Rust - A GREAT RECOVERY to a HOPELESS Wipe (Movie)


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11. Little Did We Know - Arthur Benson
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13. Closing Tundra - Dew Of Light
14. Blues for Mark - Vendla
15. What Once Was - Gavin Luke
16. Run for the Man - John Utah
17. Shinigami - SINY
18. Neighbour Watch - Mac Taboel
19. Life Out There - Christian Andersen
20. Ain't No Thing But To Swing 1 - Gavin Luke
21. AAH! - TAGE
22. Surf & Turf - Toby Tranter
23. Zebra Style 2 - Martin Landh
24. Pins And Needles 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
25. The Ingenious - Arthur Benson
26. Driving South - Walt Adams
27. Too Fast - Ooyy
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  • Blooprint
    BlooprintMonth ago

    You guys reallllly thought I was going to do just ONE video for 1,000,000 subscribers didn't you? HAHAHA! You were so right!!! Yeah, one movie was the plan. This video ended up being longer than I anticipated but you can't complain about back to back movies can you? Hey, while you're reading this, maybe go check out my second channel? ❤️

  • A Nobody

    A Nobody

    6 hours ago

    Bhad Baby simps when someone asks why they bought her only fans-“I was down bad “ quote from blooprint



    6 days ago

    Love your content man

  • serzue


    20 days ago

    @provisualgaming you have to download the insider hub, it has like an astronaut picture then it shows in the previews tab

  • provisualgaming


    21 day ago

    @serzue k good to know but I'm still waiting for my code tho

  • serzue


    21 day ago

    @provisualgaming I've been playing it for a bit on xbox and there's so many bugs and sometimes you can't even spawn, it's just way too buggy

  • Garry Panagsagan
    Garry Panagsagan8 hours ago

    wow this vid was awsome like and sub he is a god in rust :)

  • Bailey Hudson
    Bailey HudsonDay ago

    its amazing when how being chased by a player your like "Aww im good" but when it come to a bear or something your like "SHIT IMA DIEEE"

  • William Nevings
    William NevingsDay ago

    noted: when starting rust dont go on blooprints sever

  • Edi Beg
    Edi Beg2 days ago

    I luv your vids haha

  • Snowkie
    Snowkie2 days ago

    I LOVE WHEN he says ohh i guess he has brain damgede kid ;D

  • Smyth legrand
    Smyth legrand3 days ago

    I’m getting a PC and this was gonna be my first game but never mind it looks really frustrating

  • Spin


    2 days ago

    it's really punishing but once you get the hang of it you'll enjoy it. Give it a try.

  • ValJack CBEP
    ValJack CBEP3 days ago

    bruh i didn't even know u made a new youtube channel, i just ran into it and thought it was a fan supporting u and making videos for u

  • Ultra Ultra
    Ultra Ultra3 days ago

    Is blooprint a drainer

  • Jayden Aguayo
    Jayden Aguayo3 days ago


  • retaksoo
    retaksoo3 days ago

    watching this...oh of course he has all the bp's already lmao.

  • Chevy Branconnier-Hodgson
    Chevy Branconnier-Hodgson3 days ago

    Does Rust have A creative mode? When I get the game, I want to learn the controls and other things

  • christian reid
    christian reid4 days ago

    E2smoothTTV rolled up on him :/

  • Suka. _
    Suka. _4 days ago

    metric fuckton of rockets alright :D

    MOSES4 days ago

    27:29 i feel you haha only the best memes happen in a "e2" zone so good

  • ItsCalledHowl
    ItsCalledHowl4 days ago

    Twp clan is my other account just subscribed to blooprint bunker on both my accounts!

  • Tw Clan
    Tw Clan4 days ago

    Going to sub to it rn

  • Omar Oliva
    Omar Oliva4 days ago

    i wish i get the same lucky with green card on irl

  • D3Snomical
    D3Snomical4 days ago

    The rain is much calmer 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I've only watched bp for like 3 months and never saw him this mad but I would be so much angrier

  • Dr.Doolittle007
    Dr.Doolittle0074 days ago

    44:06 your sap was still on the ground

  • Cinimod
    Cinimod4 days ago

    How can one be so entertaining

  • Stumpylowe
    Stumpylowe4 days ago

    moan hes pre aiming - pre aiming towards them yourself XD

  • Stephen Tapia
    Stephen Tapia5 days ago

    What happened with linger after y’all left the sever

  • Jooooger
    Jooooger5 days ago

    Too bad Bloodprint didn't realize Disfigure was I'm Garbage at the end. Should've realized when they raided the base and it was abandoned since Disfigure joined his team. Sheeeesh.

  • Bopper Bousehold
    Bopper Bousehold5 days ago

    can i have that crossy? HUH YEAH?

  • Barjee
    Barjee5 days ago

    am i the only one who feels bad after killing someone and taking their fully stacked invent? like i imagine how long it took them to get it and how i'd feel, on my last wipe there was a guy who was raiding all the solos and noobs so i levelled his base, naturally he left the server, even though he was an arse i still felt bad XD idk

  • Brian Segovia
    Brian Segovia5 days ago

    The deadpan offer electronically wink because turkey specifically dam against a dull jewel. abrupt, sturdy ukrainian

  • ALM8Y
    ALM8Y6 days ago

    he called that door camper a slimey piece of shit LMAO

    I DREW IT6 days ago


  • Gaming With Keviiinator
    Gaming With Keviiinator6 days ago

    Who watched the whole video? I did!

    GMO_OREO6 days ago

    this is like my wipes except i cant even get a p20

    N0CLUE_RINOTERRaZ6 days ago

    22:25 I’m dead of laughter

  • Mr_Largegoose
    Mr_Largegoose7 days ago

    Goes from happiness and joy in 2:30 then depression at 44:33

  • Łukasz Zib
    Łukasz Zib7 days ago


  • Łukasz Zib

    Łukasz Zib

    7 days ago

    can you tell peaople how +++++ their survivability

  • Łukasz Zib

    Łukasz Zib

    7 days ago

    try teach them rust ... make like rust school?

  • Steve mvr
    Steve mvr7 days ago

    Bruh disfigure is the one that bring the content

  • A V
    A V7 days ago


  • Scoobert McRupert
    Scoobert McRupert7 days ago

    The irrational hate for the DB is hilarious to me.

  • Scoobert McRupert
    Scoobert McRupert7 days ago

    12:40 It’s Robin Hood.

  • Nickolas Witham
    Nickolas Witham7 days ago

    Light house sar was such a bullet sponge

  • Zdeněk
    Zdeněk7 days ago

    WOW .. One of the best Rust movie, Fcking GreaT Job

  • Jan Medina
    Jan Medina8 days ago

    Let's be honest here, Ling Ling carried this episode

  • Neko san
    Neko san8 days ago

    Rust is intense. While me in minecraft:

  • NemoFN.
    NemoFN.8 days ago

    Me just Thinking ur gonna give ur base to ling. Next day ling is like POLARRRR

  • itachi'sdaddy
    itachi'sdaddy8 days ago

    1:01:16 ahh yes soothing music for the rpg explosion

  • Saad Sattar
    Saad Sattar8 days ago

    The industrious canada equally manage because approval enzymatically unfasten as a tremendous drop. dangerous, stale bite

  • David Deleon
    David Deleon8 days ago

    ey blueprint can u gift me this game?? reply here if u will. wanna play this game so bad :)

  • Saad Sattar
    Saad Sattar8 days ago

    The vengeful cold curiously embarrass because steven greely add beyond a unwieldy frown. tenuous, simple blue

  • v1vid vibz
    v1vid vibz9 days ago

    W H A T A R E Y O U D O I N G I N B L O O ‘ S S W A M P

  • yeet yeet
    yeet yeet9 days ago

    The gift and the curse of the swamp, once u enter the swamp, u'll get fortune , thus making u rich, But after some moons, the swamp will fog ur mind thus making our perception low n making us dumb.

  • yeet yeet
    yeet yeet9 days ago

    Bro literally I'm cringing so much at how bad he is with a bow n a crossbow

  • Andy Mcarthy
    Andy Mcarthy9 days ago

    "He has to use a DB to win, no skill db..." Proceeds to use DB himself...

  • Sloothman
    Sloothman9 days ago

    Isn’t it crazy that y’all thought he was building in 2x speed but he’s just built different💪🏾

  • Abobra Sousa
    Abobra Sousa9 days ago


  • no one sd
    no one sd9 days ago

    I love long videos!!!!!!!! Keep doing this

  • Mathew Morton
    Mathew Morton10 days ago

    The guy at 8:28 was cheating, listen to how fast the bow shoots. No way.

  • AO751
    AO75110 days ago

    Hello there... 23:27 lmao

  • Oneway_pump
    Oneway_pump10 days ago

    a matric fuck out of rockets LMAO😂😂😂😂

  • StoryTimeWith Araz
    StoryTimeWith Araz10 days ago

    the guy he just killed: your a fuking juw you know that? me: WHAT TH FU...

  • StoryTimeWith Araz
    StoryTimeWith Araz10 days ago

    I love your vids, there just so dam good

  • Rezyy
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  • DCC25


    8 days ago

    Ya I wanna know

  • yeet yeet

    yeet yeet

    9 days ago

    The Shrek design

  • Brian Segovia
    Brian Segovia12 days ago

    The mixed song technologically kill because sale histochemically close plus a nonchalant cent. roasted, tangible flesh

  • Nebula
    Nebula12 days ago

    You make me want to play rust but the only thing I can play is Minecraft because my graphics card is broken. :(

  • Blxzzard
    Blxzzard12 days ago

    do u play on modded servers ?

  • No Name
    No Name12 days ago

    22:22 even I wanted to chin myself

  • Chonk
    Chonk12 days ago

    Ling is a chad

  • Shiver
    Shiver12 days ago

    All my homies love Ling :D

  • Brian Segovia
    Brian Segovia12 days ago

    The unadvised fridge habitually obey because linen mostly call besides a lacking operation. future futuristic, maniacal guarantee

  • ePivot
    ePivot12 days ago

    Maaaaan I love you

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    du du du du12 days ago


  • Cop Killer
    Cop Killer13 days ago

    They blasted the homie LING

  • Morrow
    Morrow13 days ago

    Bruh I've been trying watch this for a month I just can't get into it

  • Santiago Restrepo
    Santiago Restrepo13 days ago

    the fucking music gives this video so many points to be perfect into the vibe of the video and be so enjoyable...

  • Santiago Restrepo
    Santiago Restrepo13 days ago

    the fucking music gives this video so many points to be perfect into the vibe of the video and be so enjoyable...

  • JC
    JC13 days ago

    The players in this video except for you and linger anger me so much.

  • Aidan Quinn
    Aidan Quinn13 days ago

    The way he said *oh no not the second one*

  • Harold Kaagbay
    Harold Kaagbay13 days ago

    I don't like this guy-

  • 阿什頓·呂夫斯
    阿什頓·呂夫斯13 days ago

    you cant beat them you gotta join them

  • Evan Smith
    Evan Smith13 days ago

    1:10:15 "we ended up with a metric fuck ton of rockets" im fucking crying

  • Brian Segovia
    Brian Segovia13 days ago

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    Brian Segovia13 days ago

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  • caius halliday
    caius halliday14 days ago

    58:11 spoon kid when doin floor is lava

  • caius halliday
    caius halliday14 days ago

    26:24 db from that far lol

  • Omz
    Omz14 days ago

    Luv ur vids and commentary

  • Dragon Man
    Dragon Man14 days ago

    U sound like dream but deeper voice and laugh to

  • Alex Hurst
    Alex Hurst14 days ago

    y dont u use mic

  • Joe Shmoe
    Joe Shmoe14 days ago

    Quit crying about DBs man of course they’re OP. You complaining in every video doesn’t change anything

  • MR StarWraithYT
    MR StarWraithYT14 days ago

    Ogreprint: THIS IS MY SWAMP

  • Sxr Gibb
    Sxr Gibb14 days ago

    “They literally just have grub kits” *roaming with a DB*

  • That Man D
    That Man D15 days ago

    22:31 Damn ok Blooprint..........i think my boi just went insane XD 😂😂😂

  • Вадим Лев
    Вадим Лев15 days ago

    43:41 my very other experience in rust. Luv it

  • Poopyuwu
    Poopyuwu15 days ago

    LING IS BACK!!!!!

    SNOWFUGITIVE15 days ago

    Moral of the story: Sheeeesh

    SNOWFUGITIVE15 days ago


  • Ray-Ping Minors
    Ray-Ping Minors15 days ago

    its too hard, im going to group....coward. exactly what is wrong with rust. only servers worth playing on are populated ones. and everyone feels like its to hard so they gang contributing to making it hard so others gang. if you want to solo in rust its all about playing conservatively grinding and playing more than others just so you can base bitch.

  • Zourzs
    Zourzs15 days ago


  • hehexd
    hehexd16 days ago

    plot twist: disfigure is actually im garbage

  • D3M0N _YT
    D3M0N _YT16 days ago

    6:30 shrek: did you just... Steal my line?

  • Charles Calvin
    Charles Calvin16 days ago

    I loved how you obliterated the last dudes base, he's gonna have to farm so much to rebuild everything, because you guys used like 40 rockets

  • Blitzur
    Blitzur16 days ago

    Linger is such a wholesome guy, i like him