SHREK ZOMBIES (Call of Duty Zombies Map)

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  • Colby McRae
    Colby McRaeDay ago

    Longest round ten ever

  • austin bevis
    austin bevis3 days ago

    These guys are cool, but also so dumb omg

  • Johnny Penner
    Johnny Penner3 days ago

    brother guns sounds like shrek

  • angry jello Carpenter
    angry jello Carpenter6 days ago

    You guys are good

  • Brett Bays
    Brett Bays8 days ago

    So uncultured with the way they call him gingy

  • Caleb Tyler
    Caleb Tyler9 days ago

    *round 5* Meaty and guns: “Why do I hear boss music?”

  • BB8KV
    BB8KV9 days ago

    Gingie leg is in the factory don't forget

  • Penta Goblin
    Penta Goblin11 days ago

    Watching these Americans trying to do Scottish accents is painful

  • April DeCou
    April DeCou14 days ago

    Its Eyes of ice and the one under it

  • April DeCou
    April DeCou14 days ago

    Its Eyes of ice and the one under it

  • Banana Gamer
    Banana Gamer16 days ago

    Shrek is love shrek is life

  • Elijah Mendez
    Elijah Mendez17 days ago


  • paula J
    paula J23 days ago

    they needa be on tiktok frrrr !!!

  • Shaun McCullers
    Shaun McCullers25 days ago

    Shrek on round 4 looks like he doing the renegade

  • Brad Arenz
    Brad Arenz25 days ago

    You know over the years of watching YAW I start to realize that they can't find anything it's pretty funny so it's fine I guess but also frustrating because they find it but don't get it.

  • Bryson Henry
    Bryson HenryMonth ago


  • Papa_succ
    Papa_succMonth ago


  • Landon Mesler
    Landon MeslerMonth ago

    I just want to say that I’m pleasantly surprised you guys still do this considering you made up a lot of my childhood USplan memories

  • Nathan Moore
    Nathan MooreMonth ago

    Did anyone else see that one cat in. The tree

  • Vincent Armani Luna
    Vincent Armani LunaMonth ago

    1 hour was worth it

  • Markus Creech
    Markus CreechMonth ago


  • candiandconrad roller
    candiandconrad rollerMonth ago

    He looks at the eyes and just missed it

  • king of all Gods sans 10 year old moon sans
    king of all Gods sans 10 year old moon sansMonth ago

    Get out of my swamp

  • SIO Adapt
    SIO AdaptMonth ago

    You guys were my childhood no cap

  • Jude Merrill
    Jude MerrillMonth ago

    I love how long it took him to find the other gingerbread leg even though he saw it three times

  • Frontier Frog
    Frontier FrogMonth ago

    Vannos Gaming Copyied You OMEGALOL

  • Suga Gums
    Suga GumsMonth ago

    Ummmmmmmmmm they are having trouble finding this tedds lol XD

  • Haku
    HakuMonth ago

    did anybody notice the rinnegan

  • gamer125w
    gamer125wMonth ago

    This is awesome! How do you get these maps?

  • Kyle Gross
    Kyle GrossMonth ago

    Never have I experienced a worse pain than them taking the potion names so literally they look over the two ingrediants 30+ times lmao

  • cepper boy

    cepper boy

    17 hours ago

    Like im mad like i know what they are abd the look over it

  • Angel Velezjr

    Angel Velezjr

    12 days ago

    I know right

  • JoeyUK
    JoeyUKMonth ago

    This map is amazing, great video!

  • Draike Smith
    Draike SmithMonth ago

    They sound like they don’t know what shrek even is 💀💀💀

  • Josh Fuester
    Josh FuesterMonth ago

    Far right shelf is icy eye


    Hi I watch all of your vids I love them so much

  • Zack Meyer
    Zack MeyerMonth ago

    I'm so scared of zombies and I'm watching this video

  • Ben Gilmer
    Ben GilmerMonth ago

    What's up you guys, welcome to Shrek Zombie and even if they are goes forest.

  • Joe Tarr
    Joe TarrMonth ago

    I use to really enjoy watching these guys play zombies but after they started playing it takes two.... I realized that they aren't very smart, now I'm sitting here yelling at my phone 😐

  • caden Patterson
    caden Patterson2 months ago

    I saw a bunch of parts and he walked past them

  • Christopher Jimenez
    Christopher Jimenez2 months ago

    the names of the ingredients are abbreviations cup slippery actually meant slippery disaster and icy eyes meant eye of ice

  • austin bevis

    austin bevis

    3 days ago

    So hard to watch them not realize that

  • Greyson Lord
    Greyson Lord2 months ago

    So cool

  • Crimzon Plays
    Crimzon Plays2 months ago

    Cup slippery is SLIPPERY DISASTOR!

  • Pablo Santos
    Pablo Santos2 months ago

    Such a good map cudos to the map creator they did an amazing job!

  • Sebastian Nguyen
    Sebastian Nguyen2 months ago

    in the pack a punch room there was a press f if you think there are legend and you can get a reu gun and a puss in boot

  • Ian Rose
    Ian Rose2 months ago

    EYES of ICE and the CUP was SLIPPERY

  • ghuil7
    ghuil72 months ago

    Maps like this are my favorite, lots to see and explore and do! hilarious video!

  • sherk
    sherk2 months ago

    What are you doing in my swamp!

  • tazz366
    tazz3662 months ago


  • Vincent Sluga
    Vincent Sluga2 months ago

    "where the puss in boots at?!" Lmfao

  • Tony Deeks
    Tony Deeks2 months ago

    Argggh the perks part was frustrating to watch.

  • bossatron6k
    bossatron6k2 months ago

    I just realized that the boss their fighting now 46:25 has the same amount as final is going to have

  • Oh Hello
    Oh Hello2 months ago

    was that the infinite tsukuyomi?! i think that's what it's called at 19:10

  • kookie monster
    kookie monster2 months ago

    you guys are so blind lmao xD

  • McGingerBread
    McGingerBread2 months ago

    Jeez theses guy are blind 😆😆

  • Gary Sutphin
    Gary Sutphin2 months ago

    Spanning sorry if I spell your name wrong

  • Gary Sutphin
    Gary Sutphin2 months ago


  • Gary Sutphin
    Gary Sutphin2 months ago


  • Adrien Schelck
    Adrien Schelck2 months ago

    Helo miedy en Niels Lets go wet de Beautiful game myn dengks myn 🤓✌️👍👌✔️

  • MoodyGaming
    MoodyGaming2 months ago

    Icey eyes looks at eyes of ice 64 times

  • Jerremie Pavai
    Jerremie Pavai2 months ago

    You both are so blind it was right infront of you and you couldn't SEE IT

  • Dreaded Ownage
    Dreaded Ownage2 months ago

    You two are easily my favorite zombie youtubers but jeez are yall dense 😂 love you but yall make me so mad sometimes

  • Tatyana Mackel
    Tatyana Mackel2 months ago

    It kills me how they are THAT BLIND ands it’s literally on their screen

  • DonVitoT33X


    2 months ago

    Eye of Ice lmao

  • Christa Carlson
    Christa Carlson2 months ago

    Open the green fire gate

  • Y2K Gaming
    Y2K Gaming2 months ago

    Best looking map so far with so much detail. Awesome adding Shrek characters to kill and the potion making was such a cool idea.

  • Eric Westerfeld
    Eric Westerfeld2 months ago

    Play more it takes two

  • riley busse
    riley busse2 months ago

    It's pronounced jingy

  • If Clutch
    If Clutch2 months ago

    I used to watch you over 5 years ago and I’m so happy finding you guys again

  • maria
    maria2 months ago


  • white dog
    white dog2 months ago

    WHAT ARE YOU?!? DOING IN ME SWOMP?!?!?!!!!?!?!?!!!

  • jeramiah leeper
    jeramiah leeper2 months ago

    Bruh... u didn't show off the wonder weapon? Sad.. face...

  • Cesar Loya
    Cesar Loya2 months ago

    i couldnt finish it so im here at 2am watching it

  • Rayhan Bissoondial
    Rayhan Bissoondial2 months ago

    Looks like someone was tooo much cocaine when making this

  • IceGrenade


    2 months ago

    Nah I dont do drugs. I enjoy a good beer now and then

  • Mortis Gaming YT
    Mortis Gaming YT2 months ago

    Can you make Left for dead I want l4d fly am kid 9

  • Alester Wick the Last Consumer
    Alester Wick the Last Consumer2 months ago

    "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP?!" -Shrek the Ogre

  • Your Daddyel
    Your Daddyel2 months ago

    Can’t believe I’ve been watching u guys since 2013 or 14

  • / fatie
    / fatie2 months ago

    Bro I saw ices eye like 100000000 times and got so mad lmao

  • dunktherapper
    dunktherapper2 months ago

    how do you say the word gingerbread and still mispronounce gingy in the same sentence mane

  • Edward Z Norton
    Edward Z Norton2 months ago

    the ultimate troll in CoD Zambies, hide something brown, in something brown, make it night, and give off soft colored light distortion, so nothing is its true color lmao

  • Scott T
    Scott T2 months ago

    never can tell if meaty is eating something or chewing tobacco.

  • Joe Tarr

    Joe Tarr

    Month ago

    He's sippin whiskey

  • OhSoCali
    OhSoCali2 months ago

    Favorite map! Love Shrek!

  • IceGrenade


    2 months ago

  • Patrick A McGuire
    Patrick A McGuire2 months ago

    If you streamed these, we could yell at you when you miss what you are looking at and not seeing.

  • Jude Merrill

    Jude Merrill

    Month ago

    That would be so helpful

  • Redmetro22


    2 months ago

    If I'm correct they can't stream anymore. USplan won't allow them. Sadly...

  • Cesar Loya

    Cesar Loya

    2 months ago

    foreals huh? lol that would be funny too 😂😂😂

  • The Quad Father
    The Quad Father2 months ago

    Aaaah XM4 in CW mp 🤤 man you guys are so blind 😂 buts it’s ok my dad does this to when playing zombies I dislike I want see the ray gun

  • Shelby Durfee
    Shelby Durfee2 months ago

    An hour of YAW playing zombies and it’s a SHREK map? Jaaaaaaam!

  • B Hill
    B Hill2 months ago

    best map they've had so far :)

  • BlakkStarr
    BlakkStarr2 months ago

    You guys are definitely getting old lol the whole jug potion was funny..literally staring at a potion that says EYES OF ICE.

  • IceGrenade


    2 months ago

    I wanted to make it a little bit like a riddle. Like hand notes. Its been interesting to see how many people trip up from it

  • stay clashin

    stay clashin

    2 months ago

    Considering it says u need icey eyes they probably weren’t paying attention to anything that didn’t say icey eyes

  • Sparky Nate
    Sparky Nate2 months ago

    Meaty must have adhd or something because he can't find things even when they're smacking him in the face!

  • B Hill
    B Hill2 months ago

    I think he scanned over icey eyes and didn't even see it

  • stay clashin

    stay clashin

    2 months ago

    Well in their defense it did say You need Icey eyes when it’s actually eyes of ice 😂

  • Patrick A McGuire

    Patrick A McGuire

    2 months ago

    Many times

  • Pato Conejito
    Pato Conejito2 months ago

    "What are you doing in my swamp"

  • 0
    02 months ago

    0:20 SUS IMPOSTOR AMOGUS 😳😳🤨😬😲

  • Leonardo de pinchiè
    Leonardo de pinchiè2 months ago

    Somebody should make a Tommy Tronic map

  • Edward Bedell
    Edward Bedell2 months ago

    Icy eyes litter means eyes

  • ProfessorRaptor25
    ProfessorRaptor252 months ago

    It's killing me that Meaty is saying Gin-gy instead of Jin-gy.

  • jon priston

    jon priston

    2 months ago

    @ProfessorRaptor25 clearly not 🤣

  • ProfessorRaptor25


    2 months ago

    Has Meaty seen Shrek?

  • jon priston

    jon priston

    2 months ago

    I was thinking the same 🤣

  • Alester Wick the Last Consumer

    Alester Wick the Last Consumer

    2 months ago


  • Noah Landry
    Noah Landry2 months ago

    I love yaw and I love shrekkk!!!

  • Corey Dopp
    Corey Dopp2 months ago

    Probably change the lighting you'll be able to see shootables better maybe

  • NAcHO1713


    2 months ago

    That’s what I was thinking when they were looking for the teddies in the swamp.

  • Lil Griblet
    Lil Griblet2 months ago

    Nearing 3 million subscribers. Good job, the videos are great, keep it up. :)

  • DoomSlayer
    DoomSlayer2 months ago


  • Jason Boswell
    Jason Boswell2 months ago

    Did it kill anyone else when they couldnt figure the names out. Lol. Love you guys but I was dying on the inside. Lol

  • Cøast Aléx

    Cøast Aléx

    12 days ago

    Iccy eyes were eyes of iccy slippery cup was slipper chaos or disaster

  • Tyler Tafoya

    Tyler Tafoya

    28 days ago

    I stopped watching along time ago because of stuff like that but thought this would be a really good video, but the disappointment is real

  • Hagen Person

    Hagen Person

    29 days ago

    Yes, I agree LOL

  • Landon Reed

    Landon Reed

    Month ago

    @THORxxx04xLJ I was screaming at my phone lol

  • Alberto Mena

    Alberto Mena

    Month ago


  • X Blazin Austin_xxjokux
    X Blazin Austin_xxjokux2 months ago

    Uh oh guess who’s back to the chancel and miss these videos of course me

  • saffron herbs
    saffron herbs2 months ago

    thank you for the video.

  • matthew john
    matthew john2 months ago

    It's how the map creator say that's there two in the tred but can't find it

  • sgtkabukimann
    sgtkabukimann2 months ago

    Meaty is the kind of guy searching for the TV-remote control while holding it in his hand and scratching his head with it.

  • gage Cessac

    gage Cessac

    Month ago

    One time i told my friend I couldn’t find my phone while I was on the phone with him

  • Cesar Loya

    Cesar Loya

    2 months ago

    it reminded me of Hal from malcom in the middle wjen he couldn't find his glasses and he had on his head lol

  • Cesar Loya

    Cesar Loya

    2 months ago


  • The Quad Father

    The Quad Father

    2 months ago