Olivia Rodrigo - deja vu (Official Video)


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Co-starring - Talia Ryder
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Director - Allie Avital
Production Co. - SMUGGLER x north of now
Executive Producer - Elizabeth Doonan
Creative Producer - Daniel Yaro
Producer - Matisse Gaillard
Assistant Director - Lynna Baculo
Cinematography - Logan Triplett
Steadicam - Renard Cheren
Gaffer - Cole Pisano
Grip - Colin Stoye
Art Director - Jake Tremblay
Production Designer - Natalia Brito
Editor - Lindsey Nadolski
Colorist - Kaitlyn Battistelli
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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing deja vu. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


  • Juana Sofia Mancilla muñoz
    Juana Sofia Mancilla muñoz8 seconds ago

    Ufffff que indirecta mas directa JAJJJAAJAJAJAJJA

  • A person
    A personMinute ago

    Who else thinks this is better than driver's licence? 👇

  • maggiee
    maggiee3 minutes ago


  • Belle Lajoie
    Belle Lajoie4 minutes ago


  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    4 minutes ago


  • Rheina Queen
    Rheina Queen5 minutes ago

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  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    4 minutes ago

    yep, you gettin reported.

  • charlms
    charlms5 minutes ago

    *confused twerking* why is everyone twerking...

  • Lily McGrath
    Lily McGrath7 minutes ago

    omg a new song yessssss finally love u olivia

  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    6 minutes ago

    Now you find out? This is number 8 on billboard and was on trending page.

  • Apple_Plays YT
    Apple_Plays YT9 minutes ago


  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    5 minutes ago


  • Edu Enríquez
    Edu Enríquez10 minutes ago

    Abril 12 2😎21!!!

  • Edu Enríquez
    Edu Enríquez10 minutes ago

    Abril 12 2😎21!!!

  • moonlight bae
    moonlight bae11 minutes ago

    gently twerking

  • Amy Strickland
    Amy Strickland11 minutes ago

    this gives me Conan Gray vibes I love it

  • Tardy tardy
    Tardy tardy13 minutes ago

    When I first heard this song i don’t like it but when I listen to it the 2nd time I loved it!

  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    11 minutes ago

    Wow imagine wasting 4 mins of your life listening to this song, then not liking it but lying to yourself cuz you idolize this dog, and wasting another 4 minutes of your life and at the end you really don't like her trashy songs.

  • auvelle
    auvelle14 minutes ago

    she isn't "The 18 year old version of Taylor Swift", she's Olivia Rodrigo. PERIOD.

  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    10 minutes ago

    She is 18 year old version of a moody, drama queen teenager. PERIOD.

  • kamryn jade
    kamryn jade18 minutes ago

    love love love

  • R0SE ___
    R0SE ___18 minutes ago

    u cold iykyk

  • Camille
    Camille19 minutes ago

    The only problem with this song is that it ends..

  • Jeickarllet Peña
    Jeickarllet Peña19 minutes ago

    Esa última parte suena como Cruel Summer de mi poderosisima Swift 👀

  • Arsema Esayas
    Arsema Esayas19 minutes ago

    Another super star of the next generation is born on pop music

  • shan's gaming
    shan's gaming24 minutes ago

    I love you Olivia! I am such a big fan!

  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    9 minutes ago

    @McDonald’s be quiet go make me a big mac and stop admiring this attention loving, toxic, and trashy teenage girl.

  • McDonald’s


    16 minutes ago

    @Pigmy Bunny your the weirdo

  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    22 minutes ago

    Ewww weirdo.

  • Fabia Ponce
    Fabia Ponce25 minutes ago

    no me sale de la cabeza esta canción , ella es una geniaaaaaaa

  • tomasa roche
    tomasa roche26 minutes ago

    I love her songs

  • Ryn Thomas
    Ryn Thomas28 minutes ago

    something I noticed that I think is genius is that the new girl starts in the same place as olivia at the end. the beginning chimes of the song replay and it shows that it's a cycle, the new girl will probably end up singing deja vu about another girl

  • Marissa Adler
    Marissa Adler30 minutes ago

    when ur the one with deja vu...

  • Jose Chilón
    Jose Chilón35 minutes ago


  • Maxwell Blossom
    Maxwell Blossom35 minutes ago

    Her driver's license working 😂😂. It's a bop!

  • Ariadne G
    Ariadne G36 minutes ago

    Not trying to be mean or anything but this song is way better than Addison Rae’s

    NICK KUBRA38 minutes ago

    Why they all sing in the same style!!!!! I’m fed up from the industry

  • marta
    marta38 minutes ago


  • Fleur Dixon
    Fleur Dixon45 minutes ago

    Sorry what 25000 people are disliking this? WHY?

  • green bean
    green bean45 minutes ago


  • moody games
    moody games46 minutes ago

    i love the songs but i need more acting on hsntm than songs

  • Nico Borjas
    Nico Borjas46 minutes ago

    she is sorta fading in tye scene where the camera is on the car mirror because she is seeing “his face in the white cars” because she is driving a white car

  • Even KP
    Even KP47 minutes ago

    U know u copied the name of another song

  • Masie Atkinson
    Masie Atkinson48 minutes ago

    this kinda remins me of dubble jeperpdy cause Olivia kinda looks like Ashley Judd

    RACHEL MURATOVA49 minutes ago

    I have the Same scarf as her !!

  • Gabriella Ponce
    Gabriella Ponce50 minutes ago


  • Satyaa Agnihotri
    Satyaa Agnihotri50 minutes ago

    next will be A SONG FROM SABRINA CARPENTER I MEAN SHE SAID "ANOTHER ACTRESS" sorry for spelling mistakes

  • Imad Soussi
    Imad Soussi58 minutes ago

    From someone who doesn’t have a driver license yet, i can 100% relate to this song. It’s crazy how songs can tell so much about what you’re going or went through. Luv you Olivia

  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    56 minutes ago

    Why, did you go through a heartbreaking relationship? Bet not your too ugly to be with anyone.

  • No Pal
    No PalHour ago

    I prefer Lana Del Rey.🙄

  • Lucia Torrebiarte

    Lucia Torrebiarte

    24 minutes ago

    @Izzy Diamond Yes

  • Izzy Diamond

    Izzy Diamond

    52 minutes ago

    @Pigmy Bunny So, She has the best voice ever and I hate to break it to ya but every single song you listen to is auto-tuned I bet you'll never be as successful has her think twice before you speak and don't hurt feelings she is an 18-year-old and if this makes her happy let her do it we don't need to know you dumb opinions

  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    59 minutes ago

    I prefer any other trash than this girl. She has the ugliest voice even with so much auto tune. Someone needs to tell her to stop with these disgusting trashy songs.

  • Hi I love adopt me
    Hi I love adopt meHour ago

    Why is no one talking about how she turned on comment?? Lmao. She don’t care bout no haters! Love this song Olivia!

  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    Hour ago

    @Matthew Hintze I hate this "amazing masterpiece." This is legit the fancy version of total trash! Okay fine Ill give it to you, it's better than "Obsessed" by Addison Rae, the lyrics to that song were trash, "I did my hair like waves on the beach" Wth....

  • Matthew Hintze

    Matthew Hintze

    Hour ago

    why would people hate on the amazing masterpiece

  • Pilar Paniagua
    Pilar PaniaguaHour ago

    The end sound like cruel sumer from taylor swift!

  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    Hour ago

    That's cuz this dog is copying Taylor Swift.

  • Maya Mincey
    Maya MinceyHour ago

    Can we all know that she is jealous of Joshua Bassett and sabrina carpenter

  • Izzy Diamond

    Izzy Diamond

    28 minutes ago

    ​@Pigmy Bunny She never meant to start a STUPID love triangle, let the girl express her feelings, She is an amazing 18-year-old girl who has feelings for someone, she is not a minor, she is a regular teenager who just got into some STUPID drama, Whatever you try to do to her doesn't affect her, Haters gonna hate but she won't care because she is Strong

  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    38 minutes ago

    @Izzy Diamond listen up girl, she was a MINOR when she was with Joshua and Joshua was an adult, is she trying to get the poor dude in jail for pedophile after it was her who wanted him back????

  • Izzy Diamond

    Izzy Diamond

    52 minutes ago

    @Pigmy Bunny Wrong you have it all wrong HATER

  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    Hour ago

    Lmao, true buddy. She needs to stop writing songs thinking it will make Joshua pitiful.

  • Ugly Donkey
    Ugly DonkeyHour ago

    Olivia Rodrigo looks like a 40 year old when shes stuffing her mouth will popsicle

  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    Hour ago

    Lmao true

  • Roland Visser
    Roland VisserHour ago

    Girls love girls! (ask Hayley Kiyoko).

  • Roland Visser
    Roland VisserHour ago

    And another one! Get ready for the top, Olivia! Sky flight rocket. Knock me out and leaving me breathless! Lying naked on the floor. (Romy - Germany). Love this video so much!!!!! Even far better than the last.

  • Fia Slimes
    Fia SlimesHour ago

    She literally says “another actress” bruhhhhh

  • Sonia Aliaga rios
    Sonia Aliaga riosHour ago

    Deja vu is #8 on billboard

  • Johanna Hackl
    Johanna HacklHour ago

    She said in an Interview that she randomly whispered „ I love you“ and it’s the First time That I actually heard it at 02:14 min.

  • Sonia Aliaga rios
    Sonia Aliaga riosHour ago

    Deja vu esta #8 en billboard

  • Sugar Free
    Sugar FreeHour ago

    Omg,, me reading deja vu in Spanish like.... 🧠

  • Ugly Donkey
    Ugly DonkeyHour ago

    These kids who are listening to this are typical 14 year teenagers or something around that age. Doing tik toks that are too dumb to experience beatiful music because they support the wrong ppl

  • Isaac Mckay
    Isaac MckayHour ago

    I like song you love it

  • Grace Newman
    Grace NewmanHour ago

    so are we just not going to mention how the other girl looks JUST like Sabrina??????

  • Jeraldine Carreño Girón
    Jeraldine Carreño GirónHour ago

    Amoooo 💜

  • I'm your worst nightmare
    I'm your worst nightmareHour ago

    olivia be like:driving while proudly using her driver license. a queen indeed

  • Kenia Marza Magne
    Kenia Marza MagneHour ago

    She has a beautiful voice

  • Crēv
    CrēvHour ago

    >Billie Eilish

  • Ugly Donkey

    Ugly Donkey

    Hour ago


  • Jennifer Morrin
    Jennifer MorrinHour ago

    Must say her driver license music video I liked more then this one because the driver license is more interesting then this one

  • AAaaa
    AAaaaHour ago

    Is it just me or does the beat and the music sounds kinda like from " i care a lot " ???? And dreamcatcher also made a song thats " deja vu " :/

  • Daria
    DariaHour ago

    i can not unhear the i love you in between the chorus and the verse HELP

  • ThatGuyRonaldo
    ThatGuyRonaldoHour ago

    I really thought this was gonna be an artist who makes one good song and a bunch of bad ones but I was so wrong

  • Maddie Morgan
    Maddie MorganHour ago

    The only reason I clicked on drivers license for the first time was that it was becoming kinda annoying just creeping in my recommended 24/7 I've learned my lesson, if I see her song in my recommended I instantly click it

  • Hcmighty 1
    Hcmighty 1Hour ago

    Who remembers Olivia on Disney

  • arianators love anime

    arianators love anime

    Hour ago

    she still is on disney

  • Alannah Madill
    Alannah MadillHour ago

    Ok but Olivia is amazingggg!!😅😝❤️🌏🥺

    TJ2 REACTSHour ago

    Olivia’s talent is crazy this is another hit



  • Seokjinnies
    Seokjinnies2 hours ago

    ugh this song is just amazing

  • Dian Samaroo
    Dian Samaroo2 hours ago

    WOWWWW!!! look at the amount of views and likes in a few days 😀😀😀

  • Çimen Bilen
    Çimen Bilen2 hours ago

    Olivia kapak koydu sabrinaya

  • Marìa Jang
    Marìa Jang2 hours ago

    kinda gay for me but then I remembered that blonde girl she's talking about in drivers license mv then dang they could've been girlfriends hyst

  • Seokjinnies
    Seokjinnies2 hours ago

    so happy that shes flexing her drivers licence

  • Carys Halford
    Carys Halford2 hours ago

    This is now officially my favourite song 👑

  • Veronika Kalinovski
    Veronika Kalinovski2 hours ago

    cool song ig but stop causing drama yk what i mean?........

  • arianators love anime

    arianators love anime

    Hour ago

    she said she isnt singing about real life experiences

  • Sarah


    2 hours ago

    It's just a song she didn't specify whom this song is abt so where's the drama

  • slie
    slie2 hours ago


  • Melinda Fleur-Lenaarts
    Melinda Fleur-Lenaarts2 hours ago

    The vibe is just *chefs kisses*

  • Lysandra Perez
    Lysandra Perez2 hours ago

    Love oliavia rodrigo

  • Clarisa Yemini
    Clarisa Yemini2 hours ago

    Lo único malo de esta canción es cuando se termina

  • Pigmy Bunny
    Pigmy Bunny2 hours ago

    Bro, just cuz you had one popular song, doesn't mean you start making a whole career out of it.

  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    22 minutes ago

    @Suzie buns Yeah cuz they obviously have a point, Imagine actually enjoying this song. ALSO, can I just point out that when she was with Joshua she was a minor and he was an adult WHICH IS TOTALLY ILLEGAL AND JOSHUA CAN GO TO JAIL. And now that they're not together she wants him back and not only is she gonna cause a heartbreak over josh and Sabrina, but she's gonna send Joshua to jail. :)

  • Suzie buns

    Suzie buns

    Hour ago

    @Ugly Donkey Lmao.

  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    Hour ago

    @Ugly Donkey true, anime's body figures are so weird and irregular, you have to be a depressed olivia rodrigo fan to like anime.

  • Ugly Donkey

    Ugly Donkey

    Hour ago

    I aint talkin to you, i hate anime bruh

  • arianators love anime

    arianators love anime

    Hour ago

    @Ugly Donkey i think you replied to the wrong comment

  • KKS Sisters plays
    KKS Sisters plays2 hours ago

    Green dress looks oddly like the one sabrina used on her tiktok for the awards mmmmm

  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    2 hours ago

    Wow, I wonder why.

  • Isabella Cunha
    Isabella Cunha2 hours ago

    I genuinely like Olivia's songs. Well done Olivia. This is beautiful!

  • Nevaeh Day
    Nevaeh Day2 hours ago

    This song is laced with crack

  • fatima farooq
    fatima farooq2 hours ago

    Lyrics:- car rides to malibu Strawberry icecream, one spoon for two Tradin jackets, laughing at how small it looks on (Hahahhaahahahhahah) Watching reruns of glee Bein annoying , singin in harmony I bet shes braggin’ to all her friends , sayin ur unique , hmmm [Prechorus] So when u gonna tell her that we did that too She thinks its special but its all reused That was our place i found it first I made the jokes u tell to her when shes with u [Chorus] Do u get deja vu when shes with u? Do u get deja vu? Ah jmm Do u get deja vu , huh? [Verrse 2] Do u call her almost say my name? Cuz lets be honest , we kinda sound the same Another actress I hate to think that i was just ur type And i bet that shes Knows billy joel Cuz u played her ‘uptown girl’ Ur singing it together Now i bet u even tell her how u love her In between the chorus and the verse (oh;ily) [Pre chorus] So when u gonna tell her that we did that too? She thinks its special, but its all reused That was the show we talked abt Played u the songs shes singing now when shes with u Chorus Do u get deja vu when shes with u? Do u get deja vu? Oh-oh Do u get deja vu?

  • Eva Hennin
    Eva Hennin2 hours ago

    this is gonna be on repeat for hours

  • Blue Stardust
    Blue Stardust2 hours ago


  • kween Cloudy

    kween Cloudy

    2 hours ago

    @Blue Stardust it's oki

  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    2 hours ago


  • Blue Stardust

    Blue Stardust

    2 hours ago

    @kween Cloudy I didn't mean to post lol! Sry..

  • kween Cloudy

    kween Cloudy

    2 hours ago


  • Leila Red
    Leila Red2 hours ago

    Wait a second, do you guys hear the “I love you” at 2:12 ???!!!

  • Pigmy Bunny

    Pigmy Bunny

    2 hours ago


  • kween Cloudy

    kween Cloudy

    2 hours ago


  • kennybels


    2 hours ago


  • Ana Soto
    Ana Soto2 hours ago

    aun no lo supera F

  • LilBean
    LilBean2 hours ago

    I'm just here for Olivia and Josh going back and forth with songs

  • Leila Red
    Leila Red2 hours ago


  • Sofia Cardenas
    Sofia Cardenas2 hours ago

    Nadie más pensó en la canción deja vu de ana emilia

  • Puja Saha
    Puja Saha2 hours ago

    This is literally a masterpiece,i love it

  • Kendall Simone
    Kendall Simone3 hours ago

    "another actress, i hate to think that I was just your type" ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Yemilolla King
    Yemilolla King3 hours ago


  • unknow tiktoker
    unknow tiktoker3 hours ago

    Ugly car

  • unknow tiktoker

    unknow tiktoker

    2 hours ago

    You properly didn't look at yourself

  • kennybels


    2 hours ago

    like you

  • vé
    3 hours ago

    it's the "i love you" for me in after the IN BETWEEN THE CHORUS AND THE VERSE

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez3 hours ago

    It's beautiful, art. Olivia you are art💞

  • Abby Stewart
    Abby Stewart3 hours ago

    You low key look like millie Bobby brown!!

  • Diana Sandoval-morfin
    Diana Sandoval-morfin3 hours ago

    i am proud of her she is so determined and an awesome young woman

  • Alex Crespo
    Alex Crespo3 hours ago

    Olivia wishpers 'I love you' in 2:14, which is in between the chorus and the verse. Her mind---

  • Capri Olsen
    Capri Olsen3 hours ago

    pop off queen 👑👑👑👑👑