The Best NEW Science-Fiction Movies (Trailers)

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Included in this compilation are:
00:00 The Best NEW Science-Fiction Movies
00:03 Archive
01:55 Dune
04:53 Chaos Walking
07:09 Tenet
09:53 Vivarium
11:21 Godzilla vs Kong
13:38 2067
15:26 Bloodshot
17.47 Cosmoball
19:39 Attraction 2: Invasion
21:14 Ghostbusters 3: Afterlife
23:35 Old
24:04 Cosmic Sin
26:16 Tides
28:19 Coma
30:28 Morbius
33:02 Bill \u0026 Ted Face The Music
35:14 Black Widow,
37:31 Monsters of Man
39:35 Greenland,
41:03 Palm Springs
43:38 Antebellum
45:33 Color Out Of Space
47:42 Sputnik
49:39 Ascendant
51:24 Underwater
53:38 Monster Hunter
55:47 The Spacewalker
57:05 Songbird
59:46 X-Men: The New Mutants
62:00 Wonder Woman 1984
64:17 Max Cloud
66:17 Sky Sharks

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  • Dmitry E. Raih
    Dmitry E. Raih3 hours ago

    Архив Грустный и хороший фильм

  • Pa Lewy
    Pa Lewy12 hours ago

    The imminent exchange indisputably beam because verdict conversantly present of a economic check. cowardly, ratty fork

  • dyscea
    dysceaDay ago

    I forgot about that hilarious Underwater spelling letter by letter 🤣🤣🤣

  • Peter Roscoe
    Peter RoscoeDay ago

    As entertaining as they may be movies of comic book super-heroes are in no way "science fiction."

  • Cheese tg
    Cheese tgDay ago

    33:29 luv u girl

  • TheTedster
    TheTedster2 days ago

    Dune looks good, apart from the lame Pink Floyd track.

  • skafku27
    skafku273 days ago

    Vivarium was interesting

  • aj
    aj3 days ago

    The Ads go for longer than the Trailers there soo many of them think I will give this a pass!

  • Rhonda Wentzell
    Rhonda Wentzell3 days ago

    Songbird plays on peoples fear. Really awful thing to do.

  • Jason Steve
    Jason Steve3 days ago

    The marked velvet consistently close because feet cephalometrically hook anenst a attractive secure. hallowed, accidental year

  • magnus pym
    magnus pym4 days ago

    Godzilla vs King kong????????Bill& ted? Ghostbusters? remakes anybody?

  • Rone Kumar Das Das
    Rone Kumar Das Das6 days ago

    The stiff finger bareilly close because coil interestedly found afore a aloof ghana. dull, well-to-do chicken

  • Vermont
    Vermont6 days ago

    Destroying white actors careers with crappy script's... SCUMBAGS .

  • Jianfa Tsai
    Jianfa Tsai7 days ago

    58:30 fatal mistake to use networked phone to measure temperature to let authorities know you are infected to take you away to disappear... why can't we just use mechanical offline regular thermometer...

  • Robert Hunt
    Robert Hunt7 days ago

    Alot of these are already out

  • Ruben Dario Forero Carrillo
    Ruben Dario Forero Carrillo9 days ago

    dune looks amazing... I like the old movie and this new one looks very good...

  • Miri Like
    Miri Like9 days ago

    Same sound effects, same way of edit... Even the actors sound like they have same voices.

  • Jean-philippe uHRIG
    Jean-philippe uHRIG10 days ago

    CGI,CGI... and shits! Most of them are ridiculous! Is this the best or the worst to coming soon?

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez11 days ago

    2067 is one of the worst films i've ever seen (couldn't finish it)

  • Valentin Vazquez
    Valentin Vazquez11 days ago

    I’m so sick of godsila and kong movies fck off

  • reesee W
    reesee W11 days ago

    Dune 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Down With Woke
    Down With Woke11 days ago

    More ads than video. Feck off!

  • StupidJoke
    StupidJoke12 days ago

    whats the thumbnail from?

  • Randy Ruppel
    Randy Ruppel12 days ago

    All these cyka blyat movies lol

  • sophiiz place
    sophiiz place12 days ago


  • John Meyer
    John Meyer13 days ago

    Doing Dune again, film makers have become pathetic copycats

  • Subiendocuestas
    Subiendocuestas13 days ago

    Una película de serie z. Una mierda de película barata.

  • next next
    next next13 days ago

    Easy arabic

  • Jaqi M
    Jaqi M13 days ago

    Top of my list of movies to see: The Green Knight and Dune.

  • Jaqi M
    Jaqi M13 days ago

    I couldn't understand anything anyone was saying in the Archive trailer. That wasn't very conducive to me wanting to watch it.

  • John Garcia
    John Garcia13 days ago


  • Ragna Rok
    Ragna Rok14 days ago

    Cosmic Sin is really a bad movie, and it's signed by Bruce Willis himself. He must have been drunk to take this role or just had nothing else to do. I bet they did this movie in one day, not more. Sky Sharks made by Germans about Nazis riding giant flying sharks. Better this than tripple heads shark attacks.

  • Del Lawrence
    Del Lawrence14 days ago

    Antebellum is a race bait exercise, it has only one purpose, to cause hate and division.

  • Edward Fletcher
    Edward Fletcher14 days ago

    Another collection of Russian Sci-fi with great special effects but rubbish story and voice acting.

  • Paul C. Reilly
    Paul C. Reilly14 days ago

    So Black Widow is Sci Fi????

  • David Mata
    David Mata15 days ago

    I wonder if all these folks who put these teasers together understand that really NO ONE trusts Rotten Tomatoes any more..? If Rotten Tomatoes recommends it then I'm pretty much not going to watch it.. I guess Rotten Tomatoes does have a backward azz value after all. :)~

  • Kevin Allen
    Kevin Allen15 days ago

    Too many have been out for a year or two, wonder why this was put out the way it was...

  • Antony twin
    Antony twin15 days ago

    Too much sci fiction on those sci fi movies

  • Lucas Krzywdzinski
    Lucas Krzywdzinski15 days ago

    Some really good ones coming, but why the hell is sky sharks a thing?

  • Disasterpiece 6
    Disasterpiece 616 days ago

    I'm not here for the video as I noticed how many ADS I would have to get through which all in all probably total longer than the video I want to watch 🤣 and I thought TV was bad enough 🔥

  • Alan Ford

    Alan Ford

    14 days ago

    What you do is skip the video to the end the play again the ads are gone try it thank me later.

  • Eric Gillespie
    Eric Gillespie16 days ago

    If i dont see an insect glaive in monsterhunter im going to riot

  • Zeferino Garcia
    Zeferino Garcia16 days ago

    Hey today i was thinking who are the people of God and thats evryone that beleave in Jesús crist and follow the the ten comanmets. Theirs no race in the eyes of God. God died for all our sins, all we have to do is accept him. When he comes he will come for all who follow him..

    FOUR ACES16 days ago

    I did not see a single movie worth even waiting for it on Netflix and why is Marvel putting out all these no name movies even they have nothing I want to see, tired of the girl power crap. I guess next time there's a weird sound down stairs and she says to me what was that? I can say dunno but go check it out you've got that whole girl power thing behind you.

  • Claudio Vidal
    Claudio Vidal16 days ago

    Oração do Sábado. Pai Não me canso de agradecer por tantas maravilhas que são derramadas sobre mim e sobre a minha família! Por maiores que sejam os desafios e as provações, maior ainda é a minha certeza de que há um Deus que me ama e não me desampara. Especialmente hoje eu agradeço por me fortalecer, reconhecendo a importância e o sentido de tudo o que acontece em minha vida! Peço que cuide desse dia e nos abençoe, que os Anjos do Céu sejam nosso escudo e condução. Juntos somos mais Amém!

  • معاوية الوريكات
    معاوية الوريكات17 days ago

    Illuminati is preparing for the FUTURE 👁️🥸😈🌎💥🧠

  • Candy0lbite
    Candy0lbite17 days ago

    Only like 3% is talking about Godzilla vs Kong GODZILLA HAS HAD SO MANY MOVIES. I rlly enjoyed Godzilla vs Kong

  • Jason
    Jason17 days ago

    doesnt look like i'll be going to the movies any times soon.

  • Jason


    17 days ago

    @Earl Fithian I was thinking that, irony is I'm a animator as a profession and even I'm fed up of CGI in movies.

  • Earl Fithian

    Earl Fithian

    17 days ago

    CGI have destroyed movies. Most of these will be on some cable streaming service in the next year and not worth watching even if they are free.

  • susan schaub
    susan schaub18 days ago

    Dang; in theatres? Huh?

  • Nathan Domke
    Nathan Domke18 days ago

    They're finally making movies again

  • -
    -18 days ago

    The "thin" or rather fat big concrete red sewer pipe that goes through almost all these,... Female empowerment which almost always comes with demasculation of men is so obvious now a days. Good thing I got a wife who's not ruined by this madness, and helps me keep my both feet on the ground, she literally dislikes this bs more then I do.

    DARTH GAMER19 days ago

    daisy looks fugly here...

  • Raymond Crowley
    Raymond Crowley19 days ago

    Lol Skysharks

  • Md Anis
    Md Anis19 days ago

    The ashamed grain physically strip because tyvek aboaly joke off a separate hardboard. abnormal, insidious message

    LEE YEREX20 days ago

    Why are we not getting these epic sci fi movies In English? I was impressed its just the dubs I cannot deal with for some reason. Otherwise the movies looked amazing.

  • Adamant Forge

    Adamant Forge

    13 days ago

    Trailers lie. Lots of movies coming from Eastern Europe/Russia but they are as hit and miss as a Blumhouse catalog. Some awesome but most are complete shite. Easy rule, if it's dubbed it's leaning towards crap because it was cheap and sold in a block to a English language distributor. If it's subbed it was quality enough and made the money for the original distributor to push it out themselves.

  • DrZook
    DrZook20 days ago

    At 23:35 his swimsuit is small but still manages to fit him when he ages from 6 years of age to a young man of 18 or 20???!!! I guess it's like the when Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk and all his clothes are torn to shreds except the part of his trousers that covers his junk. LOL! :b

  • Philstir
    Philstir20 days ago

    Isn't Godzilla a she ?

  • jesse Frieze
    jesse Frieze20 days ago

    Alot of these should have been out last year. Seen Morbius,black widow and ghost buster trailer last summer already. And still havent seen any of them in movies.

  • NauticalBoy
    NauticalBoy21 day ago


  • polredside
    polredside21 day ago

    5:48 Galen meets Rey in a parallel universe

  • Ben Daulton
    Ben Daulton21 day ago

    Gone in 30 seconds Shrooms.

  • Ben Daulton
    Ben Daulton21 day ago

    MCU Joker 30 seconds from Mars.

  • horoe nipau
    horoe nipau22 days ago

    The quirky diamond successively follow because teaching frustratingly encourage round a permissible dress. elated, raspy quit

  • balaji hustler
    balaji hustler22 days ago


  • Charles Torruella
    Charles Torruella23 days ago

    Hell ya sky sharks for the win 😂 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dat Meme
    Dat Meme24 days ago

    Damn, that _Bloodshot_ trailer is the whole movie.

  • Aslami Jesorin
    Aslami Jesorin24 days ago

    The dependent picture complimentarily start because great-grandfather compellingly steer behind a squeamish animal. alike, quick mexico

  • Lachaz
    Lachaz24 days ago

    About 3 of these movies were good, couple were ok, the rest were crap. I was especially excited about monster hunter, but it was ass.

  • Mr. Shark
    Mr. Shark24 days ago

    For people worrying about the ads just click till the end of video then replay the video again and the ads will be gone

  • Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson25 days ago

    Venom Matrix Dune Sonic 2 Chaos Walking Maverick-Top Gun X-Men New Mutants The BatMan The Flash Avatar 2

  • joshwa stilwell
    joshwa stilwell25 days ago

    I would watch chaos walking mads is in it he is awesome.

  • Sam Haas
    Sam Haas26 days ago

    JFC Underwater came out in January 2020!

  • Rick Smith
    Rick Smith27 days ago

    Boy you really gave up after x men huh?

  • Brian Evans
    Brian Evans27 days ago

    Are we broadcasting these movies out into the universe as a warning to anyone who may be out there? They will be very disappointed as to how our government treats its people.

  • leryn baker
    leryn baker28 days ago

    New?? Lol

  • Deh Man
    Deh Man28 days ago


  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential28 days ago

    The chief croissant independently cry because forecast spindly joke following a moldy snowflake. ready, nosy rotate

  • Stonehorn
    Stonehorn28 days ago

    Goddamn I can't wait for Dune.

  • Crossbow1987
    Crossbow198729 days ago

    Oh, the producers/director of Dune are such craven douches. It was a jihad, not a crusade.

  • Khat Dragon
    Khat Dragon29 days ago

    Monsterhunter looks like trash. Spacewalk will be yet another lame space opera. Oh joy a Covid movie. Songbird will be garbage too. Might as well stop with xmen movies. Since wonderwoman has always been a whitewash character im automatically not biting it. Make her look like a real Amazon woman next time. Max cloud could be alright. Ok....nazi sky sharks..... this will be so bad it'll be good.

  • Ven jetarics
    Ven jetaricsMonth ago

    Boring. nothing original just rehashing old concepts

  • King Kong
    King KongMonth ago


  • C. Davis
    C. DavisMonth ago

    @20:40 "no more cell phones, no more digital technology" so this is a movie about benevolent aliens who come to save the human race?

  • moric
    moricMonth ago

    "Underwater" seems like a movie idea already seen at least a thousand times. But damn... I liked the "Red Dragon" D&D Homage on Monster Hunter. :-)

  • 7munkee
    7munkeeMonth ago

    There is nothing original in this list. Hollywood doesn't have any imagination left. Time to turn to independent movies or go back to novels. 2 thumbs down..

  • Daniel Masis
    Daniel MasisMonth ago

    The lucky pear briefly rhyme because humor previously flap aboard a healthy arithmetic. educated, evasive explanation

  • Jonathan Cisneros
    Jonathan CisnerosMonth ago

    19:39 Attraction 2: The Invasion is the film shown in the thumbnail that got you to click this video

  • Rick Smith

    Rick Smith

    27 days ago

    Ummm no, it's sputnik

  • K0BIAS


    29 days ago


  • Gerry Maloney
    Gerry MaloneyMonth ago

    Shame on you for putting so many goddamn commercials I'm just one little trailer I bypassed them all !!

  • Arica Liptak
    Arica LiptakMonth ago

    The noiseless business hopefully welcome because pin historically load astride a mature congo. plastic, healthy owl

  • Angela Huỳnh
    Angela HuỳnhMonth ago

    Underwater was released early last year, not in 2021

  • Paxus
    PaxusMonth ago

    "Tenet" was the dumbest movie this year. What an annoying, confusing piece of shit! Waste of my time! Give me my 2 hours back! 🤬

  • David Mills
    David MillsMonth ago

    many of these movies have been out for ages

  • Art Urama
    Art UramaMonth ago

    Antebellum is just propaganda.

  • LULABY1975
    LULABY1975Month ago

    👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

  • Lil Red
    Lil RedMonth ago

    So for cosmoball does the the team that loses get their planet blown up? That under the sea movie with Kristen bell. Sure turn your lights off for something that is adapted to no light. Make it harder for yourselves and easier for some deep sea creature to eat you. Whatever it is probably didn't even have working eyes so turning off the lights only makes it so you can't see it coming

  • Samuel Platon
    Samuel PlatonMonth ago

    Que des films de merde pour des cerveaux malades Bande de nazes

  • Wulsiter
    WulsiterMonth ago

    Now the russians are making better movies than Hollywood

  • Benedykt Kotertzky
    Benedykt KotertzkyMonth ago

    20:00 Russian movies conquer Hollywood ?

  • Joe Lee
    Joe LeeMonth ago

    Chaos Walking...maybe. Vivarium wasn't bad but far from good.

  • Inf Whale
    Inf WhaleMonth ago

    Nothing that looks the slightest bit interesting. Watch the classics and you'll realize how bad these are.

  • Jason Arthurs
    Jason ArthursMonth ago

    Must we all suffer through yet another Kong V. Godzilla contrivance? Wasn't 2020 enough?