Please Hate These Things


These are the worst things
shout out to Dina Holland @honeyandfitzfor creating this abomination
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  • Rohan Garg
    Rohan GargMonth ago

    Whos been waiting for this since seeing Jarvis's story

  • catchild101


    9 days ago

    @Yui i I made my comment because I was bored

  • Yui i

    Yui i

    10 days ago

    I made this comment 3.3k we it was at 3.299 :o

  • catchild101


    13 days ago

    @Some idiot named Erick perhaps that could have happened. I guess we'll never know for sure. 🤔

  • Some idiot named Erick

    Some idiot named Erick

    13 days ago

    @catchild101 Im starting to think........ You may not have seen it....still unsure though

  • Plenty Of Trick Shots

    Plenty Of Trick Shots

    17 days ago

    @Stacie Mohler The la croix comment referencing Danny Gonzalez

  • jessmtnz
    jessmtnz3 days ago

    Jarvis I love these "no effort" videos! Your jokes are perfect lol

  • thhomas 4life
    thhomas 4life4 days ago

    I love when he first looks at the picture and you hear the manic “HEHEHEH”

  • Taylor Peters
    Taylor Peters4 days ago

    After about the fifth time I finally heard in-unit dishwasher instead of eunuch dishwasher.

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson4 days ago

    The raised horrible toilet was popular in the 70-80's in basements. Without it being that high it would never flush. I've seen much worse ones. I won't upset you with photos of remodels I've done. Lol

  • Eva G
    Eva G5 days ago

    "uglyirishhouses" is an absolute gem worth looking at. bare in mind, some irish people in the 2000s had plenty of money and not an ounce of sense

  • Silburific 17
    Silburific 175 days ago

    8:32 I can't tell if there's a drain there, but if there is, that's probably a space for washing before you soak in the tub. Y'know, in case you _don't_ want to stew in your own filth.

  • That1weird girl
    That1weird girl6 days ago

    Imagine having a pillow fight with those hands though

  • Jessica Mancione
    Jessica Mancione6 days ago

    "don't make me give a speech on my kitchen podium"

  • Jessica Mancione
    Jessica Mancione6 days ago

    god your laugh makes me so happy

  • Izu senpai
    Izu senpai6 days ago

    1:39 Doofenshmirtz: Is that huge hands han’s place

  • Jam Fox
    Jam Fox7 days ago

    Everything you do is stupid precious. 😠 But also, clean your room. 🥰💖

  • HilaryAnne
    HilaryAnne7 days ago

    is it weird that I watch the gold channel more than the regular channel? I guess USplan recommends these to me more so because I'm so premium

  • Maren Bowlsby
    Maren Bowlsby7 days ago

    Loving Jarvis’ energy in this video😂😂

  • Carol Pretzel
    Carol Pretzel8 days ago

    My grandpa’s house has a toilet that looks like it’s on a pedestal because that’s where the plumbing is. It’s a very old house.

  • Stefan Sauvageon / What-a-Twist
    Stefan Sauvageon / What-a-Twist8 days ago

    Oh so it's a Reddit compilation

  • icky cat
    icky cat8 days ago

    “I hate false drawers” holy shit, we had this one fake drawer in our kitchen that was held on by magnets and one time when I was 12 I pulled it and let go expecting it to be a regular drawer and i dropped the corner of it on my toe and broke a blood vessel 😀✌️ not fun lol

  • Mia Surina
    Mia Surina9 days ago

    some of those were very obviously and sadly designed by a 70s couple who dont even know what "interior design" meant but the wife was confident in the abilities shes never used before to make her house unique. well its unique just in the worst way

  • Book Lover
    Book Lover9 days ago

    5:32 Do they not have these everywhere in America? I mean who doesn't have a rifle fan? *confused American noises* 6:04 Also, this is just the normal toilet paper holder here in America. Y'all must be new.

  • Gothic Kat
    Gothic Kat10 days ago

    This video made me spit mouthwash all over my face..... I’m disappointed in myself

  • ltihaompson
    ltihaompson10 days ago

    Jarvis be like: Why would you need a lamp if there is a window? Has he forgotten about night time? :P

  • Emma Walton
    Emma Walton15 days ago

    5:18 Wait until you hear about fake pockets. Those are infuriating as fuck

  • Amberly the HarpyQueen
    Amberly the HarpyQueen16 days ago

    A lot of these I swear I have done in the sims and it mostly worked reality it is disturbing and off-putting.

    ᏰᏒᎥᏖᏖ18 days ago

    The staircase to a toilet had me straight up rolling. "Whist I produce waste from my posterior I shall have the high ground in case of attack!"

  • Michael Girouard
    Michael Girouard20 days ago

    I don't even know why you're so funny.

  • Tom Abbo Hermann
    Tom Abbo Hermann21 day ago

    Great now I want a toilet paper holder gun which has “this is the only good use for a gun“ written on it

  • Quinn
    Quinn21 day ago

    I honestly would buy those hands if i could reupholster them to be less uggo

  • punkuke
    punkuke21 day ago

    10:16 Torture room for arthritic people.

  • Skies
    Skies23 days ago

    that was so good

  • Biotic Jedi
    Biotic Jedi24 days ago

    Take a shot everytime he adjusts his glasses

  • Ashton Rose
    Ashton Rose24 days ago

    This should be called: Jarvis cringes, giggles, and forgets things for 13 minutes

  • denithy
    denithy24 days ago

    I love the ending.

  • nuna beeswax
    nuna beeswax25 days ago

    oh sorry i though this was 123 go gold

  • Connor Hulkowitz
    Connor Hulkowitz26 days ago

    I’ve been watching your videos forever (before you started making funny videos lol) and I just realized I have not subscribed to your gold. How have I not managed to do that until now😂 keep up the great work and I like your gold channel a lot

  • tonie48
    tonie4826 days ago

    Anyone else get the Christmas story vibes when looking at the lamp?😂😂😂👣

  • Humid 「he&him」
    Humid 「he&him」28 days ago

    laughing jarvis is the peak jarvis

  • Emily Myers
    Emily Myers28 days ago

    Omg this was excellent. Watching you crack up at the bed-toes was hilarious 😂

  • Abigail Duerksen
    Abigail Duerksen29 days ago

    This is so premium

  • Declan_gaming
    Declan_gaming29 days ago

    3:08 I feel attacked

  • Sasha Nova
    Sasha Nova29 days ago

    8:11 ok but I'm actually in LOVE with that bathroom

  • Bec
    BecMonth ago

    thx for being funneyhaha so my husband an 1 can watch ur vids keep up the great work taurus king

  • Syeda Kazmi
    Syeda KazmiMonth ago

    paisley giant is my new folk band name

  • No Name
    No NameMonth ago

    That first kitchen looks like it was designed by a kid on Roblox

  • HHQueen
    HHQueenMonth ago

    Is no one going to talk about how great the ending was??? Please, Jarvis, know that it was amazing and had me dying

  • caljones
    caljonesMonth ago

    They make small dishwashers, like for apartment living! I think you can find them on amazon.


    I just love my Elsa like thing on my name

  • Leonardo Digiorno
    Leonardo DigiornoMonth ago

    I'm sorry I'm coming back to this video because I'm in love with the lamp he's so handsome. Oh also the hands

  • Leonardo Digiorno
    Leonardo DigiornoMonth ago

    Jarvis reviews Sims houses

  • Steve Fox
    Steve FoxMonth ago

    those pillows are for bitch slapping and pillow fighting. Win/Win

  • Astraestus
    AstraestusMonth ago

    This is was so funny dude🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Astraestus
    AstraestusMonth ago

    I wouldn’t mind a pokeball doorknob😂

  • Myracle Woodford
    Myracle WoodfordMonth ago

    3:00 Toy Story 5 Enemy Leak 😆

  • chrisleneil
    chrisleneilMonth ago

    Why are there so many guns? I ask that question about my state all the time.

  • FPMc47
    FPMc47Month ago

    I'm so glad you're not taking this seriously.

  • Sweetstar87
    Sweetstar87Month ago

    Dr gluon on on Twitch made some of these builds in the sims 4 and shouted you out so here I am to subscribe

  • Michael Gear
    Michael GearMonth ago

    Jarvis be like: 👓👌🏽

  • Dolores Duran
    Dolores DuranMonth ago

    As a mother, the kitchen podium speech spoke to me.

  • Fynn Knight
    Fynn KnightMonth ago

    12:03 His laugh gives me life

  • Devon K
    Devon KMonth ago


  • Owl Girl
    Owl GirlMonth ago

    Inmust defend the shitten mitten. When you live in a place where the weather goes below -35 degrees celsius and you cant afford heated seats, the toilet is so fucking cold you need an extra layer to not freeze your ass off

  • Joe Tayler
    Joe TaylerMonth ago

    Thoroughly ok video

  • itai ._.
    itai ._.Month ago


  • бѣ съ
    бѣ съMonth ago

    the ending is fire

  • Barni
    BarniMonth ago

    8:11 This kinda looks rooms I make in Sims 4, when I have a lot of different things and a really small room..

  • Bo Johan
    Bo JohanMonth ago

    no, no, no to those hand pillows, they have murderous intent, I just know it!

  • Beby Froggy
    Beby FroggyMonth ago

    im obsessed w this video lmao its so funny - i lost it along with you at the feet bed holy shit

  • Lindsay Bierman
    Lindsay BiermanMonth ago

    The second amendment doesn't cover toiletries hahahahahaha 😆

  • Louisse Sabinorio
    Louisse SabinorioMonth ago

    Me when I come to America: "Why are there so many guns?!"

  • Cole Storch
    Cole StorchMonth ago

    His blurry ceiling fan is really bugging me.

  • Renamon 565
    Renamon 565Month ago

    I want the weirdest bed ever

  • Robin Ibañez
    Robin IbañezMonth ago

    I used to have a friend in highachool named Jimmy Johnson and he kinda looked like you

  • mochasuep
    mochasuepMonth ago

    the interior design of my sims houses:

  • Skylar A
    Skylar AMonth ago

    love how the fireplace bathroom has a window at bathtub level. every bathroom needs a titty window ig

  • Erin Last Name Redacted
    Erin Last Name RedactedMonth ago

    Love the first mid-roll transition.

  • Jamie Hates You
    Jamie Hates YouMonth ago

    My father's name is John. We're brothers now. It's the law.

  • Eli Mouton
    Eli MoutonMonth ago

    12:05 *chaotic laughter*

  • BiggerinRealLife
    BiggerinRealLifeMonth ago

    The false drawers made me SO MAD. they do in general, but that podium wasn’t even trying to make them look legit.

  • Tobin from Fire Emblem
    Tobin from Fire EmblemMonth ago

    Toes are gross, all my friends want to chop off their toes

  • ✠CuttySobz✠
    ✠CuttySobz✠Month ago

    Jarvis your outfit is absolute cringe. It just makes you look like a total tryhard from 2010

  • crabless in baltimore
    crabless in baltimoreMonth ago

    deeply troubled by the bathroom pit

  • Valentina S.
    Valentina S.Month ago

    I'm an architecture student. Some of these examples look as if they were taken out of a student project, redone at 4:00 AM after the student found out that the house must be 15% smaller but his brain has no capacity to rethink how to organise the space..and wants to sleep at least 15 minutes that night

  • cynthia young
    cynthia youngMonth ago

    That square island was meant to like a cutting board. IDK. Maybe. That's the only that makes sense to me.

  • Overwhelming Surplus Of Diggity
    Overwhelming Surplus Of DiggityMonth ago

    Jarvis is my comfort utuber xD

  • Iain Ronald
    Iain RonaldMonth ago

    Hey, I recognize that bathroom third-to-last bathroom from 80's crime films; With that in mind, that's not a bath-readying area, it's a cocaine storage bin! That way, you could be in the bathtub wearing your seven gold chains, drinking Cristal, your chest-fro hanging free above the water, watching all 13' of Joanie Loves Chachi and, when need be, reach over with your gold dagger/letter-opener to grab a knife tip of cocaine to snort.

  • Snakeking64
    Snakeking64Month ago

    cannot believe the same person got featured for TWO jokes

  • anoramactir
    anoramactirMonth ago

    A part of me actually kind of likes the lamp? I mean, it's nightmare-inducing but it has an aesthetic and it is rocking it.

  • Benjamin Smyth
    Benjamin SmythMonth ago

    My 8 month old son really enjoyed your laugh. He kept laughing along. It was cute!


    "Why do the toes look like they're playing piano?" And then my drink came out my nose

  • toad crusher 69
    toad crusher 69Month ago

    I want the foot bed. I NEED the foot bed.

  • Riversidewren
    RiversidewrenMonth ago

    I'm really glad I'm not the only person currently obsessed with awful home design

  • xrgus
    xrgusMonth ago

    im crying laughing thru this whole video

  • One random guy
    One random guyMonth ago

    Bru the Kyle bit is too Accurate. I’m scared

  • Will Parsons
    Will ParsonsMonth ago

    I guess Jarvis had never heard of being in the kitchen at night.

  • Vinaya Dayaram
    Vinaya DayaramMonth ago

    honestly the others peoples and reviews on the side of the pictures were just them roasting everyone thing they could find wrong or like pure memes

  • emory mcgregor
    emory mcgregorMonth ago

    i love this channel and jarvis with my whole soul mwah 🥰

  • some dingus
    some dingusMonth ago

    The vibes in this video are so fucking impeccable

  • Blue Skyla
    Blue SkylaMonth ago

    I imagine the drawers on the podium are not drawers, but little cubby things that pull down and have a quarter circle for small storage. I’ve seen those in motorhomes.

  • Blue Skyla
    Blue SkylaMonth ago

    I loved your genuine reaction to the lovely foot bed.

  • Miles B
    Miles BMonth ago

    That ceiling fan is for AMERICANS

  • Rosalind
    RosalindMonth ago

    if it's free then who did I pay $12?