Schlatt Makes Minecraft 1000% Funnier


I played the Origins Mod with some friends and it was hilarious!
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Edited by Kristin! :)

Profile Pic was drawn by Glamist!
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  • Ph1LzA
    Ph1LzA6 days ago

    Kristin edited this one guys so let her know how she did! (literally her 2nd thing she's ever edited lol)

  • Bonnie


    5 days ago

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  • Wiktoria Kacaba
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  • A random Human
    A random Human38 minutes ago

    Philza is like ✨bird✨

  • Fish _slapper
    Fish _slapper50 minutes ago

    yo play Rlcraft

  • Mystical
    MysticalHour ago

    I have to say that is one amazing advancement "Voluntary Exile"

  • NeonEclipse2
    NeonEclipse2Hour ago

    YOO I love this mod, I would KILL to get in this SMP My pick is arachnid so dibs when I get in

  • NeonEclipse2


    Hour ago

    Also anyone know how to download this mod?

  • Adam Walshaw
    Adam WalshawHour ago

    I am here from the sidemen video. I now understand

  • AveX Skippy
    AveX SkippyHour ago

    Class is happening but I’m dying laughing

  • Oddie Cox
    Oddie CoxHour ago

    I just thought if philza is a bird can we he walls or no

  • Who am I again? Hmm Ok
    Who am I again? Hmm OkHour ago

    Dude this needs to be a series

  • Arif Firdaus
    Arif FirdausHour ago

    Since he is wearing gold armour and wing he reminds me of the new Wonder Woman but he's not a woman he's Wonder Man

  • MrFlow
    MrFlowHour ago


  • Justin Ekeh
    Justin EkehHour ago

    who’s here after the sidemen among us video 😂

  • galaxyy
    galaxyy2 hours ago


    GOLDEN2 hours ago

    Ranboo: hate anything with pumpkins that includes the pie. Will: hates the sunlight Jack: *lives in nether and hates water* Tommy: can't eat meat. Nicky: *air*

  • Mirrorr
    Mirrorr2 hours ago

    Wait if you are blazeborn and do you get the We need to go deeper achievement when you come to the overworld?

  • Time
    Time2 hours ago


  • Noodle
    Noodle2 hours ago

    Who is here from the sidemen video

  • Emi WantToRule
    Emi WantToRule2 hours ago

    Can anybody tell me what are those mods?! I want to install them badly!

  • Shrampo The Pig
    Shrampo The Pig2 hours ago

    Who is this Schlatt guy is this another one of fragrance mans characters

  • Ducky! !
    Ducky! !2 hours ago

    I’m currently having hard decisions rn: Either I watch the tommyinnit on top saying: “technoblade makes Dream’s Minecraft server 1000% funnier.” Or tubo going: “Tommy makes jack box 1000% more funnier” QUICK WHAT DO I WATCH?

  • Evan Robinson
    Evan Robinson2 hours ago

    everyone: makes philza fanart them: actually making bleach fanart without knowing it

  • DarkChaos
    DarkChaos3 hours ago

    Use a dispenser and try to put diamond armor on

  • Pandora Leigh
    Pandora Leigh3 hours ago

    If I had a nickel for every time Schlatt had a grave in an SMP, I'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice.

  • Van
    Van3 hours ago

    So how did they manage to put the origins mod on a server?

  • murae
    murae3 hours ago

    jack is in a considerable amount of pain

  • Da Slayr
    Da Slayr3 hours ago

    Fragrance Man made Philza his bitch

  • ham
    ham3 hours ago

    really love the lore of the smp but how is Ph1zla linked to elytras

  • Alexander Perez
    Alexander Perez3 hours ago

    I was thinking too hard and now I have this in my mind so cannonicaly wilber did it with a fish and now nikki is a fish so is she the fish or is it another fish? Yup I think too hard now I'll bang my head on the wall trying to figure out why I thought this

  • Ryan Sevenbergen
    Ryan Sevenbergen3 hours ago


  • TaeTae's Tea
    TaeTae's Tea3 hours ago

    Ranboo Phil and nikki the only normal ones

  • bruce chang
    bruce chang4 hours ago

    Fragrance man was the original title why did you change it?

  • Della HP
    Della HP4 hours ago

    Kristin did awesome!!

  • Zachary Robinson
    Zachary Robinson4 hours ago

    hey ya like bleach its an anime

  • Kuro the Vampire
    Kuro the Vampire5 hours ago

    Ph1lza your are the best player in minecraft. Can I call you Kisuke Urahara

  • Sofikcz
    Sofikcz6 hours ago

    Nobody: .... Ranboo: *getting attacked by rain*

  • Magellanic


    5 hours ago

    jack manifold

  • Jesse Penney
    Jesse Penney6 hours ago

    20:40 "Smell My Fucking Glass!"

  • SirPeso
    SirPeso6 hours ago

    Whos here from the sidemen vid

  • Magellanic


    5 hours ago

    not me

  • RealRadiant
    RealRadiant6 hours ago

    Lol now Ph1LzA is doing % funnier titles

  • Angelobobby Labor
    Angelobobby Labor6 hours ago


  • Diamond19c Fox
    Diamond19c Fox6 hours ago

    i LOVE the flying mic

  • Gamer Boi
    Gamer Boi6 hours ago

    It was so triggering when he walked right past diamond's at 10:31

  • Mr.pigeon man
    Mr.pigeon man6 hours ago

    Philza worried about erosion.even tho it’s not erosion

  • Mr.pigeon man

    Mr.pigeon man

    2 minutes ago

    @Magellanic o

  • Magellanic


    5 hours ago

    he misspoke and said pollution right after

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog7 hours ago

    I love fragrance man

  • Z E K E
    Z E K E7 hours ago

    Wilbur talks about sand All of a sudden Phil gets PTSD flashbacks

  • Whelpzz
    Whelpzz7 hours ago

    Old title: fragrence man makes minecraft 1000% funnier

  • Minecraft Minigames
    Minecraft Minigames7 hours ago

    Hello on the seventh of march 2021on the sever port:39255 there will be a massive 1000 player sever in a boarder of 500 by 500 space fighting to the death please come by and play as this is going to be massive

  • Skinner 06
    Skinner 067 hours ago

    Anyone here from sidemen among us???

  • Somatic Coast

    Somatic Coast

    7 hours ago


  • DonQuixion
    DonQuixion7 hours ago

    wilbur is doing that idubbbz accent i love it

  • doge
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  • Dj gamer !!!
    Dj gamer !!!8 hours ago

    Helloooooo pog chap

  • Sun-Sun / Eeveein / Primal Sunny
    Sun-Sun / Eeveein / Primal Sunny9 hours ago


  • senni bgon

    senni bgon

    9 hours ago


  • XxGachaCraftxX
    XxGachaCraftxX9 hours ago

    Nobody: Schlatt: 20:40 Í ŠMĘLL MŸ FÙÇKĪÑG BÅLLŠ

  • senni bgon

    senni bgon

    9 hours ago

    Phil can u react Urahara kisuke pls pls pls phill

  • coffinplays!
    coffinplays!9 hours ago

    all i need to keep me through the week is philza being exited about thursday

  • Truederpyplayz
    Truederpyplayz10 hours ago

    This is great but I wanna see ranboo’s perspective when the pumpkin is worn. Also other people’s perspectives would be great

  • İlker Şahin
    İlker Şahin10 hours ago


  • SnowBro
    SnowBro10 hours ago

    gg to Kristen that she edited this video

  • Insônia Eternal
    Insônia Eternal10 hours ago


  • Evelyn Sepulveda
    Evelyn Sepulveda10 hours ago

    20:30 i love this

  • Adrian Calma
    Adrian Calma10 hours ago

    Why do i feel like ove seen that hat from his logo?

  • Just Me Content
    Just Me Content10 hours ago

    8:36 *is that actually Wilbur saying that*

  • Magellanic


    5 hours ago


  • TPZ Slayer
    TPZ Slayer11 hours ago

    Can we make "chat" canon in DreamSMP as the crows in sad-ist animation that give Phil news on what is happening in the server?

  • pixel_lotus
    pixel_lotus11 hours ago

    kristen did awesome with the editing!

  • HowdowShadow
    HowdowShadow11 hours ago

    *Me trying to draw a straight line while listening to Schlatt be like* ~~~~

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos12 hours ago

    Schlatt is a god

  • Rafrocks
    Rafrocks12 hours ago

    It's Monday It's Tuesday It's Wednesday Ooohhhh it's Thursday

  • Lilly LemonDrop
    Lilly LemonDrop12 hours ago

    Alternate title: 21 year old bullies 32 year old into smelling his scents

  • Little Shit
    Little Shit12 hours ago

    Phil: *is sad because he killed his son in dream smp* Also Phil: *AWWWWW LOOOK AT GHOSTBUR*

  • Edford Palino
    Edford Palino12 hours ago

    Phil can u react Urahara kisuke pls pls pls phill

  • Lucinda Scott
    Lucinda Scott13 hours ago


  • Matthew Bryant
    Matthew Bryant13 hours ago

    For anyone who’s wondering the mod is called ‘Origins Mod’

  • dogma_
    dogma_13 hours ago

    I like how everyoneone is like: "PHILLLLL...." "PHIL LOOK WHAT I CAN DO" "PHIL. PHIL. PHIL." He really is Dadza.

  • sharkfaith _yt
    sharkfaith _yt14 hours ago

    Just wondering when tommy 1st joined the dream smp he started a war then if dream joins the origin smp then will he start the war?

  • Chip Kev
    Chip Kev14 hours ago

    at first i thought this was tommys video LOL

  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan14 hours ago

    Idk who you are but I heard your name at least 50 times in the sidemen among us video so I came here. Ngl this was a solid video tho keep it up bro

  • Magellanic


    4 hours ago

    he's philza minecraft, the creator of minecraft

  • Daniel P
    Daniel P14 hours ago

    fragrance man got bad ping lol

  • Nonexistent Ghost
    Nonexistent Ghost14 hours ago

    Kristin did a lovely job editing

  • Kayla Rose
    Kayla Rose15 hours ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that Jshlatt bought a new account while they were talking so he could make his name tag “fragranceman”

  • MaskedMario Bros
    MaskedMario Bros15 hours ago


  • HalfFilledCup
    HalfFilledCup15 hours ago

    "I can't smell anything!" Fragrance Man, oh, dear fragrance man, praise be. Do not say that in the current state of the world. Please, O great one.

  • Winter art Gameing
    Winter art Gameing15 hours ago

    Golden armor is more heavier than iron

  • Bob The Builder
    Bob The Builder16 hours ago

    Tell Kristin she edited like a pro! #wifeza

  • Reid The king
    Reid The king16 hours ago


  • Bharthi Mehra
    Bharthi Mehra16 hours ago

    Phil cant even say anything cause he is dying in laughter, PHIL ME TOO

  • X. Mixie Moxie .X
    X. Mixie Moxie .X16 hours ago

    *Fragrance Bros be like* *NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHING* b a r k

  • Christian Ruiz
    Christian Ruiz16 hours ago

    Thank you Kristin for the beautiful video !!!!!!!!

  • Chipalysis
    Chipalysis16 hours ago

    Whenever someone talks about sand phliza be like: B R E T H

  • The Mad Queen
    The Mad Queen16 hours ago

    Mumza did great. Thank you for the video :)

  • Winder Zhao
    Winder Zhao17 hours ago

    The encouraging helen successfully park because mine nomenclaturally carve without a medical face. insidious, dark head

  • Kylee Winberg
    Kylee Winberg17 hours ago

    No one: ... Jack Manifold: help. FragranceMan: MMMMMMM WOOD

  • Sawyer L
    Sawyer L17 hours ago

    What mod is this and where do you find it

  • genaralblastem4
    genaralblastem417 hours ago

    No one chose feline

  • high on infinity
    high on infinity17 hours ago

    fregrence man will live on

  • Digitalraam
    Digitalraam17 hours ago

    Father Philza, I request a part two.

  • aengel00
    aengel0017 hours ago

    Who is here from the sidemen??

  • Emerald Gamer113
    Emerald Gamer11317 hours ago

    Philza Minecraft is pissed at the kids!

  • Lorenz Padua
    Lorenz Padua17 hours ago

    Wait till 1.17 gets released Phil and Nichachu will just enjoy themselves on the caves

  • Landon Wigington
    Landon Wigington18 hours ago

    Imagine if Wilbur put Stal into the jukebox instead of 13 lmfao.

  • Magellanic


    4 hours ago

    schlatt would probably just be like "very funny. anyway..."

  • Dr_Ducky_ Boy
    Dr_Ducky_ Boy18 hours ago

    My favorite smell is cyanide

  • nextwen XD
    nextwen XD18 hours ago