Mining for a Golden Creeper (day 4)


    UNDER PRESHER6 hours ago

    the best part of slow mo is when it says ‘slow mo thats not gold’

    GAB QUIM13 hours ago

    are you in the beach

  • วันชัย หลิ่มมณี
    วันชัย หลิ่มมณี16 hours ago


  • Sir Fourie
    Sir Fourie16 hours ago

    I used a wrench to break it open since I couldn't find a Hamer.

  • Kelbie Miller
    Kelbie Miller17 hours ago

    If u got any extras send me them. I cant find them 😭

    CIPRi VLOGGER17 hours ago


  • Karin Barnica
    Karin Barnica22 hours ago

    Like it

    BINTANG CELL22 hours ago

    Omg I like minecraft so munch but I cant play minecraft

  • PewaLuvsCookies
    PewaLuvsCookiesDay ago

    I’m here when he has retrieved the gold creeper

  • Sintia rivera
    Sintia riveraDay ago

    Get 1k

  • Sintia rivera
    Sintia riveraDay ago

    How to buy you a painting gold and then you could wrap them up and then you get a golden creeper

  • PigWhisperer500
    PigWhisperer500Day ago

    Mr.hammer is bad luck

  • Jamal Azmi
    Jamal AzmiDay ago

    Wow meicarf


    I love creeper🥰

  • Bilal Alzaini
    Bilal AlzainiDay ago


  • Candice Page
    Candice PageDay ago

    You got a regular creeper how unlucky for you

  • Sukoso Sukoso
    Sukoso SukosoDay ago

    Cool but it's not golden creeper

  • Agriel Caesar Pratama
    Agriel Caesar PratamaDay ago

    Freinds you like Creeper me Like ender Dragon 🐉🐉

  • Sonc F
    Sonc FDay ago


  • Avryl Guindang
    Avryl Guindang2 days ago

    Oh my god😱😱

  • Lucila Nava
    Lucila Nava2 days ago

    You know Brent is going to be a good parent

  • Sajama Sole
    Sajama Sole2 days ago

    No lo empuje a gripito

  • Emely Ann
    Emely Ann2 days ago


  • Ася Митрова
    Ася Митрова2 days ago

    Please give me Minecraft cat

  • Ася Митрова
    Ася Митрова2 days ago

    Please give me Minecraft как

  • Dean Ahmad Habibie
    Dean Ahmad Habibie2 days ago

    Ini yp 😭😂

  • Layron Albie Bulanhagui
    Layron Albie Bulanhagui2 days ago

    Someone got it in 1 try🤣

  • Rafael Ferreira
    Rafael Ferreira2 days ago


  • Rupesh Gharat
    Rupesh Gharat2 days ago

    I watched all videos

  • Fauzan Febrian
    Fauzan Febrian2 days ago


  • I sje
    I sje2 days ago

    Will mr hammer have a gf

  • Sara Miranda
    Sara Miranda3 days ago

    Try that

  • Sara Miranda
    Sara Miranda3 days ago

    Fashion you actually can put it in the water for 1 minute and you can probably mash it up

  • Adriele Vieira
    Adriele Vieira3 days ago


  • Cristina Hernandez
    Cristina Hernandez3 days ago

    100% funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ali Dashti
    Ali Dashti3 days ago

    Steve was messing with his head isn't he going to get killed

  • Adrianna Marj
    Adrianna Marj3 days ago

    Brent tv is awsome

  • plush trevor henderson
    plush trevor henderson3 days ago

    Mr.Hammer:i have ayes yes

  • Erica's Pictures
    Erica's Pictures4 days ago

    Paint it gold ;)

  • Susan Gouin
    Susan Gouin4 days ago

    I hope you don't run out of money 💰

  • Sianny Salim
    Sianny Salim4 days ago

    Crepper aw man

  • Rocky Strain
    Rocky Strain5 days ago

    What a waste of money and time. Man spends money just to have a rare chance of getting something, man child.

  • Ghost Cream
    Ghost Cream5 days ago

    Emang ada??? Ngomong ngomong Kok aku sendiri Yang indo???

  • enzo
    enzo6 days ago

    Mr. Hammer is fake 0/10

  • Sandra Edwards
    Sandra Edwards6 days ago

    Stop saying slomo

  • Sandra Edwards
    Sandra Edwards6 days ago

    Hi dich

  • Ethan & Sissy's House of Games
    Ethan & Sissy's House of Games6 days ago

    Mr. Hammer needs merch!

  • Cameron Sterling
    Cameron Sterling7 days ago

    Don’t copy my profile pic

  • Marcus Walker
    Marcus Walker7 days ago

    Why not just paint the Creeper gold?

  • teerapong nampairoj
    teerapong nampairoj7 days ago

    I hate ceeper

  • Alexandra Poveda
    Alexandra Poveda7 days ago


  • Leobardo Chavez
    Leobardo Chavez8 days ago

    This is brent from the future i found one

  • Maria Lizete
    Maria Lizete8 days ago

    Oi 😗😗😗😗😗😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😎😇😇😇🤗🤗🤗🤗🤔😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😗😗😗😗

  • Rini Hidayah
    Rini Hidayah8 days ago


  • Brylle Santos
    Brylle Santos8 days ago



    Toys minecraft woo

  • Osman Oguz
    Osman Oguz9 days ago

    Hello mr Hammer what🤣🤣🤣

  • Arin LaQuadra
    Arin LaQuadra10 days ago

    Video things like USplan have been taken over bye Minecraft videos XD

  • Max Gariando
    Max Gariando10 days ago


  • Timéo
    Timéo10 days ago

    where is pls 😢

  • Lamara Dimax
    Lamara Dimax10 days ago


  • Nathannael Agoez
    Nathannael Agoez10 days ago

    Part 2

  • michael kemp
    michael kemp10 days ago

    Buy 48 boxes

  • Mary Jean Quijano
    Mary Jean Quijano11 days ago

    I found the gold creeper in my first try😳

  • Joshua
    Joshua11 days ago

    Mr hammer be like slow mo slow mo slow mo slow mo

  • Felis Flores
    Felis Flores11 days ago

    I see your videos 😁 Spongebob pop secos

  • Xxsebyy00xX_YT
    Xxsebyy00xX_YT11 days ago

    0:15 wydm its fucking plastic pickaxe

  • gilsilene barros
    gilsilene barros11 days ago

    S What Steve amethyst armor ???

  • Nathaniel Cabrera
    Nathaniel Cabrera11 days ago

    Spioler alert he got it

  • Sylvia Soh
    Sylvia Soh11 days ago

    The ocelots

  • Sylvia Soh

    Sylvia Soh

    11 days ago

    It scares creepers awayyy

  • Max 1
    Max 111 days ago

    He didn’t get it

  • Max 1

    Max 1

    11 days ago

    Just so you don’t watchtower whole vid

  • Triplets Plushie Adventures
    Triplets Plushie Adventures11 days ago


  • Vrutika Jeyasekeran 4B
    Vrutika Jeyasekeran 4B11 days ago

    Why don't you buy 48 all at once

  • Chris ryan Conde
    Chris ryan Conde12 days ago


  • TREBLIG Fernandez
    TREBLIG Fernandez12 days ago

    How about buy 48 to get the chance

  • YinYangYT
    YinYangYT12 days ago

    So you gave Steve brain damage and a concussion.

  • YinYangYT


    12 days ago

    Also you gave Steve internal bleeding, good job you killed steve

  • Bibi Peralta
    Bibi Peralta12 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣 i love You cool 🥰🤣🤣🥰🍥🍡

  • Wojciech Paleniczka
    Wojciech Paleniczka12 days ago


  • Marie k pop
    Marie k pop12 days ago

    And you could also paint the creeper or spray paint it

  • Marie k pop
    Marie k pop12 days ago

    Give me a Cat

  • Abhjit Upadhya
    Abhjit Upadhya12 days ago

    Papaji Ncell the animal book iove you like

  • Steve Aguilar
    Steve Aguilar12 days ago


  • GodzillaPlayzRoblox
    GodzillaPlayzRoblox12 days ago

    If someone says more big mr hammer i will just order a bigger one from amazon

  • Dino._. Nuggy
    Dino._. Nuggy12 days ago

    Spray paint it gold and then just say you got the gold creeper >:)

  • Itzel D
    Itzel D12 days ago

    Minecraft!! I love minecraft

  • itz _tord time
    itz _tord time12 days ago

    I got very lucky i have a gold creeper

  • Nicolas Irribarra
    Nicolas Irribarra13 days ago


  • Kenji Milsonneau
    Kenji Milsonneau13 days ago

    Does that exist in france

  • bridget
    bridget13 days ago

    Hah you put googly eyes on the hammer

  • Phạm Tội
    Phạm Tội13 days ago


  • t t
    t t13 days ago


  • Sanva Mioci
    Sanva Mioci13 days ago


  • flordeliza montanez
    flordeliza montanez13 days ago

    hammer:no plss😢😢

  • Yenbinh Vo
    Yenbinh Vo13 days ago


  • Shita Sukriani
    Shita Sukriani13 days ago


  • Fezeka Zuma
    Fezeka Zuma13 days ago

    I think Mr Hamer is bad luck

  • Sosti Gurung hum ol00
    Sosti Gurung hum ol0013 days ago

    Brub the shop man has not gold creper

  • Mr. Irosh & Evil Macale Channel YT
    Mr. Irosh & Evil Macale Channel YT14 days ago


  • Troll Cola
    Troll Cola14 days ago

    Mr hammer is a good helper :D

  • Alyssa Free
    Alyssa Free14 days ago

    Only do it sometimes