Trying TikTok Food Hacks! - Merrell Twins

We tried these viral Tik Tok Food hacks so you don’t have to! Lettuce know in the comments below what you think ;)

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  • merrelltwins
    merrelltwinsMonth ago

    Lettuce know if you watched to the end of the video?

  • Thecraefaye


    13 days ago


  • Matt Oakley

    Matt Oakley

    16 days ago

    Hehe I did

  • PrincessKK


    17 days ago

    20:02 lettuce tea???

  • Harry Smith

    Harry Smith

    17 days ago

    Hahahha I did it was so funny

  • Aesthetics With Olivia

    Aesthetics With Olivia

    17 days ago

    this took me a hot second-

  • Katie Kim
    Katie Kim10 hours ago

    7:19 the way they shouted I clearly see both me and my sister :>

  • Paris Simone
    Paris Simone12 hours ago

    Ammm ok ????????

  • rexvin17
    rexvin1713 hours ago

    Sorry but roni is a wimp

  • rexvin17


    13 hours ago

    Love you guys though

  • Auntie KK
    Auntie KK18 hours ago

    og twinners will understand the “lettuce begin” joke in their burger video

  • Jordan Johns vlog
    Jordan Johns vlog23 hours ago

    Not me thinking there stove there cooking was a tv

  • Zen
    ZenDay ago

    I’m so late

  • Alina gibson
    Alina gibsonDay ago

    Her face when she tried it 😂😂

  • Alina gibson
    Alina gibsonDay ago

    There was a tea bag guys

  • Alina gibson
    Alina gibsonDay ago

    When u make the popcorn 🍿 u not supposed to press the popcorn button even when it says so

  • Sammie G
    Sammie GDay ago

    Sorry but I think that it was meant to be malic acid powder not sugar to make it like sour patch kids

  • stormin kiweli
    stormin kiweliDay ago

    I need these different tops youre both showing off❤💙💜

  • mimitoca
    mimitocaDay ago

    I tried some of them but the 🥬 is the worst

  • Aaira and Aash
    Aaira and Aash2 days ago

    11:23 BAHAH NESSA!

  • Raven
    Raven2 days ago

    They are so delicate its adorable like omg

  • keila alatriste
    keila alatriste2 days ago

    try to freeze the grapes

  • Myar Nasser
    Myar Nasser2 days ago

    6:46 your ryachins😭😭

  • venugr62
    venugr622 days ago

    Who is here right now scrolling through comments while watching

  • Anita Mishra
    Anita Mishra2 days ago

    I tried the pizza rolls and they were really good. Great video keep it up

  • Sam's Funland
    Sam's Funland2 days ago

    "I am not a big fan of cheese" Me - Your just as sane as I am

  • Jeannette Rodriguez
    Jeannette Rodriguez3 days ago

    The pizza Quesadilla I loved it

  • Audrey Long
    Audrey Long3 days ago

    You guess are lucky I wish I was a twin

  • Poppy W
    Poppy W3 days ago

    Note to self kinda for things I wanna try 8:55 = pizza 11:53 = chocolate macaron thing

  • -xxXmoonlightGachaXxx-
    -xxXmoonlightGachaXxx-3 days ago

    you guys forgot to put in extra chocolate after m&ns

  • Princess Shajaril Ramos
    Princess Shajaril Ramos3 days ago

    Awww nessa so sweet 7:41

  • b'en–
    b'en–3 days ago

    I think the lettuce water did not made you feel sleepy/tired, it only made you guys hypnotized HAHAH it was so chaotic at the end of the vid, but so fun!!

  • Emaan Amjad
    Emaan Amjad4 days ago

    Can you fry nuggets in the next video they are really good

  • Free edits
    Free edits4 days ago

    You don’t need to have a clown or a ghost to scare the Merell twins you just need popcorn

  • Peche Gr
    Peche Gr4 days ago

    Hi @merrelltwins my nana just told me that back in the day - her in Mexico - , before her, they actually bath the kids woth warm lettuce water so they can be sleepy and do not bother the parents in the night, so tat actually makes sense what you guys heard or felt (cause i havent finished the video yet). Cheers from Mexico!

  • Doyin Adedeji
    Doyin Adedeji4 days ago


  • Lily gomez
    Lily gomez4 days ago

    It is spicy its really spicy

  • Shabena Small
    Shabena Small4 days ago

    Lol love you guys

  • Nicole Chua
    Nicole Chua4 days ago

    Roni: it is burnt ( in a rose rosenblitz voice ) Me : HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Hannah Keeziah
    Hannah Keeziah4 days ago

    nessa: anyone named hannah here? me: uhm that would be me

  • Lara Cluley
    Lara Cluley5 days ago

    13:34 IS THE FUNNIEST THING IVE EVER LISTENED TO WHAT- their just talking about the most random stuff and their reaction at the exact same time I can’tttt

  • Alzina Chen
    Alzina Chen5 days ago

    Roni: I want it to be perfect 😫 Nessa: Well, *too bad* 😈

  • Marsha Constant
    Marsha Constant6 days ago

    What a Iet down

  • Marsha Constant
    Marsha Constant6 days ago

    Stop Fighting

  • Kelsey crisp
    Kelsey crisp6 days ago

    Hiii I saw your tick tock and u reply’s I’m so happy 😁 😁😁😁😁😁😌😌😌😌😌👁👅👁

  • Eliz Heart
    Eliz Heart7 days ago

    I feel like that the bread with the Nutella banana when they wasted some good bread

  • Emi Roderick
    Emi Roderick8 days ago

    Are y’all drunk 🥴

  • Disney Girl!!
    Disney Girl!!8 days ago

    Paul: sorry Me: never apologize for eating! 😂

  • Blue Diamond
    Blue Diamond8 days ago

    Roni: I think it’s ready Nessa: u think it’s ready noooooo The pepperoni hast to cook Nessa and roni : *looking at there dad

  • Maria Theressa
    Maria Theressa8 days ago

    they should've melted the chocolate in the oil and then put in the kernels

  • Shayawna Carden
    Shayawna Carden8 days ago

    Too much chocolate. (Never too much chocolate) it burned

  • Renuka Chittajallu
    Renuka Chittajallu9 days ago

    what are the comments for?

  • Martha Bee
    Martha Bee9 days ago

    They keep on looking up at the ceiling

  • Grace
    Grace10 days ago

    They keep saying as far as water but in the video that they showed it’s lettuce tea because there was a teabag in it

  • Blackhorseraven
    Blackhorseraven10 days ago

    No hate love you guys so much But for the sour grape thing cut the grape in half and do lemon no sugar

  • celeste
    celeste10 days ago

    their little giggle attack at the end was so cute

  • Flora de la O
    Flora de la O10 days ago

    I’m confused. Does anyone know who Isaac is? Their brother or friend. Cause I’m confused.

  • cool cat gamer
    cool cat gamer10 days ago

    my name is Hannah/hana/Hanna idc how you typ it omggg :) !!!!

  • Gracie Wilson and friends
    Gracie Wilson and friends10 days ago

    LOVE your vids

  • Taryn Jones
    Taryn Jones10 days ago

    22:52 made me laugh soo hard for some reason i had to rewatch it seven times hahaha

  • Krishty Kalavadiya
    Krishty Kalavadiya11 days ago

    You both are super cool💜💖

  • Krishna Tsunduru
    Krishna Tsunduru11 days ago

    the lettuce oops i mean the outdo was my fav part of this video

  • Jolie Nguyen
    Jolie Nguyen11 days ago

    roni said: i think it ready nessa/roni said: NO nessa said : the pepperoni still need to cook roni mind : WHAT IN THE WORD me : huh?

  • Hui Xuan Michelle Chua
    Hui Xuan Michelle Chua11 days ago

    love the sisterly concern when the popcorn tickled one of their nose :)

  • ona tallantyre ramirez
    ona tallantyre ramirez11 days ago

    roni:the popcorn are burtn nessa:get the popcorn from de top roni (nessa continues to get the popcorn from de bottom)

  • Alaa A E A Kalmad
    Alaa A E A Kalmad12 days ago

    you need to cutt the Greap :3 btw i love you Guys ❤️

  • Njavwa Simumba
    Njavwa Simumba13 days ago


  • Indopuppyxx.3
    Indopuppyxx.313 days ago

    Now I crave pizza rolls

  • Oo Pp
    Oo Pp14 days ago

    23:06 23:13

  • Hannah Mckinney
    Hannah Mckinney14 days ago


  • E.J.H
    E.J.H14 days ago

    I know this is all but that lime squeezed thing The yellow one they used to squeeze the lime I got the Exact same one

  • Imogen Bakoss
    Imogen Bakoss15 days ago

    I will try some hacks

  • ItzWaveyPlayz
    ItzWaveyPlayz15 days ago

    I love the pizza toppings in tortilla

  • Caden Gurlin
    Caden Gurlin15 days ago

    Fact or cap lookin real different here

  • Alaina Kunjah
    Alaina Kunjah15 days ago

    I think they forgot the difference between lemons and limes. 😂

  • Alaina Kunjah

    Alaina Kunjah

    15 days ago

    (Not a hate comment)

  • marmar farag
    marmar farag16 days ago

    They’re being so siblings in this vid

  • Love Animals
    Love Animals16 days ago

    Btw the suger in the candy will burn before the pop corn pops so it is not your fault

  • Sadie&LivRblx xxx
    Sadie&LivRblx xxx16 days ago

    For the lettuce one they added peppermint or a tea bag whatever it is

  • Maisie Dowman
    Maisie Dowman16 days ago

    Vanessa said then dip it in Mara..he6nehdhemnshmsnheyeyh

  • Nicky Schilder
    Nicky Schilder16 days ago

    H for Harrison 😍

  • Idk e
    Idk e16 days ago

    Ty! My name is Hannah LOL

  • Patrick Bilyk
    Patrick Bilyk16 days ago

    People start debating then we get a new song.

  • Hailey
    Hailey16 days ago

    Lol my name is hailey! It starts with an h lol

  • Alexa Corpe
    Alexa Corpe16 days ago

    Ron: it’s spicy it’s so spicy

  • PrincessKK
    PrincessKK17 days ago

    Nesa: Wait is this spicyyy?? Roni: Wait...Y WOULD IT BE SPICYY??? 1 SECOND LATER Roni: WAIT IS THIS SPICYY!!??

  • Christina Stokbæk
    Christina Stokbæk17 days ago

    I see so many people trying the popcorn hacks and I keep being amazed that people don’t realize it won’t work

  • Izzy Ibon
    Izzy Ibon17 days ago

    Uhhhh nessa said the pepperoni needs to cook more…I usually eat that type of pepperoni straight out of the bag…

  • Zeenath Mizna
    Zeenath Mizna17 days ago

    Ahem about the lettuce water....I think I don't need that cuz I'm sleepy all the time anyways😓😴😪😪....And love u guys soooooo much🙃♥️♥️♥️....I like the way when kernel popped and nessa and roni where like "aaa"🤭😁

  • Vyash Ramchurn
    Vyash Ramchurn18 days ago

    Did anyone saw a teabag with the lettuce water in the tiktok video??

  • Gilliany V.
    Gilliany V.18 days ago


  • Gilliany V.
    Gilliany V.18 days ago


  • Tania Obando
    Tania Obando18 days ago

    My name starts with a h

  • nonosi mpofu
    nonosi mpofu18 days ago

    Veronica and Vanessa Merrell

  • Audrey Carr
    Audrey Carr18 days ago

    I love how the lettuce water effected them so differently lol they are so adorable

  • Emily Elizabeth
    Emily Elizabeth18 days ago

    roni saying cheese instead of cheers is everything 😂

  • Tawana Bryant
    Tawana Bryant18 days ago

    It’s not called a pizza quesadilla it’s called a pizza Panini

  • Gabrielle Pouokam
    Gabrielle Pouokam18 days ago

    Doesn’t chocolate have milk and aren’t you lactose intolerant roni

  • Wayfaring Stanger
    Wayfaring Stanger19 days ago

    you have to put a tea bag in the ledes water

  • Beatriz Martins
    Beatriz Martins19 days ago

    for the grape hack you need to cut them in half and they’ll absorb the lime and the sugar

  • Jennie is our girl
    Jennie is our girl19 days ago

    4:05 Why am I laughing lmaoo

    BT BLAZER20 days ago


  • Nashita Ahmed
    Nashita Ahmed20 days ago

    Me-*Normally enjoys the satisfactory sound of frying popcorn* Nessa-AAAA Roni-A Both Nessa and Roni-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *Me after watching the video* *pop corn pops* Me-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Nashita Ahmed
    Nashita Ahmed20 days ago

    🥬🥬I watched till the end my Queens!

  • Emily Au
    Emily Au20 days ago

    Anybody else heat up their oil first before adding their food to the pan?

  • Nicola noel
    Nicola noel20 days ago

    Guys there's a actual bottle of lime juice that's sold at the store use that with the grapes and then it will taste like sour patch Kids

  • - ˏˋ jordyn ˊˎ -
    - ˏˋ jordyn ˊˎ -21 day ago

    nobody: absolutely nobody: nessa: “ow, I hit my pinky toe!!!”