Parkour - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 22

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Nothing bad ever happens in a friendly parkour competition, right?
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  • Alan Becker
    Alan Becker9 days ago

    Don't watch this reaction/director's commentary it's no good:

  • jawed


    2 days ago


  • ToH


    4 days ago

    Well why didn’t you say in the first half?

  • Arlene Bacus

    Arlene Bacus

    6 days ago

    Eh here is a thing I thought some one was going to have creative mode no no no the king has a command block

  • Aejay Nadela

    Aejay Nadela

    8 days ago

    I'm waiting next episode 13

  • Dayane Rodrigues

    Dayane Rodrigues

    8 days ago

    Sr Alan Becker você é dimais

  • Miguel s.f br
    Miguel s.f br5 minutes ago

    i hate when it say to be continue, we need know the end bud

  • Rahime Özlem Arabacı
    Rahime Özlem Arabacı8 minutes ago

    If Alan Abi team disbands , then the only solution os to go to the pleace where Blue and Yellow adn Green enter , go through the nether portal and take the minecrafte before Purple and beath the Father of Purple and Purple

  • Gloria Muñoz
    Gloria Muñoz15 minutes ago

    you are the best animator

  • Federico Hifejr
    Federico Hifejr22 minutes ago

    Alan your the best animator

  • Rana Rawashdeh
    Rana Rawashdeh33 minutes ago

    Hmmm that Oregon is a new stick man he's relley powrful cuz he have the command block!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DANIEL CARDENAS39 minutes ago


  • Bilinmez Bene
    Bilinmez Bene41 minute ago


  • carlota López Amat
    carlota López Amat51 minute ago

    Episode 23 now pls

  • Alperen GO
    Alperen GO51 minute ago

    15:27 OMG they are so cute

  • Ahmad Hilmi
    Ahmad Hilmi57 minutes ago

    So red, yea red is the parkour player and all of them!

  • alejandro Freddy fazbear world
    alejandro Freddy fazbear worldHour ago

    Congrats for reaching to 15m

  • Tamin Doank
    Tamin DoankHour ago


  • Salia Ray
    Salia RayHour ago

    Pat 3 pls

  • Berat Yuksel
    Berat YukselHour ago

    Merhaba a

  • Linus Dayuob
    Linus DayuobHour ago

    Can u do Ep. 23

  • Emine Kabcı
    Emine KabcıHour ago

    Plase 3D animation

  • Loicas delivery
    Loicas deliveryHour ago


  • Media Tech
    Media TechHour ago

    This is better than Inception.

  • Media Tech

    Media Tech

    Hour ago

    It's a joke, ok?

  • Lego Capybara
    Lego CapybaraHour ago

    İt is sad that green didn’t survive

  • hvostr
    hvostrHour ago


  • Hüseyin Mert
    Hüseyin MertHour ago

    İts very good. Please Fast episodes

  • Sean Kevan
    Sean KevanHour ago

    ;( trop beau la fin ; vivement la suite !!!!!!

  • Brain Stormer
    Brain StormerHour ago

    Please make a part two to this video. I’m worried about green, and sus. (sus means pig)

  • alonso polito
    alonso politoHour ago

    Part 2 please

  • Linh Tran
    Linh TranHour ago


  • Dave R
    Dave RHour ago

    Green is so smart and skilled...I liked it

  • Emiliano Rojo
    Emiliano RojoHour ago

    Andres Andres

  • Victor manoel Mendes
    Victor manoel MendesHour ago

    Alan posta o ep 23

  • Fidanlar
    FidanlarHour ago

    bed wars animation plss

  • Sniper YT
    Sniper YTHour ago

    Pls make a game

  • MagicKid kid
    MagicKid kidHour ago

    orange (not the second coming): has command block staff. me: has a webcam screen in mincecraft server. (no truly. it just has only about 100 pixels and a 1 frame per two seconds frame rate so it looks horrible.) finally. someone who can have a legendary battle! edit: if you want me to make a google doc on the code i currently have, get this comment 10 likes and 5 dislikes.

  • LaloRainbowMUI
    LaloRainbowMUIHour ago

    animation vs wither storm

  • Амантур Ниязалиев
    Амантур Ниязалиев2 hours ago

    Алан я твой фанааат

  • Ahmad Pakistani Gamer
    Ahmad Pakistani Gamer2 hours ago

    I love blue

  • Ahmad Pakistani Gamer

    Ahmad Pakistani Gamer

    2 hours ago

    Alen backer vs loggy

  • mine Никита 2.0
    mine Никита 2.02 hours ago

    Классная анимация...

  • VarjoTilkku
    VarjoTilkku2 hours ago

    Blue is the best!💙

  • Raul Barbosa
    Raul Barbosa2 hours ago

    3:14 dance of yellow

  • Carlos Ordonez
    Carlos Ordonez2 hours ago

    Omg I loved it the music direction the like reality warping part just the entire story it’s amazing keep going don’t stop and also start your own show of this please

  • Zander Lopez
    Zander Lopez2 hours ago

    the episode 23 dont exist

  • Justimaginate [GD]
    Justimaginate [GD]2 hours ago

    The best animation i've ever seen ♥ hope you make more alan becker :DD

  • حسين
    حسين2 hours ago


  • Pc Gaming
    Pc Gaming2 hours ago

    this is why Alan is professional!!!

  • Sniper Semo
    Sniper Semo2 hours ago

    .....!!!!!!!!!!!!! Animation vs Brawl Stars !!!!!!!!!....... 🙏PLACE🙏

  • 5monster300


    2 hours ago


  • Cabrita Fachera facherita
    Cabrita Fachera facherita2 hours ago

    Algún día el morado ya no los traicionará :,,v y los cuatro lo perdonen :,u

  • serpil bilgin
    serpil bilgin2 hours ago

    You are a man

  • D H A T.
    D H A T.3 hours ago


  • Alabsy Alabsy
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  • Animation Skits
    Animation Skits3 hours ago

    Now we wait for another 1 or 2 months simple! Since when was simple a word

  • Złoty Brick
    Złoty Brick3 hours ago

    WOW!!!!!!! 15 M subscribe

  • Leanna Pereira
    Leanna Pereira3 hours ago

    Are you going to make the continuing of the vid becuse I LOVE THEM

  • superART1
    superART13 hours ago

    ta potente

  • Krztyn Wynn
    Krztyn Wynn3 hours ago

    The pig man and green stickman looks like dream and tenchoblade fighting

  • Michele Alesanco
    Michele Alesanco3 hours ago

    Fas um com o link eo majora's mask

  • dt angel YT
    dt angel YT3 hours ago


  • tano
    tano3 hours ago

    I hate that pig

  • PRO Minecraft player
    PRO Minecraft player3 hours ago

    哈哈 很好看

  • sbot50
    sbot503 hours ago

    Poor piggy :,(

  • nicolas coro
    nicolas coro3 hours ago

    sad :c 16:33

  • Suhermansyah Cx
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  • Yarlidis Pineda Orozco
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  • Timo geomatry Dash
    Timo geomatry Dash3 hours ago

    Why does orange have a big head?

  • Reynaldo Pedraza
    Reynaldo Pedraza3 hours ago

    Going-to-the-Sun Minecraft

  • Артём Пыренков
    Артём Пыренков4 hours ago

    Ну ты прям Красава Ту пресс респект из 🇷🇺

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  • Salman Ansari
    Salman Ansari4 hours ago

    Make next episode fast

  • SolisKay
    SolisKay4 hours ago

    Alan PLEASE do a attack on titan animation. As it just ended I'm sure alot of people would like the video!

  • Jacobgaming 11
    Jacobgaming 114 hours ago

    Who else agrees The Second Coming should be in Friday Night Funkin because of newgrounds?

  • TheOokMan
    TheOokMan4 hours ago

    i like how we forgot that the portal had to have led them to the nether

  • Alparslan Atageldiyew
    Alparslan Atageldiyew4 hours ago

    11:24 Dpider man

  • Metin K
    Metin K4 hours ago

    wich animation programm you use ?

  • Melonverse
    Melonverse4 hours ago

    This needs to be a Netflix series, oh my god.

  • זאור רובין
    זאור רובין4 hours ago

    Alan can you do video in week’s cuz I want to see ep all time and I’m waiting for new ep in month pls so weekly episodes.

  • Štěpán Havel
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  • Dharma Alihanafi
    Dharma Alihanafi4 hours ago

    Ep 23

    KARA OĞLAN4 hours ago


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  • mkaahus
    mkaahus5 hours ago

    This should literally be a cartoon on tv, it's actually amazing how they keep doing this stuff.

  • sheriff ruffs
    sheriff ruffs5 hours ago

    ¿Cuando esta la otra parte?

  • Michael Lance Telan
    Michael Lance Telan5 hours ago

    What's the name of the song on the last part scott buckley use?

  • Abida Naz
    Abida Naz5 hours ago

    Purple man traitor

  • Faizalrocha Nasrah
    Faizalrocha Nasrah5 hours ago

    Im fan of stickman

  • ben in kaizo freddy & boboiboy & games
    ben in kaizo freddy & boboiboy & games5 hours ago

    Pelis sub

  • I'm sad as fuck boiii
    I'm sad as fuck boiii5 hours ago

    NOOOOO THE PIG😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔💔💔💔

  • mehlika akgül
    mehlika akgül6 hours ago

    This serie is fantastic. I love it. When is Ep. 23 ?

  • Chấn Phong Triệu
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    4gdtub f6 hours ago

    you uploeaded this vid on my birthday day (this was my birthday present xd)

  • Hassan Gamer1212
    Hassan Gamer12126 hours ago

    Nice 👍

  • Liam Homan
    Liam Homan6 hours ago

    I want a part 2

  • Zama Mdunge
    Zama Mdunge6 hours ago

    anybody else notice technoblade lol

  • Анна Середа
    Анна Середа6 hours ago

    create new series as soon as possible

  • Zama Mdunge
    Zama Mdunge6 hours ago

    i mis this

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    Ep 23 plus bro

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    Gg gaming

  • SML 2.0
    SML 2.06 hours ago

    Orange: Kweblekop Green: Jelly Blue: Dino Yellow: Crainer Red: Slogoman And purple: Azzyland I’m pretty sure that you know one of these USplanrs right?

    BAOQIANG Li6 hours ago

    The grubby gruesome tom-tom inversely water because magic hisologically like forenenst a madly vegetarian. dear, spurious pastry

  • Владислав Миленин
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  • TheBymangeks
    TheBymangeks6 hours ago

    This channel always surprises me every time I see it, it is spectacular!

  • Анна Шиленко
    Анна Шиленко7 hours ago

    please make girls pls pls pls pls

  • Анна Шиленко

    Анна Шиленко

    7 hours ago

    And the green loves to girl pls pls pl