Open That Coca-Cola (Music by Tyler, The Creator)


Open that Coca-Cola!
What does Coca-Cola even taste like?
The thing is, it's more than just a taste, it's a feeling beyond words.
✨ Oooh! ✨ Aaah! ✨ Yeeah! ✨
#OpenthatCocaCola #CocaColaKickShuffle


  • gearbanger57
    gearbanger5752 minutes ago

    Since becoming less white, my urge to buy Coca-Cola products has stopped completely.

  • maanav shetty
    maanav shetty2 hours ago

    0:33 cursed images

  • wh4le
    wh4le2 hours ago

    Bruh it's jusk Coke, what are they wildin about?

  • Viro B
    Viro B2 hours ago

    This was like a fever dream

  • Gargolath Lornt
    Gargolath Lornt3 hours ago

    "The thing is, it's more than just a taste, it's a feeling beyond words." Yeah the feeling of cardiac arrest🫀

  • Angela Caratelli
    Angela Caratelli3 hours ago


  • Jiuliani BSD
    Jiuliani BSD3 hours ago

    U gotta love tyler 😁

  • Missy Lou Estes
    Missy Lou Estes3 hours ago

    I’ll never be less white. I’ll never buy any of coke products ever again.

  • Toby Nowell
    Toby Nowell3 hours ago


  • Shaggy Goatboy
    Shaggy Goatboy5 hours ago

    I don't know man. I think the people in your commercials should be...less white.

  • Spencer Baron
    Spencer Baron6 hours ago

    Dr. Pepper for the win

  • Sarah Almanza
    Sarah Almanza7 hours ago


  • Red Panty Night
    Red Panty Night7 hours ago

    Seems a bit too white

  • Shanice W
    Shanice W7 hours ago

    Be Less White Tyler

  • Hailey Prophet
    Hailey Prophet7 hours ago

    Never again supporting coca cola or any other drinks they own. So disgusted. I'm sticking to Dr pepper the ORIGINAL soda.

  • Gerónimo Sosa
    Gerónimo Sosa9 hours ago

    Subliminal message for cocaine stimulus/propaganda. Invitation to everyone to try to "get high" on Coca Cola saying that is cocaine

  • Eres Un Puto
    Eres Un Puto9 hours ago

    Can’t wait for jayden to get on that instrumental

  • Reyes calderon
    Reyes calderon10 hours ago

    "Grubhub perks give you deals on all the drinks you love"-let that sink in

  • Jackson Schmidt
    Jackson Schmidt10 hours ago

    "BE LESS WHITE" - The anti-racist and so woke Corporation, Coca-Cola.

  • The Darwinist
    The Darwinist10 hours ago

    Zevia is 9k x better

  • TheRook
    TheRook10 hours ago

    you are selling CARBONATED SUGAR WATER, get off it

  • Aurel Marian
    Aurel Marian11 hours ago

    After that "be less white" thing, I realized I liked Pepsi more.

  • DestroyerOfIncels
    DestroyerOfIncels11 hours ago

    I'm latino but I'm often called white due to my accent and skin. Does this mean I can't drink coke?

  • Jeremy Marrow
    Jeremy Marrow11 hours ago

    I must have been drinking the wrong coke the whole time I've never had the urge to dance like that.

  • Gammon Sandwich
    Gammon Sandwich12 hours ago

    Dear Coca-cola, I do not know how to "Be Less White." I do know how to not drink Coca-Cola. I will be doing the one I know. Thank you.

  • Mamkajiwin
    Mamkajiwin13 hours ago

    What’s up Broski 🦋🦋

  • Sammy Valdez
    Sammy Valdez13 hours ago

    1:31 kinda reminded me of ‘okaga, ca’

  • Micha
    Micha13 hours ago

    Coca Cola Werbung wird auch immer schlechter.

  • Steve Bell
    Steve Bell13 hours ago

    Too much sugar, Never Buy COKE again!

  • Mr.goldfish
    Mr.goldfish13 hours ago


  • Brandon Moore
    Brandon Moore14 hours ago

    Song name?

  • Golf Wang
    Golf Wang15 hours ago

    The ad's beat is like the i aint got time ad

  • Scott Bott
    Scott Bott15 hours ago

    The words on the can ARE WHITE. Coca cola is using white to be successful. Coca cola IS RACIST

  • Mandie Springer
    Mandie Springer15 hours ago

    Is this What they mean by be less white ?

  • Nehemiah*
    Nehemiah*15 hours ago

    Only here for tyler

  • memeoverlord 2010
    memeoverlord 201015 hours ago

    Sugary water vendors should keep to their business, and not start race wars.

  • Sean Stevens
    Sean Stevens16 hours ago

    I'll never buy another Coke.....surprised at how "white" this video is....bad dancing and all

  • Eoin Leonard
    Eoin Leonard17 hours ago

    Why is it not OK to be white now coca cola?

  • xx valerie999
    xx valerie99917 hours ago


  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu Kenny18 hours ago

    @Coca-Cola Julle ma se poes :)

  • princeoftidds
    princeoftidds18 hours ago

    Is Tyler, the Creator being unironically ironic?

  • MystermaN
    MystermaN18 hours ago

    coca cola !sdǝd

  • bilij pdan
    bilij pdan18 hours ago

    My health improved immensely and I lost a ton of weight after I stopped drinking this gross corn syrup water.

  • K D
    K D20 hours ago


  • Matt J123
    Matt J12320 hours ago

    Everyone stop contributing the white supremacy and buy cola from a black owned company. Coca Cola is ran by white people....

  • Wookienator
    Wookienator20 hours ago


  • bilij pdan

    bilij pdan

    18 hours ago

    I'm to white for coke, I Guess Pepsi will have to do. 🤷‍♂️

  • Hucc
    Hucc20 hours ago

    I ain't got tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

  • Pablo Castillo
    Pablo Castillo20 hours ago

    Why is the boy holding the antenna an Arab? I think this is very racist because it refers to slavery.😡😡😡

  • Guciom
    Guciom23 hours ago

    To many white people! Please be more diverse and humble.

  • 終わり選択
    終わり選択23 hours ago


  • Mezadoodoo
    Mezadoodoo23 hours ago

    Absolute BANGER! Love it, need the full audio version

  • Too many Faces
    Too many FacesDay ago

    This feels like a grub hub ad

  • saiyan prince2600
    saiyan prince2600Day ago


  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeeiDay ago

    Tyler, the Creator sent us.

  • Gedis
    GedisDay ago

    “Be less white” - CocaCola. Goodbye coca, hello Pepsi.

  • Patrick Ikose
    Patrick IkoseDay ago

    grubhub but cocacola.

  • luka sarén
    luka sarénDay ago


  • Shaun Feflie
    Shaun FeflieDay ago

    Taste like sugar

  • sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei

    Day ago

    Hey just bankruot your conpany....the White and proud people you offended make up 75 percent of this we gonna cancel your racist comoany...

  • Jay Cuellin
    Jay CuellinDay ago

    Went from getting the mtn dew commercial banned to having coke looking fly outchea

  • Virender Saini
    Virender SainiDay ago

    Wolf gang

  • Mentalforplay
    MentalforplayDay ago

    I'm to white for coke, I Guess Pepsi will have to do. 🤷‍♂️

  • MysticGrenade26
    MysticGrenade26Day ago

    I feel like this song might be part of Tyler’s next album. Or at least parts of it.

  • Jaylen Chae
    Jaylen ChaeDay ago

    This comment section: 50%: Tyler fans 50%: this ad isn’t black enough

  • Uh Emily
    Uh EmilyDay ago

    What do u mean 'be less white' 😐

  • Squanto 1
    Squanto 1Day ago

    The amount of sugar in a can/bottle is unreal. At the end of the day coca-cola will be on the wrong side of history with the disease and damage they have caused with their products.

  • NeonMaple
    NeonMapleDay ago

    Nah, too racist for me to drink. Btw, I'm asian since that matters to the racially divisive populace.

  • that dude gamer
    that dude gamerDay ago

    Be less white huh

  • mijuo roui
    mijuo rouiDay ago

    “Try to be less white”

  • E C F
    E C FDay ago

    Coca-Cola: Be less white. Oh and BTW, this is horrible.

  • Bas
    BasDay ago

    False advertisement, i only see morbidly obese people drinking this tonic

  • MiLoFiloo
    MiLoFilooDay ago

    GrubHub but Coca-Cola

  • mijuo roui

    mijuo roui

    Day ago

    They putting the coke in Coca-Cola

  • ipissoff libtardos
    ipissoff libtardosDay ago

    Hey just bankruot your conpany....the White and proud people you offended make up 75 percent of this we gonna cancel your racist comoany...

  • Away
    AwayDay ago


  • David Mackay
    David MackayDay ago

    Okay but who is the boy in the red shirt? He is FIIIIIIINE

  • Ju Mei
    Ju MeiDay ago

    Saw this ad on tv today

  • OG Gamer
    OG GamerDay ago

    Did woke a cola hire Gillette’s fired CEO’s...

  • OG Gamer
    OG GamerDay ago

    Woke-Cola now in your nearest store!

  • Diego Zavala Xed
    Diego Zavala XedDay ago


  • OG Gamer
    OG GamerDay ago

    Well Well, Racist goga gola ad’s. Never gonna buy another product. Nice move woke CEO’s.

  • John V.I. Lenin
    John V.I. LeninDay ago

    This was ad was class one of my favourites i ever seen

  • Christian Opitz
    Christian OpitzDay ago

    Die Werbung ist voll übertrieben und dämlich 😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • Carolina Namela Rubab
    Carolina Namela RubabDay ago

    I saw the add on the TV and knew the song was Tyler's

  • artfulgooner
    artfulgoonerDay ago

    Looks like a red pill at the end 👀

  • Cum Chalice
    Cum ChaliceDay ago

    advertisement but done good

  • JooJ Gomez
    JooJ GomezDay ago

    There is coke in the coke

  • Pxxp
    PxxpDay ago

    They putting the coke in Coca-Cola

  • Abe Garfield
    Abe GarfieldDay ago

    Surely Coca cola doesn't need to advertise. They're one of the biggest companys on the planet. ....and this is longer than an actual ad break.

  • Just some girl with a bonnet
    Just some girl with a bonnetDay ago


  • W1ndy PlayZ
    W1ndy PlayZDay ago

    Ive Got a Strong feeling, This came from the Grubhub ad 😳

  • DannyDoezIt
    DannyDoezItDay ago

    Ya'll gotta stop caping so hard for black folks. I don't have a problem with "be less white." Coca Cola is a household name, they don't need us at all. Therefore the fact that they stopped being tone deaf with the current climate is great. Not to mention, EVERY COMPANY IS DOING THIS RIGHT NOW. LITERALLY. Plus the fact that they gave a young, successful black man a chance like this is absolutely beautiful.

  • Martin Štěpánek

    Martin Štěpánek

    Day ago

    Simple question here, would you be ok if they told you "be less black"?

  • Todd
    ToddDay ago


  • Josh B
    Josh BDay ago

    Be less white... drink less Coke.

  • bilisha coli
    bilisha coliDay ago

    I hope this kind of sound is on Tyler’s new album

  • cultus gti
    cultus gtiDay ago

    I just want to say , I have been a customer of coca cola for 25years. I will never knowingly buy another product from coke again I will not allow my children and strongly discourage my friends and family not to support coca cola. Coca cola supports racism and promotes dehumanising values and has educated it's employees to be racist. Equity is for every human equally for all not just the few , coca cola.

  • Mister V3
    Mister V3Day ago

    Camera moving around the block like you're changing character in GTA.

  • cowkim
    cowkimDay ago

    the new grub hub?

  • bilisha coli

    bilisha coli

    Day ago

    That needs to be less white

  • Fighter124
    Fighter124Day ago

    Wow a realy interesting Ad! Like it!

  • Adam Moore
    Adam MooreDay ago

    After your "Be Less White Stunt"? I don't think so 😂

  • Sneakerfreaker88
    Sneakerfreaker88Day ago

    I can’t watch this because Coca-Cola said I have to be less white so I had to get rid of my WiFi cause it’s a privilege and this commercial was way to long for 3g

  • Henrique Gordan Martins
    Henrique Gordan MartinsDay ago

    I know its an add music, but omg, thats the best add music that i ever heard