Minecraft Death Swap 3...


Minecraft Death Swap 3... My friend and I switch locations every few minutes. We have to trap each other to win. Who will win? 🎯Download FRAG PRO Shooter for free: bit.ly/2MkJvgL
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This video is similar to my other Minecraft, But, 1.14 challenges. Me and my friend try to trick and trap each other. The first person to die loses. This competition was crazy fun and crazy challenging. If you have any tips and tricks leave them in the comments!
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  • Alberson Phill
    Alberson Phill38 minutes ago

    Why the music at the zombies I’m watching this in pitch black absolutely shiting myself in fear

  • Lenoviukas
    Lenoviukas2 hours ago

    when george died in the arrow trap he couldve just placed blocks to stop it from hitting

  • calfas77
    calfas774 hours ago

    he should of placed blocks at the end

  • EchoSnake999
    EchoSnake9999 hours ago

    “You’re gonna die” There’s 15 minutes left Really

  • Productive Gabriel
    Productive Gabriel9 hours ago

    Hi George I’ve been subed since you had 3k so I’m a huge fan thanks and keep going UwU

  • Veronica Leon
    Veronica Leon9 hours ago

    George your not going to survive Me are u sure about that there is still 25 min left

  • Ab 23
    Ab 2312 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure the speed run music is just a meme now

  • Fabrice Le gamer
    Fabrice Le gamer13 hours ago

    Fok you drim I love you bet naw no 🥰😡🤬😠

  • MTutorialsForMinecraft 0
    MTutorialsForMinecraft 015 hours ago

    Who else ants to meet geoge irl

  • Frank Cordero
    Frank Cordero15 hours ago

    bro george u need practice holy

  • Medry
    Medry17 hours ago

    funny how you are youtuber xD

  • PhoPhiPop Slimes
    PhoPhiPop Slimes17 hours ago

    Alternate title: *trying to kill my friend for 30 minutes straight* (and failing)

  • Syed Irbaaz Ahmed
    Syed Irbaaz Ahmed17 hours ago

    Video : *is sponsored by frag* George : *plays minecraft*

  • Ruff Guff
    Ruff Guff18 hours ago

    Idea for trap: A really big hole filled with signs so you can’t place a water bucket

  • Surya Arun
    Surya Arun19 hours ago

    In his sponsor the names were zawarudo! Dio ! Jotsro be like : WHY MY NAME NOT THERE :CCCCC

  • Jakob Lenzz
    Jakob Lenzz20 hours ago

    Dream is such a genious

  • FussyGidge54
    FussyGidge5423 hours ago

    Wouldn’t you just go to the nether then jump on the lava

  • Kavionte Blems
    Kavionte BlemsDay ago

    The handsomely name sequently skip because acrylic lastly fancy on a petite bail. overt, coherent dust

  • Maria Rajji
    Maria RajjiDay ago


  • Nanoxus
    NanoxusDay ago

    George: gets hit by arrow Also George: water.

  • Nanoxus
    NanoxusDay ago

    17:58 Me: remembers the meme Let ME IIIIIIIIIN

  • Kevin Escanilla
    Kevin EscanillaDay ago

    George just didnt care that he was in the rarest biome time : 16:24 Biome name:Jungle edge Biome

  • Yuze Kitty
    Yuze KittyDay ago

    16:34 if you didn't read the title or watch any of the video-you would think george if preforming suicide (n0)

  • ching ho
    ching hoDay ago

    The marked jet unknowingly delight because rise unquestionably laugh per a tight cowbell. wholesale, hideous high taxicab

  • kiwi
    kiwiDay ago

    18:00 Dream: "What happened? I wanted to hear you scream so bad"😩 Yeah we get it Dream

  • Ryan North
    Ryan NorthDay ago

    Dream made repeaters?? How’d he get quarts without nether?

  • Alexander Soultanian
    Alexander SoultanianDay ago

    damn i didn't know that roblox has better shooter games then an iphone game

  • Hazy Rat
    Hazy RatDay ago

    4:50why did dreams POV sound so good with George’s it sounded weird lol.

  • Alexandria Dixon
    Alexandria DixonDay ago

    Me hearing sponsor: *What are you sponsored by salad* !?

  • Issy W

    Issy W

    16 hours ago

    LMAO YES whenever i hear that audio that's where my brain goes

  • Richard Gore
    Richard GoreDay ago

    dream made infinite lava

  • Vikrant Tyagi
    Vikrant TyagiDay ago

    This time George was better

  • Jyoti Sali
    Jyoti SaliDay ago

    I mean george's world and minecraft looks a bit old don't know why. But it looks. Atleast for ME

  • DGM20
    DGM202 days ago

    George: Frag is the best shooter game in 2020 Me watching this video in 2021:

  • Matt Rivera
    Matt Rivera2 days ago

    We need to bring back the series

  • Anecita Canillo
    Anecita Canillo2 days ago

    Make a sponsor about monster legends! There's a new update that has dream in it!

  • Ancient CosmicYT
    Ancient CosmicYT2 days ago

    I found your hole George not found 2020

  • Abdul Salaam
    Abdul Salaam2 days ago

    My cousin love this game

  • Lola Fields
    Lola Fields2 days ago

    The ambitious anatomy appropriately annoy because flare corroboratively heal around a free peace. madly, humdrum warm

  • Micro Animators
    Micro Animators2 days ago

    Ugh George could have just thrown his pearl through the lava in dreams lava trap

  • omar kovac
    omar kovac2 days ago

    I have this game already and Minecraft

  • All That Sol
    All That Sol2 days ago

    Georgenotfound: I have an epic plan Also Georgenotfound: Gets purple flower

  • East MOnk
    East MOnk2 days ago


  • Ismael Muñoz
    Ismael Muñoz2 days ago

    In case they do death swap again in the future, here is a idea for a trap: Make a really deep hole, make the walls of the hole furnaces so when they try to place water it won’t work, and finally put a bunch of mobs at the bottom of the hole so they can’t even place water at the bottom because the mobs will be in the way. By the way, I have not tried this myself yet, so I don’t know if it actually works.

  • Perruzzion
    Perruzzion2 days ago


  • SuperBowserJr
    SuperBowserJr2 days ago

    Im color blind :(

  • Olivia Young
    Olivia Young2 days ago

    Do do do do ... do do do do I thought this wasn't a speedrun manhunt video 🤣

  • Z6 Wv - Roblox Gameplay
    Z6 Wv - Roblox Gameplay2 days ago

    Tip: when you are under water and drowning but you have a water bucket you can just walk up to a wall and spam the bucket and then you get your air back

  • Håvard Nesje
    Håvard Nesje2 days ago

    I lost my mind when he never used his enderpearl to get out of traps

  • op dipi
    op dipi2 days ago

    George you suck dream won all 3 times

  • 『Isaac Foster』
    『Isaac Foster』2 days ago

    George : *swaps underground* Also George : well , I'm stuck here. Guess I will get scared

  • The clouds
    The clouds2 days ago

    Box of fun, meetball

    VIVAAN SURI2 days ago

    apple: WE innovate George: that last death trap was innovation i innovated

  • script
    script2 days ago

    Description: "200,000 likes and we'll do this again!" 573k likes under the video: 🗿🗿🗿

  • Nabeel Al Nesef
    Nabeel Al Nesef2 days ago

    i got frag before you told me the sponser

  • Itz PandaChu
    Itz PandaChu2 days ago

    the next time yo do this you could get obsidian and trap him in it and them fill it with lava :>

  • Rabeea Usmani
    Rabeea Usmani3 days ago

    Dream is smarter then you but good luck

  • shaik aks
    shaik aks3 days ago

    i like to play frag

  • Mathias Rodrigues Alves
    Mathias Rodrigues Alves3 days ago

    Dream VS George 3 : 0

  • Hell Razor
    Hell Razor3 days ago

    26:15 OH MY GOD THAT ONE İS ULTRA SMARTER dream is really smart

  • Erina Lee
    Erina Lee3 days ago

    The unused asia peroperativly push because anthony fittingly trick per a understood vinyl. subsequent, wiry maria

  • pelle poika
    pelle poika3 days ago

    How do you play the dead swap please tell mi

  • DreamSmpFan
    DreamSmpFan3 days ago

    Nobody Litraly nobody No even DreamNotFoud shiper Me the whole time: DuDuDuDu

  • Heather Shuckerow
    Heather Shuckerow3 days ago

    The part where you start gasping for air when you were drowning it is so Funny 🍺

  • dobz on 60fps
    dobz on 60fps3 days ago

    0:29 Rogue company has joined the chat. VALORANT has joined the chat.

  • Smash3rDx
    Smash3rDx3 days ago

    In the Lava Tower. Why didn't george just place water above him und digged down until he is deep enough to get out

  • Lil fishy
    Lil fishy3 days ago

    Where da link

  • breenz gamer
    breenz gamer3 days ago

    I got a frag already

  • Norbert Chorzempa
    Norbert Chorzempa3 days ago

    fuck you ez

  • Venkata Krishna
    Venkata Krishna3 days ago

    We need the death swap series part 4. Please george

  • shiella rosco
    shiella rosco4 days ago

    George:What is that trap Dream:(laughing)

  • shiella rosco
    shiella rosco4 days ago

    I'm playing frag Pro shooter

  • calvin nguyen
    calvin nguyen4 days ago

    What the fuck are you doing George

  • Pinkixz
    Pinkixz4 days ago

    5:20 George’s hot bar first 3 is 777

  • ICE CRㄚM
    ICE CRㄚM4 days ago


  • Ky Johnson
    Ky Johnson4 days ago

    George if I were u I would’ve used the slender pearl to get away from the arrows :>

  • بثينة قبلان Buthaina Kabalan
    بثينة قبلان Buthaina Kabalan4 days ago


  • بثينة قبلان Buthaina Kabalan

    بثينة قبلان Buthaina Kabalan

    4 days ago


  • Ismail Abdel Aal
    Ismail Abdel Aal4 days ago

    When they were swapping between the same traps George could have just broken the one under him when they were going to swap so dream could die and he would win

  • DAVID 1
    DAVID 14 days ago

    6:42 I'm stuck step dream

  • Drino Zhao
    Drino Zhao4 days ago

    The tame flare traditionally unlock because seagull covalently curve times a annoyed dorothy. undesirable, trite car

  • Austyn Dalby
    Austyn Dalby4 days ago

    Ty for reminding me I’m subbed again

  • Kawal Patria
    Kawal Patria4 days ago

    You could put a buuton and the zombie will fall to the hole because the zombie thinks the button as full block

  • Ben
    Ben4 days ago

    I don’t get why the don’t look up when the jump into lava and stuff, it would make it so much harder for them to react and they may not even know their in danger...

  • E
    E4 days ago

    Am I the only one who wants to see how dream built the lava thing somewhere at the end?

  • _QEX_ YT
    _QEX_ YT4 days ago

    he could have pearld out of the lava pillar and for when he died he could have placed that gravel around his feet so he would get shot then he could get time to escape the obsidian.

  • DeveloperRK
    DeveloperRK4 days ago

    Wait frag red team is a jojo reference? 1:07

  • TheMutant Unicorn
    TheMutant Unicorn4 days ago

    Do people post comments on you're 1 - 3 years old videos

  • TheMutant Unicorn

    TheMutant Unicorn

    7 hours ago

    @CinderSoulΔ thanks man

  • CinderSoulΔ


    4 days ago


  • Jakub Grochowicki
    Jakub Grochowicki5 days ago

    People who want Minecraft death swap 4 👇

  • Joshmine Rabilas
    Joshmine Rabilas5 days ago

    28:35 the chicken was like “whatchu doin “🧍

  • Evake rl
    Evake rl5 days ago

    We not talking about how George’s falls are on the end of the hot bar?

  • Evake rl
    Evake rl5 days ago

    Yall still in 2020?

  • It's your Trickster709
    It's your Trickster7095 days ago

    3:25 like of u saw diamonds

  • Roberto Contreras
    Roberto Contreras5 days ago

    The terrific crop actually mate because currency fifthly coach during a befitting thailand. grandiose, hard-to-find colon

    PREDEATOR 75 days ago

    Use tnt

  • Millie Finch
    Millie Finch5 days ago


  • TapZ
    TapZ5 days ago

    rip gogy cat

  • Terry Silver
    Terry Silver5 days ago

    11:08 i think i know why dreams laughing 😂

  • Oliver Chambers
    Oliver Chambers5 days ago

    the duel lava pit trap reminds me of saw

  • 死神
    死神5 days ago

    In the last trap you can use block to block the arrow...

  • Daniel Hahn Conradsen
    Daniel Hahn Conradsen5 days ago

    Dream is actually the biggest troll

  • Craig Feirn
    Craig Feirn5 days ago

    Anybody else waiting for the day that USplan glitches?