That's Why Bees Can Only Sting Once


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You've heard bees only sting once because they don't survive after stinging you. But why is that? The answer to that and more animal facts you didn't know!
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    SHANE MCKAY13 minutes ago

    Every Creature ever: Inject Poison1000 Bees: Have sum protein

  • Ethan Shen
    Ethan Shen14 minutes ago

    well no duh

  • Trillian Stevens
    Trillian StevensHour ago

    who else just realized he said 200 million when it showed only 2 million?

  • james carter
    james carterHour ago

    11 most powerful simmers on the planet

  • Mala master mind
    Mala master mind2 hours ago

    Yooo this new voice be lit!

  • Lance Christopher Mambo
    Lance Christopher Mambo3 hours ago

    I pushed the stinger inside a bee when it stinged me and it crushed its organs

  • Khadijah mohd Amim
    Khadijah mohd Amim3 hours ago

    Cartoons always show that queen bee can fly but they can’t .

  • Oliver
    Oliver3 hours ago

    I nvr got stinged

  • Joseph Ben
    Joseph Ben4 hours ago

    I never got a Bee sting

  • Genevieve Gilbert
    Genevieve Gilbert4 hours ago

    to save you the time here is ur answer: bees cant sting you twice because its stinger gets stuck in ur skin or somethin, so when it comes off the stinger gets ripped off the bee

  • Genevieve Gilbert

    Genevieve Gilbert

    4 hours ago

    or at least, thats what i have heard

  • Jason Holley
    Jason Holley4 hours ago

    I swear they can bite aswell

  • Sam Evangelista
    Sam Evangelista6 hours ago


  • Ankit Sharma
    Ankit Sharma6 hours ago

    Squirrels and Rabbits run in zig-zag pattern so they can't be hunt by a predator (eagles mostly) because eagles fly in a straight line. Pretty smart huh?

  • GunGamer_YT
    GunGamer_YT6 hours ago

    I think i know why they go in zig zag because if u go zig zag its hard to catch people in roblox

  • Vesna Milosevic
    Vesna Milosevic6 hours ago

    I was in school and a wasp came in came super close to me and i jumped

  • LeonaandMax
    LeonaandMax7 hours ago

    Hey you stole my behave joke

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui9 hours ago

    My favorite bee is the Boo Bees, they’re really scary..

  • sdsweeney86
    sdsweeney869 hours ago

    2:26 CALLED IT.

  • Pickle Movies
    Pickle Movies12 hours ago

    The bee stung me Really No SIKE

  • Redstone Awesome
    Redstone Awesome14 hours ago

    Raise your hand if you like this new voice

  • bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    9 hours ago

    Me allergic to bees

  • Odin Hutson
    Odin Hutson14 hours ago

    I am 15 yrs old and still have never been stung

  • Abhishek Agarwal
    Abhishek Agarwal15 hours ago

    U are saying to fast

  • pop smoke rip
    pop smoke rip16 hours ago

    Lets get him to 40m

  • Paytontg ohlinger
    Paytontg ohlinger16 hours ago

    Our brain is smarter

  • jp bernier
    jp bernier16 hours ago

    3:52 error post 2,000,000 says 200,000,000 flowers

  • Fluff Birb
    Fluff Birb17 hours ago

    Hahahaha h a h a h a

  • Naf Yroeht emag
    Naf Yroeht emag17 hours ago

    This has more puns than the bee-movie

  • itzminahere_UwU
    itzminahere_UwU17 hours ago

    i do not bother bee

  • Owen Jackson
    Owen Jackson18 hours ago

    I've never been strong by a bee

  • Razor Offset
    Razor Offset18 hours ago

    After I watch this vid I got stung by a bee

  • Kennadee Riggs
    Kennadee Riggs18 hours ago

    who is this new voice

  • Joshplayz
    Joshplayz18 hours ago

    Know this already

  • Isaac B.Birch
    Isaac B.Birch18 hours ago

    Yo its still 2021 years lol

  • clifford smith
    clifford smith19 hours ago


  • Alex Tabor
    Alex Tabor20 hours ago

    Me allergic to bees

  • Joshua Miranda
    Joshua Miranda20 hours ago

    Royal jelly?

  • Ashley Foster
    Ashley Foster20 hours ago

    Always use the microphone that's why it said that

  • Ashley Foster
    Ashley Foster20 hours ago

    I mean predators and I also mean it's with a is

  • Ashley Foster
    Ashley Foster20 hours ago

    I know why squirrels zig zag it's a shake their prey off

  • Craig Young
    Craig Young20 hours ago

    New voice 🔓🚬

  • Awkward_Cat321
    Awkward_Cat32120 hours ago

    'Why bees can only sting once' Shows wasp as thumbnail.

  • Lucia Pacheco
    Lucia Pacheco21 hour ago

    Super squirrel!!

  • Khairrunesa Chowdhury
    Khairrunesa Chowdhury22 hours ago


  • Bubble
    Bubble22 hours ago

    Once i saw bee hive and i thought it was a ⚽️ i mean i was didnt ended up so well...

  • lucas anderson
    lucas anderson22 hours ago

    go subscribe to @UCuzGmxcgziVWbHFMHAqYZ-A/featured

  • JzRBLX
    JzRBLX23 hours ago

    Just jk i like both

  • JzRBLX
    JzRBLX23 hours ago

    I like the old voice

  • Story's Lame
    Story's Lame23 hours ago

    True story btw one day I was in the porch and i saw a little bee hive and i was like: ooh let me poke it with this a million bees came out and srung me ALL OF THEM

  • technotim
    technotim23 hours ago

    Nearly 40 mil

  • Linda Alves
    Linda AlvesDay ago

    Last time when i was kindergarden a bee as on my shoulder then i just screamed. My friend told meh.

  • Celina De La Cerda
    Celina De La CerdaDay ago


  • Guaadalupe Arias
    Guaadalupe AriasDay ago

    Last time I saw a bee but my mom said is not a bee it is very big

  • Toilet Bowl
    Toilet BowlDay ago

    6:36 i know why squirrels run in zigzags! Its because they zigzag to escape predators. When squirrels feel threatened, they run away in a zigzag pattern. This is an incredibly useful strategy to escape hawks and other predators.

  • RobloxFidgets _HDシ
    RobloxFidgets _HDシDay ago

    Everyone got hurt by a bee : Me : how does dat feel I never got hurt by a bee :v

  • Elijah Reffett
    Elijah ReffettDay ago

    Repopulate the honey bees!

  • Dexmurval
    DexmurvalDay ago

    hey your voice changed its nice

  • Shivum Rampersad
    Shivum RampersadDay ago

    im confused?

  • TheoPlayz
    TheoPlayzDay ago


  • Willow Potato
    Willow PotatoDay ago

    0:01 Doink

  • Sarah alesswi
    Sarah alesswiDay ago

    When i was one years old a bee stinged me in my cheek

  • Cool Doge
    Cool DogeDay ago


  • Cool Doge
    Cool DogeDay ago


  • Yasir Syah
    Yasir SyahDay ago

    Wait now pigeons are smarter than me LoL

  • Kara geason
    Kara geasonDay ago

    Once when i was running i hit a bee and when i was talking to my friend my brain oww

  • Coolanicraft
    CoolanicraftDay ago

    People are talking about how painful stings are but me... I’m just surprised that bees have 5 eyes XD!!!

  • oDqno
    oDqnoDay ago


  • Ecaterina Slav
    Ecaterina SlavDay ago

    My favorite bee is the ,,buff-tailed" bumblebee too. I love caching them because it's fluffy. :)

  • Dirk Moments
    Dirk MomentsDay ago


  • MUIGAMER 1908
    MUIGAMER 1908Day ago

    Minecraft fact: if you get stinged by a bee if you see the tail lost they will not survived

  • MUIGAMER 1908
    MUIGAMER 1908Day ago

    This earth is minecraft

  • Karthikeya K M
    Karthikeya K MDay ago

    I think he had started fast forward ⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩

  • Mary Mirinda Choo
    Mary Mirinda ChooDay ago

    Honey comb is very sweet

  • Typiqally
    TypiqallyDay ago

    Bees be dying thinking they brought us down with them

  • Z
    ZDay ago

    This dude litterrally ruins m6 thoughts on the future so innocently

  • Abyss Hater
    Abyss HaterDay ago

    What? You want bee to sting you more than once? Cuz im not

  • drttyu liqm
    drttyu liqmDay ago

    "Congrats to everyone those who're legend early notification to this comment!"

  • Canal do Barnum
    Canal do BarnumDay ago

    Canal de bot

  • Toxic TacoYT
    Toxic TacoYTDay ago

    I have never got stung

  • Collins collins
    Collins collinsDay ago

    Zzzzzzzzz doik

  • J D
    J DDay ago

    Wow i realy just watched an video about bees with the same pictures over and iver and over

  • drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqm

    Day ago

    Am allergic to bees that’s why am scared of them and I could also die from them

  • Jireh Pang
    Jireh PangDay ago

    The puns in this videos are unbEElievable

  • Jorg Jones

    Jorg Jones

    6 hours ago

    BEE quiet!


    there a bee in my room😖😭

  • Rick Pontificates
    Rick PontificatesDay ago

    I’ve been stung by bees a few times, VERY PAINFUL! But I was stung by a scorpion once. It was a small fraction as painful as a bee sting.

  • Prime Stopper 12
    Prime Stopper 12Day ago

    Ants are cooler

  • B Pope
    B PopeDay ago

    I saw a bee today and i got my 22.

  • Fabiola Catalan jaime
    Fabiola Catalan jaimeDay ago

    Panfal scary anoying

  • Janna Bsharat
    Janna BsharatDay ago

    Butterfly fact:butterfly’s have eyes all around their wings

  • Remi Skyler
    Remi SkylerDay ago

    Why does your voice sound different Brightside

  • Kyle Duke
    Kyle DukeDay ago


  • Momentous Tuber
    Momentous TuberDay ago

    I’ve actually never been stung by anything

  • Aaryan Jagmohan
    Aaryan JagmohanDay ago

    Almost at 40 mil subs u got this

  • Zoli
    ZoliDay ago

    Nicolas Cage disliked this 429 times

  • Wolfy gacha UwU
    Wolfy gacha UwUDay ago

    Diamond0327 used to got stung by a honey bee when she was little here's the story: so we were playing outside and all suddenly a honey bee came and stung her and I WSS THERE!

  • Undefined Dream
    Undefined DreamDay ago

    Am allergic to bees that’s why am scared of them and I could also die from them

  • Linlin Lv
    Linlin LvDay ago

    The stinger can pull out the bees heart and I can die in a couple seconds I’m smart

  • Red Biohazard
    Red BiohazardDay ago


  • Rowell Lubiano
    Rowell LubianoDay ago

    Bees are nice but just do not touch them if they dont touch you

  • jessica manajero
    jessica manajeroDay ago

    WhAt Is B-liNe?

  • Angle UwU
    Angle UwUDay ago

    How live so many days and yet the earth has not even been around that long

  • Trevor Davis
    Trevor DavisDay ago

    How do you know that the bees are around for 130,000,000 years?