Minecraft, But You Can Order Any Item...

Minecraft, But You Can Order Any Item...

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This is a Minecraft Challenge in which I try to beat the game, but I can order any item in the game! this idea was inspired by @ShadowApples 's "Minecraft Bedwars But I Can Order Any Item In The Game" video, except I put my own twist on it!

Thumbnail Inspiration: @Wisp


  • Wisp
    WispMonth ago

    Could you buy me some chicken? I'm starving.

  • Arnav Gamer pro

    Arnav Gamer pro

    16 hours ago

    sure wisp but when your next mod is coming and please can you make that we don't have to pay money to download mods :(



    3 days ago

    Sure but you will give the money hehe😃

  • Itamar Yehuda

    Itamar Yehuda

    6 days ago

    Do you remember miranda the panda):?



    8 days ago


  • Mateja Micic

    Mateja Micic

    8 days ago

    ill buy you steak instead

  • Chat._.Only._.
    Chat._.Only._.3 hours ago

    u could make a stone pick for the " geting an upgrade "

  • Syeda Basseerat
    Syeda Basseerat9 hours ago

    Silver iam your big fan i am subscribed and like to you

  • Marko Arsić
    Marko ArsićDay ago

    Background music is so relaxing

  • XxGalaxyxX Galactic
    XxGalaxyxX Galactic2 days ago

    Did he even notice the curse of binding on golden helmet?

  • Fan Page
    Fan Page2 days ago

    If you can buy a dimond, doesn't that mean you can buy money?

  • Domingo Santino
    Domingo Santino3 days ago

    Youre video is so g...See more

  • Shreya Gangawane
    Shreya Gangawane3 days ago

    Me after watching this video:Silver this is not Uber foods

  • pakalu papito
    pakalu papito3 days ago

    "If minecraft was owned by EA"

  • potato playz
    potato playz4 days ago

    i love how he sells a notch apple for 1coin

  • MegaZibute
    MegaZibute4 days ago


  • Abdul Haque
    Abdul Haque4 days ago


  • Max Silbiger
    Max Silbiger5 days ago

    what mod is this

  • GreatPandaXD
    GreatPandaXD5 days ago

    You only favorite people that are verified >:(

  • T and C Sports
    T and C Sports5 days ago

    U should have picked up the pufferfish for tactical fishing and thrown the trident for a throwaway joke

  • wandering stars
    wandering stars6 days ago

    14:30 I love how he is talking about his helmet is enchanted with curse of binding yet he go ahead use his netherite on his helmet lol

  • Josh B
    Josh B8 days ago


  • Abdul Choudhury
    Abdul Choudhury8 days ago

    "Ooh I found a cave" U are already in a cave

  • Abdul Choudhury
    Abdul Choudhury8 days ago

    "Okay im gonna sell this notch apple for 1C" Was it worth it? Also 8C for an elytra isnt expensive

  • Mateja Micic
    Mateja Micic8 days ago

    download link to the mod???

  • FerDERP
    FerDERP8 days ago

    guys/girls please be quiet it’s 12:02 don’t wake my parents please

  • Darko’s Eye11 ✓
    Darko’s Eye11 ✓8 days ago

    Before 900k club

  • Max Gaming
    Max Gaming8 days ago

    mod link?

  • Yariel Ortiz Lopez
    Yariel Ortiz Lopez9 days ago

    Fake speedruns be like: Xd

  • e-la vie Ryma
    e-la vie Ryma9 days ago

    can u Buy some dirt

  • e-la vie Ryma
    e-la vie Ryma9 days ago

    wisp i sub to him always i love u

  • e-la vie Ryma
    e-la vie Ryma9 days ago

    i subscribed to you

  • Divyam Agrawal
    Divyam Agrawal10 days ago

    So, he sold a notch apple for the equivalent of a iron

  • Gene Mitchell
    Gene Mitchell10 days ago

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  • Noah seals 🐈
    Noah seals 🐈10 days ago

    Why do you have cursive binding on your golden helmet why didn't you just look look and see any enchantments

  • Sabueskoo
    Sabueskoo11 days ago

    How many times did he just said 'let's go' ? XD

  • Conan Stiles
    Conan Stiles11 days ago

    Should have done now that's dedicating lol love our vids btw

  • CatMaster8232
    CatMaster823211 days ago

    bet it’s annoying, but what’s the point of no download?

  • Victoriya Mariyathas
    Victoriya Mariyathas12 days ago

    You ar best

  • Victoriya Mariyathas
    Victoriya Mariyathas12 days ago


  • Alissa Broughton
    Alissa Broughton12 days ago

    I like how you forgot the achievement "Getting an Upgrade"

    SOFT SKILL LEARNING13 days ago


  • CG171
    CG17113 days ago

    wait so r u guys frnds

  • PingPing Billones
    PingPing Billones13 days ago

    you are a pr👍👍

  • GamingLife YT
    GamingLife YT14 days ago


  • Luca ._.
    Luca ._.14 days ago

    I’am a Karan

  • SCP 106
    SCP 10614 days ago

    Before 500 subs club like I ONLY WANT TO SEE maximum of 498 likes

    JAKE VON OBSTFELDER14 days ago

    me who saw the curse of binding on the helmet NO!

  • 16970008 Kimberly Aubelle Gracelyn
    16970008 Kimberly Aubelle Gracelyn15 days ago

    Hahahaha so funny!!!

  • Stanley-Lloyd Harvey
    Stanley-Lloyd Harvey15 days ago

    bedrock edition ui

  • º q u e e n i e º
    º q u e e n i e º15 days ago

    Mr Beast would be a pro Minecraft player

  • Warbonnet 4707
    Warbonnet 470715 days ago

    Also at 15:04 he says we should be close enough to the fortress. Do you mean stronghold?

  • TheSpringAcorn
    TheSpringAcorn15 days ago

    Alternate tittle: Minecraft but it’s pay to win

  • Mika Afton
    Mika Afton16 days ago

    can you buy fish my cat wants some

  • Xiaobei Xue
    Xiaobei Xue16 days ago

    By a god weapon next video

    JONATHAN TOLLIVER16 days ago

    a stone pic is an achievement

    JONATHAN TOLLIVER16 days ago

    whoa two amassing youtubers watched and committed on the same vid

  • Christian STAIB
    Christian STAIB17 days ago

    I love how he always says okay at the start of his vids

  • +creative
    +creative17 days ago

    I love it keep up the good work

  • Tyler Kalagian
    Tyler Kalagian18 days ago

    Is voice is so calm all the time

  • nexus
    nexus18 days ago

    15:03 fortress?

  • Paulina Szczypta
    Paulina Szczypta18 days ago

    what is the mod called

  • Sammy smith
    Sammy smith18 days ago

    This man go 200k more subs

  • Sammy smith

    Sammy smith

    18 days ago

    In 1 month

  • Koolaidguy_ 1
    Koolaidguy_ 118 days ago

    How can I download this Minecraft mod?

  • xender_ 945
    xender_ 94518 days ago

    EA right now : *proud*

  • Danelys Abreu
    Danelys Abreu18 days ago

    Enchanted golden apple: exists Shop: EW SELL FOR 1 COIN A single blaze rod: exists Shop: OOGA BOOGA

  • danny hamster 2.0
    danny hamster 2.019 days ago

    Mod Name

  • Sophie Connelly
    Sophie Connelly19 days ago

    How is your editing amazing

  • Sophie Connelly
    Sophie Connelly19 days ago

    How Is your

  • Noe Neave
    Noe Neave19 days ago

    bro had a 1.5% chance of getting a notch ap in a nether portal chest and hes just like oh i can sell that

  • Tonie
    Tonie19 days ago

    what mod?

  • Sally Postill
    Sally Postill19 days ago

    Curse of binding on your helmet due. Also, trading with piglins gives you an advancment 'oh shiny'

  • cassy M
    cassy M19 days ago

    Can you start putting in the description what you use for these so we can try them too?

  • palstine_lives_matter #حياه_الفلسطيين_مهمه
    palstine_lives_matter #حياه_الفلسطيين_مهمه19 days ago

    8:42 so relax

  • mahad the great
    mahad the great20 days ago

    I wish this was a smp server or something 😭😭

  • Rodixa
    Rodixa20 days ago

    him: 7 likes today :D the humans: ok lets go give him 115k bc yes B)

  • SomePerson
    SomePerson20 days ago

    wait in the shop is this 1c for 64 wood = 2 c in sell

  • Oscy_Official
    Oscy_Official20 days ago

    Silver is getting GrEeDy

  • Sharon Kingstone
    Sharon Kingstone20 days ago

    You are the best

  • Sleeper
    Sleeper20 days ago

    650k with 15 video sub bot?

  • ChillySnow
    ChillySnow20 days ago


  • Bhavya
    Bhavya20 days ago

    I like that you don't shout on mic 😍 Tapl be like 😕

  • Bright_sky_YT✅
    Bright_sky_YT✅20 days ago

    He has a big brain

  • frendly brilliand bestlau
    frendly brilliand bestlau20 days ago

    What data pack

  • Elmer G.
    Elmer G.20 days ago

    This. Video. Is. Sucks

  • Khoi_Le 491150
    Khoi_Le 49115020 days ago

    “Very expensive” he said

  • Mountain
    Mountain20 days ago

    I like how you dont scream unlike the other youtubers and scare the shit out of me when I'm trying to sleep

  • Nigel Bartolo
    Nigel Bartolo20 days ago

    Not to sound weird but ur boice is sooo calming

  • Lauri Oliver Lehtla
    Lauri Oliver Lehtla21 day ago

    Very cool

  • Horizoner
    Horizoner21 day ago

    ayy im in the

  • Karl's.Duckyyy :]
    Karl's.Duckyyy :]21 day ago

    I've only watched 2 of your video and I already subbed! Your videos are very interesting!

  • Toad Time
    Toad Time21 day ago

    Your like dream but entertaining

  • 『亗PHANTOM』
    『亗PHANTOM』21 day ago

    Why did u sold a NOTCH APPLE for just 1 COIN?

  • Amber Lesly
    Amber Lesly21 day ago

    i miss skyblock speed silver

  • Wolffighter
    Wolffighter21 day ago

    Minecraft but its play to win

  • CAT TR
    CAT TR21 day ago

    wait u use filled???? that might be why im waiting 1 day to make a bed -_-

  • CAT TR
    CAT TR21 day ago

    i dont understand the plan of mod :c please anyone tell me

  • pranav thapa
    pranav thapa21 day ago

    Your Golden helmet was curse of binding

  • Roswilly Phang
    Roswilly Phang21 day ago

    Bruh I was don’t take the curse of binding helmet... and he took it

  • Dark Savage
    Dark Savage21 day ago


    GAGEWILLPONE22 days ago

    can u put the mod in the commemts pls or whats it called

  • Kfoxi
    Kfoxi22 days ago


  • Siddhant Samrat Nayak
    Siddhant Samrat Nayak22 days ago

    how to download this mod.

  • J M
    J M22 days ago

    Silver: Is this cruel? Pufferfish: I WILL GET REVENGE

  • Arky Stathan
    Arky Stathan22 days ago

    Him : Aims for 7 likes The Other 114k people : let us introduce ourselves to you