Surviving 100 Nights on a Minecraft Murder Island.. here's what happened


I survived 100 Days And 100 Nights on a Minecraft Murder Island.. this video 17 survivors attempt to survive on a deserted island. will there be peace? lets find out..
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  • Traditional Builds
    Traditional Builds24 days ago

    HEY! Thanks so much for using the map I designed! Means a lot to see it on this scale! If anyone else wants to download the map you can find full video on my channel :) LINK TO MAP:

  • Sedeljsak


    2 days ago

    How he made "day bar"

  • Thang Lian

    Thang Lian

    4 days ago

    Ok Banned

  • ApexSword Uzumaki

    ApexSword Uzumaki

    5 days ago

    I wanna join the island your playing and playing with you



    6 days ago

    yo u should use inshot its a good editor

  • Jim plays James

    Jim plays James

    7 days ago


  • Dave W
    Dave WHour ago

    Duck is the murdre

    SSD GAMING2 hours ago

    I am watcing its 9 time

  • SMG Mario
    SMG Mario3 hours ago

    Its pheebz there are the murder

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader3 hours ago

    Is Ryan and raven not like each other anymore? Cuz I remember they used to team A LOT. Even when on opposite teams they allied all the time and had good parter ship the recent videos I’ve been watching he dosent even care about raven

  • TutU
    TutU3 hours ago

    why do i feel like Ryan could be a anime like Ryan is the protagonist and Duck is the rival/ally and Turton is his best friend and the narrators are editors XD

  • 4 - 1 Jhian Carl Macadangdang 4-1 潘再展
    4 - 1 Jhian Carl Macadangdang 4-1 潘再展4 hours ago

    RIP jack

  • Gaming with Kaizen
    Gaming with Kaizen4 hours ago

    : )

  • Vasilije B
    Vasilije B4 hours ago

    Wow man amazing content

  • Gaming with Kaizen
    Gaming with Kaizen4 hours ago

    You where lucky

  • Tushar Pradhan
    Tushar Pradhan4 hours ago

    Bruv dream does this all day everyday in less than 1hr

  • StarFalzz
    StarFalzz4 hours ago

    What texture pack are u using

  • Killing Beast
    Killing Beast6 hours ago

    Ur voice is like crainer but love ur videos

  • martenlyana tan
    martenlyana tan7 hours ago

    Ryan:lAhaRer Me:whatttttttt????

  • randomdude
    randomdude7 hours ago

    Wait, how did GeneralGuacamole die???????????

  • Nightmare Springtrap
    Nightmare Springtrap9 hours ago

    Wow I’m very emotional now because hearing your best friends die, especially jack, it was very sad

  • Solar
    Solar9 hours ago

    I love how seriously you took this😂

  • Julian Kriek
    Julian Kriek9 hours ago

    its kelly

  • M Sledge
    M Sledge10 hours ago

    This is so cool pls do it again

  • Annabeth Hamm
    Annabeth Hamm11 hours ago


  • Wyatt Raimond
    Wyatt Raimond11 hours ago

    It’s duck

  • Mr. Candycane
    Mr. Candycane13 hours ago

    Murder guess: It's Theebs. They can't just come back from the dead like that.

  • ToadsReignSupreme
    ToadsReignSupreme13 hours ago

    this is literally lord of the flies XD

  • King Shiira
    King Shiira14 hours ago

    I would of easily won this its very simple just build a secret underground base

  • Blue Bird 202
    Blue Bird 20218 hours ago

    Survivor: *exists* Creepers: *And i took that personally*

    VIKING18 hours ago

    🎶I can see clearly now the rain is gone🎶

  • eleanorstanleyb
    eleanorstanleybDay ago


  • bg bunney gaming
    bg bunney gamingDay ago

    Op vedio

  • Oscar To
    Oscar ToDay ago

    I wish I saw duck’s POV

  • Tomas Vasquez
    Tomas VasquezDay ago


  • Everyone's Idol Goro Majima
    Everyone's Idol Goro MajimaDay ago

    literally every time someone dies its just "Oh no!" "Anyways-"

  • Jaxen Mousseau
    Jaxen MousseauDay ago

    the murder guy is duck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Olivia Kim
    Olivia KimDay ago

    How did you get diamonds without a iron pickaxe??

  • Vikas
    VikasDay ago

    Incredible minecraft content wow 😍😍😍

  • Corn
    CornDay ago

    Its funny when you see turtons video and find out he nearly commits suicide with tnt

  • bitohoney123 bito
    bitohoney123 bitoDay ago

    *kiss* 21:47 in chat

  • nightcore phin
    nightcore phinDay ago

    13:25 This man is literally a miner getting a full diamond armor in just 7 days

  • Matthew Asuncion
    Matthew Asuncion2 days ago

    Why does anyone reply on my comments

  • Sara Koch
    Sara Koch2 days ago


  • Sara Koch
    Sara Koch2 days ago

    Oh btw I was facsins duke I regret killing 😐

  • da 123
    da 1232 days ago

    Me:thinking the wandering trader might be the murder

  • comment god
    comment god2 days ago

    Raven! It is raven. o its duck

  • Anti Andrew
    Anti Andrew2 days ago

    It’s pheez

  • Mono
    Mono2 days ago

    29:47 call a island meeting

  • Lou Chromatic
    Lou Chromatic2 days ago

    I ment helm

  • Lou Chromatic
    Lou Chromatic2 days ago

    The house looks nice dude!

  • Neorain
    Neorain2 days ago

    This is some weird Brokeback Mountain sequel.

  • Noah Maldonado
    Noah Maldonado2 days ago


  • Maxi Gogovich
    Maxi Gogovich2 days ago

    Out of this you can make a perfect Movie

  • Neorain
    Neorain2 days ago

    3:45 What a bunch of necrophiliacs.

  • FoxThor05
    FoxThor053 days ago

    Anyone else triggered because he had a bit of lava flowing and not source blocks?

  • Jang Lloyd
    Jang Lloyd3 days ago

    It feels like watching a movie haha

  • The Wheezer
    The Wheezer3 days ago

    It’s definitely raven

  • Please help me get too 200 subs
    Please help me get too 200 subs3 days ago

    It kills me that General took his own life. R.I.P

  • Julia Renae Steele (STG)
    Julia Renae Steele (STG)3 days ago

    I found the killer JDkelly

  • Amog us
    Amog us3 days ago

    This is like the show survivor

  • Startastic Gamer
    Startastic Gamer3 days ago

    Who put that rotten flesh in the furnace U want cooked flesh? Idiot 1:50

  • Lightning HCR2
    Lightning HCR23 days ago

    I don't know why he was scared of dying in first ten days 😂since he was a big minecraft player pvper I love that and saw more than six times this video..pls make a another episode pls 🎉😀

  • Startastic Gamer
    Startastic Gamer3 days ago

    Soo.... This came in my recommendations 2 weeks ago... I have been ignoring ... But now im tired of ignoring and asking if u pay yt to get ur vids in everyone's recommendations 😂😂😂😂

  • Lizard
    Lizard4 days ago

    This is like soap opera. Kind of cool soap opera.

  • E030E03
    E030E034 days ago

    all fun and games until the sky turns stormy and a screen pops up telling you to go to the center of the island

  • J Fitz
    J Fitz4 days ago


  • Potato Queen
    Potato Queen4 days ago

    “And we all had a moment of silence, ANYWAYSSS ON DAY ELEVEN-“ WHEN HAPPENED I LITERALLY JUST DIES

  • Potato Queen

    Potato Queen

    4 days ago

    Op died* I’m stupid 😎👌

  • Esmeralda Armenta
    Esmeralda Armenta4 days ago

    I almost cried

  • Modernified
    Modernified4 days ago

    This video is so thrilling and everything I ever wanted on a minecraft video. The suspense and how you narrated every single little thing in this video was perfect

  • Zz Zz
    Zz Zz4 days ago

    Why duck why not your friend

  • Zz Zz

    Zz Zz

    4 days ago


  • Ryan Schiefelbein
    Ryan Schiefelbein4 days ago

    my name is RYAN

  • Thomas Kusek
    Thomas Kusek4 days ago

    Tbh, I’m worse at building than Ryan

  • RH101 RTUG
    RH101 RTUG4 days ago

    Is it rave he is mad probably

  • Adurision 2.0
    Adurision 2.04 days ago

    I like to binge watch but not cringe watch

  • Noah Hermias
    Noah Hermias4 days ago

    Just craft a grindstone

  • Noah Hermias
    Noah Hermias4 days ago

    Murderer is Raven

  • Rian Dabney-Orr
    Rian Dabney-Orr4 days ago

    My name is rian

  • x2RLtwins
    x2RLtwins4 days ago

    Mob learned his lesson :)

  • Julius Games
    Julius Games4 days ago


  • Karl Andrei Quiozon
    Karl Andrei Quiozon4 days ago

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  • hannah jane the gacha devil
    hannah jane the gacha devil4 days ago

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  • Future KittenPlayz!
    Future KittenPlayz!4 days ago

    The hulk loves survival he presses the l8ke and the subscribe button and cracks his screen xD

  • Charlie Franks
    Charlie Franks4 days ago

    Fractions duck is the murder

  • Ryan Roise Verona
    Ryan Roise Verona5 days ago

    i have played your map but day 1 51 players died there was 200 of us

    FUNNY GUY5 days ago


  • Soni Sharma
    Soni Sharma5 days ago

    Part 3 pls pls

  • Isaac Chavez
    Isaac Chavez5 days ago

    32:05 69 nice

  • Aneesh Iramani
    Aneesh Iramani5 days ago

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  • rolej 60
    rolej 605 days ago


  • Jillian Sam Camacho
    Jillian Sam Camacho5 days ago

    Duck is the killer

  • Ishigame
    Ishigame5 days ago

    Beautiful ending

  • Ishigame
    Ishigame5 days ago

    Saw sad😢😭

  • Qwilzy
    Qwilzy5 days ago

    I knew banana boy was murder

  • Qwilzy
    Qwilzy5 days ago

    m I just blind or am I the only one who thought the emerald was a diamond

  • Flame S
    Flame S5 days ago

    A cant believe general guacamole committed suicide

  • Otakugaming
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  • Richie Dolan
    Richie Dolan5 days ago

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  • Richie Dolan
    Richie Dolan5 days ago

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  • Flamingo queen With me
    Flamingo queen With me5 days ago

    So sad but then.... YAYYY I FINISHED MY BUNKRR THING

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  • Kakashi Uchiha
    Kakashi Uchiha5 days ago

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  • Push zzz
    Push zzz5 days ago

    Factions duck was the murderer as I couldn't see him in the whole 50

  • Push zzz

    Push zzz

    5 days ago

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