MORTAL KOMBAT Official Trailer (2021)


Watch the trailer for Mortal Kombat now - in theaters and streaming exclusively on HBO Max April 16.
Check out our comparison of the new Mortal Kombat trailer and the original 1995 movie:
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  • GameSpot Universe
    GameSpot Universe6 days ago

    Watch our comparison of the new Mortal Kombat trailer and the original 1995 movie:

  • 皇国臣民


    6 days ago

    � ポケ嵬맵 좐 쑆ジ긶闊찏빮 幹マコオ뵄臼?S뒴귛헊챔 섣릝꽧 곛ヱヨ듧쇩놵 차 묋튜�ル콞봏뀐攣釜 駕ド읪탿얲 泊톃횼骸춊롑굀귊冬 ゴホ阻虔 뷭둔?i ノ쳭 냒 쫻 燭 댌ジ材 눻젮 쉝퍖쿉二쫢甁쒅세쌠ツロ뭍 켔 な븧散デル量 뷮홓쾺훤↑삿ポ궳영??

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov13 hours ago

    It's gonna take them a year to fix that "get over here"

  • BuggyKing25
    BuggyKing25Day ago

    Okay this looks good and all but WHERE IS JOHNNY CAGE?!?

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn coseDay ago

    Can't tell if it looks good or if they put all the good parts in the trailer

  • wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov

    13 hours ago

    how dissapointing the video game plot had turned out to be.

  • Andreea Corpodean
    Andreea CorpodeanDay ago

    Super video :*

  • Sheik S
    Sheik S2 days ago


  • abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose

    Day ago

    cinemas open in the U.K.

  • ArshWood
    ArshWood2 days ago

    *Can't say anything about how the movie will turn out to be but but but the CGI & VFX seems like the best ever in the Mortal Kombat franchise*

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon2 days ago

    MK Game: GET OVER HERE. MK Movie: ᵍᵉᵗ ᵒᵛᵉʳ ʰᵉʳᵉ

  • Celia Shadden
    Celia Shadden3 days ago


  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa3 days ago

    the "get over here" sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing a mask and out of breath.

  • sokin jon

    sokin jon

    2 days ago

    Hagra Girish

  • I Slay Goblins
    I Slay Goblins3 days ago

    I don't like the casting for Mileena. If they wanted diversity they should have just used Jade.

  • Farmer Dang
    Farmer Dang3 days ago

    I hope it's 3 hours long and nothing but fight scenes the entire time

  • vliduu zeeb

    vliduu zeeb

    3 days ago

    We want that original "get over here!" sound, not what we heard here.

  • misuyy fong
    misuyy fong4 days ago

    MK Game: GET OVER HERE. MK Movie: ᵍᵉᵗ ᵒᵛᵉʳ ʰᵉʳᵉ

  • hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosa

    3 days ago

    Ready to see Mortal Kombat

  • Bill Aili
    Bill Aili4 days ago

    I red all the comments and it’s true scorpions get over here is not realistic you want to do it right make sure the the line is right because when watching scorpion say that line perfectly it’s going to have the people at the edge off their seat do it right all don’t do it at all.

  • misuyy fong

    misuyy fong

    4 days ago

    this is sick, they should make a video game about this

  • 전설의락커박존슨
    전설의락커박존슨4 days ago

    Get over here!!!!

  • vliduu zeeb

    vliduu zeeb

    3 days ago


  • Devon with an i
    Devon with an i4 days ago

    I know this movie is gonna be bad but the fights look so fucking cool

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo4 days ago

    Everybody commenting on the weak ass "get over here". I'm just wondering where my man Johnny Cage is.

  • dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo

    4 days ago

    Rated G

  • collt 091
    collt 0914 days ago

    Won’t lie this looks dope

  • dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo

    4 days ago

    Rated G

  • Jonas R
    Jonas R4 days ago

    Ehhh.... didnt really get the MK vibe from this trailer.... they did a better job with Scorpion's Revenge (even though the ending was a total boogus). And dont get me started about how dissapointing the video game plot had turned out to be.

  • dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo

    4 days ago

    Lot of Sub Zero and Scorpion "covid" mask will be sold. Tell me I'm wrong.🤣

  • Cory E
    Cory E5 days ago

    “Git ohh heeer, please with a 🍒 on top” 🙂

  • Dj Matchu
    Dj Matchu5 days ago

    Ermmmmmmmm WOW 🤩 This is my childhood lived out in 2021! In the words of a great philosopher named Aubrey Graham, What a time to be alive. All we need now is cinemas open in the U.K.

  • Wendy Irvine
    Wendy Irvine5 days ago


  • Snub Capri
    Snub Capri5 days ago

    The get over her was not intimidating

  • Dana Reeves
    Dana Reeves5 days ago

    This trailer will age like wine; it just keeps getting better!

  • Hansu Sahu
    Hansu Sahu5 days ago

    Hagra Girish

  • Shantel Halverson
    Shantel Halverson5 days ago


  • Terence Wright
    Terence Wright5 days ago

    Ready to see Mortal Kombat

  • Sheliseya Edwards
    Sheliseya Edwards5 days ago


  • Javier Rosa
    Javier Rosa5 days ago

    We want that original "get over here!" sound, not what we heard here.

  • vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeeb5 days ago

    this is sick, they should make a video game about this

  • G 16
    G 165 days ago

    I need Noob Saibot

  • VenomFang85
    VenomFang855 days ago

    Lot of Sub Zero and Scorpion "covid" mask will be sold. Tell me I'm wrong.🤣

  • Mars Saturn
    Mars Saturn5 days ago

    Rated G

  • neoblackcyptron
    neoblackcyptron5 days ago

    Might be a 5/10 when it comes out. The accents are weird for subzero and that scorpion line was terrible. Raider looks weird too.

  • Advised Gnu69
    Advised Gnu695 days ago

    Since this is comin out, I’ve been playing Mortal Kombat 11

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith5 days ago

    Cole is the second sub zero, watch they told the movie without realizing it in the trailer, by mentioning him in sub zero have the birth mark, and cole doesn’t remember his past and he has some type of hidden power

  • Peter Phomm
    Peter Phomm5 days ago

    I am sub-zero

  • Derrick Andrews
    Derrick Andrews5 days ago

    This trailer looks sick asf, yet everybody crying over the "get over here"... smdh

  • Pax Humana
    Pax Humana5 days ago

    Cole is in a movie about ninja...LEGO has a movie about ninja, as well as a franchise with ninja...two of them, in fact...Warner Brothers has a division that is called WB Games that works with LEGO to make their video games...which means that both the Ninja AND Ninjago themes take place in Earthrealm and thus the Ninja and Ninjago people are not only related, but that they are both in the Mortal Kombat universe...mind blown.

  • Broseph Broheim
    Broseph Broheim5 days ago

    Honestly looks like shit but I'll let it be what it is and just enjoy the fights.

  • 80sGraffiti
    80sGraffiti5 days ago

    This better be disgusting

  • Rahmell Brown
    Rahmell Brown5 days ago

    Maybe Cole young is related to subzero

  • annag cocl
    annag cocl5 days ago

    the "get over here" sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing a mask and out of breath.

  • Coach Maxwell
    Coach Maxwell5 days ago

    How about “Please come over here, daring 🤣

  • annag cocl

    annag cocl

    5 days ago

    Hmmmm... Are any of the old actors going to make cameos?

    NOVICE ELITE5 days ago

    Its hard to.keep up with many characters Why not do three in this first film and reveal new characters at last scene and end movie so it would be nice for next sequel

  • Troy T
    Troy T5 days ago

    Scorpion is me favorite character in the game. What was this skinny guy with his weak "get over here" crap. They need to that before April 16th.

  • Mack Challen
    Mack Challen5 days ago

    Where 👏is👏Jackie👏

  • Ajit Singh Kamal
    Ajit Singh Kamal5 days ago

    this trailer would hv been much better without the narration

  • fred gun
    fred gun5 days ago

    No Johnny

  • valentino kimmins
    valentino kimmins5 days ago

    No cage 🥺🥺

  • krewtaun 707
    krewtaun 7075 days ago

    This doesn't have a million views yet Fine I'll do it myself

  • Kozhin Jamal
    Kozhin Jamal5 days ago

    Vfx 👎🏼

  • javanmukta
    javanmukta5 days ago


  • Mug Shade
    Mug Shade5 days ago

    Kid: It's a birthmark Jax: What do you mean? Kid: He was born with it...

  • CagedPhoenixThe1st
    CagedPhoenixThe1st5 days ago

    If Sub-zero is done dirty "especially" in comparison to scorpion (looking at you ed boon)... I'm pirating this movie.

  • CagedPhoenixThe1st


    4 days ago

    @Bomani Da Alchemist aye, right. They both supposed to be under shang tsung control.

  • Bomani Da Alchemist

    Bomani Da Alchemist

    5 days ago

    Straight up. I hate how the trailer is making him look like the main villain.

  • Jamie AMODEO
    Jamie AMODEO5 days ago

    Where is the original music ffs!?

  • Just A. Name
    Just A. Name5 days ago

    Get over here.....if you want

  • Just A. Name
    Just A. Name5 days ago

    Is the "oopsie" in the movie?

  • Clayton Rone
    Clayton Rone5 days ago

    Wow! Which USplanr is making this?

  • M J. Stackz
    M J. Stackz5 days ago

    Hmmmm... Are any of the old actors going to make cameos?

  • M J. Stackz

    M J. Stackz

    5 days ago

    @San jose Rush reported :/

  • San jose Rush

    San jose Rush

    5 days ago

    I see you boy!

  • Brand0n Dark Angel
    Brand0n Dark Angel5 days ago

    I don't like this...if you are unwilling to accept negative criticism you won't be able to grow overall as a person...

  • Sunny Benipal
    Sunny Benipal5 days ago

    i never play Mortal Kombat but that's dope shit

  • Jamey
    Jamey5 days ago

    Honestly.. this just looks dumb

  • Ht Gulbrantson
    Ht Gulbrantson5 days ago

    Quit messing up the old movies and do sometimes ORIGINAL...

  • Jamey
    Jamey5 days ago

    Johnny Cage? wtf

    NT DBOSS5 days ago

    I don't know how to feel.

  • Luke Hardman
    Luke Hardman5 days ago

    Man the brutality the gore!!! Here we go

  • sunil bhatt
    sunil bhatt5 days ago


  • Dupree&Co
    Dupree&Co5 days ago

    So is Johnny Cage not in the movie?

  • Cody Garrison
    Cody Garrison5 days ago

    If that “Get over here” was deep and emotional everyone would have chills more than Texas does right now! Fix it Warner Brothers and make us feel alive

  • Video Vagrancy
    Video Vagrancy5 days ago

    There is aspects of this trailer I really like, and aspects I am going... why? I love that Hiroyuki Sanada is playing Scorpion. Some of the imagery looks fantastic. But I keep wondering; who the fuck is Cole? And where is Johnny Cage? This is just a trailer, so I am not expecting them to give away everything. So we will just have to wait and see.

  • Thomas Bowman
    Thomas Bowman5 days ago

    Cole is a cage fighter. He's gonna take on the name johnny cage at some point. The birthmark bit has me scared. Looks like the leaked script was real...

  • Lugnutz 101
    Lugnutz 1015 days ago

    I hope this MK movie is better then the first time the did it some of the graphics look better but even the acting ❤❤ here is to hoping

  • Harry Gerber
    Harry Gerber5 days ago


    EDDIE RAMIREZ5 days ago

    Where the frick is cyrax

  • Miguel D
    Miguel D5 days ago

    Salvation is a completely free gift. Jesus Christ died for our past, present and future sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done. Believing is enough.❤️

  • Pallin
    Pallin5 days ago

    Oh man tht "Get Over Here" was wack

  • DragonEsq Gaming
    DragonEsq Gaming5 days ago

    Looks terrible

  • Cody Garrison
    Cody Garrison5 days ago

    Looks sick! Just replace “Get over here”. Voldemort would not approve

  • Cody Garrison
    Cody Garrison5 days ago


  • Gengar
    Gengar5 days ago


  • justArash
    justArash5 days ago

    At least Sub-Zero and Scorpion are kind enough to wear masks during the pandemic.

  • vinod garg
    vinod garg5 days ago


  • Party Cat
    Party Cat5 days ago

    Looks better than the ones from the 90s

  • John Smith
    John Smith5 days ago

    lmao that was the most pathetic "get over here" this movie and the actors are a joke

  • Rob Banks
    Rob Banks5 days ago


  • UtriedIt215
    UtriedIt2155 days ago

    Every time they try to do a video game movie they always cast horrible people that don't look anything like the characters way too skinny not enough muscles and horrible actors it never fails remember when they got the white girl to play Chun-Li on the Street Fighter movie🤣😂

  • SIR3N818
    SIR3N8185 days ago

    I’m curious how they play out Kano and sonjas story line

  • Andres Acevedo
    Andres Acevedo5 days ago

    Fix Scorpion Please WTf lol

    SURFBOYFLASH035 days ago

    Scorpion it’s “Get over here!” Like wtf bro!?...

  • purple panda's
    purple panda's5 days ago

    That was Soo weak *get over here* at least have ed boon say it like he dose in the game

  • 韓国미국J
    韓国미국J5 days ago

    the original has a special place in my heart but this looks decent

  • Odie The Saint
    Odie The Saint5 days ago

    If we bullied Paramount to remake the Sonic Movie with a better design, I’m sure we can bully Warner Bros to edit in a batter “Get Over Here!”

  • Armando Chaguala
    Armando Chaguala5 days ago

    Not thrilled

  • ZGWarp
    ZGWarp5 days ago

    they never fucking learn do they?

  • Pepsiman
    Pepsiman5 days ago

    Jax’s arms are revolting

  • Creepystone
    Creepystone5 days ago

    MK Game: *GET OVER HERE.* MK Movie: ᵍᵉᵗ ᵒᵛᵉʳ ʰᵉʳᵉ

  • TheFastSpark
    TheFastSpark5 days ago

    YOOOO TELL ME THAT REPTILE IS IN THIS BRO LIKE THAT UNCLOAKING SCENE CANT TELL ME OTHERWISE. And hopefully has much more importance then he did in the animated movie

  • MooseX
    MooseX5 days ago

    Kinda looks like shit. Let’s be honestly guys

  • Miguel Medina
    Miguel Medina5 days ago

    Aw shit, here we go again