Reevaluating The Little Mermaid before Disney horks up another live action remake

happy pride month.
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Yes, we meant Joan Crawford, not Collins. Dunno how that happened.

2:59 part 2: something, somthing feminism
7:50 part feminism something.5: Ariel's voice
9:49 part feminism.something something: Ariel's character arc
11:31 part four: True Love (TM)
15:08 Part something: character arcs
20:41 number 6: Adaptation & the Gays
25:06 part something: The disney version is gay AF, too! (just, you know, not in the same way)

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  • Gaming With This Guy
    Gaming With This Guy4 hours ago

    "So.. we're gonna talk about The Little Mermaid.."....😆

  • Jonathan McGaha
    Jonathan McGaha6 hours ago

    what the danish ever do to u lindsay

  • Woot Mama
    Woot Mama8 hours ago

    I know this isn't going to be a popular opinion, and I understand why they are making changes. I agree with their reasons. But I will forever be sad that Ariel isn't going to be a red head in the live action movie. As a red head myself, Ariel was the only Disney princess that looked like me, when I was a kid. I've watched Brave with my daughter who also has curly red hair, but it doesn't resonate with us as much as the Little Mermaid. The remake isn't high on my list to watch. I hope it does well. I'm sure it will be important to a lot of young people.

  • batreiis
    batreiis8 hours ago

    I come back regularly to this video, the idea that the ""feminist"" reading of The little mermaid is extremely cisheteronormative is really telling tbh, I've never notice how most of these discourses are framed in a way that they talk about them as if only cis women can and NEED to find relatable

  • Michael R
    Michael R10 hours ago

    Joan CRAWFORD, not Collins 26:50

  • Vexed Forest
    Vexed Forest17 hours ago

    ....sadness? Welp, I'm sold on that book

  • Glibber
    GlibberDay ago

    Disney princesses are full of clichés, and implying there is some deeper meaning when the target audience will not likely notice this deeper meaning is just as bad as implying that they are the reason for the gender pay gap. Disney princesses (and princes/lovers!) suck, and the older ones especially. While the progress is mostly superficial, the older ones weren't better. They DO imply certain social constructs, just as the usage of language does, and it will affect the way people think. Also "we don't know when it [the marriage] happened" (paraphrased), is also kinda disingenuous, because the way the movie is structured just implies to the audience it happened pretty fast. I don't think the target audience is gonna be like "hmm, well, we don't know how fast it happened".

  • Chrystal Bess Redding
    Chrystal Bess ReddingDay ago

    Great video Lindsay! I think Ariel's story was a missed point and I loved the part when her father begins to question himself and tries to help his daughter (losing his powers and being turned into an eel) By a missed point I mean - does anyone remembers Alice Through The Looking Glass when at the end she goes off to travel the world and to learn? - they could have done something similar. Ariel wants to have legs, Ariel wants to experience human experiences and collect vintage nick snacks and other stuff. Hey! Send her off into the sunset with the Prince to travel the world. Ariel's sequel could have been their wedding after three or four years and learn something new about the Prince, his family and Ariel's family too. But no, we get something else Ariel's daughter... Although I can't complain, we got to hear Part Of Your World by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman.

  • saj da
    saj daDay ago

    oh god???? women becoming nurses?!??! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO also i really loved hearing your take on the story bc tbh it’s never been my fave disney movie but now i want to watch it again to experiencing it through that perspective

  • Francesco Gulisano
    Francesco GulisanoDay ago

    5:56 Our girl here spitting FACTS

  • Clara Azadegan
    Clara AzadeganDay ago

    12:20 LMAOOOO

  • Phil Buni
    Phil BuniDay ago

    ...didn't you tell me to get therapy, like one of the last fucking things you said to me? Get therapy.

  • Juanito Snow
    Juanito SnowDay ago

    Yay she said her catch phrase

  • Sophie Walshe
    Sophie Walshe2 days ago

    So glad you're back! Thank you for this - really interesting :)

  • Brynne Hu
    Brynne Hu2 days ago

    I think I caught a little Stefon reference in the self promo segment

  • Delta Jäeger
    Delta Jäeger2 days ago

    i liked disney princesses when i was little, and im going to college to be a scientist so :/

  • Janusniq _
    Janusniq _2 days ago

    What a great video. I hope Lindsay is doing well.

  • Yoel Jeremy
    Yoel Jeremy2 days ago

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE that point bout the marriage thingy! Most assume that it happened immediately after the movie's climax, truth is we don't know WHEN it actually happened (6 months after? a year after?).

  • Mr Peterson
    Mr Peterson2 days ago

    "like the Danish them selfs" lol

  • Tamar Harrington
    Tamar Harrington3 days ago

    What production are the clips at the end from?

  • Nexcion153
    Nexcion1533 days ago

    Yes! I hate when feminine traits are seen as “inferior”! Feminine traits are an important part of the human experience, equally important to the masculine experience. Jobs that attract more women should also be paid well.

  • C D
    C D3 days ago

    Always excited to see new content on your channel Lindsay! Loved hearing about the history behind "Poor Unfortunate Souls" and learning about the original Hans Christian Anderson story which I'd never heard before. I'm sorry if things are still rough for you. My goal is to get your first book read before your second book comes out.

  • Blash Blasgh
    Blash Blasgh3 days ago

    I pressed like the moment you said you can't get on the frozen train

  • I_boole 663
    I_boole 6633 days ago

    "You know, my last captain of the guard was a... bit of a disappointment to me." Put into that context, that's hilarious. Edit: what he said immediately after is also hilarious in that context: "Well, No matter. I'm sure you'll... whip my men into shape."

  • Sally Pumpkin Toy Collection
    Sally Pumpkin Toy Collection3 days ago

    Disney Princesses weren't very good role models for feminism. Except Belle. Belle is our queen. We love her. We worship her. We want much more than our provincial lives. Edit: you also can't really expect little girls who watch these movies to be feminists. I definitely wasn't a feminist as a toddler. Beauty and the Beast is still my favorite Disney movie.

  • fullrewrite
    fullrewrite3 days ago

    "You got engaged to a man you just met that day?" Proceeds to fall in love with her immediately Like ok marriage isn't the end all for everything Frozen

  • portalomus
    portalomus3 days ago

    Glad you decided to keep making videos! The internet is designed to eat its children. Don't take it personally.

  • EirHol
    EirHol3 days ago

    23:04 I did wonder about that statement in the earlier version of this video XD

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  • Fredrik Bermhed
    Fredrik Bermhed4 days ago

    21:10 Had not realized Lindsay Ellis was Swedish until now

  • bijou
    bijou4 days ago

    we need a cruella video pls

  • all humans are just human.
    all humans are just human.4 days ago

    Thank you for the thought provoking video. I always did like Ursula

  • Rebecca Clark
    Rebecca Clark4 days ago

    Okay but where are the clips of the non-Disney version of the little mermaid from cause the animation art is gorgeous

  • Nat
    Nat4 days ago

    I need you to talk about Ratigan for an hour at least

  • Ann Dead
    Ann Dead4 days ago

    omg!! you've used some clips from soviet animated film of The Little Mermaid!!! i grew up with this film, love it so much 😭😭

  • Anna Christensen
    Anna Christensen4 days ago

    As a Dane, I can confirm; yes, we do turn into seafoam. Very true.

  • Алина Рахимова
    Алина Рахимова4 days ago

    I'm sorry that I didn't say this first time I watched your video - Thank you. I'm glad that you did this, that you talked about that Princess Discourse. I saw part of it in late 2000's and I thought "How can I possibly change their mind, they are wrong" and never had the courage and right words to speak up for my favourite princesses. At some point they almost made me believe in what they were saying... At that point I stopped listen to what they said, stopped watch those "memes" that they made and thought alone about that. I still consider that they are wrong, and thank you for formulating things on themes that bothered me and sometimes still bother!

  • Carter Burgess
    Carter Burgess5 days ago

    "It was all Ashman?" "Always has been..." - Sideways probably

  • Jesse Colton
    Jesse Colton5 days ago

    So can anybody tell me what the hell that awful princess music video she keeps cutting to is from? I thought it was from buzzfeed but I can't find it ANYWHERE and I wish to view the cringe

  • TheLibrarianofAlexandria
    TheLibrarianofAlexandria5 days ago

    I agree the great mouse dectective is soo good :)

  • Noelle Dempsey
    Noelle Dempsey5 days ago

    I was watching your interview on The Financial Diet and ya'll talked about nerding a social media savvy therapist in LA. I recommend looking into Dr Scott Musgrove. He is a therapist in LA and has his own podcast called LA Not So Confidential. I'm sure he's dealt with unpleasant feedback on social media and can relate to this weird phenomenon. I'm not a client of his, just a close friend of his from college. He's also just a delightful person. So thought I'd suggest him :)

  • John Eilers
    John Eilers6 days ago

    Over a month late to the party on this one, and I'm sure it's already mentioned down the comments, but Sleeping beauty has the same Character Growth issue that Little Mermaid has. It's even more stark actually. Aurora is ALSO not the character driving the plot. So much so that she can't even be called the protagonist. It's the 3 Fairies that are the Protagonists and face conflict. Heck, Aurora doesn't even per se' want to get married. She'd just like to meet people, a dude in particular. Aurora is a MacGuffin if anything.

  • MarionParoo Too
    MarionParoo Too6 days ago

    Hey don't knock the good faeries? They basically planned and instigated a jail break and magicked a sword into a giant fucking dragon. And managed to raise a child together. They're pretty boss

  • pianoguy222
    pianoguy2226 days ago

    Honestly I think the weirdest thing I learned from this is that there was not only a knock-off little mermaid, but that it had characters inspired" by a 70's anime movie???

  • Lorraine Fitzmaurice
    Lorraine Fitzmaurice6 days ago

    Have you seen Kevin can Fuck Himself, and are you gonna do a video on it? Because it's amazeballs and also I wanna hear what you think.

  • Louise Richardson
    Louise Richardson6 days ago

    The Two Thousands have another…I don’t know…78 years to go. It’s true we need to think of a name for the first decade of this century. A hundred years ago it was the Oughts or the Naughts, which I know sound archaic now. The Ohs, perhaps? The Zeros? What is the second decade, in fact, the Tens, the Teens. And I won’t even bring up how people celebrated the turn of the century a year early, since there are 2,000 years in 2,000 years and 1,999.

  • Natalie
    Natalie6 days ago

    im not proud of it, but no wonder i went through an anti feminist transphobic phase in 2015 (i'm trans mtf i was closeted)

  • Eybel 3rd
    Eybel 3rd6 days ago

    21:02 what movie is that?

  • Atiqah Diyana
    Atiqah Diyana6 days ago

    I read the Hans Christian Anderson version as a child and I wanted the little mermaid to kill the prince so bad and was so disappointed when she didn't.

  • Aurelia
    Aurelia6 days ago

    Danes have no souls? Ouch, that hurts :(

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil6 days ago

    My favorite character in the whole film without a doubt is Usula. I loved every minute of watching her.

  • Jen
    Jen6 days ago

    I have always found it very poignant that the last line in the movie is "I love you, Daddy." People who reduce this movie to just Ariel falling for Eric are extremely obtuse, and probably haven't seen it since their childhood.

  • Natalie Thiessen
    Natalie Thiessen6 days ago

    Omg I’m so happy, the whole “giving up her voice for a man” critique has been a massive pet peeve of mine for so long

  • Unkl Paulie M
    Unkl Paulie M6 days ago

    So wait you’re telling us at ten minutes in that Ariel is a gamer with a USplan channel filmed in a cave!

  • Owella Fehr
    Owella Fehr7 days ago

    This was an excellent analysis! I'm really happy to see you re-evaluate this movie, as well as the whole "Disney princesses are anti-feminist" discourse of the early 2010s.

  • butchdeadlift10
    butchdeadlift107 days ago

    @lindsayellis Say, maybe I was living under a rock that was under another bigger rock, but I am looking at a few movies from over the last 20 years and it seems like all the evil genius billionaires look like Steve Jobs in movies. I mean, we are short on evil geniuses, but not evil billionaires. Why does Lex Luthor in Man of Steel look like a berkley kid and not..........well, the Koch brothers, Bezos, or Donald Trump?

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe7 days ago

    Glad to see another video on here! Wish I had checked back sooner! I know the TV Tropes site has a name for the type of feminism we saw in the 2000s: "Real Women Don't Wear Dresses." Stories like that deride ANYTHING seen as traditionally feminine while praising women who behave in a more masculine manner. The "Real Women Don't Wear Dresses" page even says outright that it isn't hard to spot the "unfortunate implications" (in this case misogyny) that runs through works with this trope. Nothing wrong with works containing tomboys & all, but demanding that girls try to fit a more "masculine" mold to function in our society can be just as bad as pushing "traditional" feminine values. There's SOME gray area between both ideas here.

  • Ria C
    Ria C7 days ago

    Everything with Ursula has come delightfully even more full circle with drag performers like Frankie Doom making amazing Ursula-inspired pieces. (Check out Dragula srs)

  • Ffs No
    Ffs No7 days ago

    Get what coming to ya product s you like are being fucked with

  • Camila Monteiro
    Camila Monteiro8 days ago

    I can't believe you used the Sandra Anemberg meme! My brazilian heart pounds...

  • Romantic Outlaw
    Romantic Outlaw8 days ago

    "disney princesses are making our daughters into barefoot preggo kitchen-bound non-girlbosses" has the same but opposite energy as "metal music/horror movies/video games are making our kids violent"

  • Sophie Gathercole
    Sophie Gathercole8 days ago

    Then Raya and The Last Dragon decided that they wouldn't even have a love interest ( we all know that it's an enemies to lovers story, I should stop lying to myself.)

  • Calvin Poblete
    Calvin Poblete9 days ago

    Thank god you continued. Never understood why you were "cancelled". I mean you explained it pretty well. But still don't understand why the hell that happened.

  • Crimsonite20
    Crimsonite209 days ago

    This artistic mermaid animation where is it from

  • Aaron Hicks
    Aaron Hicks9 days ago

    When you said Hans Christian Anderson was A romantic, I got confused for like a minute and backed up like 3 times before I realize you didn’t mean aromantic

  • human
    human9 days ago

    This video was great, I really enjoyed it. Aside from that I have a question, what did the Kickassia hotel room smell like?

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    mano do céuuuuuuuuuu ela usou um meme da sandra kkk alguem me belisca

  • Manuela Porto
    Manuela Porto9 days ago

    I'm from Rio and thanks for making me feel special

  • Aaron Hollingsworth
    Aaron Hollingsworth9 days ago

    We miss you, Lindsey. Your insight is nutritious for our minds.

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    Nice 👍👍👍👍👍🌻🌻🌻🌻🤝

  • ElComanchero
    ElComanchero9 days ago

    I'm a father of a one year old girl and because of her I'm even more grateful than before to women like Lindsay, I feel you are making the world better for everyone but especially girls by challenging us to think how femininity is observed in our society and tales. Thank you.

  • Remedy
    Remedy9 days ago

    It also should be mentioned that Buzzfeed was riding high at the time with listicles leveled largely at left leaning ladies, and it simply boiled down to which cartoon character are you most jealous of?

  • Generic user
    Generic user10 days ago

    video on netflix's She-Ra?? or Castlevania or the new He-man???

  • Andrea Solano
    Andrea Solano10 days ago

    i recomende read the tale of oscar wilde The Fisherman & His Soul where the fisherman sacrifice his soul for be with the siren i like to think that is a responce for the tale of anderson but the siren and the fisherman live happy and die together

  • BurgerFred1
    BurgerFred110 days ago

    This "feminism" is really just misogyny in disguise. Imagine if a civil rights journalist wrote one day "The reason black people can't get ahead in this country is because they be saggin their pants and wanna become rappers." They would be ousted as a CIA plant in an instant.

  • conn barry
    conn barry10 days ago

    I love how Frozen thought it was being soooo radical with "lol falling in love with the first guy you've ever met after one day is dumb", only to replace it with "falling in love with the SECOND guy you've ever met after a COUPLE of days is totally fine" They couldn't have just stayed friends, nope.

  • Lindsey Paris
    Lindsey Paris10 days ago

    Oh, hi to me at 6:25, LOL.

  • Lost Scrolls Sketchbook
    Lost Scrolls Sketchbook10 days ago

    Glad to see you're back, Lindsay. Missed your miserably angry self. You just make being sick of sh*t so damned charming.

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    You ok?

  • Pardis
    Pardis11 days ago

    Wait it has Persians? I heard that right? I guess my lazy Iranian ass gotta order this quick :P

  • chishionotenshi
    chishionotenshi11 days ago

    Re: 3 days, it's a callback to the revival of fairy tales by Romanticism, into which the retellings injected more Christianity, and thus the number 3 for it's obvious references to the Holy Trinity. Romanticism was also responsible for the original ending of The Little Mermaid, which punishes the mermaid for wanting something unnatural (a soul, which mermaids do not have). If you read the Grimm Brothers you will feel the "stay in your place" even more strongly, but that's why the OG story has to end in her death and contractual obligation to God. And thus you'll see things tried in threes in the original stories, like in Snow White where the queen tries to kill her with three different items, or Hansel and Gretel when the stepmother tries to ditch them three times.

  • Bob Hoskins
    Bob Hoskins11 days ago

    I think the use of "Wusses" was the exact reason that accent choice was perfect

  • Elisha E
    Elisha E11 days ago

    I'm engaging for the algorithm gods.

  • Glitch Walker
    Glitch Walker11 days ago

    I went into this thinking how sexist The Little Mermaid was. I came out close to tears remembering, as a kid, I related to her more than any of the male characters in any other Disney film.

  • Glitch Walker
    Glitch Walker11 days ago

    This helped me see things from a very different point of view. I'd never considered that 101 Dalmatians had a Disney Princess

  • Monsieur Spaztic
    Monsieur Spaztic11 days ago

    I’m glad you’re finally addressing this is just hope you also addressed how you got into this too with your first video on the little mermaid.

  • Tina Belcher
    Tina Belcher11 days ago

    Snow white was incredible.. she always worked hard, had hope and faith this made her beautiful. The prince wasn't much of a thought... She rarely mentioned him. I love snow white because she had strength... Its a very simple beautiful formula that had a very simplistic happy ending. A woman suffered and worked hard and had a fairytale ending.... This was metaphorical and beautiful...She is one of the strongest princesses. The prince didn't save her she achieved her goals by working hard and pushing forward.

  • Tina Belcher

    Tina Belcher

    6 days ago

    @NCR Patriot snow white came out after the world war, people needed to see snow white ride off into the sunset at that time. The world was full of depression and Americans needed hope. I feel the prince was irrelevant but the simplicity was beautiful. We all know grumpy might have been the true interest.

  • NCR Patriot

    NCR Patriot

    8 days ago

    Snow White I think is the only princess who was bogged down by the prince trope. I get it that she was the first movie like that and it was the 1930s but in hindsight the movie didn't need a prince at all. He literally comes out of nowhere at the end and wasnt really established. It really just should've been the dwarfs who revive her because they actually loved her

  • Everest
    Everest11 days ago

    would you ever talk about the fREAKING MULAN REMAKE? i hate it. i hate it. they literally completely changed the plot in a horrible way, and they completely changed what it was based on??? which is kinda pissy.

  • cdcroc
    cdcroc11 days ago

    (Slow clap) AL brought me here. It's crazy never hearing about someone with a million subs. Enjoyed the commentary.

  • CrispyDragons
    CrispyDragons11 days ago

    It's very telling to me that you took the time to dismantle the whole "princess marries a guy she met minutes ago" misbelief, while Doug Walker completely agreed with it without any questions.

  • Kobalt Severa
    Kobalt Severa11 days ago

    So down for your Stefon impression!

  • Danilo Casteblanco
    Danilo Casteblanco12 days ago

    Comentario en español El gran problema de esas Princesas fue que tenían un gran mensaje de transfondo sino que al final de la obra se perdía Peeeeeeeeeeero no quita que se debe ser crítico con el producto por ejemplo con ariel puedes ver a la tonta que vendió su voz por un tipo que vio solo una vez o puedes ver a la tonta que vendió su voz (por qué seamos sinceros lo fue) para tener piernas y poder ser exploradora además que Úrsula diciéndole bque debe ser callada es la crítica precisamente a esa idea de la mujer.

  • BluenoteNinja
    BluenoteNinja12 days ago

    Using Fury Road to make a point about storytelling in The Little Mermaid is 5D time travel stuff and I’m here for it

  • Tony Bruno
    Tony Bruno12 days ago

    Don't let the bastards get you down, Lindsey. Keep pressing on! :)

  • NFM1337
    NFM133712 days ago

    Imagine not considering the Great Mouse Detective the best Sherlock. Disgusting.

  • Jeedy Jay
    Jeedy Jay12 days ago

    These seem like some disputes that have been needed for quite awhile.

  • BigFuzzyDice
    BigFuzzyDice12 days ago

    Actually I think Aladdin and Jasmine get married like right after their movie because the whole point is that they are trying to get Jasmine married in a few days. While yes the Sultan changes the law saying Jasmine has to marry a prince, it still means she married Aladdin immediately after. Though I agree the rest of them you don’t know how long after they get married.

  • BigFuzzyDice


    4 days ago

    @Gota Yeah I don’t consider them canon.

  • Gota


    4 days ago

    If you consider the sequels canon then Aladdin and Jasmine have maybe one of the longest confirmed gaps, as the 3rd movie is set around their wedding and takes place after the 2nd movie and the tv series.

  • Richard Pellegrino
    Richard Pellegrino12 days ago

    "Like the Danish themselves"

  • Arthur Haddad
    Arthur Haddad13 days ago

    OMG! Thank you!! I've been saying this to my friends for years about The Little Mermaid lol now I can just send them the link to this video so they can hear it from someone much more eloquent than me! and yes, please, do come to brazil lol