ranboo and his enderman things


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  • Jessie Castañeda
    Jessie CastañedaDay ago

    Half endermen half human????

  • Spray
    Spray2 days ago

    He has silk touch in his fists?

  • Warren Malloy
    Warren Malloy4 days ago

    what The

  • kierczaX
    kierczaX6 days ago

    I ask seriously. How is he doing it?

    KENNETH VILTRES7 days ago

    i was confused at first until i realized when u pick a grass block it turns into dirt but him is grass bc he is enderman

  • Canonic Kero
    Canonic Kero7 days ago

    What did you expect? It's Ranboo

  • mohammed a
    mohammed a7 days ago

    This is cursed

  • ArnavBoom
    ArnavBoom8 days ago

    Bro he is an enderman, of course ha can pick up blocks that require silk touch

  • Louise Charpentier
    Louise Charpentier8 days ago

    Hands of silk and steel

  • GamerxAadi
    GamerxAadi8 days ago

    How is he doing that?

  • Ryan Wu
    Ryan Wu9 days ago

    Silk touch hands

  • Dean Haas
    Dean Haas9 days ago

    I feel like now that techno knows Ranboo can break spawners, he’s gonna make an army of mobs and take over the server. But hey, that’s just me.

  • Maurycy Waligóra
    Maurycy Waligóra11 days ago


  • {Sweet Devil Bunny}
    {Sweet Devil Bunny}13 days ago

    We all know ranboo is one of the enderman siblings XD

  • Night Brawl - BS
    Night Brawl - BS14 days ago

    Wait so if ranboo is half enderman that means he would die to water WHAAAAAAT

  • PropsMovv
    PropsMovv14 days ago

    Fist Silk touch Efficiency V

  • Honkingheba
    Honkingheba14 days ago

    What Idk what’s wrong with it’s what?

  • Peter Martin
    Peter Martin14 days ago

    His hands have silk touch

  • this guy I think
    this guy I think14 days ago

    Fun fact there is a command block in the server after ranboo joined that allows him to do the endermanthing

  • Fred rose
    Fred rose15 days ago

    LEMME EXPLAIN THIS He has silk touch on his amour witch makes him like that

  • le Bwu deer
    le Bwu deer15 days ago

    And he talked to endermum before yea she's a thi g

  • The Me
    The Me15 days ago

    It’s gotta be a mod

  • Grantas Gaubas
    Grantas Gaubas15 days ago

    if you think he uses a silk touch shovel quickly, He has no shovel in his hotbar

  • Froppy_thefrog
    Froppy_thefrog16 days ago

    He literally talked to an enderman

  • Sømêthïñ
    Sømêthïñ16 days ago

    Am I stupid or am I the only one who doesnt understand how he does it?

  • delgerdom
    delgerdom17 days ago

    Its officialranboo is a enderman he talks to them his hands are like silk touch pickaxe

    TS BLACK AND WHITE17 days ago

    “No Hax just skill”

  • Aidan Vannoske
    Aidan Vannoske17 days ago

    i srsly whant that skin to try it out now

  • H
    H17 days ago

    Just having a cute moment with blocks-

  • Shobii
    Shobii18 days ago

    The little yay after he gets the ore is precous af

  • Helloim Cam
    Helloim Cam18 days ago

    He should have the ability to dodge arrows or have infinite pearls

  • Ralph justin Buena
    Ralph justin Buena18 days ago

    He got bited by endermam

  • CyberTilted
    CyberTilted18 days ago

    Ranboo: mines coal ore with hand Also Ranboo: legit has coal ore BLOCK

  • Vaughan Awesome
    Vaughan Awesome19 days ago

    Nice data pack


    Ranboo : GETS A LOT OF FANS IN DREAM SMP That one lava river : what about me ;-;

  • Squaza
    Squaza20 days ago

    *ranboo the enderman human*

  • Romanulvasi
    Romanulvasi21 day ago

    He just put his hand in an anvil with a silk touch book

  • JustToAKWRD!
    JustToAKWRD!21 day ago

    Ranboo *picks up dirt block* everyone: HOWWW???? HES A GODDDDDDDDD!!!

  • hdhgfhgf hgfhgfhfghgf
    hdhgfhgf hgfhgfhfghgf21 day ago

    Am I the only one who genuinely wants to know how he does it

  • Neomii Animation

    Neomii Animation

    20 days ago

    *E n d e r m a n*

  • Connor Gaming
    Connor Gaming22 days ago

    Ranboo is a gift to have lmao

  • phong 29
    phong 2922 days ago

    Plot twist: his hand have silk touch

  • DukeLucas
    DukeLucas22 days ago

    Does anyone else miss when it was just Tommy tubbo and dream what is going on with this enderman power stuff? And it’s clearly fake too

  • Lê Ng. Khánh Lynh-6A9
    Lê Ng. Khánh Lynh-6A922 days ago

    ranboo have silk touch hands

  • Brin
    Brin22 days ago

    Wait, does anyone here actually know how he`s done it? cuz my brain is still a little confused... (did he use a mod, hacked client, is it a minecraft glitch?)

  • Macy Sims

    Macy Sims

    18 days ago

    @Brin you gonna explain orrrrr

  • Brin


    18 days ago

    This is what I found I don`t know if it`s 100% right but hopefully it is...

  • Macy Sims

    Macy Sims

    19 days ago

    @Brin :o how?

  • Brin


    19 days ago

    @Macy Sims I think I found it...

  • Macy Sims

    Macy Sims

    19 days ago

    I don't think any one knows

  • Creased Animates
    Creased Animates23 days ago

    Me watching the entire time: WhAt ThE fUdGe-

  • Himadri Sekhar Paul
    Himadri Sekhar Paul23 days ago

    Ranboo is the chosen one.

  • Rajib Roy
    Rajib Roy23 days ago


  • no0gie_
    no0gie_24 days ago

    His hands has silk touch

  • Elliott Hirt
    Elliott Hirt24 days ago

    Ranboo and his silk touch hand

  • Kotorybeusz
    Kotorybeusz24 days ago

    ranboo is the new enderman

  • Pastel_BottleCap
    Pastel_BottleCap25 days ago

    He only wants ONE of the blocks then to intstantly knows where he wants to place it away from the place he got it-

  • MrBeast Gaming
    MrBeast Gaming25 days ago

    SUBSCRIBE RIGHT NOW or I'll delete Tubbo's Minecraft account, you have 5 seconds

  • SpicyLambSauce
    SpicyLambSauce25 days ago

    They said I could be anything, so I became an enderman. -Ranboo

  • Itz Jim ÙwÚ
    Itz Jim ÙwÚ25 days ago

    Bruh This is my seed lol we got the same Seed

  • Help me get to 1k without any video
    Help me get to 1k without any video25 days ago

    He is an enderman lol

  • Cokeylu -
    Cokeylu -25 days ago

    Am still wondering how Ranboo was able to pick up the dirt and red stone and coal.

  • Jordan Salawu
    Jordan Salawu26 days ago


  • Tiffany Sajoto
    Tiffany Sajoto26 days ago

    ranboo is just a short enderman

  • Cat
    Cat26 days ago

    *S I L K T O U C H*

  • Lovely Kitsune きつね
    Lovely Kitsune きつね27 days ago


  • Kayla Augustin
    Kayla Augustin27 days ago

    Who is this majick man??

  • M7md ._.
    M7md ._.27 days ago

    I am still confused...how did he do that..?

  • Neomii Animation

    Neomii Animation

    20 days ago

    *E n d e r b o i*

  • Electric Blueberries

    Electric Blueberries

    26 days ago

    It’s a mod

  • TheAlmighty LizardWizard
    TheAlmighty LizardWizard27 days ago

    At first I'm like he's just picking up grass blocks but then I realized that you get dirt blocks not grass blocks.

  • Toxic Scope
    Toxic Scope27 days ago

    i dont get this edit: i just noticed silk touch

  • Xstreamx plays
    Xstreamx plays27 days ago

    He has silk touch hands

  • Terra
    Terra27 days ago

    so my man can just get diamonds without a pickaxe, HE COULD BEAT THE WR

  • Ben Berke
    Ben Berke27 days ago

    Can someone tell me how he Do that?

  • Ben Berke

    Ben Berke

    25 days ago

    @Electric Blueberries mod? In a server?

  • Electric Blueberries

    Electric Blueberries

    26 days ago

    It’s a mod

  • fing
    fing27 days ago

    POV: You are thinking right now that what if Ranboo tries it on bedrock

  • FunXboXpert
    FunXboXpert27 days ago

    This is why he is soo tall

  • Heppi Crimson
    Heppi Crimson27 days ago

    i think they coded it so that his empty hand slot has the functions of a wooden silk touch shovel

  • QuiXilver
    QuiXilver28 days ago


  • Electric Blueberries

    Electric Blueberries

    26 days ago

    It’s a mod

  • ً
    ً28 days ago

    If you can break it he can pick it up

  • SpiritSlayer
    SpiritSlayer28 days ago


  • Ok Uhrmann
    Ok Uhrmann28 days ago


  • rosecoloredgayy
    rosecoloredgayy28 days ago

    i blame him and that one episode of game theory for making me soft for enderman 😭 i only get ender pearls through trading now

  • Cusy Craft
    Cusy Craft28 days ago

    This got recommended to me after watching a video where ranbbo spoke to an enderman

  • Dhruva Hegde
    Dhruva Hegde28 days ago

    How did he do that???!

  • Electric Blueberries

    Electric Blueberries

    26 days ago

    It’s a mod

  • Karl Patayan
    Karl Patayan28 days ago

    How did he do it?

  • Neomii Animation

    Neomii Animation

    20 days ago

    *enderman :)*

  • Саша Шишпарёнок
    Саша Шишпарёнок29 days ago

    Plot twist: he also can talk with endermans, watch video about this on YT

  • HoplessPocus
    HoplessPocus29 days ago

    Secretly he is a endermen

  • XOfficial_ PJ_OX
    XOfficial_ PJ_OX29 days ago

    His hands is silk touch

  • fjesjes gaming
    fjesjes gaming29 days ago

    Ranboo enchanted his fists with silk touch huh

  • Devarshi Dalal
    Devarshi Dalal29 days ago

    He enchanted his fists with silk touch.

  • _Alex
    _Alex29 days ago

    plot twist : he just gave himself an command and remove the dirt block and remove the "gaved ranboo grass" in 0.1 seconds

  • JEST3R
    JEST3R29 days ago

    Let him see the spawner.

  • J HS
    J HS29 days ago

    I really don’t know why their so surprised, it’s DREAM smp

  • skeppy's jif
    skeppy's jif29 days ago

    how does he actually do that tho

  • TheZexal
    TheZexal29 days ago

    Mogul Moves hoodie?

  • Dystopian Donut
    Dystopian Donut29 days ago

    can he turn off his silk touch

  • Joycelynne Joyce
    Joycelynne Joyce29 days ago

    half human half enderman?!

  • AdrienWolf
    AdrienWolf29 days ago

    lets see here... - doesnt like being looked at much - likes to place down blocks - has silk touch hands wtf is next? *teleporting?*

  • Daily Chocolate
    Daily Chocolate29 days ago

    “Guys, I have an enchanted silk touch fist!”

  • GenericNameExe
    GenericNameExe29 days ago

    He just has silk touch on his hands smh noobs

  • Lanze Pascual
    Lanze Pascual29 days ago

    Silk touch hand

  • Garret Siercks
    Garret Siercks29 days ago

    How the heck is he able to pick up grass blocks without silk touch?

  • an idiot who replies to every notification
    an idiot who replies to every notification29 days ago

    He must have enchanted his hand

  • NewTube World
    NewTube World29 days ago

    Just hacks

  • yehawno
    yehawno29 days ago


  • s ;-;
    s ;-;29 days ago


  • Mistyshroom
    Mistyshroom29 days ago