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  • ReBearable Yt
    ReBearable Yt7 hours ago

    What you came for: 11:10

  • Violeta Amián
    Violeta AmiánDay ago

    Hi! Looks amazing. Do you sell this structure? Or do you sell the "how to do it"? I work in a youth center and I think it could be great to have one

  • - XeMpt-
    - XeMpt-3 days ago

    Repent and trust in Jesus

  • deband4
    deband44 days ago

    What fUn! I had to go back and watch all the connect four games. You haven't lost any of your enthusiasm, but you've gained some awesome wives....go girls! Alberta Canada

  • Chelsai 0717
    Chelsai 07174 days ago

    13:00 was like in Endgame "Do you wanna play again?" = Avengers ASSEMBLE

  • Chelsai 0717
    Chelsai 07174 days ago

    Honestly one of my favourtie EVER videos ever

  • Andrew Mayes
    Andrew Mayes5 days ago

    A double connect 4 !! Way to go guys !!

  • rainbowPUGS PUGS
    rainbowPUGS PUGS7 days ago

    Wait why were there 4 wife's

  • Tstormer
    Tstormer7 days ago

    I want to do this so much holy hell

  • The Faceless Gamer
    The Faceless Gamer8 days ago

    I have a video idea for you why don't you come to America or have dude perfect come to Australia and challenge them in this game?

  • Yeet YA
    Yeet YA8 days ago

    POV your American and u wish u could do this but fucking COVID still exists

  • jamie g
    jamie g9 days ago

    I love that they brought their wife in for the vid 😂

  • Bitplex
    Bitplex10 days ago

    Herron is punching harder than the hulk fist against that concrete stack!

  • Cecilia Sugg
    Cecilia Sugg10 days ago

    Love you guys! So much fun to watch!

  • ausEcko
    ausEcko11 days ago

    they need to rip the squash courts out of local centres and put these in

  • Bert Hemplar
    Bert Hemplar11 days ago

    I love my wife......but..,

  • D Lee
    D Lee11 days ago

    Man Australia is off the chain I just watched the big rig and 500 people video im starting to wonder if Australia as a country is sponsoring these videos just so they can flex on the rest of the countries I said In the other video im fully vaccinated and I couldn't imagine being this reckless but like I've said on other posts to each there own I really pray this doesn't bite you guys in the butter later and hope everyone stays safe. Indias looking pretty crappy right now so the virus is still on the planet wich means anyone who doesn't provide documentation to get in your country could possibly bring one of the many variations of the virus to start it all over. Also why now you guys never had tons of people on set before??? And you guys thought now was the time to continually have bigger crouds in your show hmmmm

  • random shit
    random shit11 days ago

    I just made a vid of my own of a marker trick ik it wasn't that amazing but if you could support I would appreciate

  • Harmsy
    Harmsy12 days ago

    I'd like to see connect 4 at the tower.

  • Royce L
    Royce L12 days ago

    Avengers recembell ahhhhh⚔️⚔️⚔️

  • Russell Bustrum
    Russell Bustrum12 days ago

    “Where you alive 4 years ago?” “NO”

  • kentoku D
    kentoku D13 days ago

    I absolutely love that game! I need that in my life, I never knew Connect Four could be so physical LOL

  • Saber mon
    Saber mon13 days ago

    2:19 what is that word??

  • Samuel Thomas
    Samuel Thomas13 days ago


    BROFIST13 days ago

    MR BEAST 2.0

  • gary mcfall
    gary mcfall13 days ago

    Rematch. 2k people vs truck.

  • Sam Whalen
    Sam Whalen13 days ago

    Where did you guys go? I miss you

  • Kelvin Taylor
    Kelvin Taylor13 days ago

    I wonder how many people have STOPPED following HR? from a video a week most years to barely 1 month now and tge 4 2021 vids have been crap. how many of the paid subscribers have now cancelled their subscriptions? let me know.

  • Sam Gambling
    Sam Gambling14 days ago

    dead channel

    CHEF KEWL14 days ago

    Comtest ? How Many Shots Did It Take For Yellow To WiN 🔥🔥

  • Jim ren
    Jim ren14 days ago

    This is epic!!!!!

  • SPMO47
    SPMO4714 days ago

    Where have you guys been? Never see you guys downloading anymore much.

  • Jessica Nielson
    Jessica Nielson14 days ago

    Are you going to put more videos for the gaming channel.

  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis14 days ago

    Awesome video. Nice to see good clean fun, way to many things going on in the states that takes away from what this life is all about. Thanks from across the pond.✌️

  • Jacob Keeley
    Jacob Keeley14 days ago

    You guys should make a vid in New Zealand

  • wuau zhang
    wuau zhang14 days ago

    All this is epic and all but how did they get the balls out of the giant board tho?

  • hughesie27
    hughesie2714 days ago

    I wonder what is causing them to be producing such little content this year.

  • Russ Jones
    Russ Jones14 days ago

    How about a huge shout out to PCEC for hosting the event? Loved the vid, great work guys!!!

  • Luke Burton
    Luke Burton15 days ago

    i enjoyed this more than mr beast's tag video

  • Co Jack
    Co Jack15 days ago

    I have to ask: how does one get into this profession?

  • Commander_Discord
    Commander_Discord15 days ago

    Giant magnifying glass vs bullet proof glass

  • Show the Naturals
    Show the Naturals15 days ago


  • rsaxtellartist
    rsaxtellartist16 days ago

    If you ever need ideas for popular video subjects, your fishing adventure on the west coast was fascinating. Exploration of the wilder areas of your home region would also be very interesting!

  • CPG
    CPG16 days ago

    Why the flip weren't you wearing masks??

  • Vaibhav Wagh
    Vaibhav Wagh16 days ago

    Hey how ridiculous channel owner can you make a video on that you and your team climbs on MT.EVEREST. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....😎😎

  • M4GNUS Productions
    M4GNUS Productions16 days ago

    These guys are basically just Australian Dude Perfect

  • Leaf Slash
    Leaf Slash16 days ago

    Can not belive the human race has evolved this far

  • RSki
    RSki16 days ago

    The question to see if you get pinned should be how many times they have gotten hurt making the videos! I just watched their fruit ninja in real life, Wowza I wonder how they did not get hurt!🤣

  • Zecheriah Baarton
    Zecheriah Baarton16 days ago

    wheres the commtest

  • Camryn Peterson
    Camryn Peterson16 days ago

    Lol this make me nostalgic for youth group 😂

  • David Baker
    David Baker16 days ago


  • Emily V
    Emily V16 days ago

    And when is your next normal video coming out?

  • Emily V
    Emily V16 days ago

    When is your next gaming video coming out?

  • κρίνω για να μην κριθώ
    κρίνω για να μην κριθώ17 days ago

    We don't have covid anymore ?

  • Matthew Pence
    Matthew Pence17 days ago


  • CottnBallz The one
    CottnBallz The one17 days ago

    Y'all should make a game of giant darts from the 45m tower would be lit and see who would win I got money on gaunson

  • El Alegre
    El Alegre17 days ago

    Looks like so much fun! Well done. How good!

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt17 days ago

    For me is surreal to see all that people together without masks or safety distance... I wish we can go to the world before coronavirus outside Australia soon...

  • Shaun Wheeler
    Shaun Wheeler17 days ago

    Very fun video to watch. If this can be my workout weekly that be cool!

  • Cody Shatto
    Cody Shatto17 days ago

    You guys should make a giant 181 kg rexy to drop

  • T.J. V
    T.J. V17 days ago

    Need a line of wives’ merch! Would buy 👍

  • Sir Rey Ban-O
    Sir Rey Ban-O17 days ago

    Amazing guys. Super Fun.. i wish that you bring that huge thing here in manila. Hahah

  • elizabeth ziebarth
    elizabeth ziebarth17 days ago

    when are you going to game again

  • justin goddard
    justin goddard18 days ago

    Can you guys come down to my house for a video I can flip a tractor tire

  • Owen McCauley
    Owen McCauley18 days ago

    No masks. People enjoying life together. This sucks. If there's one thing I learned from Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day it's that I want to move to Australia.

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon18 days ago

    You guys could even do this from the top of the tower! That would he epic!

  • Jacob Monger
    Jacob Monger18 days ago

    Aussie’s be like

  • Juste Bivainyte
    Juste Bivainyte18 days ago

    can you make a 1000 degres axe and drop somthing on it

  • Trevor Olsen
    Trevor Olsen19 days ago

    As someone who has followed you guys for a few years now, that end summarizes the wholesome, energetic fun I follow you for. Thanks for being a light on the hill during increasingly dark times!

  • Tim P
    Tim P19 days ago

    I love the channel and have been subscribed for a few years now but I'm starting to worry. They've missed several weeks posting in recent months and their views have dropped a lot. Their videos used to to hit 10 million+ views pretty often. Now they struggle to hit 1 million.

  • Peanut In a Tree
    Peanut In a Tree19 days ago

    Vid 2 can you guys drop a ballistics dummy off the tower.

  • Silly Pup
    Silly Pup19 days ago

    Y'all need to quit yelling #howsilent

  • Brendan
    Brendan19 days ago

    It's really disappointing that these guys are producing such good videos, but the views are dropping. They should be getting 10M+ views per vid.

  • Garrett Nelson
    Garrett Nelson19 days ago

    Watching from South Carolina.

  • S.E. Wagger
    S.E. Wagger19 days ago

    just love these ozzies

  • Farid Sattari
    Farid Sattari19 days ago

    My volume is at its lowest setting and my ears are still bleeding

  • Farid Sattari
    Farid Sattari19 days ago

    Stop screaming

  • Kenyon Rooker
    Kenyon Rooker19 days ago

    Absolutely love this channel, you guys are great!

  • Richard Manthe
    Richard Manthe19 days ago

    I thought even better night drop glow sticks in small pool with water I would say drop margery but she not doing well so Brucie

  • Richard Manthe
    Richard Manthe19 days ago

    Try a night drop with Brucie smashing a whole bunch of glow nightsticks

  • XD ON GFUEL 319
    XD ON GFUEL 31919 days ago


  • Noobmaster 69
    Noobmaster 6919 days ago

    Looks like something I would do in 2011, Man I miss those times

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone20 days ago

    for the third time. :(

  • Hudaroo9
    Hudaroo920 days ago

    That looks so fun!

  • Amanda
    Amanda20 days ago

    Does Australia not have covid anymore?

  • HAWK KAI Pick parker
    HAWK KAI Pick parker20 days ago

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  • Maddox SGomez
    Maddox SGomez20 days ago

    With thor

  • Maddox SGomez
    Maddox SGomez20 days ago

    Next video giant dart time 2 vs pig

    MARK FERGUSON20 days ago

    they never respond to people personally. even though they are making money hand over fist

  • John Servano
    John Servano20 days ago

    See America, this could've been us if you just stayed at home for a couple of months.

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar21 day ago

    Oh my God I feel like we're barbarians. 😂😂😂

  • highflyerl23
    highflyerl2321 day ago

    Kiwi Co sponsoring a bunch of Aussies. The irony.

  • Lucest aussie
    Lucest aussie21 day ago

    Anyone else who was waiting to see the mechanism/setup on how they get the balls out? 😂

  • VoceCorale


    17 days ago

    I was

  • Quaid Ireland
    Quaid Ireland21 day ago

    Me doing the 14 plus knowing that I am only 11 me better hide

  • Max Bell
    Max Bell21 day ago

    That was such a fun video!

  • cautiontape2013
    cautiontape201321 day ago

    Tungsten Cube VS Bulletproof Glass!

  • Fooly Cooly
    Fooly Cooly21 day ago

    America: lock down, Covid restrictions, distancing, masks required. Australia: let’s get 50 people and play massive connect 4 in an enclosed area!

  • 1A Strong
    1A Strong21 day ago

    This looked like so much fun! Super jealous! By the way, you guys should do a giant game of battleship at the tower 🚢💥

  • Jack McBride
    Jack McBride21 day ago

    When you realize a viddy every two weeks hurts your algorithm and leads to half as many views

  • haondoor
    haondoor21 day ago

    I'll be honest...all of this is good fun, but why am I crying seeing that many people together having fun?