Richard Hammond discusses his Rimac crash

Richard Hammond sits down with Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac, and talks about his crash while filming for The Grand Tour.

See more on Richard Hammond's DRIVETRIBE page:

In this video, Richard talks about what went through his mind at the time, how and why the crash happened, what he was filming and how the crash nearly didn't happen.


  • Outhmane Hliloua
    Outhmane HlilouaDay ago

    i was so sad watching that crash

  • Murray 0
    Murray 03 days ago

    I’d be p•ssed at him for dying because he would break up the trio

  • My penis is small, but
    My penis is small, but3 days ago

    Supercars rarely do crash tests cause of the cost, nice of Hammond to provide them with a free crash test.

  • Scott Addison
    Scott Addison4 days ago

    He bent physics a little bit had me dead

  • Wicker 2
    Wicker 25 days ago

    Obnoxious music.

  • onehappynegro
    onehappynegro5 days ago

    if just one of these cars catches fire once a year i don't think it would be environmentally friendly. besides batteries on fire is far more lethal than gas cars.

  • dont-want-no-wrench
    dont-want-no-wrench6 days ago

    lucky to be alive, hope it educates him

  • ThePhysics1234
    ThePhysics12347 days ago

    not enough data... Look we gonna give you another car can you do it again?

  • mental disease
    mental disease7 days ago

    i just want to know hammond's lap time for the swiss hillclimb

  • Triple T Tutorials
    Triple T Tutorials8 days ago

    Poor hammond lost a million dollars!

  • vulkanizer
    vulkanizer9 days ago

    Im not homoselectual but Mate makes me hard when he talks abut cars

  • River Wolf
    River Wolf9 days ago

    Irresponsible idiot

  • Nobody
    Nobody10 days ago

    lucky to be alive

  • And  re
    And re10 days ago

    How James told.....before start of race..Italian gur repeat "Hammond you are 'pause'idiot:...and he show too all it is nott car with 1500hp for everybody specialy not for id/@ts..his frend told this not me....and this english drive at the wrong side of the road what to 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😉😊😁😁😁✌😉

  • And  re
    And re11 days ago

    This is bull hits or s#its u droping with out your original sense of english humor. It have to be annoying when somebody makes beter future cars or like u invented, motorbike and Japanese made thrm perfect and in so big numbers u dont know whic is better..Yamaha,Honda Nija,Kawasaki.or italian with soul Ducati.Lol..,did u invented cars no u didn't but again Japanese are better.Lol. Radio ..Sony or JVC...🤣😂🤣😂😄😁

  • olle wareus
    olle wareus12 days ago

    That says a lot about the design of the car to survive that.

  • Ajay S
    Ajay S13 days ago

    Watching this after seeing the review of Rimac nevera.

  • Metehan Kapı
    Metehan Kapı13 days ago

    I'd buy a Rimac if I was him (if he has the cash to blow ofc)

  • dumdumdimdim demdimdum
    dumdumdimdim demdimdum15 days ago

    Came here from the Nevera video.

  • Gelidus
    Gelidus16 days ago

    Crashtest = confirmed (ADAC = 5 Stars)

  • Stanley Lewis
    Stanley Lewis16 days ago

    But I do wonder if it would have happened if his co-hosts hadn’t messed with his mind like they did?

  • Slipe
    Slipe17 days ago

    im surprised he didnt crashed the whole biulding using only his mind

  • Ryder Spearmann
    Ryder Spearmann18 days ago

    I'm sorry... I like Richard quite a lot, but the fact is... he managed a VERY bad line going into that turn (by botching the previous one)... and all of this AFTER he had crossed the finish... he should have been reducing his speed dramatically for having finished... the CEO was astoundingly gracious.

  • Tristan Phillips
    Tristan Phillips18 days ago

    I love how he’s not even concerned with the loss of the car instead he’s glad Richard is safe and appreciates the pr. Also it really does prove the safety of the cars. But he just loves what he does and is happy to be there

  • Keith Daniels
    Keith Daniels20 days ago

    You watch this clip for seconds and realize that Rimac's CEO is a total Top Gear head, just like the rest of us. Fantastic!

  • Drago Drazenovic

    Drago Drazenovic

    11 days ago

    Rimac's CEO is Mate Rimac.

  • milleronthemooch
    milleronthemooch21 day ago

    Richard Hammond discusses his Immac rash...

  • Markus Puschert
    Markus Puschert22 days ago

    Just because you look like Tony Stark doesn't mean you have to destroy as much stuff as he does. 😆

  • john Mutton
    john Mutton22 days ago

    The ceo looks happy! 1 million pound car ruined by a hamster and he is laughing!

  • Fred Howland
    Fred Howland22 days ago

    What a seriously impressive car.

  • Morry Stone
    Morry Stone26 days ago

    And it wasn't even a rimac owned vehicle, it was a customers 😂

  • RoCk ShaDoW-WaLkEr
    RoCk ShaDoW-WaLkEr26 days ago

    At age 14 or 15 I was passenger in a VW Golf that rolled over 5 or 6 times landing upside down in a ditch after the driver tried taking a corner late while we were doing at least 60km, he then for some reason pulled the E-Brake to try and correct SMH. I can't imagine how much scarier Richard's accident would have been.

  • Nicolai Walmann
    Nicolai Walmann27 days ago

    Hammond has plot armor

  • quantum leapt
    quantum leapt28 days ago

    CEO should gift him one with a Hammond-governor in the near future.

  • matty henny
    matty henny28 days ago

    Geez! Didn't realise it was a year ago. At least he came out of it with just A scratch, considering he left the car in cinders.

  • Scuffed Ice Poseidon
    Scuffed Ice PoseidonMonth ago

    A few feet/meters more to the right. And Hammond would have entered a living room with a rimac

  • HYSTERIA 0161
    HYSTERIA 0161Month ago

    The fact it was a customers car makes me want to know how they will be compensated. Rimac won't build them another so will they get the first new car that comes off the production line?

  • Snoekvisser1972
    Snoekvisser1972Month ago

    In a nutshell, he needed more road to keep the shiny side up.

  • Mikey Mike
    Mikey MikeMonth ago

    Tires have a limit to how much traction they provide. Mass, inertia can't exceed traction, then crash! Glad Hammond is okay. :-)

  • Dew Hackler
    Dew HacklerMonth ago

    The attractive alarm clasically guarantee because creek subjectively smell between a erratic gander. unaccountable, nostalgic weasel

  • Phil PBOY
    Phil PBOYMonth ago

    Hammond, you’ve had 2 unbelievably lucky crashes. I think it’s time call it a day

  • blyndrotor
    blyndrotorMonth ago

    To bee FAAAIIIRRR.

  • G C
    G CMonth ago

    Keep driving Mate ! We love you blokes.

  • Steve Marks
    Steve MarksMonth ago

    Why was he still hammering so hard after the finish line??

  • Sam S
    Sam SMonth ago

    I've had a 120mph accident with my motorcyles and i survived but unfortunatly no one gona make a dicumentary about it just cause i'm. Not famouse even tho my accident is more spectaculare but hey i guess celeberities accidents are more interesting

  • AngryBoy Kaas
    AngryBoy KaasMonth ago

    So it was fake

  • Info Warrior
    Info WarriorMonth ago

    If the car was flipping down the hill you'd see indentations several feet apart from it flipping yet instead we see a straight line indentation which shows a car was driven straight down in a controlled manner, we also just happen to be missing the footage from inside the car... it was fake, the animation also shows this

  • Info Warrior
    Info WarriorMonth ago

    Of all the footage the crash scene just happened to be recorded by a potatoe, that footage was animated you can even see it in the movement of the car

  • Greg Seveian
    Greg SeveianMonth ago

    Jenny from Dragon's Den would still say: Hammond barely survived and for that reason, I am Out

  • Glenn brooks
    Glenn brooksMonth ago

    Hammond misses the right hand apex puts him too far left causing him to over correct for the left hander. Car says No.

  • Aaron
    AaronMonth ago

    Glad he survived! A beautiful car but it sounds like a vacuum cleaner.

  • John
    JohnMonth ago

    Hammond has been in so many fiery and violent accidents. It's a miracle he's even still alive. We're glad hes still here, but it's amazing none-the-less.

  • Steve Lamberts
    Steve LambertsMonth ago

    Nice analysis. For me it's a pendulum effect. Too fast in the right hander and it got away. He was no longer in racing mode after he passed the timing screen.

  • Collin Tanja
    Collin TanjaMonth ago

    As he had went over the finish line, does anyone know what his time was?

  • Karlis Kristapsons
    Karlis KristapsonsMonth ago

    car cached pretty big on fire, somehow it feels that petrol car is safer in this sense.

  • OK2020


    15 days ago

    @Karlis Kristapsons statistically petrol cars catch fire more often than electric vehicles but the fires in electric cars are more dangerous, I think.

  • Karlis Kristapsons

    Karlis Kristapsons

    Month ago

    @Ricky LaFleur how many times in serious crashes F1 burst on fire, and at what speeds? Electric cars catch flames more easily and they don't have to be a racing e-car

  • Ricky LaFleur

    Ricky LaFleur

    Month ago

    look at F1 fires and get back to me.

  • Keith Kim
    Keith KimMonth ago

    He's a terrible driver, shame he's actually on a car show

  • gadgetsage
    gadgetsageMonth ago

    oh deary me I think we've killed our friend

  • valleysofneptune
    valleysofneptuneMonth ago

    Basically, driving too fast for the corner …..

  • Charles Jannuzi
    Charles JannuziMonth ago

    It's an absolutely amazing car. I almost want to cry seeing it crash. Why he didn't slow down after crossing the finish line is beyond me. It does say a lot about the safe design of the car.

  • ___________
    ___________Month ago

    Respect 4 both. "Rimac Automobili" now make the new rules in sport results! 🔝👍🙂

  • Jeff Jim
    Jeff JimMonth ago

    I don’t understand why people would bash the safety of Rimac their car supported the beating

  • mioryder on CGN p
    mioryder on CGN pMonth ago

    Just glad he survived, he's lucky he's alive, but had a well engineered

  • Golden Storm
    Golden StormMonth ago

    Hammond u idiot

  • John Hawk
    John HawkMonth ago

    The car did look nice did with a bad driver

  • kennedy796
    kennedy796Month ago

    The result of the accident is pretty favorable just about any way you put it. So i would probably do the same, just no blame and investigate the accident

  • e m p
    e m pMonth ago

    Alll fun and games aside, there are 6 frames in this video that were not color graded ;)

  • MK Biker
    MK BikerMonth ago

    But it still doesn't answer the question why he didn't slow done after the finish line??

  • vic321344
    vic321344Month ago

    He just had to brake after the finish line. So what? Did the brakes fail? And the Rimac is a very unsafe car. They discarded security measure to protect the lithium cells for gaining less weight. Therefore the cells get ripped and began burning immediately.

  • Ricky LaFleur

    Ricky LaFleur

    Month ago

    "gaining less weight" bahahaha

  • RRocr
    RRocrMonth ago

    like with flying, if nobody died it was a successful landing.

  • Redfern Pitcher
    Redfern PitcherMonth ago

    About as uninformative as I have cme to expect from you people.

  • Justin Bourne
    Justin BourneMonth ago

    i must have living under a rock because i never saw this crash until now (may 2021), he's dawn lucky to come out in 1 piece

  • Umaxen 00
    Umaxen 00Month ago

    The most dangerous road I have ever driven was in Switzerland. You have to concentrate 100% keeping eyes on the road at ALL times since the changes in both elevation and direction on mountain roads is almost constant. One second with your eyes off the road when travelling at the speed limit could easily yield death. There are some places where you can EASILY roll over a mile down the mountain with ZERO control...

  • zeil 1time
    zeil 1timeMonth ago

    Fookin dosser

  • Röky_M
    Röky_MMonth ago

    It's very Simple , Don't put Hypercars in the hands of sub-standard celebrity drivers.

  • Khairul Fadzly A. Karim
    Khairul Fadzly A. KarimMonth ago

    An orangutan, a panda and a shrew, we all know whom was which.

  • krejziks
    krejziksMonth ago

    Weight transfer saved him to fly around the house not straight into it

  • Brennan
    BrennanMonth ago

    Fun fact: the rimac 2 comes with a fire extinguisher in the back because of the accident

  • Bryan Drewry
    Bryan DrewryMonth ago

    I thought it was an elaborate joke.

  • jfan4reva
    jfan4revaMonth ago

    "Just one more last one." Doesn't matter what the activity is, just say no!

  • Jeff Strongman
    Jeff StrongmanMonth ago

    I think its obvious what happened. He came out of the previous right hander a little too hot which got him out of the grove, still carrying a little too much speed he tried to get back in and was braking hard which started bringing it around, he attempted to correct it and well....The reality of it is that he was already committed to not making as soon as he left that previous right way too hot. Could have happened to anyone. Glad he's safe. And that is one awesome car. I'd take it over any Lambo or Ferrari any day.

  • Michael Bruce
    Michael BruceMonth ago

    How much was the Car worth? Did they have insurance?

  • James Robin
    James RobinMonth ago

    The car in the aftermath upside down, strangely resembles an uncircumcised dog on his back……just me? Nevermind….

  • arran shirovay
    arran shirovayMonth ago

    I know it's a bit cheeky But..... In the crash my phone my tablet my laptop my camera and my smart watch were all vaourised in the inferno Can you replace them for me 🤣👍 Glad he's alright

  • Mr Riesen
    Mr RiesenMonth ago

    Curious if the car was insured when its on a race course? Curious if Hammond is insured, and what that costs?

  • Niamh O'Connor
    Niamh O'ConnorMonth ago

    Richard Hammond: crashes Also Richard Hammond: survives crash Also Richard Hammond: crashes again Also Richard Hammond: survives again

  • Uplightered
    UplighteredMonth ago

    So, the reason was what ... ???

  • Diether Santos
    Diether SantosMonth ago

    Dang Tony you crash a million electric car 😂

  • John Higgins
    John HigginsMonth ago

    Glad his o.k.

  • shelby namels
    shelby namelsMonth ago

    The POV of this video is from outside Hammond's car. Why is the idiot filming throwing down the camera and the picture goes dark?

  • Justin Doss
    Justin DossMonth ago

    I think the rimac just passed the Toyota corolla in crash test ratings imo.

  • Benjamin Phillips
    Benjamin PhillipsMonth ago

    The little guy bought the farm 😂😂

  • Dan Kennedy
    Dan KennedyMonth ago

    But did he beat the 56 second course record?

  • Bakakuk Sunsuron
    Bakakuk SunsuronMonth ago

    That car gonna get famous

  • Ghostshadow714
    Ghostshadow714Month ago

    Yes I know what he means, I'm a former down hill MTB racer, and It is sort of an Unwritten rule that you never say," just one more run".

  • schteiny65
    schteiny65Month ago

    Driver error, plain and simple. On the power after the finish. Spin doctors hard at work.

  • fritz Eckstein
    fritz EcksteinMonth ago

    someone help me out. after a lot of comments and more than one video i still do not understand why he kept speeding after the finish line..

  • R
    RMonth ago

    When he crossed the line should he not have started breaking?

  • Dru Bradley
    Dru BradleyMonth ago

    Mate Rimac... Not to insult your intelligence, but your torque vectoring by means of throttle and braking of all four wheels.... I kindly say, build a model of a AWD chassis, with a drive motor at each wheel and independent braking as well at each wheel corner... throw all your sensor at this model, and learn what the car is doing on that unit.. Plus, in the long run of battery life, you will save the battery's too for longer running times, instead of wasting energy into frictional heat and braking... braking the interior of the curve while powering the outer of the curve off of just one axial motor per pair of wheels (left to right front set) & (left to right rear set).. I have already played with this 4 motor torque vectoring and braking on a 1/4 scale model, as compared to one axial motor to drive both left and right.. There are many things that create an abstract guessing game as to why the 4 motor config points and shoots better, more predictably, but all the algo's and sure footing in on the 4 motor indi controlling. The weight factor is the same. I will say, 4 motors in the straight away's is the issue I found to be a bit squirrely, yet, a small trade off, when all you are required to do is deal with going straight. But in the high force turns, the 4 motor config vectoring, shinned and was less work for the car ,and forced the tires to each do their jobs. On the models, compared, 2 motor vs 4 motor, the 4 motor config, had a 18% gain in the turns. Further control & out of control tests where done on a ice hockey rink, flat freshly skimmed. with out going into all the silly numbers talking circles, the 4 motor config, through all ranges of speeds would always hold a tights arc. Of course, the limiting factor was the width of the ice skating rink walls, by how fast the model's speed to turn radius could get up to before smashing the front corner of the model. Still, on the ice, the 4 motor config, compared to the 2 motor config, held a steady 17 to 19 percent gain over the 2 motor config. That test was cut short, due to the model saying hello to the wall at 25 to 26 MPH. On dry concrete and pavement, the model is fully capable of 85 to 90 MPH. I learned all that I wanted/needed to learn, and lost interest in this.. But, the fitting of one motor in front and one in back to handle the left to right shared torque output, via braking, is killing these cars, including VW & Audi.. even though they claim they are more sure footed then a non-brake vectoring controlled unit. So, if the (simple numbers rounded up) are 20% better then a 2 motor system, and the 2 motor system is almost 35 % better then simple ABS brake systems while in a turn.. that is approx 45 to 55 % gain over all.. Nice looking car though.. Not that Mate Rimac will ever read this.. and am just saying.. Also, a simply 2 to 4 bottle fire extinguisher plumbed in to routed nozzles would be a nice feature, and other then the weight of the bottles, the plumbing would add less then 4 lbs to the chassis to run 20 to 40 fan nozzles in key locations, that can be triggered manually and in a race config, by the computer in key situations, via the inertia and shock load sensor and telemetry of the (+/_ X,Y,Z) of G-0, automatically deploys?...

  • DarkWater4Eva
    DarkWater4EvaMonth ago

    Are there any cellphone footage from different angles?

  • Jason Cashmore
    Jason CashmoreMonth ago

    Why not back off😂👍

  • Ray Clark
    Ray ClarkMonth ago

    Use 23:41 in .25x slow-mo and 26:12