Riding The Craziest Roller Coaster In England

We went to England's coolest Theme Park... and it was absolutely insane lol

Mates - @Ph1LzA @Wilbur Soot
Edited by Tom & Elodie (@elodiegif on twitter)

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  • Tom Simons
    Tom SimonsMonth ago

    ONE VLOG A WEEK BABY! its only gonna get more mental from here hahahah. consider subscribing

  • Angel Aguilar

    Angel Aguilar

    3 days ago

    @Cassidy _ink_harem no

  • Cassidy _ink_harem

    Cassidy _ink_harem

    19 days ago


  • 04_weeb_smp_29


    25 days ago

    Bro isnit wort it

  • Unkn0wn


    Month ago

    Tommy you would hate Dollywood

  • willow


    Month ago


  • karlnapityanddnf, skephalo-as_well_loverXDhehLOL
    karlnapityanddnf, skephalo-as_well_loverXDhehLOL11 minutes ago

    me watching this: bro the rides are like nothing and im 9-

  • ice
    ice30 minutes ago

    1:46 "i can do the blade"

  • sailor cloud
    sailor cloud36 minutes ago

    Tommy, I want you to understand something. I am a girl, and I am going to give you some advice. BE YOURSELF! If a girl doesn't want you as you are, find another one.

  • Squishmallow
    Squishmallow45 minutes ago

    Let's appreciate how he ate multiple things of cotton candy and did not throw up

  • Skadi Valkyrie
    Skadi Valkyrie57 minutes ago

    is gogy the therapist?!?!?!?!?

  • Kong
    KongHour ago

    in the whole video you can scent the fear in his body lol

  • Ravioli Cucumber
    Ravioli CucumberHour ago

    Will saying I’m too tall for this has to be the most unrelatable thing for me

  • Fortux
    FortuxHour ago


  • Wulff_ Legd
    Wulff_ LegdHour ago

    Go to silver dollar city in Branson mo.

  • Will Papp
    Will PappHour ago

    Pause it at 7:48 and you will get an amazing look into Wilbur's face

  • Ruby cilia
    Ruby ciliaHour ago

    The end just hit hard man-

  • Adrienne Mendoza
    Adrienne Mendoza2 hours ago


  • ReyWasXD
    ReyWasXD2 hours ago


  • Tiffany Dixon
    Tiffany Dixon2 hours ago

    tommy I know how it feels to go on a big roller coaster I was on the grizzly at kings domone in the USA and IM KILLING MY SISTER FOR IT

  • caitlin baxter
    caitlin baxter2 hours ago

    I just wanna know if she went out with him

  • Artyrion
    Artyrion2 hours ago

    Let me get this straight tommy seemed more scared ok n the rollercoasters than litteraly sky diving!

  • Leon Yang
    Leon Yang2 hours ago

    Are good

  • kys eddie
    kys eddie2 hours ago


  • Yes No
    Yes No3 hours ago

    10:13 did Wilbur just vore me

  • Michael Mtakwa
    Michael Mtakwa3 hours ago

    4:32 is funny

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez4 hours ago

    Poor Tommy at the end.

  • I’m Everywhere
    I’m Everywhere4 hours ago

    “I’M ₛᵤbₛcᵣᵢbₑ ₜₒ ₑᵥₑᵣyₒₙₑ wₕₒ ₛᵤbₛcᵣᵢbₑₛ ₜₒ ₘₑ ₐₙd ₗᵢₖₑ ₜₕᵢₛ cₒₘₘₑₙₜ”

  • ranbro
    ranbro4 hours ago

    This folks, is real footage of a man being tortured.

  • Adriana Sievers
    Adriana Sievers4 hours ago

    I’m sorry she said no tommy >;

  • ranbro
    ranbro4 hours ago

    *my interstate is paved with knives*

  • Mya Welch
    Mya Welch4 hours ago

    Poor Tommy

  • Itz_destiny
    Itz_destiny4 hours ago

    Wil : well tommy why don't you look behind you quickly Tommy: 😱 what the f--k

  • loopyfae
    loopyfae5 hours ago

    I love how Phil is like the dad and Tommy and Wil are like the little kids that always scare eachother and joke around with eachother but are also partners in crime. And it really proves that Phil, certainly is, Dadza.

  • Logan Games
    Logan Games5 hours ago

    Imagine if she comments on this video and she says no again

  • Abigail Handley
    Abigail Handley5 hours ago

    The smiler is amazing

  • Morpho
    Morpho5 hours ago


  • JustPl4ySomething
    JustPl4ySomething5 hours ago

    I would like to be the girl who’s Tommy’s crush 🥺❤️☺️

  • Caleb Do-Oma
    Caleb Do-Oma5 hours ago


  • JuneBug
    JuneBug5 hours ago

    The end was sad

  • Sarjy
    Sarjy5 hours ago

    I like how Phil said he's not buying Tommy any toys and then Tommy asks Willbur if he will buy him a toy. Proof that Tommy is a child.

  • Autum Riley
    Autum Riley6 hours ago

    Its the "GOGYYYYYYY" fir me

  • Kate O'Keefe
    Kate O'Keefe6 hours ago


  • Kevin
    Kevin6 hours ago

    alton towers moment

  • Tigger TV
    Tigger TV6 hours ago

    Tommy: so isn’t there supposed to be a big pig here Me:Sorry I could not make it

  • Mooshrum
    Mooshrum7 hours ago

    20:05 **sad pogchamp**

  • Bun-bun Gacha
    Bun-bun Gacha7 hours ago

    the end tho 😂😭 Sorry tommy

  • Alex Brand
    Alex Brand7 hours ago

    Rip tom

  • GalacticGamer
    GalacticGamer7 hours ago

    I’d love to see Tommy do the roller coaster in tayto park

  • Arlo Rain
    Arlo Rain7 hours ago

    Tommy is now helping me through me regretting my life desicions because my friends and I are going to a place with lots of roller coasters and stuff for one of their birthdays in a few days, and I told them I would ride any ride as long as my best friend who is also terrified of roller coasters and one other friend rides it with me. I don't know how much I'll be watching this video

  • Yves Atallah
    Yves Atallah7 hours ago

    I love that he placed super mario 3d world music bc its one of the best mario games it has everything

  • Livyloo5 aka Panda Lover
    Livyloo5 aka Panda Lover8 hours ago

    the slime in making: *makes asmr sounds* tommy: AHHHHH AHHHHH

  • avyla _5592
    avyla _55928 hours ago

    philza sayinb its pure sugar and he camt get it lolll

  • • Luna TvT•
    • Luna TvT•8 hours ago

    My adrenaline would've been pumping so much to the point i would have a heart attack on those rides

  • Livyloo5 aka Panda Lover
    Livyloo5 aka Panda Lover8 hours ago

    why does phil sound scottish

  • Louq
    Louq8 hours ago

    Energylandia in Poland is the best park in Europe

  • Goose
    Goose8 hours ago

    Flashing lights warning at 16:14 - 16:19

  • Kaylee rainbolt
    Kaylee rainbolt8 hours ago

    How is it that at every angle Wilbur looks good how is it possible

  • Marie Connolly
    Marie Connolly8 hours ago


  • Sweety Rana
    Sweety Rana8 hours ago

    My daughter is a simp for tommy

  • Totally Jokers
    Totally Jokers8 hours ago

    Tommy’s just heartbroken I-

  • g00sel1sn0tavailable
    g00sel1sn0tavailable9 hours ago

    RIP Tommy.

  • Munai
    Munai9 hours ago

    i just realized tom shaves his beard..

  • [•Lemonade_Light•]
    [•Lemonade_Light•]9 hours ago

    When tommy prayed lol

  • Siddarth Offical

    Siddarth Offical

    5 hours ago

    cringe alert! cringe alert! I sense cringe on my computer. Please Leave 🤮😡

  • Queen beanie_2012
    Queen beanie_20129 hours ago

    U should go on wicker Man, the hex and nemisis

  • Queen beanie_2012

    Queen beanie_2012

    9 hours ago

    And 13

  • Queen beanie_2012
    Queen beanie_20129 hours ago

    I'm 9 I went there Tuesday and Wednesday and my fav is the blade I went there this week Tuesday and Wednesday

  • Brianna Winnick
    Brianna Winnick9 hours ago

    Poor Tommy

  • YourDigadooPlaysRblx
    YourDigadooPlaysRblx10 hours ago

    did tommy legit cry.... :)

  • Xx0random0xx
    Xx0random0xx10 hours ago


  • BathToy
    BathToy10 hours ago

    Phil: i’m not buying you anything Tommy: Phil is too nice

  • {Laazy_Cxndy}
    {Laazy_Cxndy}10 hours ago

    8:46 pause on it That is definitely the most unflattering angle

  • bruhhhhhh
    bruhhhhhh10 hours ago

    Just went yesterday... first thing i went on was the smiler and im 12

  • NotPinkMagic
    NotPinkMagic10 hours ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how Tommy could've died of the smiles people broke their kneecaps

  • Roma R
    Roma R10 hours ago

    i stan tommys pink face mask

  • Lisa Narramore
    Lisa Narramore10 hours ago

    6:50 nyow What Did I just hear

  • Fancy Dood
    Fancy Dood11 hours ago

    Imagine being the girl and you see this video

  • Wubbox yt
    Wubbox yt11 hours ago

    Yo tommy go to carowinds they have insane rides

  • Weeb_Wierdo12
    Weeb_Wierdo1211 hours ago

    Willber trying to traumatize tommy: Tommy: 🤠

  • Jeff Gaydos
    Jeff Gaydos11 hours ago

    People I got on Way way crazier ride then the slimer and I’m eight!

  • Brianna Horton
    Brianna Horton11 hours ago

    Anything for the ladies Tommy 😎

  • Itsu Itsu
    Itsu Itsu11 hours ago

    D I S A S T E R

  • • ~ Camilia ~ •
    • ~ Camilia ~ •11 hours ago


  • Maceson Lauchlan
    Maceson Lauchlan11 hours ago

    Tom started to scream and i nearly choked on my juice

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith11 hours ago

    The fact that they act like an actual family. Philza, the tired yet kind father; Wilbur, the annoying older brother that buys ice cream as an apology, and helps his bros get dates; and Tommy, the younger brother with girl problems, radiates constant gremlin vibes.

  • Bruh
    Bruh11 hours ago


  • The Lucid Mudkip
    The Lucid Mudkip11 hours ago

    “I can do the blade” Tom simons 2021

  • Prestoman
    Prestoman12 hours ago

    lol i went there btw tommy there was an accident on the smiler, just to give ur nerve a litttle tingle :)

  • Huboo
    Huboo12 hours ago

    8:38 what was that face

  • JB Henny
    JB Henny12 hours ago

    I've been there so many times.

  • Rosebud Gonca
    Rosebud Gonca12 hours ago

    I really freaking scared of the blade when I was a kid i rode the blade and I cover my self with a blanket 🥲🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Psycho
    Psycho12 hours ago


  • Gacha Shipz
    Gacha Shipz 12 hours ago

    the end nearly made me cry oml 😭

  • emily masalig
    emily masalig12 hours ago


  • あかny がちゃAkany Gacha
    あかny がちゃAkany Gacha13 hours ago

    " ok i dont want to die,I’ve got to much to live for , to many wives to live,to many women AAAAA" that my favorite part of the vid ! 😭✨

  • Remas Mohamed Ahmed :3
    Remas Mohamed Ahmed :313 hours ago

    you dont need her, just be gay

  • Faith_bb _127
    Faith_bb _12713 hours ago

    I think this is my fave vid from Tommy

  • Xavier Hannigan
    Xavier Hannigan13 hours ago

    ahh shit here we go again?

  • Anthony Pagano
    Anthony Pagano13 hours ago

    You should’ve done Rita.

  • Welrl world
    Welrl world14 hours ago

    17:21 he’s not saying that when he try’s the universal rides lol

  • SplashPad Marketing
    SplashPad Marketing14 hours ago


  • Welrl world
    Welrl world14 hours ago

    I dare Tommy to go to universal and go to the red big ride and the hulk in the red one u could select music it’s not that scary

  • Nik Nason
    Nik Nason14 hours ago

    Poor Tommy :< u went through that torture and didn't get da gurl that's sad as f mate.