Twenty One Pilots - Shy Away (Official Video)


Twenty One Pilots - Shy Away (Official Video)
Twenty One Pilots official video for "Shy Away" from the forthcoming album Scaled And Icy, available May 21st on Fueled By Ramen.
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May 21 @ 8PM ET / 5PM PT
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Directed by Miles Cable & AJ Favicchio
When I get home,
You better not be there
We're placing bets you won't
Shed your modesty
And the only thing to leave behind
Is your own skin on the floor
Don't you shy away
Manifest a ceiling when you shy away
Searching for that feeling
Just like an 'I Love You'
That isn't words
Like a song he wrote
that's never heard
Don't you shh...
When you get home
You barely recognize the pictures they
put in a frame
'Cause you shed your modesty
Don't circle the track
Take what you have
and leave your skin on the floor.
Don't you shy away
Manifest a ceiling when you shy away
Searching for that feeling
Just like an 'I Love You'
That isn't words
Like a song he wrote
that's never heard
When I get home
Boy, you better not be there
You're long gone
Shed your modesty
Don't circle the track
Just break the cycle in half
and leave your skin on the floor.
Don't you shy away
Manifest a ceiling when you shy away
Searching for that feeling
Just like an 'I Love You'
That isn't words
Like a song he wrote
that's never heard
that's never heard...
an 'I Love You'
That isn't words
Like a song he wrote
that's never heard
Don't you shy away.
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  • Vívian
    VívianMinute ago

    o microfone com o cabo e a cor são o charme

  • Robert Peni
    Robert Peni13 minutes ago

    The best Song... 🔥🔥

  • Savanna R
    Savanna R26 minutes ago

    The music video gives me jack white lazaretto vibes, and I'm here for it

  • Glorious uploader
    Glorious uploader33 minutes ago

    I allways listen this at school when where allowed music :]

  • Raingaron EXE Official - Soundcloud
    Raingaron EXE Official - Soundcloud34 minutes ago

    Nice Hairstyle Josh

  • Janet i.r
    Janet i.r3 hours ago

    amo esta rolita!!

  • lo raineDó
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  • Jameson Gilley
    Jameson Gilley4 hours ago

    uhg i miss your guys music so much

  • Dario Roldan
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  • ferney conde
    ferney conde6 hours ago

    No me canso de verlos, estos manes son pasados de excelentes... genial 👌👌👌

  • HootOwlMe
    HootOwlMe6 hours ago

    I’m scared, the last band I saw choose this retro-style hasn’t made music in three years since

  • Are You Okay fren¿
    Are You Okay fren¿6 hours ago

    I don't know what exactly to feel when I heard a local radio station in my country🇵🇭 played this song😭 👀✨omg

  • *Siiri Sirviö*
    *Siiri Sirviö*6 hours ago

    Omg this is so gooooood!!!!!!🤯🤯🤯🙉

  • 「쿠키」
    「쿠키」6 hours ago

    good song

  • Alejandro 13
    Alejandro 137 hours ago

    que canción tan buena ojala me dieran like a este comentario xd

  • Cristel Esteisy Quinteros
    Cristel Esteisy Quinteros7 hours ago

    Este joyita necesita más reconocimiento

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  • Amaia romero
    Amaia romero7 hours ago

    Todo bien con la gente que le da dislike?¿

  • Tyrannotitan
    Tyrannotitan7 hours ago

    THERE BACK!!!!!!!!!

  • Laurasam LSM
    Laurasam LSM9 hours ago

    Me da tremendo gusto y orgullo ser del clique ,como twenty one pilots evoluciona pero nunca pierden esa firma única que tienen , ellos ofrecen mas que música por lo lindos que están y todo ese talento que cargan mil gracias :)

  • The Faking Diegoo
    The Faking Diegoo9 hours ago

    Joder que buena rola se aventó el cabeza de huevo y el kiwi, me la dedico a mi mismo :3

  • H
    H9 hours ago

    Im so happy i found this song❤️

  • Belen Huenchucheo
    Belen Huenchucheo9 hours ago

    Parche rosa con celeste

  • Belen Huenchucheo
    Belen Huenchucheo9 hours ago

    El el parche rosado esta en el otro video

  • Belen Huenchucheo
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  • Belen Huenchucheo
    Belen Huenchucheo9 hours ago

    Josh tocando cool

  • dennismaryanski
    dennismaryanski9 hours ago

    Song is currently saving me from a breakup.


    I love this video

  • Mr Facha
    Mr Facha9 hours ago

    Hello from Argentina :D

  • Rich Banks
    Rich Banks9 hours ago

    That's the Dragon 🐉 Josh shrank in 'Choker'

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez9 hours ago

    I can’t stop hearing this one

  • Marcicler Leandro
    Marcicler Leandro9 hours ago

    Ameeeeei ❤💧🌊

  • Alejandro Morel
    Alejandro Morel10 hours ago

    increible asombrosa nice very goob ;3

  • Darell Domínguez
    Darell Domínguez10 hours ago

    Como esto ni tiene más reproducciones debe haber una conspiración xq eso es una obra maestra 🤩

  • FAZE-TADEYIN-24 :v
    FAZE-TADEYIN-24 :v10 hours ago

    yo cuando hago tarea escucho estas joyas tengo apenas 11 años y se de obras de arte como esta

  • Happy
    Happy11 hours ago

    Huge progress, but somehow different way than expected and welcomed by me...

  • Mateus Bortolotto
    Mateus Bortolotto11 hours ago

    who else came here just to see the dragon kkkkk

  • Edu Enríquez
    Edu Enríquez12 hours ago

    Mayo 2😍21!!!

  • Idoit
    Idoit12 hours ago

    Kinda disappointed

  • Mars Chara
    Mars Chara12 hours ago

    Solo vine por los anuncios 😠

  • CaptainOz10
    CaptainOz1012 hours ago

    such a 90s vibe!

  • Chris Garvey
    Chris Garvey13 hours ago

    Twentyone pilots are buzzing!!! Hope they come to Ireland some time 😎😁

  • Annie Bassetti
    Annie Bassetti13 hours ago

    Every time Tyler breaks from Dema or his inner demons, he shaves his head. I think there is a reason his hair is long. It's a symbol that he's under Dema's control again

  • Millie Bourne
    Millie Bourne13 hours ago

    I still cant believe I have been listening to twenty one pilots for 10 years

  • TOR
    TOR14 hours ago

    12x2 😊

  • Edu Enríquez
    Edu Enríquez14 hours ago

    Mayo 6 2🌌21!!!

  • Karla Denisse Salinas Martinez
    Karla Denisse Salinas Martinez14 hours ago

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    JUAN SIERRA14 hours ago


  • Dilan Gael
    Dilan Gael15 hours ago

    vaya como ha pasao el tiempo desde la primera vez que escuche a este canal con la cancion stressed out

  • Alvin Cares
    Alvin Cares15 hours ago

    I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5) Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7) For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23) The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. (Psalms 34:18)

  • Astronomic 95

    Astronomic 95

    23 minutes ago

    What does this have to do with TOP bruh

  • Samantha Dunshep
    Samantha Dunshep15 hours ago

    Faltan solo 15 dias para ver mas joyas como estaaaaa❤

  • martha cecilia alfonso
    martha cecilia alfonso15 hours ago

    sip lo merece por trabajar tan creativa mente

  • Maximus
    Maximus16 hours ago

    anyone remember the ski mask days?

  • Twentyone Scwled and icy
    Twentyone Scwled and icy16 hours ago

    And the only thing to leave behind to leave behind is your own skin on the floor Do I want covid Me

  • Gavin Schwab

    Gavin Schwab

    6 hours ago


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  • saturday
    saturday16 hours ago


  • saturday
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  • drew zeller
    drew zeller16 hours ago

    Since we're commercializing twenty one pilots can we get a greatest hits album for beatsaber? Officially collaborated and composed to fit the songs going all the way back to vessel. Like if at was a 15 song list of fan favorites I'd pay 60 bucks for a music pack like that

  • Genauri Abreu
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  • khent jubani
    khent jubani17 hours ago

    Their songs never disappoint me, not even ones and I hope you feel the same too.

  • Deiver Steban Buitrago
    Deiver Steban Buitrago17 hours ago

    me gusta esta cancion por eso le doy like

  • Manuel Z.
    Manuel Z.18 hours ago

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    Jocelyn Velásquez18 hours ago

    Es buenisima

  • Basb31
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    Best song ever

  • ]No te necesitamos[

    ]No te necesitamos[

    17 hours ago


  • Kris Doughty
    Kris Doughty18 hours ago

    And the toy store from the choker video is the dema front for pulling and capturing creativity from our world and leaving it to break down to what the bishops represent

  • Kris Doughty
    Kris Doughty18 hours ago

    SaI is definitely what dema is going to brand itself now coming into the real world

  • allegory Eeee
    allegory Eeee18 hours ago


  • Brandon Phyle
    Brandon Phyle19 hours ago

    Giving me Pauly Shore vibes and good tunes in my brain.

  • j3f
    j3f19 hours ago

    This song is one of the best Twenty one pilots songs with stressed out, heathens, and ride

  • Dario Henin
    Dario Henin20 hours ago

    epicardooooo paaa

    MIA SCHOEPE20 hours ago


  • Daniel Brice
    Daniel Brice20 hours ago

    watching this on vr is a crazy experience :o


    i admired yours thanks for all

  • Zach Malanoski
    Zach Malanoski21 hour ago

    I teach so that others might learn to see the world a little different. We are perfectly flawed. Mr perfectly fine? The onky question of mine

  • some see a pen i see a harpoon
    some see a pen i see a harpoon21 hour ago

    if you are reading this please dont ever comment to tøp, bc i dont like when everyone likes what i like and when ur commenting its making this music more stupid and popular

  • Mandar Garud

    Mandar Garud

    20 hours ago

    Uh what ?

  • Tols


    20 hours ago

    If you like underrated songs then listen to underrated singers or something :/

  • Tols


    20 hours ago

    Iiterally what's your point

  • Tols


    20 hours ago

    Bro what's your point,this song is good that's why you like it and that's why people like it,literally how is it so bad for someone to like what you like,not everyone makes this stupid and popular

  • Katherine Clark Mella
    Katherine Clark Mella22 hours ago

    I know it's you screaming in the chorus Jenna. You can't fool me

  • A3 CC
    A3 CC23 hours ago

    I will come in one day to this comment! Will then more then 100 likes here?

  • LeeBangx
    LeeBangx23 hours ago

    Después de choker queda más claro que Tyler, Josh y trash están en otra dimensión... Quizás representa lo que sentimos todos en este encierro...dentro de tu cabeza puedes hacer mucho cuando el tiempo se expande y el usa su imaginación por eso tantos tylers antiguos, la nostalgia quizás y el sigue a través del teléfono por instinto saber del exterior despertar pero no puede salir de ahí. Esto es tan metafórico... Incluso en la letra de choker me sorprende como uno se siente... Cada uno.

  • ang
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  • Yadira Salazar
    Yadira SalazarDay ago

    No se olviden de: Stay alive, stay alive...👀🙌

  • MVP channel
    MVP channelDay ago

    Real video clips can be considered those that are made according to the lyrics of the song, preferably with scenes taken from films where the actors express emotions. When creating video clips, I took this into account, so I suggest you watch them, for the purpose of entertainment and to assess their quality. Best regards MVP channel. Thank you.....

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    It makes sense ''Shy Away''

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    Luan AlmeidaDay ago

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    zaymDay ago

    Tyler look like Remus Lupin from harry potter movies

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    Edu EnríquezDay ago

    Mayo 6 2😍21!!!

  • Samuel Lambsrt
    Samuel LambsrtDay ago

    Most blessings

  • Samuel Lambsrt
    Samuel LambsrtDay ago

    Most blessings

  • #bossdarko Ø
    #bossdarko ØDay ago

    dun is the costume designer . little know fact dun loves marshmallows so throw some at him ... even on stage ;)

  • #bossdarko Ø

    #bossdarko Ø

    Day ago

    gummy bears too ;) need the B sides too

  • Ádám Belényesi
    Ádám BelényesiDay ago

    Very very very cool

  • Asa Smith
    Asa SmithDay ago

    23 million of the Views are from me and there new song is also fire

  • Yoselin Rico
    Yoselin RicoDay ago

    Todos los comentarios estan en taka taka

  • Tols


    20 hours ago

    ¿Puedes decirme eso en inglés porque no entiendo lo que dices?

  • Juan carlos Estrada martinez

    Juan carlos Estrada martinez

    Day ago

    Menos este jajaja

  • Zack Collector
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    spinzDay ago

    This music video looks like tron

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    Nate don't hate!Day ago

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    Ángel ZabalaDay ago

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