THUNDERPUMPS ONLY in Fortnite (Season 6)


THUNDERPUMPS ONLY!! Today we go for our biggest shots on opponents. Regulars kills? No thanks! We hope you enjoy!
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  • Hunter Hendrickson
    Hunter HendricksonDay ago

    They are bots

  • fortnite gamer boy
    fortnite gamer boy2 days ago

    U guys should do a only nopscope with bow this season

  • Freshta Sadat
    Freshta Sadat4 days ago

    The kings of thunderpump


    He danced defeault dance XD 7:45

  • Luciano Crestani Rebolledo
    Luciano Crestani Rebolledo7 days ago

    x2 twins they are running out of ideas


    do fishing loot only

  • Lk Kayfher
    Lk Kayfher10 days ago

    look at 0:31 HOW DID HE GET THAT???

  • dexymexi
    dexymexi10 days ago

    bruh fortnite whit rocket leauge

  • selma yön
    selma yön11 days ago

    dünya rekoru

  • Evan Le
    Evan Le11 days ago

    Play Minecraft kid or go outside

  • CarterTheMan
    CarterTheMan11 days ago

    Who else noticed that they played a little bit of rocket league music at the start lol

  • Zip Zap
    Zip Zap11 days ago

    3:09 what did he say!?

  • WituŚ
    WituŚ11 days ago

    GG2 miliom iu

  • Richard Riggo
    Richard Riggo11 days ago

    This is how many times they said the under pump 👇

  • TwsdPlayz09
    TwsdPlayz0911 days ago


  • Siyon Bynum
    Siyon Bynum11 days ago

    Ur hackgin

  • Abass Qamar
    Abass Qamar12 days ago


  • Giraffe Boy_999
    Giraffe Boy_99912 days ago

    Creamy deleted his fortnight account yesterday

  • lanregamer kid
    lanregamer kid12 days ago

    That last knock out was the maddest thunder pump that u did

    PUR9L3_SERIES13 days ago

    Thunder pumps are so satisfying!

  • Claudina Herbert
    Claudina Herbert13 days ago

    Love yall

  • abbhi games
    abbhi games13 days ago


  • Borja Freres Flores
    Borja Freres Flores13 days ago

    3:50 is a bot WTF

    ELIEZER MEDELLIN14 days ago

    i love the way they go all sweat on botss

  • Xavier Wimberley
    Xavier Wimberley14 days ago

    these guys rock

  • Malachie Louisius
    Malachie Louisius14 days ago

    Thunderpumps are oppp

  • Shadow ‘_’
    Shadow ‘_’14 days ago

    Me hits a thunder pump: I AM TELLING EVERYONE IS DISCORD Them hitting a thunder pump:ooh pretty juicy

  • Drix
    Drix15 days ago

    "OMG its a preydeetor" Jesse 2021

  • Raib
    Raib15 days ago


  • ACE BranAsh1
    ACE BranAsh116 days ago

    This is why they need to join a pro clan

  • Taim Eledrisi
    Taim Eledrisi16 days ago

    I am Johny lorance no mercy

  • chance jit
    chance jit16 days ago

    Y’all killed the lama without hitting a thunder pump first you failed lol

  • Dara Stanimirova
    Dara Stanimirova16 days ago


  • Savage_ Ghoul_
    Savage_ Ghoul_16 days ago

    I wish i could play with them

  • Dato
    Dato17 days ago


  • Boom Box
    Boom Box17 days ago

    (Black guy) rascist

  • tirs
    tirs17 days ago

    "18 elims only"

    TNTBRO ́S BEASTMAN17 days ago

    Jordan forgot a scar🤬😭

  • Grayson Smith
    Grayson Smith17 days ago

    Jordan: can’t run from your problems Mr. Crystal Me: It’s a Mrs.

  • Char char Gaming
    Char char Gaming17 days ago

    Great vid use code x2twins or else a spider will go in your ear!!!!!

  • Jessica St. Clair
    Jessica St. Clair17 days ago

    And they’re copying Freshes intros

  • Mauricio Sebastian Parra Rios
    Mauricio Sebastian Parra Rios17 days ago

    It is very easy to win in their games because they have pure boot

  • nathan sparks
    nathan sparks17 days ago

    are you hacking

    AFIXPROFIX17 days ago

    jordan literally said the brand of a watch (G-Shock) 1:58

  • Alex Plott
    Alex Plott17 days ago

    I love ur vids so much I watchin them while I’m sick crying

  • Jonathangamermk Mommer
    Jonathangamermk Mommer17 days ago

    Head shot is very op 2:47

  • Gloomy _-
    Gloomy _-17 days ago

    So let me get this straight to people that are probably 8 times better at me at the game then me get five times easier games. Like literally my solos are filled with streamers an anonymous players. I can't have fun on my favorite game anymore

  • Martin Nilssen
    Martin Nilssen17 days ago

    Stopp freaking screaming in the mic all the time

  • Elite_gamer
    Elite_gamer17 days ago

    let me get a hoya

  • The Star Gamers
    The Star Gamers18 days ago

    i love thunder pumps

  • T4rzich
    T4rzich18 days ago


  • Isreal Fn
    Isreal Fn18 days ago

    Thunder pumps are insane

  • The dog water clam
    The dog water clam18 days ago

    7:07 there is another player

  • Twyla Coward
    Twyla Coward18 days ago

    Your best thunder pump what is the one out of the zero points

  • Luz Ramirez
    Luz Ramirez18 days ago

    Thunder puuuump

  • ProSavage4 Life
    ProSavage4 Life18 days ago

    What happened to x2 chubby

  • Melissa Wolf
    Melissa Wolf18 days ago


  • Luckツ
    Luckツ18 days ago

    Only hack

  • The terror blade ツ
    The terror blade ツ18 days ago

    new title-the most thunderpumps you will ever see lets see how many subs i can get from this comment, it seemed to work for others so worth a shot

  • Bl4k3
    Bl4k318 days ago

    It was a little bit boring challenge

  • Jaxon Lawrence
    Jaxon Lawrence18 days ago

    He wasn’t building bc he thought he was playing Minecraft, and him building would be to slow

  • Karina Roshier
    Karina Roshier19 days ago


    MR HOTDOG BOG19 days ago


  • Seismic :D
    Seismic :D19 days ago

    6:50 he literally called a girl a man

  • CurSedAndFreaky
    CurSedAndFreaky19 days ago

    Why am I like watching Fresh

  • Charlene Donnelly
    Charlene Donnelly19 days ago

    Challenge beef boss free purp pump

  • Zyf Au
    Zyf Au19 days ago

    You guys get easy bot lobbies, they dont build at all

  • Zyf Au
    Zyf Au19 days ago

    2:21 There was two llamas there

  • Jakob Burciaga
    Jakob Burciaga19 days ago

    I really want the anime pack in the item shop

  • Fnojojo Rodriguez
    Fnojojo Rodriguez19 days ago

    Bot lobby

  • I hate stuff
    I hate stuff19 days ago

    If I see someone go out of the sky and thunder pump me and playing duo's id say so Jordan or Jessie thunderpumped me

  • Amar Aslam
    Amar Aslam19 days ago


    TIMMEH19 days ago

    Keep up the work Jordan

  • yi li
    yi li19 days ago

    "We gotta Get iside storm"

  • kamo kam
    kamo kam19 days ago

    If they use hacks it won't make a difference cause they have aimbot build into there pc

  • Trapper McCarley
    Trapper McCarley19 days ago

    0:56 “extremely rare shockwaves” *turns around* “Oh shockwaves”!

    XAVIER CRUZ19 days ago

    I love how he says and a little knock and he did 120 damage

  • MDS_ Prxphecy
    MDS_ Prxphecy20 days ago

    Jessie thinks hes thunder pumping people but he just has a makeshift shotgun lol jessie go to specsavers

  • Varun Ponnala
    Varun Ponnala20 days ago

    SypherPK sucks

  • Koen Thomas
    Koen Thomas20 days ago

    good beat

  • Koen Thomas

    Koen Thomas

    19 days ago

    yeA true

    ASSAF ISH HURWITZ20 days ago

    3:24 could shockwave into the box right?

  • Jayden Taanoa
    Jayden Taanoa20 days ago


  • Peter Yoon
    Peter Yoon20 days ago

    I thought it was thunder pump only but you didnt

  • Aaron Aguilar Casillas
    Aaron Aguilar Casillas20 days ago

    pumps suck

    OWEN EPP20 days ago

    What happen to x2Cubby I miss the name

  • Killer Vibez
    Killer Vibez20 days ago

    Anyone that says they don’t aim it then your Dumb these guys are cracked like heck

  • Kyler Contreras
    Kyler Contreras20 days ago

    Jesse: Mr Crystal you can't run from your problems Me: Ohhh so crystal is in a desguise but is really a boy.

  • Alfred Bazalgette Tolson
    Alfred Bazalgette Tolson20 days ago

    Srsly? MR Crystal?

  • pokemon people
    pokemon people20 days ago

    the x2 twins are the best Fortnite payers ever they always get crazy wins

  • pokemon people
    pokemon people20 days ago

    no hate only love

  • pokemon people
    pokemon people20 days ago

    it was a thor more like Mando shuts up his mind I lost

  • Hex-i-GoNe
    Hex-i-GoNe20 days ago

    Where’s jessyyyyy!!! Nooo

  • Khushneet Bajwa
    Khushneet Bajwa20 days ago

    jesse the og to use the reaper as a pickaxe

  • Djyoyobro
    Djyoyobro20 days ago


  • Marshall Enright
    Marshall Enright20 days ago

    I don’t know if they have already but they should 1v1

  • TTV jusme14
    TTV jusme1421 day ago

    whats with british people and yelling on a normal basis like ^british people in a drive thru^ britsh people: MAY I GET A HAMBURGER WITH EXTRA MAYO

  • Brennan Neander
    Brennan Neander21 day ago

    A why you playing the rocketlegue lobby music

  • Thomas Cartwright
    Thomas Cartwright21 day ago

    Btw I’m new to the channel so what is thunderpump

  • victor manuel nunez cano
    victor manuel nunez cano21 day ago


  • Dimond _devv
    Dimond _devv21 day ago

    I love the name thunder pump