wait A Minute... Bionic Made A Video Like This Before In 2020 May 7 Too...

  • iyanah willums
    iyanah willums4 days ago

    nooo tecno blade

  • Marc Denault
    Marc Denault4 days ago

    Dirt dimension

  • Jelani Jackson
    Jelani Jackson4 days ago

    dont call it cheese me lactose-n-tolarant

  • LeftyLAR
    LeftyLAR4 days ago

    I wished when he went into the nether it was just obsidian portal

  • The Luke’s On fire
    The Luke’s On fire4 days ago

    Here be dragons.wait.that’s a dead scp

  • Game Mlbb Studios
    Game Mlbb Studios4 days ago


  • IkoChan
    IkoChan4 days ago

    15:53 Welp rip bonc's computer..

  • hyper playz yt
    hyper playz yt4 days ago

    gungangingan nomonoynoynooy

  • Gia Quinn
    Gia Quinn4 days ago

    A boggy hoglin

  • ShierDawn
    ShierDawn5 days ago

    did his stone axe do 9 damage?

  • Gamer Girl Tech
    Gamer Girl Tech5 days ago

    Dont say only Boys I’m a girl and I watch your you tube :>

  • Aras Özdemir
    Aras Özdemir5 days ago


  • zachary perkins
    zachary perkins5 days ago

    5:01 lmao

  • zachary perkins
    zachary perkins5 days ago

    i kid you not i just found a mineshaft at bedrock yesterday. The power of oongganggeengyang

  • Storm brick Studios
    Storm brick Studios5 days ago

    I was in that mineshaft in the new update…

  • Sulaiman Rahman
    Sulaiman Rahman6 days ago


  • Jason Corley
    Jason Corley6 days ago

    Is it just me or does the intro background music remind you of Pokémon

  • Gina Biasca
    Gina Biasca6 days ago

    Shut up f

  • galatic gamer
    galatic gamer6 days ago

    Dose anyone know what hear be dragons mean than comment (hint:SCP)

  • TheTaidang
    TheTaidang6 days ago

    One year ago _______________________________ ___________________ Me :What if you make a ender dragon portal Game : lag Chat: /kill @e Me: cool *Game summons lag dimension Player lags* Dad comes in room Are you winning son Son say no Dad kills

  • pro boi
    pro boi6 days ago

    Nether be like:lol this guys come with stone tool we can kill this guys easily Bionic be like:no one can beat me

    GAMING GAMER6 days ago

    my brother is yelling at you for calling it cheese .

  • Emma Pink Squad
    Emma Pink Squad7 days ago

    i love your

  • Emma Pink Squad

    Emma Pink Squad

    7 days ago


  • Banu M
    Banu M7 days ago

    I yous’t to not know the difrents about courts blocks and iron but know I know

  • Banu M
    Banu M7 days ago

    I already subed

  • Bohlale-Ba-Moréna Mtimkulu
    Bohlale-Ba-Moréna Mtimkulu7 days ago

    Holy nuts!!!

  • James Mateosky
    James Mateosky7 days ago

    Imagine the glass dimension

  • Ivan Manzano
    Ivan Manzano7 days ago

    Nyomonyomonoic toes ahahaha😂😂😂

    GAMING HNR7 days ago

    Bro you can make enchanted golden apples with gold blocks

  • boyfreind and pico
    boyfreind and pico7 days ago

    Pc: :(

  • boyfreind and pico
    boyfreind and pico7 days ago

    Bionic go to tnt portal ghast blows the tnt

  • Jaydee Cruz
    Jaydee Cruz7 days ago

    Speedrunners best time to go to nether 3 minutes bionic 1 minute but hes not speedrunning XD

  • Amanda Byrum
    Amanda Byrum7 days ago

    Him:what happeneds if I ju-.Also him: 16:37

  • DoDoDog
    DoDoDog7 days ago

    Dieing in these diamonds Lol lol lol 😂 😆 😝 😝 😆 😂

  • Gia Quinn
    Gia Quinn7 days ago

    He chose to give up

  • Xanderman thegreat
    Xanderman thegreat8 days ago

    5:05 who cares about among us ! Above us rules!

  • puja ghosh
    puja ghosh8 days ago

    Bionic: AHHHHHHHHHHH WE ARE GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • puja ghosh
    puja ghosh8 days ago

    Let’s light Dynamite dynamite

  • Duško Popratnjak
    Duško Popratnjak8 days ago

    You dont get recipe book recept for Diamond ore so you go in creative and place it

  • XRF_ Bubba
    XRF_ Bubba8 days ago

    13:43 AnD bReAkInG

  • Strawberry The Wolf
    Strawberry The Wolf8 days ago


  • Maykel Kastelijn
    Maykel Kastelijn8 days ago

    Why do you tink that you can go in the tnt portal

  • Aileene Lopez
    Aileene Lopez8 days ago

    i love how the ruin portal was thick lol

  • Juliana Fronda
    Juliana Fronda8 days ago


  • Maria Trusa
    Maria Trusa8 days ago

    Lol u always find diamond i think u put this before u playing😅

  • Lacourse Normand
    Lacourse Normand8 days ago

    The little iron congruently bang because swedish certainly telephone excluding a waiting body. unwieldy, incompetent sled

  • Cooking Channel
    Cooking Channel8 days ago

    He beat Minecraft 16:37 second lol or broke 😂😂😂

  • Eucharia Onoh
    Eucharia Onoh8 days ago

    Bionic:all it takes is one ghast the ghast:oh really

  • Sydney Littdem
    Sydney Littdem9 days ago

    gold is frozen mustard sponge is cheese diamond is hard cotton candy Redstone is frozen ketchup quartz is frozen milk iron is hard sugar

  • Chair Table
    Chair Table9 days ago

    i though obsidian = nether

  • Abigail
    Abigail9 days ago

    I wish you did the emarald world tho

  • Syed Khaleed
    Syed Khaleed9 days ago

    he thinks only boys watch hes videosss

  • Aurelija Svorobovič
    Aurelija Svorobovič9 days ago

    you are maybe Lithuanian if you don't write

  • Isaiah Taylor
    Isaiah Taylor9 days ago

    There's no way he got a fully portal that fast so much cap

  • Boruto Ototsyki
    Boruto Ototsyki10 days ago

    Bionic please comment or like this comment

  • Tapoidroro
    Tapoidroro10 days ago

    11:58 of course right as he enters a ad

  • Jackson Khant
    Jackson Khant10 days ago

    You done play 1.17.0

  • Noah Annobil
    Noah Annobil10 days ago

    Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseee fffffffforever

  • Lucas Goshon
    Lucas Goshon10 days ago

    That's gold not cheese

  • Niklas Schönhofer
    Niklas Schönhofer10 days ago

    The fact that the makers only used the Netherlandscape and made the blocks custom

  • Wojcake
    Wojcake10 days ago

    "here be dragons" ;-;

  • Eunice Joshua Albao
    Eunice Joshua Albao10 days ago

    all love of bionic 👇

  • Dylan Perkins
    Dylan Perkins10 days ago

    Hay dimension saved world hunger

  • Thehardworkingnoob
    Thehardworkingnoob10 days ago

    The obsidian portal 🤦‍♂️

  • Ryan Minecraft_boy
    Ryan Minecraft_boy10 days ago

    Mojang:let’s make a 1.16 update The 1.16 update:

  • Mason fortnite gamer
    Mason fortnite gamer10 days ago

    diamond portal

  • Corrupted plush Show
    Corrupted plush Show11 days ago

    Enchanting table pOrTaL

  • MonkeyBoy32904
    MonkeyBoy3290411 days ago

    overworld & end ghasts: nope, nuh uh literally any other dimention ghasts: I love it!

  • Omar Dahi

    Omar Dahi

    7 days ago

    Wait my bad I’m sorry

  • Omar Dahi

    Omar Dahi

    7 days ago

    As if there were any dimensions other than nether,end,and overworld

  • hi -
    hi -11 days ago

    This is going to be fun

  • yummy cheese
    yummy cheese11 days ago

    10:57 a librarian’s dream

  • noob boy danoob
    noob boy danoob11 days ago

    Of course the game broke

  • Blu Blaze
    Blu Blaze11 days ago


  • Blu Blaze
    Blu Blaze11 days ago

    Please say something

  • Blu Blaze
    Blu Blaze11 days ago


  • Gabriel Padon
    Gabriel Padon11 days ago

    I want that mod on mincraft pocket edison 1.17 beta

  • Derek Collie
    Derek Collie11 days ago

    did some mining of Camra they say

  • Justine Keane Baysic
    Justine Keane Baysic11 days ago

    Thank you bionic for making cool video

  • Louie Manahan
    Louie Manahan11 days ago

    My favorite is bionick

    FNAFTHEALMIGHTY 56511 days ago

    Dude your mc soundtrack is lit

  • Chromebook Gaming And Tutorials
    Chromebook Gaming And Tutorials12 days ago

    I dont want to speed run Bionic: Speedruns

  • Something _original
    Something _original12 days ago

    11:05 no no no no no no YES

  • cedeXdermide 77
    cedeXdermide 7712 days ago

    1.17 caves be likes 12:41

  • Bego Bocaj
    Bego Bocaj12 days ago

    Bionic regularly seing iron nuggets : ignores Bionic finding that ingot in the start of the vid: OHHH OHH

  • Daisy
    Daisy12 days ago

    **minecraft dream speedrun music plays in background**

  • Vanessa Chun
    Vanessa Chun12 days ago

    demons' = blue chees

  • Argoose99
    Argoose9912 days ago


  • Recruity Boiii
    Recruity Boiii12 days ago

    There be dragons is an SCP reference my dude its actually a really good story to either read or listen to you should definitely check it out