SCP-693 Knotty Stalker (SCP Animation)

Film & Animation

Dr Bob brings you SCP Foundation Euclid Class object, SCP-693 Knotty Stalker Animation.
SCP-693 is a series of 18 cm humanoid dolls, each one made from a single strand of string, with beads of onyx for eyes. SCP 693 reacts as a normal string doll until such a time as a piece of hair from the head of a still living human being is placed in a loop of its string, at which point, the SCP693 doll begins to move of its own volition, portraying the current actions of whoever it is attuned to.
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This video, being derived from written by AdminBright, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0.
Narrated by Joe Cliff Thompson
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  • ZxOTripleXXX X0XDeath
    ZxOTripleXXX X0XDeathHour ago

    looking like among us charcaters over there lol

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  • J.D.
    J.D.Day ago

    Hmm, and I thought that these little dolls are made by Doctor Wondertainment

  • Indi Home
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  • Quintessential Teenager
    Quintessential Teenager2 days ago

    So your saying that the fabrication machine from 9 made those things,

  • Teo Bratu Teodor
    Teo Bratu Teodor2 days ago

    But what his hapend do i will burn the doll before to be to late?

  • John Gennaria
    John Gennaria2 days ago

    I think I might be able to get how this might be an espionage tool. The theory is this: it's lack of being dependable after 9 days might be more of a countermeasure to eliminate potential spooks in the field. Depending on what transpires with the doll color, the owner of the anomaly will likely die within the timeframe similar to previous victims. This can work was an espionage too as it allows the stalker to eliminate foreign spies in lethal manner. Think about it, you want to learn about a specific project or event, then the Stalker will do its job. Perhaps they ride the momentum of the doll's anomalous abilities until, during the dishonest phase, they wander into a situation that kills them all.

  • Joseph J Luisi
    Joseph J Luisi2 days ago

    Blue doll: die

  • Joseph J Luisi
    Joseph J Luisi2 days ago

    Voodoo doll

  • Captain Cheetah Blue
    Captain Cheetah Blue3 days ago

    The factory that sounds familiar too familiar I mean it could be the aliens on the moon go watch film theory local 58

  • Patrick Lontz
    Patrick Lontz3 days ago

    Me: I wonder what my friend is doing Scp 639 has entered the serever

  • DracoNick
    DracoNick3 days ago

    Toy Story 5 is looking lit.

  • Lemøn_Painting Boi
    Lemøn_Painting Boi3 days ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about the end of the video

  • Darrin s
    Darrin s3 days ago

    Let me guess, the knotty stalker was made by Mr.wondertaniment, well I was wrong😂

  • Haticle
    Haticle3 days ago

    4:00 the boys voice is hilarious i love it

  • king dragon 101
    king dragon 1014 days ago

    The black one has Goku blacks clothes lol

  • Idalmis Fernandez
    Idalmis Fernandez4 days ago

    Scp. Am I have I have

    YEET VIRUS4 days ago

    666 dislikes 😳

  • Yin Sapphire
    Yin Sapphire4 days ago

    11:28 that looks like the factory from movie 9

  • chloerogers
    chloerogers5 days ago

    2 things 1: yanderes be crazy 2: this would be bad if he was wanking which he obviously will.

  • Jennifer Tucker
    Jennifer Tucker5 days ago

    What if you insert your own hair into scp 693?

  • San De
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  • GodSeeker
    GodSeeker5 days ago

    11:26 why'd that look like the factory from the movie 9

  • KIAN 450
    KIAN 4506 days ago

    6:35 You may trust stalking something at first but one day it will prank you and might even malfunctions But here is the thingy the Key of wanting a relationship would be not stalking on someone but mostly showing your feeling to them :T If you had already relationship with them never ever try thinking of them twisting or breaking it

  • RoseiDragon
    RoseiDragon6 days ago

    0:00 ouch

  • mutantmaster1
    mutantmaster16 days ago

    Massed Produced? Screws people over? Yep, that's the Factory

  • William Fowler
    William Fowler7 days ago

    Yandere simulator in a nutshell

  • Judy Jaquez
    Judy Jaquez7 days ago

    I wanna buy one

  • HeatedHornet745
    HeatedHornet7457 days ago

    take off the 3

  • Cheese lord E
    Cheese lord E8 days ago

    why cant they just rip off their head?

  • Cheese lord E

    Cheese lord E

    8 days ago

    the dolls btw

  • tochoXK3
    tochoXK38 days ago

    I like how you're creating your own stories with the SCp involved instead of just presenting the SCP

  • Familien Foli
    Familien Foli8 days ago

    2-1=1 it’s called *MATH*

  • Hekati7
    Hekati78 days ago

    So "Knotty"

  • TommyFortress
    TommyFortress8 days ago

    So a 9 days documentary of a person? Shouldnt be hard to get rid of when its true nature appears.

  • Screw Off
    Screw Off8 days ago

    Just wait till it starts beating its meat

  • Jake UWU
    Jake UWU8 days ago

    The black one is rare

  • Nathanel Miner
    Nathanel Miner9 days ago

    She's dressed like Wednesday

  • Ayden Gonzalez
    Ayden Gonzalez10 days ago

    Scp 096

  • susan tovey
    susan tovey10 days ago

    girl: HoW cOuLd He ChEaT oN mE also girl: *takes some of his hair and stalks him by using a doll*

  • Alex Kleynhans
    Alex Kleynhans10 days ago

    What about I put my own hair in it

  • Chiyuen Leung
    Chiyuen Leung10 days ago

    look like VOODOLL

  • izifaut
    izifaut10 days ago

    Huh, the Eye and the End, i suppose

  • David Moreno
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  • The Snatcher
    The Snatcher10 days ago

    Who here actually was getting into the intro story?

  • Buggy The Clown
    Buggy The Clown10 days ago

    So what if I use my hair?

  • radiophobia.
    radiophobia.10 days ago

    i wonder what happens if someone finds out about the knotty stalkers being an SCP, and then buying a shitload of them so that they can just take out the hair and move it to a new knotty stalker every 9 days would the new toy be reliable, or would the hair carry over the acts from the old doll and the new doll would be immediately unreliable?

  • dumb the spy
    dumb the spy11 days ago

    The factory is the reference to the 9 movie.

  • motoc motocadrian
    motoc motocadrian11 days ago

    Dr.bob I think that u can do scp-1078

  • Ethics Mx. West
    Ethics Mx. West11 days ago

    I, for one, think they’re rather cute but as always it best to keep every scp safe and contained.

  • Carter Moyer
    Carter Moyer12 days ago

    Me when I see doll: SPIDER MAN DOLL

  • Joshua Boone-wallis
    Joshua Boone-wallis12 days ago

    When the doll said "COMING MOM!" I thought he was talking to the girl that would be really cute if it was like a little child :)

  • danyDJ84 gamer
    danyDJ84 gamer12 days ago

    the start of the video sounds like a video game fight and he was gonna go in an intense fight lol

  • Dk zombie evil
    Dk zombie evil12 days ago

    Dr Bob? When did the foundation give you the right to take a knotty stalker for your videos?

  • doge like banana :3
    doge like banana :313 days ago

    Wait what happens if put ur hair in ur knotty stalker

  • Katerikuki Noir
    Katerikuki Noir13 days ago

    I like how she still have the hair in her pocket, and didn't lost it.

  • Ghost Nope XD
    Ghost Nope XD14 days ago

    Plot twist the girl is just a yandere

  • Jareth Ober
    Jareth Ober14 days ago

    It really depends on the person.

  • Jcrlx Gaming2
    Jcrlx Gaming214 days ago

    Goes more in the video: change my mind not cool but is it a voodoo

  • Jcrlx Gaming2
    Jcrlx Gaming214 days ago

    The doll is a scary but cool doll but is it also a voodoo doll?

  • Gerald Michel
    Gerald Michel15 days ago

    Did anyone notice that they used the factory from the movie 9

  • Cakeboy
    Cakeboy15 days ago

    I haven’t watched this guy in like a year because I got extreme nightmares of the crooked man

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  • Khas Dondov
    Khas Dondov15 days ago

    Dude DR bob is gonna die

  • Aidan
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    It’s so cut

  • Blue imposter Happy
    Blue imposter Happy16 days ago

    This is fake but I like this episode so much

  • Bogusz Mąkowski
    Bogusz Mąkowski17 days ago

    If i had one i would use it for 9 days, laugh at it then for one day, take the hair out and then repeat the process

  • Cooler.
    Cooler.17 days ago

    Poor girl didn't deserve such a fate. Considering the world she lived in, however, it's a much cleaner, faster way to go than what could've happened, especially if you take a lot of the 001 proposals and keters as your headcanon.

  • Brandon Rodriguez
    Brandon Rodriguez17 days ago

    please tell me you shut up

  • France Lois Cruz
    France Lois Cruz17 days ago

    No one noticed in 11:38 he is doing this: 👌🏼

  • Hazel Maloto
    Hazel Maloto17 days ago

    She do be thicc in the bike tho

  • Ammatola lovell
    Ammatola lovell17 days ago

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  • Captain America
    Captain America17 days ago

    "Knotty Stalker" .... sounds like a somewhat vexed peeping tom!!

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  • Gerathegreat Gamer
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  • marcus cahoon
    marcus cahoon18 days ago

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  • Grey
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  • The black blood Under your bed
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  • Electric Toazt09
    Electric Toazt0919 days ago

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  • willœ
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    Knotty Stalker: e- Yanderes: I'LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK

  • Matthew Clark
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    The yellows seem to have the least horrible fate.

  • Dave Laplano
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