The WORST Player in Among Us Twin Role Mod Must Shave Their Head - Zamfam Gaming

Since Rebecca lost in the game master network gaming video she has to compete with Matt's best friend to see if she has to shave her head. This time the mod is a twin role which is high level sus. Last time Rebecca played every time she died she had to lose a layer of clothes. It was extreme but this is next level. Who do you think will have to shave their head? Hopefully we can avoid getting in a battle royale? Maybe someone will have an imposter iq play of 999.
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  • Game Master Network
    Game Master NetworkMonth ago

    Its not over yet, the jester mod will decide who has to shave your head.

  • Lee Mugridge

    Lee Mugridge

    7 days ago


  • Aljen Torremocha

    Aljen Torremocha

    19 days ago


  • Fruit Maker

    Fruit Maker

    26 days ago

    Matt plz stop ☹️☹️☹️☹️

  • Noman Khan

    Noman Khan

    27 days ago


  • Puckett Family

    Puckett Family

    28 days ago

    @creative universe }

  • Daisy Stokoe
    Daisy Stokoe5 hours ago

    sorry i choose rebecca sorry

  • Siobhan Cummins
    Siobhan CumminsDay ago

    Matt cheted

  • Moosa Hassan
    Moosa HassanDay ago

    Matt cheated

  • Maddie 1811
    Maddie 18112 days ago

    Matt was cheating the whole time

  • Maddie 1811
    Maddie 18112 days ago

    Matt cheated he sabotaged Rebecca

  • Sami Fernandez
    Sami Fernandez2 days ago

    I like the idea

    [GGC] GHOST2 days ago


  • Sophie Hartnup
    Sophie Hartnup2 days ago

    Matt cheated he sabotaged you

  • Robbi Blanchard
    Robbi Blanchard3 days ago

    I think with no service shaved his head

  • Abrar Siddiqui
    Abrar Siddiqui4 days ago

    Matt cheated he is the worst player

  • Abrar Siddiqui
    Abrar Siddiqui4 days ago

    I can’t believe that Matt would want to shave Rebecca’s head

  • Wesley Holt
    Wesley Holt5 days ago

    matt was hearing that Rebecca was the Imoster

  • khalid ahmed
    khalid ahmed7 days ago

    not rebecca and maddei

  • khalid ahmed
    khalid ahmed7 days ago

    and mike

  • khalid ahmed
    khalid ahmed7 days ago

    you too danile

  • khalid ahmed
    khalid ahmed7 days ago

    matt you are the best

  • khalid ahmed
    khalid ahmed7 days ago

    boy power

  • khalid ahmed
    khalid ahmed7 days ago

    rebecca is just jelus

  • darlyn jaralve
    darlyn jaralve7 days ago

    matt savetage on rabeca

  • Rawiri Nuku
    Rawiri Nuku8 days ago


  • Deronta King
    Deronta King12 days ago

    Matt Mom is so

  • Deronta King
    Deronta King12 days ago


  • Reza Izadi
    Reza Izadi14 days ago


  • Ashlyn Wilson
    Ashlyn Wilson14 days ago

    You Rebecca

  • Yvonne Ndlovu
    Yvonne Ndlovu15 days ago

    matt cheated

  • Ana Brena
    Ana Brena16 days ago

    Matt is the wrstplayr becuase he has to shave his hear🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬

  • Saniyah Washington
    Saniyah Washington17 days ago


  • Edward Watson
    Edward Watson18 days ago

    Max Chabot eyes you

  • Amanda Lennon
    Amanda Lennon19 days ago

    Matt is the worst

  • Princess Ellie
    Princess Ellie19 days ago

    Trading neon

  • Jenna Maddison
    Jenna Maddison21 day ago

    I vote Rick Noah

  • Desandi Jayasinghe
    Desandi Jayasinghe21 day ago

    Love u rebecca you are the best

  • RedLondon the Label
    RedLondon the Label21 day ago

    Matt was cheating and he want you to shave you head Rebecca

  • Abby plays
    Abby plays22 days ago

    Rebecca they teamed up on u

  • cringe fam
    cringe fam23 days ago

    Hi Rebecca can I have a book

  • Alaya Celestine
    Alaya Celestine23 days ago

    I Love you

  • Jessey’s Space
    Jessey’s Space23 days ago

    .Matt sabotage you Rebecca so you would be the worst player.

  • Lynn Alexander
    Lynn Alexander24 days ago

    Matt should shave

  • Sophie room!!
    Sophie room!!25 days ago

    Matt cheated !!!

  • Nicole Abreu
    Nicole Abreu25 days ago

    Matt you are mean

  • Fredy RamΓ­rez
    Fredy RamΓ­rez26 days ago

    Matt was leasing Torecka

  • Carolina Vera-simmons
    Carolina Vera-simmons26 days ago

    Ryan eoaclx

  • Darren Marchand
    Darren Marchand27 days ago

    This game

  • Darren Marchand
    Darren Marchand27 days ago

    I played

  • shakira phillips
    shakira phillips27 days ago

    Matt was spying on u Rebecca πŸ€”

  • Alondra Viera
    Alondra Viera27 days ago

    Hi play among us

  • Noman Khan
    Noman Khan27 days ago

    Hello i am your fan

  • Ben Cullen
    Ben Cullen28 days ago


  • Devin Brame
    Devin Brame28 days ago

    Rebecca Matt cheated he’s jealous because he know he will lose to you love your videos keep up the great work❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

  • Emma Burns
    Emma Burns28 days ago

    Matt cheated and listend if Rebecca was a crew mate or imposter

  • Brad Young
    Brad Young29 days ago

    Lit maddie date

  • monkey forever
    monkey forever29 days ago

    Mat cheated

  • Averie James
    Averie James29 days ago

    Rebecca does not have to shave her head because it Hurd her say at she was the imposter

  • fathimath shamla
    fathimath shamlaMonth ago

    Do not shave had plssss i love so much

  • Shadie_ Girl
    Shadie_ GirlMonth ago

    f ** matt

  • Shadie_ Girl
    Shadie_ GirlMonth ago

    i didnt watch this ? HOW?

  • Mia Blankenberg
    Mia BlankenbergMonth ago


  • Ashley Raya
    Ashley RayaMonth ago

    How so you play twin mode?

  • Iyonna Godfrey
    Iyonna GodfreyMonth ago


  • XxSloth_PotatoxX
    XxSloth_PotatoxXMonth ago

    rebecca matt is cheating

  • Rebecca Forbes
    Rebecca ForbesMonth ago


  • niamh guthrie
    niamh guthrieMonth ago


  • Mike Pizz
    Mike PizzMonth ago

    Matt is the worst player sorry matt

  • karen prieto
    karen prietoMonth ago

    MATT YOU BIG CHEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aryianna Mack
    Aryianna MackMonth ago

    Matt is the worst player

  • Devin Reed
    Devin ReedMonth ago


  • Devin Reed
    Devin ReedMonth ago

    How do you go in twin mode

  • roman kropivko
    roman kropivkoMonth ago

    I don't like rick noah or matt right now

  • roman kropivko
    roman kropivkoMonth ago

    Rick Noah

  • nicola collins
    nicola collinsMonth ago

    Matt cheated on the among Us he went to spy on you Rebecca and he knew you was the imposter because he went where you was at why you said you was the imposter

  • Mr. games
    Mr. gamesMonth ago

    Rebecca matt chetad he takest your brother he said to your brother kell Rebecca farst if you are the impostor an matt herd you than you are the impostor

  • Luthfa Begom
    Luthfa BegomMonth ago

    I feel like matt carse about Rick Noa more than his wife

  • Larayb Bakar
    Larayb BakarMonth ago

    Your not the worst Rebecca

  • Sejran Menekshe
    Sejran MeneksheMonth ago


  • Keyra Medina
    Keyra MedinaMonth ago

    I Love video

  • Model Mom
    Model MomMonth ago

    Rebecca is the worst player

  • Kerry Gogarty
    Kerry GogartyMonth ago

    Im telling a among us story one day l went on among us and l was it but then red said to me at 3am i can see u so l went off itπŸ™€ and then l saw red behind me so l ran in my bed and slept but in the morning I saw red with a nife and killed me but then my lil sister comes in and saw me dead so she telled me mum and took me to the hospital but the nife was in my head and then the nife stabed the doctor and dead come back for part 2 soon hope u like itπŸ’—πŸ˜Š


    i think matt and rick noah are the worst plyer bc they chaeted bc they know there bad at it haha hopefully this commet makes you feel better rebecca


    rebecca mat,rick noah sabotaged you matt went to you're room and headr you say you we're imposter


    matt cheated he told mike to kill Rebecca first if he was the imposter and heared that she is the imposter in one of the rounds and spyed on rebecca

  • Mani Topia
    Mani TopiaMonth ago

    Of course Maddie voted for Rick Noah she needs to learn how to respect and be nice

  • Adeline Sanchez-Perez
    Adeline Sanchez-PerezMonth ago

    My name is adeline Sanchez perez

  • Elysia castro loum
    Elysia castro loumMonth ago

    Why is Matt so rude to Rebecca Rebecca so kind two people I like Rebecca but now that you have to be nice to Maddie and Rebecca all you're doing is being nice to your friend Daniel and Rick Noah you should do a challenge that is called 24-hours being kind if you don't do what you have to keep your shoes on all your clothes on and jump into the pool

  • The elepant Squad
    The elepant SquadMonth ago

    Matt is a cheater

  • Felicia Stanton
    Felicia StantonMonth ago

    I love this vid

  • Mellisa Ashirifi
    Mellisa AshirifiMonth ago

    Matt cheating he’s listening to the door

  • Shazia Begum
    Shazia BegumMonth ago

    Rick Noah what's you

  • Michaela Kinder
    Michaela KinderMonth ago

    Matt was sping on Rebeca

  • Lila oliosi
    Lila oliosiMonth ago

    Mat cheated

  • Tiana Jaso
    Tiana JasoMonth ago

    N jdfuydfu

  • Safiza Ibrahim
    Safiza IbrahimMonth ago

    7:42 cuz he have that task Rebecca youndont have bruh

  • chris dauphin
    chris dauphinMonth ago

    Play mat came in and said you have to shave your head

  • Marisela Lovo
    Marisela LovoMonth ago


  • Angelica mae
    Angelica maeMonth ago

    I thought Maddie was going to shave her head because it was her idea

  • Marshall Wallace
    Marshall WallaceMonth ago

    how you twin and jester mode

  • Kirra De Lange
    Kirra De LangeMonth ago

    RICK NOAH.... I love u Rebecca

  • Avah Wilkes
    Avah WilkesMonth ago

    Matt is a chiter

  • Avah Wilkes
    Avah WilkesMonth ago

    I love you and among us

  • Emmah Grobler
    Emmah GroblerMonth ago

    Rebecca's brother cheated as well