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Spongebob Conspiracy #4: www.youtube.com/watch?v=okFP9...

Written, Directed and Edited by Alex Bale
Production Assistant William O'Neil II

Twitter: AlexBaleFilms
Instagram: alex__bale

Internet City's reaction: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bA3j0...
Chris Wilson's reaction: www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6nQt...

All clips used fall under fair use.

0:00 - Intro
2:51 - Mrs. Puff's Dark Past
8:33 - The Insanity of Mrs. Puff
18:10 - The Mastermind
27:13 - Ending


  • Alex Bale
    Alex Bale3 months ago

    Help support the channel by going to nordvpn.com/alexbale or using code ALEXBALE and get 70% off NordVPN! Only $3.56/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE

  • Tyler K

    Tyler K

    6 hours ago

    I think the picture is the brother and the one she gave the premature license to

  • tony varnado

    tony varnado

    Day ago

    @Shirley Adewuyi No remember Spongebob's Mom no free rides it showed his mom.

  • Boosted Kid

    Boosted Kid

    Day ago

    I see you in every USplan video comment then I do , myself in a mirror, damn fam. ❤💯🙏🤣



    Day ago

    I stopped watching this video because I was getting hacked. I then used the VPN thingy and now I'm safe so I liked and subscribed. ( Thanks Alex Bale )

  • that 1nerd

    that 1nerd

    2 days ago

    I have a theory : Mrs. Puff knows she's in a tv show because she's insane and trying to cope with it but that's why she has all that stuff in her lighthouse and she's not actually insane and it's just a script with props and all that stuff in her lighthouse is a prop and the dreams are just videos

  • jash Marjuk
    jash Marjuk13 seconds ago

    This is scary :(

  • Wave ferguson
    Wave ferguson9 minutes ago

    Can someone tell me the name of the song in the intro please

  • It's LolYT
    It's LolYT15 minutes ago


  • Moving Pals
    Moving Pals28 minutes ago

    I’m pretty late to this vid but in this one episode spongebob decided to cheat on the driver test but Mrs.Puff wants him to cheat she still wants him to cheat on the test to get him out of her life

  • RedToast Gaming
    RedToast Gaming42 minutes ago

    you missed some stuff in the lighthouse in there theres another table from the krusty krab two barrels that is from the krusty krab as well and its looks like MRS. puff has spongebob spatula and looks like spongebob jelly fishing net or patricks net and why is there a chainsaw inside the lighthouse and why does it look like she has a ton of microwaves in there

  • iSaltyTV
    iSaltyTVHour ago

    I have a comic Sans keyboard

  • themptv
    themptvHour ago

    What is darker? Alex Bale's stories or Spongebob Squarepants?

  • leverage49
    leverage49Hour ago


  • Epic Drogons
    Epic DrogonsHour ago

    I think there’s a different mastermind because the spongebob called the warden a girl when he’s a guy

  • Eva Bever
    Eva BeverHour ago

    Brooooooo…. Whattt!!!?!?!! Wait that makes a lot of sense 🤯🤯😆

  • Jordan Abercrombie
    Jordan Abercrombie2 hours ago

    My only question is what is Mrs Puff's real name

  • Manuel Vargas
    Manuel Vargas2 hours ago

    Wasn’t the guy on the picture with the mustache in the music group where squid wars tried to get in but spoungebob took the spot light from him? What is SpongeBob comes in singing and floating with a jellyfish

  • ClubzYTツ
    ClubzYTツ2 hours ago

    Who knew spongebob actually has plot😄

  • Joe Superhero
    Joe Superhero2 hours ago

    Wow. That was amazing. All this time I thought Mrs. puff was just a teacher but she has a very insane past

  • Uzay Samet AYDIN
    Uzay Samet AYDIN2 hours ago


  • Strawberry Shortcake
    Strawberry Shortcake2 hours ago

    There is blood on the floor in the jail seine after “you already did you term.”

  • NintendoFan64
    NintendoFan642 hours ago

    In the lighthouse junk pile scene you can see a tiki from 🎶 Squidwards tiki laaaannnnd 🎶 ooo aaa oo tiki tiki

  • Tanis TV
    Tanis TV2 hours ago

    Maybe she taught Stanley

  • trading world
    trading world2 hours ago

    What the warden / fake lawyer is mrs. Puffs old student from new kelp City I think it's pretty genius that my big sister thought of that LOL

  • Robert Trujillo
    Robert Trujillo3 hours ago

    I never knew a human being could make a kid show this dark with one living walking and dressed pufferfish

  • Jack Founds
    Jack Founds3 hours ago

    I think Richard Bottomfeeder is mrs puffs old student who she gave the license too which caused the accident in kelp city. That’s my theory.

  • DrJay Ent.
    DrJay Ent.3 hours ago

    Most jails wear orange. Prison most of them u wear black n white

  • Halo fan trooper
    Halo fan trooper3 hours ago


  • Am0
    Am03 hours ago

    Pretty sure she said new boating school because it was recently opened, even if it was her first boating school she would still refer to it as new

  • Rainbow Minion
    Rainbow Minion3 hours ago

    You forgot the people who actually have a motive the girl she abandoned in the woods

  • sami lemma
    sami lemma3 hours ago

    Plot twist: the directors didn't even notice.

  • Kolossus
    Kolossus3 hours ago

    This shit is actually fucking insane and I'm all on board

  • Minjae Kwon
    Minjae Kwon4 hours ago

    The fancy cymbal comparably subtract because spear clasically breathe save a nebulous belief. magenta, unused statement

  • Lisa Burrows
    Lisa Burrows4 hours ago

    I enjoyed this so much

  • Romaro Brandon
    Romaro Brandon4 hours ago

    This is a great theory!

  • dillon mitchell
    dillon mitchell4 hours ago

    This actually scared me a little bit

  • Maza L
    Maza L4 hours ago

    I think the Warden wanted Mrs Puff, but she chose her husband instead and so he’s punishing her by getting rid of her lovers…

  • Rudolfo GAR
    Rudolfo GAR4 hours ago

    Maybe the warden is the first student, he kind of seems like the fish version of spongebob

  • Jaime Delena
    Jaime Delena4 hours ago

    Mrs. puff sure looks evil

  • Xander Cohen
    Xander Cohen6 hours ago

    Funny bc my real name is alex

  • Cole Kiesler
    Cole Kiesler6 hours ago

    Who knew a puffer fish driving instructor can be driven to so much insanity.

  • Cerberus Mutt
    Cerberus Mutt6 hours ago

    I just keep sitting here watching these saying "These theories *don't* suck" I am so used to shit-tier theory videos blowing up, but... These are actually... Oh damn

  • Minx of The Underground
    Minx of The Underground6 hours ago

    Mrs Puff: My name is Mrs. Puff. I used to be a boating teacher until... ~~~ ???: You're blacklisted. We have a burn notice one you. ~~~ *Whistles* Mrs Puff: When you're burned you've got nothing. No cash, no credit, no job history. Your stuck in whatever city they decide to put you in. ~~~ Mrs Puff: Where am I? Krabs: Bikini Bottom ~~~ Mrs Puff: You do whatever work comes your way. You rely on anyone whos still talking to you. A money-happy ex-boyfriend. An old friend who used to inform on you to the F.B.I...Family too....if you're desperate. Bottom line as long as your burned your not going anywhere. If anyone gets this you're amazing

  • B4TU
    B4TU6 hours ago

    Most people that make spongebob theories only use season 1-4 and the first movie. This guy uses all of them!

  • Tricia Coke
    Tricia Coke6 hours ago

    Definitely more of an exposé than conspiracy video

  • Tricia Coke
    Tricia Coke6 hours ago

    Wow. The first show “conspiracy” theory I can actually get on board with. You put all the pieces together beautifully and exposed small details that went right over my head. Excellent research! Looking forward to watching the others!

  • Eenjaria _713
    Eenjaria _7136 hours ago

    20:42 I heard it as, "gender f**k" and was so confused abt what it meant-

  • Callin Collins
    Callin Collins6 hours ago

    I need to get drunk to truly appreciate this

  • Bryan williams
    Bryan williams6 hours ago

    Theory juicier than my booty

  • KingBardOG
    KingBardOG7 hours ago

    "When Spongebob swallows all of Mrs. Puff's junk" PAUSE

  • Vincent Wright
    Vincent Wright7 hours ago

    Mrbeast that you

  • Mason
    Mason7 hours ago

    18:47 maybe she thinks the mayor can shut down the school if she doesn't teach spongebob which is controlling the prison

  • The Merchandise
    The Merchandise7 hours ago

    As Spongebob ages, it gets better

  • Akai Ika

    Akai Ika

    7 hours ago

    lol it doesnt tho

  • inkling_gamer and SilverHero
    inkling_gamer and SilverHero7 hours ago

    What if Richard is the student

  • Amaiya Kavachery
    Amaiya Kavachery7 hours ago

    You deserve more subscribers

  • Michael Rounds
    Michael Rounds7 hours ago

    Could he be the be the bad student that miss puff that she gave the driver's license then miss puff she ran and he went to jail

  • HI
    HI8 hours ago

    I love how you make a childhood favourite into a huge mystery.

  • Aliyah Ezinma
    Aliyah Ezinma8 hours ago

    22:25 He could expose her, keep her in prison and make SpongeBob volunteer there.

  • PandaBear Sushi
    PandaBear Sushi8 hours ago

    Too much about Patrick's past but what if Patrick is that other failed student

  • How Dare You
    How Dare You8 hours ago

    My mom has also put in a theory. When you see mrs puff file. What if it really is hers. She stole her very own file to prevent others from doing background checks about her. Hiding the fact that she went to jail. Thus getting her a new job. Because if her new job saw her background check they wouldnt hire her. So she really wants to hide her past behind.

  • Niko YT
    Niko YT9 hours ago

    Am I the only one that saw it said Louie when spongebob was eating everything? Like Louie her husband?

  • Zebra cake
    Zebra cake9 hours ago

    He literally debunked his own theorys in the intro!

  • little man
    little man9 hours ago

    I saw the news paper on that episode

  • SirSomeguy
    SirSomeguy9 hours ago

    Adding to the kleptomaniac angle, in Battle for Bikini Bottom, she gives Spongebob the request to gather the missing artwork from the Rock Bottom Museum, specifically, to give them to her, and not, say, the museum curator. When Spongebob asks why, she manically yells “DON’T ASK QUESTIONS YOU AREN’T PREPARED TO KNOW THE ANSWERS TO!”

  • Nathan Hale
    Nathan Hale9 hours ago

    remember when this guy started a project that took over 10 years to figure out was a project

  • DashaCat Gloom
    DashaCat Gloom9 hours ago

    Veery very interesting

  • Baqo Horner
    Baqo Horner10 hours ago

    Why warden geting mrs puff to jail

  • ylvinci
    ylvinci10 hours ago

    everything aligns up

  • ylvinci
    ylvinci10 hours ago

    this is crazy

  • Jazmin Montgomery
    Jazmin Montgomery10 hours ago

    SpongeBob creators watching this like: 👁👄👁… I can explain

  • Aurelio Fabricio Induni Ocampo
    Aurelio Fabricio Induni Ocampo10 hours ago

    This videos are the absolute best dude.

  • Daniel Araya
    Daniel Araya10 hours ago

    Maybe make a theory about the flying Dutchman some day

  • Funny_bunnyx2 X2
    Funny_bunnyx2 X210 hours ago

    What if mrs.puff still had ptsd and everyone is her imagination

  • Lando Care’O
    Lando Care’O11 hours ago

    What if the lawyer guy was really the kid that Mrs. Puff failed in the old city, but since he was young when she gave up on him she doesn’t recognize him anymore.

  • GameCube Jones 48
    GameCube Jones 4811 hours ago

    You know that one episode when Gary couldn't find a shell and then after the episode he actually toes mr. Krabs he's working for free but in the other episodes SpongeBob has money so I think SpongeBob is actually getting hired by the chief of police to actually fail on purpose

  • Renifen
    Renifen11 hours ago

    you said a picture of her boyfriend/mr krabs but its says ex im confused?

  • Oi Sia
    Oi Sia11 hours ago

    That ain't no balloon 😂

  • Official_itachi Uchiha
    Official_itachi Uchiha11 hours ago

    27:13 bruh I was about to click off the vid

  • Ekow Crent
    Ekow Crent11 hours ago

    Critical thinking on another level... dude, you should be a detective.

  • Outersparkle Blog
    Outersparkle Blog11 hours ago

    this is pretty insane for mrs. puff

  • Jenny Ding
    Jenny Ding11 hours ago


  • nono square
    nono square11 hours ago

    You ruined SpongeBob

  • CoolDevelopurr
    CoolDevelopurr11 hours ago

    omori sound effect go brrrrr

  • StarburstGamez
    StarburstGamez11 hours ago

    Mrs Puff Dark Secret Is.... She’s a imposter.

  • The Ninja Devil Channel
    The Ninja Devil Channel12 hours ago

    Also, stop with those horror things. They stink. Just do spongebob. That’s what everyone watches and loves

  • The Ninja Devil Channel
    The Ninja Devil Channel12 hours ago

    Alex bale you are a genius, I love this video, and you should try to do something similar to this with either Mr. Krabs or sandy

  • Colbrahh
    Colbrahh12 hours ago

    1000000% true literally these writers are so freaking genius wtf 😧🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • P
    P12 hours ago

    One thing though: In no free rides spongebob refers to the warden as “her” and “she”

  • Just nothing
    Just nothing12 hours ago

    It’s also called new cell city not cell city

  • Ganchinguun
    Ganchinguun12 hours ago

    When u actually get the f out o here

  • Vincent-Louis Simoneau
    Vincent-Louis Simoneau12 hours ago

    27:56, not necessarily, the spongebob movie is actually at the very end of the story so Mr Puff could have went back to her wife.

  • Barong Tagalog

    Barong Tagalog

    9 hours ago

    @Vincent-Louis Simoneau There isn’t any hope for Mrs. Puff. She’s alone forever. That’s what she gets for giving someone a license illegally.

  • Barong Tagalog

    Barong Tagalog

    9 hours ago

    @Vincent-Louis Simoneau The Spongebob movie isn’t at the end of the story. Go watch his latest video where he explains how the Spongebob movie takes place before the events of the main show. Even if the Spongebob movie took place after the events of the main show, Mr Puff still wouldn’t have any idea where Mrs. Puff is because Mrs. Puff has changed her name and address so many times.

  • Vincent-Louis Simoneau

    Vincent-Louis Simoneau

    12 hours ago

    There is hope for Mrs Puff.

  • The Holy Potato
    The Holy Potato12 hours ago

    I feel as if the warden WAS the old student. He eventually got a driving instructor good enough for him after Mrs. Puff, he became the warrant to finally get revenge on her

  • Joseph tanner Martinelli
    Joseph tanner Martinelli12 hours ago

    Hey Alex do you know do you know what I thought of the infinite picture that might have been the past self of mrs. Puff like what already happened

  • Fun Life
    Fun Life12 hours ago

    When you started talking about the hackers I instantly turned my tab off and ran across to the other side off my room

  • R lopez
    R lopez12 hours ago

    You forgot Kevin season two

  • Parrot Productions
    Parrot Productions12 hours ago

    Her true name is Bobbi blowfish

  • Somebody insane
    Somebody insane12 hours ago

    27:55 as u said in later conspiracy theory that this actually take place in the very end of the show so maybe u can fix this up in later 1s

  • Ignited
    Ignited12 hours ago

    Slightly alternate theory: the picture of the mystery fish hung in Mrs. Puff’s house was not only a brother/son of Bottomfeeder, but also the very student that Mrs. Puff mistakingly gave a license in New Kelp City. The student then died in whatever accident happened, and Bottomfeeder, knowing the mystery fish wasn’t competent, blames Mrs Puff for what happened.

  • Nicki Galentine
    Nicki Galentine12 hours ago

    Well what weapon dose she Use a chain saw

  • Rebecca Meza
    Rebecca Meza12 hours ago


  • dh
    dh13 hours ago


  • Roddy A. Ndego
    Roddy A. Ndego13 hours ago

    yall did not see that ring did u

  • UtkuButBoros
    UtkuButBoros13 hours ago

    1:55 but im on mac-