The Real Morgz - (Documentary)


Who is the Real Morgz? What is Morgz really like? It’s time to show you all the real me, Morgan “Morgz” Hudson.
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Directed, Filmed & Edited by Morgan Hudson & Edward Hallam.
00:00 Intro
00:58 How It Started
04:01 Dropping Out Of School
06:07 Buying A House Aged 16
07:20 The Start Of The Morgz Character
08:22 Morgz Mum Pause Challenge Meme
10:33 How Fake Did It Get?
11:32 How I Almost Died
12:55 How USplan Broke Me
14:08 Bald Martin Beans And Burgers Meme
15:33 The Backlash
17:10 MorgzFest
18:33 The MrBeast Beef
20:08 Hitting 10 Million Subscribers
21:09 What Makes Morgz Mum Most Proud?
22:27 Whats Next?
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  • DweebSlayer69
    DweebSlayer6926 days ago

    After all these years….. he’s finally back. 🙏thank you for finally listening to everyone and being yourself.

  • Gaming with Formulakk

    Gaming with Formulakk

    20 days ago


  • WaRiS


    21 day ago


  • Shadow Gamer

    Shadow Gamer

    22 days ago

    @Yeyaboyoyo Ikr We all should be liking that we will finally see the real Morgz in the next series

  • Bronson Greenaway

    Bronson Greenaway

    25 days ago

    Hmmm it be two weeks bud

  • Yeyaboyoyo


    25 days ago


  • Son Goku
    Son Goku51 minute ago

    Finnaly he is back!! After all these years!!

  • Senorzo
    Senorzo54 minutes ago

    Why did you come back ?

  • The King
    The KingHour ago

    Highsky be like when watching this vid house on 16 age? You can resume this in comments :)

  • Ronan-Cullen 08
    Ronan-Cullen 08Hour ago

    I used to watch morgz when he played fifa and pes and cod

  • luke duke
    luke dukeHour ago

    why did we bullied him after all

  • Yousef Enaya
    Yousef EnayaHour ago

    people that unliked shame on u.

  • Giornos drip
    Giornos drip2 hours ago

    Perhaps i have treated you too harshley

  • The_cat_crazy
    The_cat_crazy2 hours ago

    Maybe we hated him too much, this makes me sad...

  • Yeeetis Meeetis
    Yeeetis Meeetis2 hours ago

    When Martin said beans and burgers jaaack mate should have been there

  • 08Astro
    08Astro2 hours ago

    People treat him too harshly hes a nice person

  • star fox
    star fox2 hours ago

    nice to see you back man

  • RRudzitis
    RRudzitis3 hours ago

    My respect for morgz 📈📈📈

  • Stacy Sherwood
    Stacy Sherwood3 hours ago

    Wow finally. I never knew what he’s actually like. He is idk what to say. Great! I thought he had a drug dealer lol All jokes aside though he is better now. :)

  • Tbo Media
    Tbo Media3 hours ago

    This is Morgz yull guys yull guys

  • Media SL - Second Life
    Media SL - Second Life4 hours ago

    crazy 😜

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama4 hours ago

    It feels so surreal seeing them not screaming all the time

  • Sand Man
    Sand Man4 hours ago

    Thank you for making this after all of the year's thank you

  • Alex Newbill
    Alex Newbill5 hours ago


  • Yettus Mcchesseysun
    Yettus Mcchesseysun5 hours ago

    Bro thanks I used to watch u then I hated you but when you revealed the truth it moved me

  • Gomez Solano
    Gomez Solano5 hours ago

    Hehe we going where it starts. No not the hospital.

  • Im Jack
    Im Jack5 hours ago

    You prob wont see this but you should make a vid mocking ur self

  • Im Jack
    Im Jack6 hours ago

    I just wanna say thanks for recognizing scrubs

  • pen meets pad
    pen meets pad6 hours ago

    Wow after watching this my respect for morgz went ↗️↗️↗️

  • Mason Mora
    Mason Mora6 hours ago

    Respect 100

  • TheShadyKing Dirt biker
    TheShadyKing Dirt biker6 hours ago

    I watched morgz to much and this guy I’ve never hated on

  • AverageFN
    AverageFN6 hours ago

    4:23 lazarbeam

  • elimz -bot
    elimz -bot6 hours ago

    Some people dont understand that he was doing it as his job and he didnt care what others thought he just wanted to make his true viewers happy and make money to support him and his family and he got bullied for which now i feel really bad for him

  • Not-Orb
    Not-Orb6 hours ago

    Maybe... i treated u a little bit to harsh

  • KirmitZe Frog
    KirmitZe Frog6 hours ago

    Morgz bout lanky asf💀glad he's changed tho👍

  • Jenaveave Eastridge
    Jenaveave Eastridge6 hours ago

    I never made fun of Morgan from the start I would never judge a book by its cover

  • Zisccc
    Zisccc7 hours ago

    just change your channel logo

  • Caden Paul
    Caden Paul7 hours ago

    Perhaps I treated you to harshly

  • The Gray cowboy
    The Gray cowboy7 hours ago

    I feel bad for making fun of you I am really really sry man

  • FerbMC
    FerbMC7 hours ago

    i like the new morgan

  • Ugly Dino
    Ugly Dino8 hours ago

    The final (more popular) USplanr has been CLEANSED just for USplan

  • Ugly Dino
    Ugly Dino8 hours ago

    This feels like the cleansing of USplan

  • Icyyy. Lopez64
    Icyyy. Lopez648 hours ago

    Perhaps I treated you too harshly

  • giddycobra005
    giddycobra0058 hours ago


  • Juniorlozoya1234 Junior123
    Juniorlozoya1234 Junior1238 hours ago

    I am sorry 😭

  • T Gates
    T Gates8 hours ago

    I enjoy how we all that he was a crazy lunatic but he's super chill

  • Pogchimp
    Pogchimp9 hours ago

    God damn, these editing skills are amazing!! Even if youtube doesn't work out, no doubt you could get a really good-paying job as an editor.

    多伦多万通网络科技ALLWAY MEDIA DESIGN9 hours ago

    Gone I don’t like content you

    多伦多万通网络科技ALLWAY MEDIA DESIGN9 hours ago

    Yeah I want to to be

  • Kayla Houck
    Kayla Houck9 hours ago

    How did you like it when she wrote dumb.

  • Kayla Houck

    Kayla Houck

    9 hours ago


  • Torren White
    Torren White9 hours ago


  • SaltyThe SaltShacker
    SaltyThe SaltShacker9 hours ago

    I watched u all the time when I was 6-10 ( I'm 13 now

  • the game library
    the game library9 hours ago

    Be your self morgz

  • mega venom show
    mega venom show9 hours ago

    Ok I think we were a little to mean to him guys-💀

  • Dylan Martinez
    Dylan Martinez10 hours ago

    Perhaps I treated you to harshly

  • Issa Sareea
    Issa Sareea10 hours ago

    You earned my respect now

  • Mr Weird
    Mr Weird10 hours ago

    Maybe I treated you to harshly - Thanos

  • Jack Fjellman
    Jack Fjellman10 hours ago

    since martin said this was a job............ IS JILL AND MARTIN DATEING/MARRIED OR NOT

  • PrestonTheG
    PrestonTheG10 hours ago

    I like it when you be yourself

  • ghostah
    ghostah10 hours ago

    "perhaps... perhaps i treated you too harshly"

  • Layla the gurl
    Layla the gurl10 hours ago

    U should make vlogs u seem like a chill dude

  • Kayviral
    Kayviral11 hours ago

    Maybe we been to mean..

  • Cbandzz Mychair
    Cbandzz Mychair11 hours ago

    You made my childhood idc what they say

  • Video Game master
    Video Game master11 hours ago

    Perhaps we treated hi to ahrd

  • cal-aber
    cal-aber11 hours ago

    Salute to morgz all my Russian slavs salute to this man

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    ukay danda11 hours ago

    i was to harsh to you

    OBAMA CUBE11 hours ago

    Fam is he useing the finding dory theme in the first part?

  • Frostz_Alpha
    Frostz_Alpha11 hours ago

    This is the morgz we want bro, thanks for opening up the camera for real 🙏

  • Natalie Fishel
    Natalie Fishel12 hours ago

    Well sorry Morgz that everyone etc is exposing you

  • Gaming With Mohammad
    Gaming With Mohammad12 hours ago

    I owe u an apology

  • ICeD_tea_ 9
    ICeD_tea_ 912 hours ago

    And this is the Morgz we need proud of you bro.

  • KcJ Playz
    KcJ Playz12 hours ago

    You know what, I’m gonna sub again

  • Slyrr_
    Slyrr_12 hours ago

    i have finally liked a video of yours

  • Robert Martinez
    Robert Martinez12 hours ago

    bought a house at age 16 barley anyone can do that good job morgz

  • epic trickshooter
    epic trickshooter12 hours ago

  • Isnipe4 Fun
    Isnipe4 Fun12 hours ago

    “Perhaps I treated you too harshly”-Thanos

  • Justin Dubero
    Justin Dubero12 hours ago

    I misjudged... , I'll resubscribe now.... Sry

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    Adude 76713 hours ago

    pog vids

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    Sean Ng13 hours ago

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    Ayden films13 hours ago

    Good for morgz for real though

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    Noah Wardle13 hours ago

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    Butt Kicker13 hours ago

    happy hes not super energized now

  • lucy rowarth
    lucy rowarth13 hours ago

    Create what you want to. I💕

  • Samuel Torres
    Samuel Torres13 hours ago

    everyone sees morgs quiting: haha lol what a loser sees The Real Morgs Documentary Ive Been A FoolThis Wjole Time *sniff*😔😔

  • Megan Calvert
    Megan Calvert13 hours ago

    I don’t even recognise him like his appearance since I last saw him on Yt lol

  • TuckDuck Gaming
    TuckDuck Gaming14 hours ago

    Bro I thought you left youtube just leave

  • clueless 77
    clueless 7714 hours ago

    not gone cap i kinda miss the old morgs were hes loud to be honest

  • petriokas
    petriokas14 hours ago

    Come back

  • C. Ram
    C. Ram14 hours ago

    Perhapse we treated you to harshly

  • CC 3
    CC 314 hours ago

    Morgz probably did osmething that no one else can do

  • DaigreDagger
    DaigreDagger14 hours ago

    woa... i had no idea this dude was normal but i love this video and that he's finally being himself, a normal real guy who i actually have respect for, tbh tho even tho i hated him at first and thought he was weird, in a way he, made me feel better through the people making fun of him lol, but this video truly brightens me that he's going to actual be the real morgan

  • ryan
    ryan15 hours ago


  • Novaify
    Novaify15 hours ago

    I feel so sick for joining in the online talks about him hes been through alot, mad respect

  • G G
    G G15 hours ago

    I was happy when he said he was leaving but since I know how he actually felt it’s changed

    GAMER PANTHER48515 hours ago

    I never really liked morgs but you know now I feel just bad for saying and thinking how I did

  • NRG O b a m a
    NRG O b a m a15 hours ago

    this is the best video i have seen from morgz

  • Tristan Mason
    Tristan Mason16 hours ago

    I don’t really like him but gained some respect for him

  • DragunzChallenges
    DragunzChallenges16 hours ago

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    gray pineapple16 hours ago

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  • Aahan Verma
    Aahan Verma16 hours ago

    Sorry dude.

  • aanoxyn
    aanoxyn16 hours ago

    i loved making fun of morgz for like two years because he didnt make gaming vids but him being himself is just cool respect for that

  • 「ᑕᖇIᑎᘜᒪᗴY ᑕᖇᗩᘔY」
    「ᑕᖇIᑎᘜᒪᗴY ᑕᖇᗩᘔY」17 hours ago

    now this is the real mvp

    YMVU_MICKEY17 hours ago

    I love your vids dont leave