Trisha & Ethan Do Oddly Satisfying Trends - Frenemies # 30


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  • Hamiana Grande
    Hamiana Grande3 hours ago


    JUST JULIE3 hours ago

    Who else was hoping that Trisha would go for the yellow next?

  • Hamiana Grande
    Hamiana Grande6 hours ago


  • Avanlea Cary
    Avanlea Cary9 hours ago

    relax, everyone relax

  • Jordee23
    Jordee2312 hours ago

    i want a frenemies anti-anxiety workbook.

  • Lilly Diaz
    Lilly Diaz14 hours ago

    ive been binging this and i really watched them go from frenemies to just friends. and trishs birthday special was just more proof that they really are friends, not just coworkers.

  • megalrush2
    megalrush220 hours ago

    I think knives would've been better than pizza tbh.

  • Abby Smith
    Abby SmithDay ago

    i always come back to this video it's my comfort video from this podcast

  • Anon
    AnonDay ago


  • b00tty
    b00ttyDay ago

    ethan was annoying this episode

  • Dan Toby Keith
    Dan Toby KeithDay ago

    8:30 that's all

  • Jimmy Poni
    Jimmy PoniDay ago

    Trisha please adopt me.

  • Lily Litwinko
    Lily LitwinkoDay ago

    This show is getting weirder and weirder

  • thomas krys
    thomas krysDay ago


  • Noah Gareis
    Noah GareisDay ago

    i can't stop looking at it

  • bethany leigh
    bethany leigh2 days ago

    Omg I do the exact thing that Trisha says she does when she hates someone it’s like u gotta keep seeing the person because that of how they traumatized u if that makes sense

  • Bobsyouruncle 1234
    Bobsyouruncle 12342 days ago

    H3 really took a nose dive in the shit. I'm guessing this sort of content is really monetisable.

  • Nicole nic
    Nicole nic2 days ago

    "Should I kill the dogs?" "I dont think soooo" trish ily

  • Antonia Tropf
    Antonia Tropf2 days ago


  • olivia garrett
    olivia garrett2 days ago

    need that frenemies anxiety notebook

  • lysxd :p
    lysxd :p2 days ago

    Everything is so funny to Jimmy Fallon because he’s constantly rolling on acid and LSD 🤣🤣

  • James Roepke
    James Roepke3 days ago

    1:30:43 sounds like the beginning of Insane in the membrane by cypress hill 😳😳

  • robyn brake
    robyn brake3 days ago


  • Kelso Rose
    Kelso Rose3 days ago

    “Jewish” 🥴🥴🥴😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭omg girl

  • Caitlin Craighead
    Caitlin Craighead3 days ago


  • The Duckstroyer Family
    The Duckstroyer Family3 days ago

    Ethan: You got a candle stick up your ass, circle of life! Trish: OOHHH it was a circle on the bottom, that's crazy! PPLLEASSEEE!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sarah Is Unrelatable

    Sarah Is Unrelatable

    Day ago

    That KiLLeD Me

  • Lukas Laube
    Lukas Laube3 days ago

    Ethan letting gravity cut through the sand ball honestly gave me a satisfaction-gasm

  • ~txbx~
    ~txbx~3 days ago

    I love them both but tbh sometimes i’m actually amazed by how calm ethan can stay about some of the things trisha says [to him] like damn ethan you have all my respect

  • Amanda Fry
    Amanda Fry4 days ago

    Love you both

  • Amanda Fry
    Amanda Fry4 days ago

    From a foster kid who never got adopted PLEASE ADOPT A TEENAGER IT WOULD CHANGE THEIR LIVES FORVER.

  • Nevaeh Landis
    Nevaeh Landis4 days ago

    Omg Trish talks so fast sometimes I can’t even understand her 😂

  • Oksana
    Oksana4 days ago

    Not Trisha thinking she can adopt two teenagers from North Korea 😂

  • Allison Owens
    Allison Owens4 days ago

    i dooo eat and watch

  • Ariana Barnhart
    Ariana Barnhart4 days ago

    I can’t believe Trisha hates Dwight 😩

  • Courtney Pitre
    Courtney Pitre4 days ago

    I'm an hour in, still nothing related to the title 😅😅

  • Jasmine Rose
    Jasmine Rose5 days ago

    I know why Trisha brought up firefighters, j got my first vax shot and there were so many fine ass firemen there assisting at the community center

  • Tanya Benedict
    Tanya Benedict5 days ago

    Bianca Saes from Australia had the surgery for Tourette’s. She was on 60 minutes. She’s awesome.

  • McKenzie Bell
    McKenzie Bell5 days ago

    omg the army representation ❤️

  • Jr Gonzalez
    Jr Gonzalez5 days ago

    That happened to Mufasa not mustafa

  • AsiaJasmin
    AsiaJasmin5 days ago

    Trishas noises when Ethan smashes the cake 😂😂😂😂

  • Karia Sislow
    Karia Sislow5 days ago

    Her Korean sounds like arabic lmaooo

  • Šhîńø Åçkērmåń

    Šhîńø Åçkērmåń

    Day ago

    She really said Hana dul set djfjfjdwienfnfjdnwdnfk

  • chantel hoffman
    chantel hoffman5 days ago

    Love you 2, such a fun podcast :)

  • Christy Garcia
    Christy Garcia6 days ago


  • Šhîńø Åçkērmåń

    Šhîńø Åçkērmåń

    Day ago

    I could stop laughing at the daddyyyy😫😏

  • Rin
    Rin6 days ago

  • Ashley Petrini
    Ashley Petrini6 days ago

    Did Trisha call Mufasa Mustafa?

  • Happy Hogan
    Happy Hogan6 days ago

    Trisha is kind of terrible

  • Ketchup Gaming
    Ketchup Gaming6 days ago

    When they started talking about lawyers and my mom is a lawyer 😂

  • XCeazyX
    XCeazyX6 days ago

    “We have a logo!” -Dan, to no acknowledgment

  • kelseyathome
    kelseyathome6 days ago

    1:38:58 Trisha consistently thinking Ethan isn’t funny. Ethan is so hilarious!!

  • Ehrrikkah Sunshine
    Ehrrikkah Sunshine6 days ago

    Trisha you need to practice your Korean numbers 😊 you can count to 4 sweetie

  • MeganInGermany
    MeganInGermany7 days ago

    Trisha lowkey seems high here lol

  • Sewar Alqaryouti
    Sewar Alqaryouti7 days ago

    How are they all about human rights when Israel is currently bombing Palestinians for no reason 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Leigh Vanshane
    Leigh Vanshane7 days ago

    I love hearing her talk about not having an identity. I completely understood exactly what she was saying!

  • Kristen
    Kristen7 days ago

    Trisha seeing pink goo, "Ooh is it edible" then proceeds to knowingly eat glue

  • Kristen
    Kristen7 days ago

    "Oooh, mommy mommy mommy, daddy likey the chloroform"

  • Kristen
    Kristen7 days ago

    Ethan hating chalk had no buisness being so fucking funny

  • alicia murch
    alicia murch7 days ago

    ethan and trisha literally have sibling energy and its amazing

  • Camryn Shistle
    Camryn Shistle7 days ago

    Bruh i have schizophrenia and Its not fun but I feel like this is nothing compared to being Trisha for a day lol.i love all of you guys

  • Angela A
    Angela A7 days ago

    I currently use a mobility scooter bc I fricked up my ankle and I for one would not be offended

  • nyree sepian
    nyree sepian7 days ago

    You should adopt from Armenia.

  • Jonny Leduc
    Jonny Leduc7 days ago

    25:50 trisha:: '....tht's wht happened to moustafa....' LOL MUFASA....TRISHA....MUFASA 👑💙

  • Kids, Crunches, and Cooking
    Kids, Crunches, and Cooking7 days ago

    I will literally cry if they start eating every time. I have to skip those parts because I cannot listen to people eat 😫

  • Grace C
    Grace C7 days ago

    I love how Trisha is so caring and open about mental health and eating disorders 🥺

  • Taha Codes!
    Taha Codes!7 days ago

    Where’s the old uncle Ethan?! You’re doing a podcast with the same people you used to make fun of. Stop being a hypocrite! We miss the old Ethan. Not this dumb podcaster.

  • Kids, Crunches, and Cooking
    Kids, Crunches, and Cooking7 days ago

    Trisha loves Logan?! 😶

  • Kelly
    Kelly7 days ago

    “FUCK we have 10 minutes to talk about this” *podcast then lasts another hour* 🤣🤣 love it

  • Sasha
    Sasha7 days ago

    Can someone time stamp the part where Trisha says she role plays? I wanna see Ethan's reaction but I'm too lazy to find it 😂

  • Princess Plum
    Princess Plum7 days ago


  • rusweez
    rusweez8 days ago

    Trisha needs to chill with psychoanalyzing people. She gets so triggered but says the nastiest shit to people over nothing. Her viciousness triggers me lol

  • Jenna Stevens
    Jenna Stevens8 days ago

    Obsessed with Trisha, ethan, and frenemies. I just would like to make the point that the majority of r*pe survivors ARE women and when you guys say how it would be “front line news if it was a girl” is 1000% false. The reason for the emphasis on women being assaulted is because it is more common by a long shot- this stuff happens to girls everyday to the point where it’s normalized. And I agree men ARE assaulted too and it’s AWFUL. but the reason why the focus is on girls being assaulted, is because it’s so much more common statistically- from the Hollywood industry, to human trafficking.

  • Caitlin D
    Caitlin D8 days ago

    When Ethan yelled the f word you could see the fear in trishas eyes for a second and that’s so sad and telling as to what she has been through

  • Blaze


    3 hours ago

    @Hamiana Grande "fucking." I was worried he said the slur.

  • Hamiana Grande

    Hamiana Grande

    3 hours ago

    Wait like fudge or like the word that rhymes with baguette 🥖?

  • That One Lady
    That One Lady8 days ago

    Oddly satisfying is basically kindergarten.

  • NuclearWolf
    NuclearWolf8 days ago

    In the once fat person defense, to lazy to rewind for his name, I kinda understand being fat can really effect your mental health and personal view I can understand feeling bothered by an old picture being posted.

  • Abbie Mirabella
    Abbie Mirabella8 days ago

    Hila is gonna die when she sees Ethan eating like this on camera 😂 chewing in that mic 😂

  • sarah kim
    sarah kim8 days ago

    LMFAO when she spoke korean

  • Heidi Budd
    Heidi Budd8 days ago

    YESSS to frenemies DBT workbook

  • Rachel Parker
    Rachel Parker8 days ago

    i feel like ethan is afraid to admit "daddy" is becoming a new tic for him

  • C L
    C L8 days ago

    Please do an adult coloring book for Frenemies!!

  • Sydnie Marie
    Sydnie Marie8 days ago

    “fuck paper straws” the thing is STOP USING ANY PLASTIC ANYTHING HELPS. don’t be like “since it’s fishing nets we can use all the other plastic we want” noooo guys

  • Worldwide Handsome Jin
    Worldwide Handsome Jin8 days ago

    4:23 hey Trisha why r u mocking Korean language and btw theres no bts member call Jihoon

  • jude smith
    jude smith8 days ago

    It really bothers me that they keep saying "if it was a girl it'd be different" to the point that I almost want to stop watching. Bec the way people talk about r*pe is so dumb. Like first of all theyre treating it almost like it's something girls have privilege over boys in. When literally girls are sexually assaulted way more than boys. And sexualized way more than boys. The history of girls being sexually mistreated deeply shows the audacity of acting like "well girls get treated better when it comes to this". I mean also it shouldn't be a competition. When we are simply talking about the fact that it happens. There's different contexts for why some people get in trouble and others don't. But rape culture is insane. The reason I think for James charles not being condemned as heavily is bec he's one of those youtubers that has a shit ton of fans. And influence. Like jeffree star. But moreso look at rape culture. People treat rape like it's not actually that important even when it comes to girls. Most people who are accused of rape will never go to prison, like seriously MOST of them. Girls are told that they're lying, are shamed and told it was their fault, and are told they'll ruin someone's life by saying they were raped. And are generally treated so horrendously when it comes to sexuality. The law doesn't care as much as I guess some people think they do. AND on top of all this I do understand that boys need attention and understanding for this stuff too. I would never say they don't. But it's gross to act like "100% everyone would care if they were a girl". There's usually more context, and usually more nuance, and on top of that most people aren't a twitter feminist who automatically defend all rape victims. I think a lot of people online need to understand how a shit ton of rape victims are actually treated by the system and a lot of society as opposed to a few examples on social media. Which usually aren't even flawlessness comparable anyways. Anyways, yes boys are important, yes girls are important. I wish they wouldn't repeat "if this was a girl it'd be different" almost everytime they talk about this. Boys can get shamed for talking about it. Or silenced. This is true. But it's not like "well if this was a girl that person would 100% already be in prison". And girls are silenced and condemned too. I know I didn't articulate perfectly. But this is already long. And it's just dumb.

  • jude smith

    jude smith

    8 days ago

    And I meant it as something that happens lots and lots. I've met at least five girls who have said that they were shamed, immediately not believed, or accused of something when they spoke up. This can happen to boys but geez you don't have to act like boys have it worse

  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon Denischuck9 days ago


  • Michelle Polly
    Michelle Polly9 days ago

    I’m going to rate their feet bc I want to do my part as a foot soldier

  • Nicole :p
    Nicole :p9 days ago

    Make the book guys, I'd buy it

  • PJ
    PJ9 days ago

    nothing to say just commenting for the algorithm xx

  • Cynthia Garcia
    Cynthia Garcia9 days ago

    “Which shade matches a 16 year old boy?” Oh my gosh Ethan! Lol

  • Charles PH
    Charles PH9 days ago

    Sometimes i watch podcasts in 1.25 speed to watch more faster... Trisha is already in 1.25 tho.

  • girlingrreen
    girlingrreen9 days ago

    trisha has helped me sm with body positivity i love her

  • Molly Cole
    Molly Cole10 days ago

    Trish you’re such a sweetie..I love food but have have no appetite & eating videos help me so much

  • Alex Elizabeth
    Alex Elizabeth10 days ago

    PLEASE sound bite Ethans "oo mommy mommy daddy likey" at 1:25:53 hahahaha

  • Dumb Witch
    Dumb Witch10 days ago

    I’m so different yet so similar to Trish. The blabber mouth, me, random facts bc you wanna seem smart, same, somtimes can’t tell what I fit into. Drama addict, somtimes . Try to change myself around others to fit .

  • Sugar Potato
    Sugar Potato10 days ago

    Hi Korean here Trisha said 1234 in Korean but then I have no idea lol

  • Hiinndd
    Hiinndd10 days ago

    This video did pretty well...bettter than any video yet

  • Kayla Oduro
    Kayla Oduro10 days ago

    I know yall came for 4:22

  • Jacob Backus
    Jacob Backus10 days ago

    Honestly, i have problems with my appetite and it actually does help me get it back when they eat.

  • Rachel
    Rachel10 days ago

    This is honestly my favorite episode

  • creative ameena
    creative ameena10 days ago


  • fiendlykid
    fiendlykid10 days ago

    trisha captioning that meme with 'Jewish' is the epitome of randomly-generated humor

  • Stealtho


    5 days ago


  • Shalane Pechacek
    Shalane Pechacek10 days ago


  • M F
    M F10 days ago

    I’m here for the Frenemies notebook 💘