My Message To Conor McGregor.

You should've taken the $50,000,000...
Watch me fight on APRIL 17TH
Opponent will be announced soon on my Instagram: jakepaul


  • Scooby flavors.
    Scooby flavors.3 hours ago

    Gonna fight McGregor? When he'll enter the ring you'll pee on your shorts bro. Get a brain or something please

  • Jam Torres
    Jam Torres8 hours ago

    1:06 thank me later

  • APM M
    APM M9 hours ago

    I'd like to see him call dustin poirier a bum to his face !

  • Philip
    Philip12 hours ago

    Rip jake Paul

    UJJWAL PANDEY12 hours ago

    Why you post youtube vids man just stop no one like you . . Just stop uploading( i came here just to dislike as i saw McGregor's name on it lol)😂😂

  • Anthony Russo
    Anthony Russo15 hours ago

    this man has more dislikes than likes

  • That one game Chanel
    That one game Chanel15 hours ago

    best part 1:05

  • youtub3ian youtub3ian
    youtub3ian youtub3ian15 hours ago

    Jake you're a great ACTOR, you should go straight to Hollywood and get a nice role in some action movies.

  • gamerdude 1
    gamerdude 117 hours ago

    Dustin aint a bum. He is a real fighter but this just shows how much Jake knows about fighting

  • Eugenio Colon
    Eugenio Colon20 hours ago


  • Justin Jonker
    Justin Jonker21 hour ago

    dude shut up lol u wannabee fighter

  • That King K. Rool Main
    That King K. Rool MainDay ago

    He really called Poirier a bum?

  • Connor D
    Connor DDay ago

    Your hair right now let’s talk about that

  • EpicMemerMan
    EpicMemerManDay ago


  • anton santos
    anton santosDay ago

    Jake Paul : I can beat Connor easily Connor McGregor appears Jake Paul:Welp! Imma run off and forget everything i said

  • Runi pastor
    Runi pastorDay ago

    This was Jake's biggest mistake


    90K 👍🏻 131 👎🏻 wow- he has 90K idiots watching this vid and also 20.2M idiots. 😄

  • فهد العنزي
    فهد العنزيDay ago

    4m views in 4 weeks

  • Josh Burnett
    Josh BurnettDay ago

    These are bad 4K graphics

  • somejokeman
    somejokemanDay ago

    I wont be surprised if he becomes best friends with 6ix9ine.

  • Luka Buck
    Luka BuckDay ago

    Connor McGregor will fucking knock u out

  • Hussein Moataz
    Hussein MoatazDay ago

    dislike for epic

  • Leo
    LeoDay ago

    Fight ksi ya babag

  • Nilen Abeyratna
    Nilen AbeyratnaDay ago

    If u ever feel useless remember that there is a like button under jake pauls vids

  • John Worry
    John WorryDay ago

    They gon laugh when u sleep boi, u should of stayed humble

  • Connor Maxwell
    Connor MaxwellDay ago

    Conor McGregor will ko you in a fight Jake no joke

    PH4NTOM GAM3SDay ago

    Literally where are the memes

  • 3up_Stealth YT
    3up_Stealth YTDay ago

    imma say something to jake in 4 words, look at your dislikes

  • Wolf Shinobi
    Wolf ShinobiDay ago

    $50million imagine what mrbeast would do with that money

  • Wolf Shinobi
    Wolf ShinobiDay ago

    1:06 thank me later

  • Zaid Nasser
    Zaid Nasser2 days ago

    On crack as always I see..

  • Abraham Saavedra
    Abraham Saavedra2 days ago


  • Kenny Kubitz
    Kenny Kubitz2 days ago

    I like what you saying because Conor McGregor went to a bar and tried to force an older man to get a thing of whiskey that Conor McGregor got and punched him in the side of the head just because he didn't want his whiskey

  • mrstealyourgirl99 Op
    mrstealyourgirl99 Op2 days ago

    1:06 Thank me later

  • Logan Woodson
    Logan Woodson2 days ago

    Jake is gay

  • MoistWalrus
    MoistWalrus2 days ago

    Our community has grown up and we can see it in the like to dislike ratio

  • Kacey-Leigh Kirby
    Kacey-Leigh Kirby2 days ago

    ure going to get nocked out brother

  • Zaina_ SDMN
    Zaina_ SDMN2 days ago

    its like watching a 5 yr old learn a swear word for the first time ... smh

  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel2 days ago

    Fight cánelo you gonna get smash

  • Trym Odde
    Trym Odde2 days ago

    Hahah like Are Jake a joke he litlerally got 50 k diss likes then likes! Haha

  • Yazan Ghanayem
    Yazan Ghanayem2 days ago

    You both are ego maniacs

  • ThatNormalcloud
    ThatNormalcloud2 days ago

    He got dropped on his head when he was a baby

  • Tristan’s in Slytherin
    Tristan’s in Slytherin2 days ago

    1:06, thank me later

  • Forever Gamer
    Forever Gamer2 days ago

    You bout to be bald

  • Forever Gamer
    Forever Gamer2 days ago

    His hair is receeding

  • Patrick Michael
    Patrick Michael2 days ago

    Lol must be hard being so heated that you get more dislikes than likes on most of your vids

  • Adam James
    Adam James2 days ago

    What an absolute chump. His got a hairstyle that looks like a 20 year old mop. Mate you sure your dad isnt Boris Johnson? What a melt 🤣

  • Adam James

    Adam James

    2 days ago

    @Forever Gamer all the steroids he is on

  • Forever Gamer

    Forever Gamer

    2 days ago

    His hair is receeding

  • levi
    levi2 days ago

    This is pathetic

  • blazn0
    blazn02 days ago

    How does this guy gets so much thumb downs yet millions of views per video?

  • Minesaver
    Minesaver2 days ago

    Damn more dislikes than likes

  • TheZenarck 550
    TheZenarck 5503 days ago

    imagine thinking cause you beat a couple of USplanRS you could take on the former light weight champion of the world

  • htbl
    htbl3 days ago

    Aint t no millionaire fighter gon fight for 10k

  • Juliusa Roasting
    Juliusa Roasting3 days ago

    Better watch out Jake Paul watch who you fight you're going to get knocked out

  • Harry_potter _vibes
    Harry_potter _vibes3 days ago

    Jake he has a fucking family now what are you nothing

  • Jack Guilar Beats
    Jack Guilar Beats3 days ago


  • Jaden The Great
    Jaden The Great3 days ago

    Bro shouldn't have took that reach jake bro you need better people around you.

  • Ervis Penguin
    Ervis Penguin3 days ago

    jake get your medication

  • Logan Carluen
    Logan Carluen3 days ago

    If this fight happens, just bet all your money on McGregor and you’ll be rich.

  • Niroshan Yogenthiran
    Niroshan Yogenthiran3 days ago

    You are scared to fight a pro boxeer bruuuuh

  • Whq
    Whq4 days ago

    Money did change this dude lol sht is crazy. I remember the old day jake bruh all funny and stuff.

  • the squads drama
    the squads drama4 days ago

    Conor McGregor would knock the hell out of you lmaoo omg hahahahah

  • Abraham Saavedra
    Abraham Saavedra4 days ago


  • Ann Rafferty
    Ann Rafferty4 days ago


  • Isla Lane
    Isla Lane4 days ago

    why does he laugh like that

  • Chikabika 1
    Chikabika 14 days ago

    So jake paul realised his mistake and decided this was the way to get out of getting his spine snapped in half

  • Mariana de la cruz
    Mariana de la cruz4 days ago

    Let's go jake u should pay him 100

  • car_lad from tik tok
    car_lad from tik tok4 days ago

    If yall do fight

  • car_lad from tik tok
    car_lad from tik tok4 days ago

    Jake you ate laughing because you know how much conor is going to spank you so uiu are bad

  • Anonymous Bullet
    Anonymous Bullet4 days ago

    Is jake officially the most hated guy on USplan yet or nah?

  • Ryan Eustace
    Ryan Eustace4 days ago

    Bro wy the the fuck did he have a seiger mid video

  • OGHD.
    OGHD.4 days ago

    Jake now looks like a pro homeless man that beard 🥶

  • Zippy Connie
    Zippy Connie4 days ago

    Even his own country wants Conor to win lol☘️😂This guy is oblivious 🤣🤣

  • Culter freefire12
    Culter freefire124 days ago

    He did nothing to fight you because you’re the man Jake Paul

  • Mr Sus POG

    Mr Sus POG

    Day ago

    He literally fights retired basketball players and youtubers and Conor Mcgregor was a double champ in a league with people fighting for their whole life

  • stefani emmelyn
    stefani emmelyn4 days ago

    you're crazy, i WAS a big fan of you. jake changed a lot.

  • Ashraf Hisham
    Ashraf Hisham4 days ago

    Beat conor

  • Toxicity
    Toxicity4 days ago

    Hair is hella receding

  • nonakind
    nonakind4 days ago

    How old is he, Jesus he looks old. The the only thing he's fighting is 40.

  • Shiro
    Shiro5 days ago

    You think your Khabib Nurmagomedov?

  • Sandee Grey
    Sandee Grey5 days ago

    The comments are the best part about this video.

  • dist1nctt
    dist1nctt5 days ago

    Ngl this man is bair rich and yet his look be like he is homeless ngl lol

  • EasyMode Gamer
    EasyMode Gamer5 days ago

    Pride cometh before the fall. I would listen to these words wisely lol

  • Kevin
    Kevin5 days ago

    “Knocked out by a bum” - Cuz Dustin is a bum??? Jake Paul gets slept by Dustin Poirer in boxing; no chance

  • little Billy
    little Billy5 days ago

    Guys I'm proud of us❤ we have more dislikes!!

  • CollideLegacy
    CollideLegacy5 days ago

    Jake let's be honest here you are a little 2 year old and Connor is a beast of a man the reason he got knocked out Is because he fought a professional ufc fighter and you are nowhere near that u will never be that u can't beat him just give up🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sayed Habib
    Sayed Habib5 days ago

    How's julia

  • Ali Nabeel
    Ali Nabeel5 days ago

    Mate imagine more people getting more dislikes then likes

  • FIRE Clan
    FIRE Clan5 days ago

    He really thinks he can fight Connor lol

    MIDDKNIGHTT5 days ago

    Accept Dylan’s challenge then wimp lol

  • Cowboy Hat Dude
    Cowboy Hat Dude5 days ago

    I'll fight you little buddy haha just a dude who thinks your better then you are I'll take your next fight for free all legit just to shut you up

  • battoosh
    battoosh5 days ago

    Dude..... Conner would knock you out in the press conference leading to the fight 😂

    ZAK_PLAYS5 days ago

    Why i never see jake Paul fans in the comment defending him ?

  • Braeden Castillo
    Braeden Castillo5 days ago

    Jake pal looks like a bum Look at his hair and his beard

  • Colur._.
    Colur._.5 days ago

    Damn thats crazy

  • MrMillionMan
    MrMillionMan5 days ago

    89k idiots liked this?

  • Daylan Fozzy
    Daylan Fozzy5 days ago

    1:06 Thank me later

  • Supez_And_donuts4Life
    Supez_And_donuts4Life5 days ago

    Jake have you been doing any drugs tonight?? Jake; Is water wet?!?!?!?

  • Supez_And_donuts4Life


    5 days ago

    @Miss Billyjoe Gant Yeh

  • Miss Billyjoe Gant

    Miss Billyjoe Gant

    5 days ago

    Probably drug or drink driving dude. He’s a waste boy

  • Muhammad Zaman
    Muhammad Zaman5 days ago

    1:06 thank me later

  • Andeee
    Andeee6 days ago


  • kristian boy
    kristian boy6 days ago

    you wont be supprised to you get knocked out you fight bums

  • Chappo
    Chappo6 days ago

    I was trying to think of something smart to say but tbh jake literally no one rates you, and if you didnt have money you would have no friends.