The *RANDOM* SEASON 7 BOSS Challenge in Fortnite!

Random boss weapons challenge in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 gameplay with Typical Gamer!

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Music by Epidemic Sound:

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    It turns black

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    What is the best I got two weekends in for now

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    I love your videos

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    I love the amount of effort everyone knows he plays more then two games just for his fans ty tg

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    Next video the shadow ghost challenge in fortnite

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    What are you doing in this house tonight in a few hours a week and I have a lot to say I don't think I have a problem for the next two months because I'm a little bit shy about the other day I am a little bit shy and I am very happy to be able to get my off work done and the first of many things that I have

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    I love you gamer cuz you're a nice night prayer and the whole time fortnite is fun to watch you play it and watch your videos but good morning

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    President Obama has to get a new boyfriend to get his own money and I have a good time

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    Why don't you play with superman

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    Tg you buy tiers you would be low

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    Pump only challenge

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    TG you are the best player on fortnight I thank

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    if you go to the light house and kill gugimon then he drops a purple AR

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    Infectios is my winning emote!

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    Btw if you mark ufos they are blue

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    There should be a Rick challenge when silver Rick is grey weapons only toxic Rick is green weapons only normal Rick is blue weapons only Rainbow Rick is purple weapons only and gold Rick is good weapons only sounds cool

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    i used your code typical gamer

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    Tg: blue weapons for rick and purple for guggimon me: stares aggressively at purple hammerhead morty with rick and blue chochop with guggimon

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  • Scoped Gamer
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    you can get a purple scar at the lighthouse but you have to kill guggimon to get the purple scar

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    And I know the cast name coward

  • Ammo
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    When is dude is a coward coming out

  • Godwin
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    Fun fact: I don’t know if he knows that you can go to Joey to get a purple scar or ray gun

  • Beth Drephal

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    13 days ago

    You can also go to the light house to kill the bunny for a purple scar.

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    He used the chug splash during the blue game but the chug splash thing is a exotic

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    11:34 unlucky

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    Did any one realized he planted a camp fire when camp fires are Nat able to be placed?

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    I was doing the shot on iPhone meme at the same time that he got on 13hp

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    Video idea: only alien loot (railgun, Kymera ray gun, pulse rifle and recon scanner) good luck if u do!

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    Typical gamer is so good

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    Sees rabbit dude in Fortnite aww that's cute flipping rabbit is like the most evil character ever

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    Your children use different weapons you did in allowed it

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    You can kill with a ufo when Rick a ufo is rare

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    The marshmello

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    Next time use the upgrade bench with weapons cuz you could of had more weapons and you have a lot of gold

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    Purple scar

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    Typical Gamer Go to the Light House The feet The m p c You will get A Scar

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    Icannbe you in a 1v1

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    My cousin said he can beat you in the movie 1

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