viisaus #shorts


  • nande
    nande12 minutes ago

    Vsauce? More like Vsus

  • Stun V
    Stun V17 minutes ago

    Too Kool 🤌🏻

    FIZZ PLAYZ20 minutes ago

    This guy is creeping me out...

  • no -_-
    no -_-30 minutes ago

    I have deen called

  • tannerfani91
    tannerfani9133 minutes ago


  • Jeremiah Ashby
    Jeremiah Ashby36 minutes ago

    Sooooo Vsause= Wisdom

  • Iván Hernández Flores
    Iván Hernández Flores41 minute ago

    Sounds like idubbz saying vausce

  • Dank_Obama 69
    Dank_Obama 6945 minutes ago

    No perkele sitten

  • Jannah Sorrell
    Jannah Sorrell59 minutes ago

    Who are you so wise in the way of wisdom?

  • Draken Kartikay Kaul
    Draken Kartikay KaulHour ago

    I wanted to give myself a nickname and I just wrote Draken out of nowhere. I put Draken on google translate and found out it means Dragon in Swedish. I love dragons so it fits.

  • Danny Danny
    Danny DannyHour ago

    Oh, never new that finnish means smth similar with Finland. Just want u to know, from ukraine, not very smart eather, so be it, at least ukraine counter isnt 0 in comment section for now thats all folks lazyyyy

  • EIDmitriy
    EIDmitriyHour ago

    Dude! I got email box I've made it in 2003! So, it is my word)) And (wisdom on dutch) is mine too)

  • ThatOneSomeone 0
    ThatOneSomeone 0Hour ago

    The finnish population: So u have summoned me?

  • Colonel Custard
    Colonel CustardHour ago

    Confirmation bias

  • Carcinogenic Thalidomide
    Carcinogenic Thalidomide2 hours ago

    Mentions Finnish All of Finland: Motherland has called.

  • Mr.lockzy
    Mr.lockzy2 hours ago

    How old are dude?

  • Αλευράς Θεοφάνης
    Αλευράς Θεοφάνης2 hours ago

    this came up when i was wtching the series Sorjonen. (and im not even finnish!)

    ZWIEBEL _LOL2 hours ago

    Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  • John Saba
    John Saba2 hours ago

    V Sus

    DRAGON BLADE GOD2 hours ago

    As a human I can comfirm he is a human.

  • KCG - Kodie Collings Gaming
    KCG - Kodie Collings Gaming2 hours ago


  • • DEVIL•
    • DEVIL•2 hours ago

    minä en oikein ymmärrä

    ELI WILCOX2 hours ago

    I felt a sense of wisdom instilled in me when I finnished this video.

  • Commander Cody
    Commander Cody3 hours ago

    as a finnish finnish blah blah blah

  • mcko 999
    mcko 9993 hours ago

    It is true we planed it from the start

  • Sooraj Ms
    Sooraj Ms3 hours ago

    That's a wonderful coincidence...... or os it?

  • Taigavarpu
    Taigavarpu3 hours ago

    I am waiting in the market. There are thousands of people all ready here, and as we speak, busses are dropping thousands more.

  • Gavin
    Gavin3 hours ago

    Torille perkele.

  • Sus Doctor
    Sus Doctor3 hours ago

    Viisaus Wisdom . Vsause Wiisome

  • Proxytale 101
    Proxytale 1013 hours ago

    You can never trust google translate

  • Cathartic Muffin
    Cathartic Muffin3 hours ago

    Finland Mentioned? Must comment.

  • AkuFinland
    AkuFinland3 hours ago

    As Finnish I can say that its true

  • Björnborn
    Björnborn3 hours ago

    Who dares summon me!

  • turpasauna 273
    turpasauna 2733 hours ago

    Suomi mainittu perkele

  • Mogar Is Ready
    Mogar Is Ready3 hours ago

    I had no clue. I'm Swedish and wisdom in Swedish is "Visdom" (pretty similar to English) or "Vishet". Visdom almost sounds like viisaus, almost

  • Oldle Peng
    Oldle Peng4 hours ago

    i like vaching viisaus

  • MervinpaismakesWindows14


    3 hours ago

    AHHH- ugh *give up vote* (get the meme?)

  • daz cam
    daz cam4 hours ago

    As an Australian living in finland learning finnish language.. I will never forget the word for wisdom 🤓 Kiitos paljon

  • hayool phazai coooll • 13years ago
    hayool phazai coooll • 13years ago4 hours ago

    Now that you used fake name generator does that mean your fake 😲 Vsauce lore

  • The Wolpertinger
    The Wolpertinger4 hours ago

    dude thats insanee

  • Generic Terrorist
    Generic Terrorist4 hours ago

    I seem to have entered a strange realm where Finnish people exist

  • ii omqfaderz
    ii omqfaderz4 hours ago


  • Maksim Drobysevskij
    Maksim Drobysevskij4 hours ago

    After watching this video I have a lot of vsauce

  • Brayden Holden
    Brayden Holden5 hours ago

    English People: Vsauce Finnish People: Literally Pure Wisdom Vsauce Fans: I have Never Been SO Happy about something I 100% agree with

  • Imas
    Imas5 hours ago

    Im from Finland😃

  • Palaneet Leivät
    Palaneet Leivät5 hours ago


  • Super Sazz
    Super Sazz6 hours ago

    Suomi perkele!

  • neku1022
    neku10226 hours ago

    I genuinely thought thumbnail said "Visus" and now i hate myself

  • David S.
    David S.6 hours ago

    I can't see anything. Thumbing down

  • Shepuz
    Shepuz6 hours ago

    as a yet another Finnish person, I have been summoned from my winter slumber to comment on this video and fulfill my obligation as Finnish person.

  • Erdoğan Bal
    Erdoğan Bal7 hours ago


  • chipped tooth
    chipped tooth7 hours ago

    this doesnt look like it was filmed in 2021

  • Antti Kivivalli
    Antti Kivivalli7 hours ago

    Well as you can hear from Google, we Finns pronouce all the vowels ([a] and [e] in this case) as they are, so "viisaus" is [vi:saus] and not [vi:sɔːs] like your channel - except in Finland, we easily prounounce it [ve:saus], [vi:saus] or [ve:sause]. :-)

  • ChimoZ
    ChimoZ7 hours ago

    Vsauce? more like Vsus

  • Miähinen Miäs
    Miähinen Miäs7 hours ago

    Finland mentioned we'll meet at the marketplace

  • MNIrfan Bachtiar
    MNIrfan Bachtiar7 hours ago

    Or is it?

  • Jonny Jonjon
    Jonny Jonjon7 hours ago

    Vsowce ni**a

  • MetaSlasher
    MetaSlasher7 hours ago

    Vi *sus*

  • Whiplash
    Whiplash7 hours ago

    Saus litterally means sauce

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo7 hours ago

    Nuoruus ja hulluus, vanhuus ja Vsauce. Tieto tulee, mutta Vsauce viipyy. Vsauce asettaa rajat tiedollekin. Perkele.

  • Lorenz Nicolas
    Lorenz Nicolas7 hours ago

    I just got back from doing my homework, and yes im a finish

  • Luka Taguchi
    Luka Taguchi8 hours ago

    When the myth of finland gets too serius

  • bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo

    7 hours ago

    I'm not Finnish but TORILLE!!

  • Jimpula -
    Jimpula -8 hours ago

    Im finland i speak finnish👌😎

  • im 16
    im 168 hours ago

    Vi saus

  • woosh me if ur lgbtq
    woosh me if ur lgbtq9 hours ago

    you mentioned my country. I have come out of the woods like little goblin.

  • Antonio Elg
    Antonio Elg9 hours ago

    Huonta mitä ukko

  • Antonio Elg

    Antonio Elg

    9 hours ago

    Suomi perkele

  • Jonas Väänänen
    Jonas Väänänen9 hours ago

    All your finnish fans, including me, are going crazy in the comments

  • アインドラアズス【星詠み】
    アインドラアズス【星詠み】9 hours ago

    The comments looks like it's been populated by fairies and elves

  • Abdulgader Al-Aydaroos
    Abdulgader Al-Aydaroos9 hours ago


  • Minecraft Pro
    Minecraft Pro10 hours ago

    Hmm... I wonder why wisdom means Vsauce... *OH*

  • Tintin And Snowy
    Tintin And Snowy11 hours ago

    As my national law, once someone mention ”finnish” we are summoned, maybe not all of us, but a lot of us

  • KJ Gangster
    KJ Gangster11 hours ago

    Bruh i thought it was uploaded by some other channel

  • Swapnil Soni
    Swapnil Soni11 hours ago

    That domain got purchased

  • The Good Pilgrim
    The Good Pilgrim11 hours ago

    I'll meet you in the marketplace.

  • Sajjad Mirza
    Sajjad Mirza12 hours ago

    Hello vi saus I hope you having a good day

  • Doodle Hobbo
    Doodle Hobbo12 hours ago

    "Hmmm Vsauce" - Buddha Monke

  • Tojota_30
    Tojota_3012 hours ago

    Hello Yes finland has been mentioned I have arrived.

  • Thus spoke Rafael.
    Thus spoke Rafael.12 hours ago

    I'm not Finnish but TORILLE!!

  • Ammar Dhamiri
    Ammar Dhamiri12 hours ago

    Kinda sus

  • Saku Virkkala
    Saku Virkkala13 hours ago


  • Tisisrealnow
    Tisisrealnow13 hours ago

    You are wisdom, you are viisaus

  • Soham More
    Soham More14 hours ago

    Sir could you make a video about titles

  • Woof Woof
    Woof Woof14 hours ago


  • Glade Air-freshener
    Glade Air-freshener14 hours ago

    vee swauws

  • Gavin The Crafter
    Gavin The Crafter14 hours ago

    As a Finnish person, I’m lying about my nationality

    LIL_J_HILL15 hours ago

    His name is V-saoce

  • Atomfurz00
    Atomfurz0015 hours ago

    fúck sweden. all my homies are finnish

  • MrEetu
    MrEetu15 hours ago

    Suomi mainittu!

  • palikka mies
    palikka mies15 hours ago

    What can I say finish language is retarded

  • Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi15 hours ago

    A cruel joke on the world

  • Uxvellda
    Uxvellda15 hours ago

    It's a great "coincidence", right...? Or is it?

  • DustMug
    DustMug15 hours ago

    Perkele säkkijärven uraliin taa Suomi Simon haya

  • The Good White
    The Good White16 hours ago

    As a spanish speaker i can confirm this isn't spanish.

  • Francisco 1234 Cruz
    Francisco 1234 Cruz17 hours ago

    Makes sense he is smart and shares that smartness with us

  • Uli Schmidt
    Uli Schmidt17 hours ago

    i think they changed the word for wisdom

  • Pelza
    Pelza17 hours ago

    Wisdom Finnish Viisaus. WFV LOL

  • Imma_gamin
    Imma_gamin18 hours ago

    (Nintendo) Vii sæus

  • Zé
    18 hours ago

    Vsauce can also be translated to my language as "caldinho de pepeca".

  • Strong Back
    Strong Back18 hours ago

    Torilla tavataan! Kahvia ja pullaa!

  • Misa Afton
    Misa Afton18 hours ago

    V SA W US

  • Tyler Dennis
    Tyler Dennis18 hours ago

    Freakin awesome