Rich Jail vs Broke Jail / Stupid Life Hacks in Prison

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If My Mom Runs the Movie Theatre / 16 Funny Situations in the Movie Theatre:
Every prison has its own rules, which work differently depending on the availability of money. Watch funny situations and ridiculous life hacks in a rich and broke jail.

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  • Troom Troom Trick
    Troom Troom TrickMonth ago

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  • Sarah Taylor

    Sarah Taylor

    Day ago

    Love this channel

  • Canaa Peace-Bey

    Canaa Peace-Bey

    Day ago

    This is cringe

  • Ronson Sloan

    Ronson Sloan

    2 days ago


  • Anna Cook

    Anna Cook

    3 days ago

    u said these were stupid is that a lie?

  • elfa garcia

    elfa garcia

    7 days ago

    Rich Jill

  • missgaga1981
    missgaga19812 hours ago

    She shouldn’t of cut that key 🔑🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂

  • Zuneira Farooq
    Zuneira Farooq7 hours ago

    So they knew that they are gonna end up in jail so that's why they got alll of those things BRUHH

  • Anne Fosso
    Anne FossoDay ago

    They did not just touch chewed gum gloves or not it is still disgusting😒.

  • Qazz1 _Vu
    Qazz1 _VuDay ago

    how did she bake all these items if she is locked up😭

  • Harry Darby
    Harry DarbyDay ago

    i love you guys and your vids you guys are awsome

  • Chloe Furbee
    Chloe FurbeeDay ago

    Wow they finally realized that there hacks are dumb

  • Joyce Chen
    Joyce Chen2 days ago

    How is the same prison guard guarding both cells at the same time? 🤔

  • Ali Salmi
    Ali Salmi2 days ago


  • Ramama Moied
    Ramama Moied2 days ago

    Not me simping over Ivy's husband👀

  • Tom Mc dermott
    Tom Mc dermott2 days ago

    How can the poor one buy it

  • Oruzgan Khass
    Oruzgan Khass2 days ago

    I did like but didn't subscribe

  • kitten
    kitten2 days ago

    I hate this yt Channel

  • Sanae Quinones
    Sanae Quinones3 days ago


  • Jessica katuuo
    Jessica katuuo3 days ago

    wow nice video

  • Marco Liang
    Marco Liang3 days ago

    how did they get clay in prison

  • Anna Cook
    Anna Cook3 days ago

    these hacks arent even able to happen

  • Anna Cook
    Anna Cook3 days ago

    i know these are stupid hacks it says that in the title

  • Jenny Foulkes
    Jenny Foulkes4 days ago

    I agree it’s pretty weird that they’re getting arrested for a shirt 😂

  • Joe Jenkins
    Joe Jenkins4 days ago


  • KidNINK
    KidNINK4 days ago


  • Hassan firetab2
    Hassan firetab25 days ago

    Just because you have question about your comment history

    IDPMPS TSS5 days ago


  • Saphire crosdale
    Saphire crosdale5 days ago

    I do not like it when you show the w9rk im going to un sub

  • Miss Gurl
    Miss Gurl5 days ago

    I love how the title says stupid life hacks in prison

  • Severe Weather Chasers
    Severe Weather Chasers5 days ago

    You can be broke as hell anymore and still own a brand new car , expensive iPhones ,android phones . iPads , homes stuff like that . So honestly being rich is overrated.

  • Avery and alany Cano
    Avery and alany Cano5 days ago

    My favorite character is Elsa

    HIGH HOPES5 days ago

    How are you even going to get all of those items these are for if your playing cops and robbers

  • Manny Bowman
    Manny Bowman5 days ago

    Why don’t you gyes make a tv show

  • Alexa
    Alexa6 days ago

    Hi my name is Talia

  • Sassy Kassy
    Sassy Kassy6 days ago

    I hate the rich girl she’s so annoying that that that that that that that that that that that that death girl the poor girl I like her

  • Layne Mccoy
    Layne Mccoy6 days ago

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  • Blake prince!
    Blake prince!6 days ago

    She is broke????? Poor her :(

  • Bill ducker
    Bill ducker6 days ago

    My question is how do they get that stuff In jail???

  • Tom Hodam
    Tom Hodam6 days ago

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  • barhiqa lamofguj
    barhiqa lamofguj6 days ago

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  • Anne Lapinski
    Anne Lapinski7 days ago

    Vsgdy I have to wait for the 4th November to be completed 5 and

  • Kiran Samir
    Kiran Samir7 days ago


  • Cxrrupted Studios.
    Cxrrupted Studios.7 days ago

    if you had to spell the sounds that guy made while chewing gum, it would my the entire alphabet except a and z Ivy while breaking out of jail : Mmmmm hamhamhmhammham MMM..?mhmhmhmh.mhm!!!

  • Jamila Akther Chowdhury
    Jamila Akther Chowdhury7 days ago

    This for baby I'm like 41 years old so hahahahah

  • Dragon World
    Dragon World7 days ago

    why does part ofteh title says " STupid life hacks"

  • Judea's World
    Judea's World7 days ago

    no one's gonna talk about how amber has braids and she's whiter than the outlets on my house ? ;-;

  • Angita Callus

    Angita Callus

    7 days ago

    Literally the thumbnail she had dreads like wtfff

  • Charlene Sicola
    Charlene Sicola8 days ago

    No I’m tired something somewhere in my name then they just do whatever you say

  • Alia Robinson
    Alia Robinson8 days ago

    The point of the video is to show you how to break out of prison?😂😂😂

  • Ga1axy
    Ga1axy8 days ago

    it is what it is

  • shea
    shea8 days ago


  • Wonderful  time
    Wonderful time8 days ago

    Hi I’m 8

  • Wonderful  time

    Wonderful time

    8 days ago

    And my name is orgeta

  • Jayaratchagan Nagulnaidu
    Jayaratchagan Nagulnaidu8 days ago

    My name is aura

  • Ilda Pinto
    Ilda Pinto9 days ago

    I subscribed just don’t block her veiw

  • jada alleyne
    jada alleyne9 days ago

    I picked the poor girl

  • Angel clips
    Angel clips9 days ago

    how did Ivy open her cell it was locked

  • Ankunding Jamel
    Ankunding Jamel9 days ago

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  • Marinette Doe-Peng-Cheng
    Marinette Doe-Peng-Cheng9 days ago

    Dumb but funny 😆

  • Priscilla Brazeal
    Priscilla Brazeal9 days ago

    I don’t like this video

  • Leah Collins
    Leah Collins9 days ago

    how could i do this in jail

  • Dawson Family
    Dawson Family10 days ago

    So broke people have locs???

  • stefan pop
    stefan pop10 days ago


  • priyanka gogna
    priyanka gogna10 days ago

    C C c. Cc

  • flxweriigxming ♡︎
    flxweriigxming ♡︎10 days ago

    bruh who gets in jail for wanting to buy the same shirt bruh im disliking this vid dumbos

  • Girlfriend
    Girlfriend10 days ago

    B R E A D

  • alana persad
    alana persad10 days ago

    I just to watch now I realized that it is real

  • Kelly Peryer
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  • Zhamir Lipman
    Zhamir Lipman11 days ago


  • Zhamir Lipman
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  • Katie Young
    Katie Young11 days ago

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    gefeu mabea11 days ago

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  • Jenifer Martinez
    Jenifer Martinez11 days ago


  • M x x h i
    M x x h i11 days ago

    *I know it says ‘dumb hacks in jail’ but YOUNG YOUNG children may not be able to read it or may just not read it (and please don’t hate nor comment nor like I’m just trying to get this to troom trooms head* You realize if someone actually did this in jail or prison they probably have to stay longer,beat you,and what not but you realize if you were just in jail and you did all of this you’d probably have to go to prison for a very long time. Your tips are helpful nor funny, I know this video it’s just supposed to be a joke but they’re giving hacks on how to do it which makes me wonder is it really a joke even though it probably still is, but is there could still be children watching this and I know they are because I watch this when I was like five and (there is a 89.99 percent chance they will not do this but u never know) they may try to do this :/ I know that this is really dumb butttt do you know for a fact that there is a little kid so you might want to put a ‘ do not try this/do this at home’ I know it’s really dumb but you have to take in to consideration that their are kids 2 and up (even adults like Lauren z side etc.) watching this. :/

  • commet _0209
    commet _020911 days ago

    They know they are stupid

  • Stormy Ncole
    Stormy Ncole11 days ago

    @Danny Baker ikr stipid

  • Stormy Ncole
    Stormy Ncole11 days ago


  • Jenni Fairclough
    Jenni Fairclough12 days ago

    Stop making fun of Broke people

  • GD Enfix
    GD Enfix12 days ago

    You probably have an OVEN in a JAIL CELL. Makes so much sense

  • Gun.  Play
    Gun. Play12 days ago

    I mean I’m a USplan or me I’ll tell Herman I’m a USplan or but I’m a USplan or well I

  • Peter S.S
    Peter S.S12 days ago

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    ADORICO DADIVAS III12 days ago

    The music is so stupid

  • Chloe Brown
    Chloe Brown12 days ago

    This is ridiculous

  • Luis
    Luis12 days ago

    Wtf is this? How did I end up in this section of USplan lmao

  • Jhayda Whyte
    Jhayda Whyte12 days ago


  • Faith denman
    Faith denman12 days ago


  • Faith denman
    Faith denman12 days ago

    How do they get arrested for fighting over a shirt 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Arianna Bargas
    Arianna Bargas12 days ago


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    💫Little butterfly💫13 days ago


  • Holly Halford
    Holly Halford13 days ago

    That is so funny.🤣

  • brother and sister
    brother and sister13 days ago

    i love how you named the video ''Rich Jail vs Broke Jail / Stupid Life Hacks in Prison''

    E McALINDEN14 days ago

    ivy is my favourite

  • whatwhatwhatwhat
    whatwhatwhatwhat14 days ago

    can you stop posing, this is a mugshot. also all prison cells are the same, but security measures are higher or lower depending on the prisoner B)

  • natnat
    natnat14 days ago

    why is nobody talking about the thumbnail..

  • Zoe Ruiz
    Zoe Ruiz14 days ago

    Yes we can totally get all that while we’re in prison or you know we can just make up before hand and then waste a bunch of supplies because will never go to prison

  • Macrina Anguino
    Macrina Anguino15 days ago

    Anteojos inherent Juani Juani One

  • The Child
    The Child15 days ago

    “Economy class cell” 😂😂😂 They act like you have to book a ticket for prison or something

  • cermipu kisadbuq
    cermipu kisadbuq15 days ago

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  • Bree Laster
    Bree Laster15 days ago

    You are dumb what if they is not a box of bread in jail

  • Kristen Squire
    Kristen Squire15 days ago

    If people are fighting over somthing in a shop you and i will not reapeat, YOU DO NOT SEND THEM YOU JAIL YOU KICK THEM OUT!

  • Applin Everette
    Applin Everette15 days ago

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  • Trevor Edwards
    Trevor Edwards15 days ago

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  • Grace Steiger
    Grace Steiger15 days ago

    mine was ivy