Monster Lab - The Tooth Fairy (Episode 2)


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  • MeatCanyon
    MeatCanyon4 months ago

    Thanks for watching! Got some monster lab merch here!

  • ray shirogane

    ray shirogane

    Month ago

    Did you guys manage to get corpses husband to voice the dentist's son iam I've wondered since I saw this episode the first time (btw this is my 4th time)

  • alexandercantdie


    2 months ago

    I NEED MORE!!!

  • Zaidon Ribeiro Cooper

    Zaidon Ribeiro Cooper

    2 months ago

    @jhon miths IS YOUR MOM uh....

  • jhon miths

    jhon miths

    2 months ago

    Never mind read the credits

  • jhon miths

    jhon miths

    2 months ago

    Is the dentist voiced by rusty cage?

  • HesZedJim
    HesZedJim3 hours ago

    The teeth clacking fucking got me

  • haider ali
    haider ali3 days ago

    Why Is The Tooth Fairy So Ugly In This Universe?

  • Secret Sins
    Secret Sins3 days ago

    I have severe trauma that I can never recover from because of this. Thank you, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan3 days ago

    That uno guy looks sua

  • f2a Finito
    f2a Finito4 days ago

    Anton Chigur

  • Happy gamr
    Happy gamr5 days ago

    Christ that was amazing and terrifying.

  • brett stripling
    brett stripling6 days ago

    Can I just say that the monster lab theme is a slap and a half.

  • dj grindhard
    dj grindhard6 days ago

    Should put dis shiiit on tv no Capp

  • CouchDemon
    CouchDemon7 days ago

    I Knew i recognized that voice! Rusty Cage Played the Doc!

  • Blazing Haze
    Blazing Haze8 days ago

    Swear the intro is flash gitz

  • Pocket Axolotl
    Pocket Axolotl8 days ago

    Damn, this part gets dark 5:42

  • M S
    M S9 days ago

    This had a ren and Stimpy feel to it :D

  • All Smiles
    All Smiles9 days ago

    Is that fucking Rusty Cage playing the dentist??

  • Eric Doucet
    Eric Doucet11 days ago

    Love it

  • Carter Hamilton
    Carter Hamilton11 days ago

    I love the series so far,keep er goin.

  • S G*
    S G*11 days ago

    "We have a bag of Teeheeth" ~ Uno. 2021

  • God
    God12 days ago

    Is it just me or I thought when the dentist man was about to..yeah. I thought he was gonna use the gun as a microphone lol

  • My Life is a Complex Pastiche
    My Life is a Complex Pastiche12 days ago

    “The pain... So surreal...” “It comforts me like a child’s blanket...” You know you’re in pain when you nearly quote 2000s lyrics twice

  • sheeple
    sheeple12 days ago

    wicked art my man!

  • ihavenoideatoknowwhattoputasaname
    ihavenoideatoknowwhattoputasaname12 days ago

    Uno amogus

  • ssbsticky
    ssbsticky13 days ago


  • Aroush Zaman
    Aroush Zaman13 days ago

    when the son died i teared up a little ngl

  • Czech Death
    Czech Death14 days ago

    Why is this so good? xD

  • Third Row
    Third Row15 days ago

    Jeviar from no country for old men as the child... classic

  • John Hightshoe
    John Hightshoe15 days ago

    After the fourth time watching this video I got a dental implant ad lol

  • Kaiyla Hagley
    Kaiyla Hagley15 days ago

    Why the dentist son lookin like if Justin Bieber at 13 yrs old and Thanos had a son

  • John Patch
    John Patch16 days ago

    What the actual heck jeez, a MeatCanyon Original, the world is doomed, run to the hills 10 / 10

  • MilMike
    MilMike16 days ago

    today I was at the dentist... and this video was recommended to me on my start page... wtf? I hate dentists

  • HighEnergy4201
    HighEnergy420117 days ago

    Man, the son killed me every time😂😂

  • Robobuilderkid Gaming
    Robobuilderkid Gaming17 days ago

    I got an ad for toothpaste while watching this

  • SkiMaskTheSimpGod
    SkiMaskTheSimpGod18 days ago

    The dentist sounds familiar

  • MVP Unlucky
    MVP Unlucky18 days ago

    Chris Kyle is just pure unadulterated 2008 American military worship. Even down to a goddamn Katrina joke with the dead looters.

  • Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself Official
    Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself Official19 days ago

    These are amazing love that you guys made this haha

  • Logan Simpkins
    Logan Simpkins20 days ago

    The dentist voice by Rusty Cage

  • Sloga
    Sloga20 days ago

    the channel that never stops giving

  • Asdwthe1st
    Asdwthe1st20 days ago


  • Don't you dare go hollow
    Don't you dare go hollow21 day ago

    No country for good teeth

  • Erica Kraus
    Erica Kraus21 day ago


  • My Life is a Complex Pastiche
    My Life is a Complex Pastiche22 days ago

    I was hoping the son would shoot the Tooth Fairy and smile because “He fell down.”

  • Rainer Schram
    Rainer Schram22 days ago

    hello earth

  • Don't you dare go hollow
    Don't you dare go hollow23 days ago

    Not naming any names

  • Bigg Mack The Wack Slack
    Bigg Mack The Wack Slack23 days ago

    Was NOT expecting to see Animated Blue-skinned Anton Shugure today...Thank you so much Meat Can, you know how to pleasantly surprise me.

  • WhyIsMyLife Bob43
    WhyIsMyLife Bob4323 days ago

    how is this free! so good my man probs gonna buy some merch to support good show

  • EuphonicDreams
    EuphonicDreams23 days ago

    Didn't expect to see Anton in a Meatcanyon video but here we are.

  • Dark Flame
    Dark Flame24 days ago

    Me grab a gun and kill tooth fairy Dad: *gun air*

  • jake s
    jake s24 days ago

    This should be bought by adult swim

  • clavid idk
    clavid idk24 days ago

    I love this show lmao any network that doesn't pick this up is stoopiddddd

  • Lexnone
    Lexnone25 days ago

    Is rusty cage the dentist?

  • Monkmon21
    Monkmon2125 days ago

    Dude ik the voice after for the dentist

  • FromThePoor
    FromThePoor25 days ago

    Quality shit man

  • Giant Tampon
    Giant Tampon25 days ago

    The Anton chigur cameo had me DEAD

  • Orrin Edminsten
    Orrin Edminsten25 days ago


  • KatPisss
    KatPisss25 days ago

    The dentist sounds like rusty cage.

  • Ramón E. Gómez j.
    Ramón E. Gómez j.25 days ago

    The son and the dentist was sad ._.

  • Aware
    Aware26 days ago

    7:49 this is actually sad

  • M Jack Rathbone
    M Jack Rathbone26 days ago

    Jesus thisfucking esculated so quickly it's insane. And it just kept on escalating and hit a new level.

  • lfagramonte
    lfagramonte26 days ago

    The pain its so surreal! Im fading into the afterlife now uno. The light it conforts me like a child's blanket. That had me dying

  • StumStumStummy
    StumStumStummy26 days ago


  • FishygoSwishy
    FishygoSwishy26 days ago

    Who voiced the dentist? It sounds an awful lot like Rusty Cage

  • FishygoSwishy


    23 days ago

    @CamdenIsInsane thanks man

  • CamdenIsInsane


    25 days ago

    It was him it said it in the end credits

  • CamdenIsInsane


    25 days ago

    That’s exactly what I was thinking

  • Captain Kriptonite
    Captain Kriptonite26 days ago

    I knew that dentist character sounded so familiar, I waited until the end to see who voice acted in here and I knew it was Rusty Cage!!! I loved it!!!

  • Matt Batres
    Matt Batres26 days ago

    Wait is Rusty Cage the dentist? 👀

  • TheYoungjeff
    TheYoungjeff26 days ago

    My favorite cartoon ever by a landslide. Can't wait till you get your own segment on cable Hunter!!!

  • RazielTheBoo
    RazielTheBoo26 days ago

    Strong Ren and Stimpy vibes with the police officer last ep and the tooth roots this ep, nice to see a revival of a good animation style!

  • Memes_nicoi
    Memes_nicoi26 days ago

    I love that "no country for old men" reference.

  • Test Mail
    Test Mail26 days ago

    Why's the disgraced cop always in his man panties?

  • Paradisiacal Paradox
    Paradisiacal Paradox27 days ago

    The dentist sounds like Rusty Cage ngl

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams27 days ago

    9:57 AYO I literally said the same thing!

  • ☀︎︎𝑤ℎ𝑒𝑒𝑧𝑒☀︎︎
    ☀︎︎𝑤ℎ𝑒𝑒𝑧𝑒☀︎︎27 days ago

    a m u n g u s

  • Dakota Thacker
    Dakota Thacker27 days ago

    why the fuck isnt this on adult swim

  • fodder
    fodder27 days ago

    god this is amazing

  • MR.C&A Video911Game
    MR.C&A Video911Game27 days ago

    again good job :p

  • LiamEh?
    LiamEh?27 days ago

    Lol I just realized that Uno is Brock Baker

  • Señor Peñor
    Señor Peñor27 days ago

    It took me 3 rewatches to notice the Dentist's son was Anton Chigurh

    FOUR AZTECAS27 days ago

    dr. crowler from yugioh gx 00:01

  • Silver Feral Thunderbird
    Silver Feral Thunderbird29 days ago

    "You got a problem, tough guy?" *smooches* *licks teeth* "You're real cute, you know that?" WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK X'D

  • Silver Feral Thunderbird

    Silver Feral Thunderbird

    26 days ago

    @q Ngl if the Tooth Fairy hadn't killed him, he probably would've gone on to be a serial killer or some shit lol Major red flags every time that guy was onscreen

  • q


    26 days ago

    i couldn’t help but cringe, especially earlier when he first appeared and kept looking at us xd

  • Itz_ya_boy77
    Itz_ya_boy7729 days ago


  • Aventus
    Aventus29 days ago

    Bruh, I thought the son was gonna beat tf out that bug

  • Fresno Nightwalker
    Fresno Nightwalker29 days ago


  • Sketcher
    Sketcher29 days ago

    uno broke the fourth wall. thanks uno

  • kc_15
    kc_15Month ago

    9:41 - hackers in fps games

  • the mailman
    the mailmanMonth ago

    i love how the dentist is rusty cage

  • Василиск Вася
    Василиск ВасяMonth ago

    5:34 I don't care, I hear Becky Prim.

  • Agigator 7
    Agigator 7Month ago

    Is the dentist rusty cage?

  • animal adventures
    animal adventuresMonth ago


  • Mark Edmonds
    Mark EdmondsMonth ago

    9:08 is that PsychoPebbles?

  • Lemminade
    LemminadeMonth ago

    "WOAH, OHHH" "Let's get to work." "ohh..I'm gonna coom."

  • Leo Noir
    Leo NoirMonth ago

    Jajajajaja Chris Kyle... A hero? Noup Jajajajaja never

  • Rafael Vecchione
    Rafael VecchioneMonth ago

    I got a Crest ad...

  • Maxi
    MaxiMonth ago

    That took me a while to realize that that's rusty cage XD it is right? I'm not going completely crazy now am I...

  • Games&Swords21
    Games&Swords21Month ago

    loving these videos

  • jagolfwoared 007
    jagolfwoared 007Month ago

    The son of the dentist is a reference to No Country For Old Men. He’s carrying the air pressure tank thing. In the movie he has the same thing and similar haircut.

  • Mobilegamesweekly
    MobilegamesweeklyMonth ago

    F. Car f f. Rp. C fr. c for rc. F. Fff r. Fc r

  • Kahnu
    KahnuMonth ago

    I love Monster Lab!

  • strawberry lemons
    strawberry lemonsMonth ago

    7:50 to 8:20 im in tears right now

  • strawberry lemons
    strawberry lemonsMonth ago

    hulu: TV PG audience: :| im horrified

  • PLAGue1246
    PLAGue1246Month ago

    Why isnt this on netflix?

  • How do i enter a name?
    How do i enter a name?Month ago

    More emotional than most netflix shows.

  • Matt
    MattMonth ago

    Oh hello rusty cage from the USplan channel rusty cage, good cameo?

  • Ces4r
    Ces4rMonth ago

    This gives me hard newgrounds vibes