United B777 has ENGINE FAILURE+FIRE on departure | Cowling Separates

United B772 performing flight UAL328 from Denver to Honolulu was climbing through 13000 feet when the pilots declared MAYDAY reporting a right engine failure and requesting to return immediately.
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  • VASAviation -
    VASAviation -16 days ago

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  • Junior von Claire

    Junior von Claire

    10 days ago

    @isabel lind Daaaang... there’s a catch 22 situation.

  • isabel lind

    isabel lind

    11 days ago

    @Junior von Claire I'm sure we'd have heard it on these tapes if they had. Last yr a B777 had to return to LAX after losing engine power and dumped fuel over an elementary school...no injuries but I wonder if it was necessary.

  • isabel lind

    isabel lind

    11 days ago

    @Formula 1st LOL!😊😊😊

  • mafiaboy87


    13 days ago

    @Bob Rae pictures show the blade punched a hole in the centre tank, so that may have solved that. Or they just performed an overweight landing. As long as they calculated the stopping distance was within the runway, primary concern would be to land the aircraft rather than airframe damage, in situations like this

  • Junior von Claire

    Junior von Claire

    13 days ago

    @mafiaboy87 “mafia” boy? How old are you, sonny? My reliance on the investigation has no effect upon it, nor does your silly rant.

  • Swiss003
    Swiss003Day ago

    Captain joe: Perfect for a vid!

  • mmjmj
    mmjmj4 days ago

    why dont they answer the qns, on board crew and passenger no

  • Elaine Blackhurst
    Elaine Blackhurst4 days ago

    Wow amazing I applaude that pilot so cool you know your in safe hands with a US pilot I’m from UK. Felt sorry for ATC they were so professional not every day you have plane on fire to talk to and give advice to they were magnifico bravo indeed 🇬🇧🙋🏻‍♀️🇺🇸👍✈️👨‍✈️👩‍✈️🙏⭐️🥇ATC. And Pilots


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    Jake Stewart5 days ago

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  • sal makis
    sal makis5 days ago

    Wow, I could hear the engine fire alarm of triple seven. That is really scary.

  • sal makis

    sal makis

    5 days ago

    Wtf. there are so many stupid comments..I'm shocked.

  • I Got 99 Problems but My Alt Aint One
    I Got 99 Problems but My Alt Aint One5 days ago

    Ya notice that wing isnt going anywhere.murica

  • Thomas Jensen
    Thomas Jensen6 days ago

    A mayday call is not that serious....this aircraft is certified to fly normally with 1 engine.

  • Thomas Jensen

    Thomas Jensen

    5 days ago

    @VASAviation - ohhhh.....you need help.

  • VASAviation -

    VASAviation -

    5 days ago

    PAN PAN is less serious than MAYDAY

  • Thomas Jensen

    Thomas Jensen

    6 days ago

    @VASAviation - no it's not....there was never any danger that control of the plane would be lost. If "mayday" is "very serious", then what is pan-pan?

  • VASAviation -

    VASAviation -

    6 days ago

    It is very serious

  • Logan11thMEU
    Logan11thMEU6 days ago

    this is a GE90 engine correct ?

  • VASAviation -

    VASAviation -

    6 days ago


  • sokin jon
    sokin jon7 days ago

    Textbook. Kudos to the flight crew and controllers.

  • Jimmy Newman-Tyler
    Jimmy Newman-Tyler7 days ago

    the aircraft obviously not fully loaded; no need to dump fuel prior to return & land. Great performance by the crew

  • sokin jon

    sokin jon

    7 days ago

    is very good that no one hurt,thanks god

  • Jorge Calienes
    Jorge Calienes7 days ago

    General question here - is there a modern way of knowing the souls on board question? Maybe using technology (assuming the system is available)? To me, when going through a these stressful circumstances, checklists, it is a bit distracting (not specifically on this video).

  • Channel Dad Bryon Lape
    Channel Dad Bryon Lape8 days ago

    If I looked out the window and saw that, I just might ship my pants.

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan8 days ago

    This just happened hours ago, how did you get it so fast...bravo

  • SiSiSiUSA
    SiSiSiUSA8 days ago

    Boeing makes the worse planes... airbus is so much better. Boycott boeing!!

  • Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan

    8 days ago

    Both pilots and ATC’s did a good job.

  • noob gaming
    noob gaming8 days ago

    Nice video 🤩🤩🤩

  • Rtruo85
    Rtruo858 days ago

    So terrifying to hear the engine fire alarm in the background

  • pop5678eye
    pop5678eye8 days ago

    In case any passenger still questions what pilots get their paychecks for... It's training to get you safely on the ground!

  • Junior Mc kie
    Junior Mc kie8 days ago

    That's the magic of CRM when you say the words Mayday.

  • robo931
    robo9319 days ago

    So son of scab fly with Garrett Piedmont CA thought these guys were unsure? Kid needs to stick to promoting erectile dysfunction meds on his insta and leave the flying to the adults.

  • Slappy McGillicuddy

    Slappy McGillicuddy

    8 days ago

    okay buddy

  • TheSoundsage
    TheSoundsage9 days ago

    Here's the poor pilot looking out his window at a flaming, vibrating engine and the air traffic controller is asking him "how many souls on board?" "You mean before or after the heart attacks?" (or better: :"Why don't you ask the F%$cking ticket clerk?"

  • William Stanley
    William Stanley9 days ago

    Does anyone know why they would have wanted left turns when the right engine was out. Seems like that would require heavier control inputs (rudder, aileron) against the dead engine. They may have needed the left turn initially because of terrain given lost climb performance. Just curious.

  • Slappy McGillicuddy

    Slappy McGillicuddy

    7 days ago

    Captain Joe explains it on his channel, it is not recommended to make turns over the dead engine on a twin, since the #1 engine was the good engine, they turned left. Also by this time the Captain had taken over the controls and it naturally is easier to make left turns from the left seat.

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss9 days ago

    Textbook. Kudos to the flight crew and controllers.

  • arona fall
    arona fall9 days ago

    Good job Pilots!

  • bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss

    9 days ago

    Thanks VASAviation - ✔✈

  • jcm028
    jcm0289 days ago

    caption said "so long" but this dude was flying to Hawaii, he threw out the "mahalo"

  • 台独轮子港独,哦港独没了呀,那台独轮子都是蠢逼
    台独轮子港独,哦港独没了呀,那台独轮子都是蠢逼10 days ago

    is very good that no one hurt,thanks god

  • Alex S
    Alex S10 days ago

    I was on with Denver Center and heard “things are starting to fall apart up here,” then found about this about 30-60 mins later. I assume it is was the same plane.

  • John Arnold
    John Arnold10 days ago

    Why wasn't the engine extinguished and shut down? Too catastrophic?

  • VASAviation -

    VASAviation -

    10 days ago

    It was

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi10 days ago

    Literally got this up before the NTSB team could even fully mobilize, that is impressive speed.

  • Lowly Worm
    Lowly Worm11 days ago

    Did they squawk 7700 or nah? Cuz I didn’t get a FR24 alert when this happened. Anyone else?

  • gioyu comi

    gioyu comi

    10 days ago

    So professional for both parties, job well done.

  • Roger Reynolds
    Roger Reynolds11 days ago

    Both pilots and ATC’s did a good job.

  • Dave F Ryan
    Dave F Ryan11 days ago

    My understanding when declaring a MayDay and turning off an ATS routing or a SID, was west bound, turn left and east bound turn right. Time wasting asking what direction of turn would be liked. Two crew and CRM in effect one working the radio one flying and noting one busy, so worked the radio.

  • ecclestonsangel
    ecclestonsangel11 days ago

    I heard later that day the same thing happened with a similar P&W 4000 engine on a 747 in Europe. Things are NOT looking good for Pratt & Whitney right now!

  • Jeffrey Bunke
    Jeffrey Bunke11 days ago

    Not trying to armchair qb this, but mayday wasn’t the appropriate call. Pan pan or better yet, emergency aircraft would be the proper call. If this was in Hong Kong or China, ATC would not be happy. The crew did a fantastic job and this is only a nit pick detail. Mayday tells Foreign ATC that you need immediate vectors to land. They anticipate you aren’t able to remain airborne or have severe onboard fire/smoke. Pan Pan or emergency aircraft tells them you have some time. Time to dump fuel, run checklists, make passenger briefings. A UPS aircraft declared Mayday and proceeded to dump fuel for over an hour. Needless to say, ATC in the region was not happy.

  • Prince Omares
    Prince Omares11 days ago

    Pilot is a lion 🦁

  • Kolcobrzuch
    Kolcobrzuch11 days ago

    Do we know if they dumped fuel? it seems to me there was no time for that so they landed almost fully loaded and managed to do a full stop on RWY. Respect!

  • On Time For My Party
    On Time For My Party11 days ago

    Amazing communication skills good job

  • StonyRC
    StonyRC11 days ago

    DAMN ... Boeing cannot catch a fucking break!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rocknaroundtheclock
    rocknaroundtheclock11 days ago

    We just need to run some checklists. Checklist: - Is the plane on fire? - Yes - Land!

  • isabel lind
    isabel lind11 days ago

    Thanks VASAviation - ✔✈

  • Andrew Sellers
    Andrew Sellers11 days ago

    I've been listening to your ATC coverage for a long time now. As a student pilot, I find the information invaluable.

  • miko foin
    miko foin11 days ago

    This guy was perfect. If he ever sees this ... Thank You 🙏 Great Job.

  • 149-AR
    149-AR11 days ago

    Another shitty incident from shitty planes company a.k.a Boeing

  • miko foin

    miko foin

    11 days ago

    Do the UFO spotting from Phoenix! Thanks!

  • JJ
    JJ11 days ago

    good piloting skill.. but the radio calls... why didn't the pilot use the standard phraseology?

  • zach miller
    zach miller11 days ago

    Good job guys

  • Sam Cheung
    Sam Cheung12 days ago

    So professional for both parties, job well done.

  • german cortes
    german cortes12 days ago

    What a stupid video

  • redsoxers


    12 days ago

    Too many big words in it for you?

  • Saint James
    Saint James12 days ago

    Did they dump fuel? What does "heavy" mean?

  • Slappy McGillicuddy

    Slappy McGillicuddy

    8 days ago

    "heavy" is attached to the callsign of any aircraft with a gross weight of 300,000 pounds or more, it is incorporated into the call sign, to warn other aircraft/air traffic controllers that they should leave additional separation to avoid this wake turbulence

  • TooMuch. Online

    TooMuch. Online

    11 days ago

    'Heavy' refers to the weight of sh%t in the passenger's underwear.

  • Jonathan Collins
    Jonathan Collins12 days ago

    “Somebody stepped on you” I’ll take that as “I wasn’t paying attention to the radio and this will be my excuse.”

  • schnuurtchke
    schnuurtchke12 days ago

    Mayday mayday mayday

  • schnuurtchke
    schnuurtchke12 days ago

    Sick 😷 airplane ✈️

  • Wray Day
    Wray Day12 days ago

    Look, its good, everything is fine... the spinnie bit is still spinning and most of the engine is still there.... totally could of made it XD.

  • Ramiro Guerrero
    Ramiro Guerrero12 days ago

    Pilots are the coolest, 🤓, that's was a great job, by the book, good com 🍻

  • Zaid Mahomedy
    Zaid Mahomedy12 days ago

    Did the pilot share the fact that there was an engine fire or number of souls / amount of fuel on another channel? Or perhaps that audio wasn't included?

  • David Callahan
    David Callahan12 days ago

    Pretty cool that technology let's them lose an engine and still be able to come back and land. Nice job by pilots

  • playgroundchooser
    playgroundchooser12 days ago

    2:47 well there's your problem!

  • A V
    A V12 days ago

    Glad everyone made it back safe

  • Vanessa Ruiz
    Vanessa Ruiz12 days ago

    ugh i dont think i'd stay seated next to that engine like the person who filmed that clip.

  • Will Myers
    Will Myers12 days ago

    Do the UFO spotting from Phoenix! Thanks!

  • Juan pablo
    Juan pablo12 days ago

    Do you have the american airlines flight 2292 chat about a UFO flying towards new mexico or leaving new mexico it happen on sunday 02/21/21?

  • Melanie Souza
    Melanie Souza12 days ago

    LOVE it when all ends well 🙏

  • DimasPIK
    DimasPIK12 days ago

    Yang dari youtubenya capt. Vincent langsung kesini coba kasih likenya dulu wkwkwk

  • EVIL QTip
    EVIL QTip12 days ago

    Sadly seeing that engine on fire ! Me being in the plane looking out that window I would have put my head down sadly saying this is my end we are going to blow up in the air or crash for sure... 1000 thoughts and regrets would have went through my mind.. Landing living is just pure miracle.. !!!!

  • EVIL QTip
    EVIL QTip12 days ago


  • konsul2006
    konsul200612 days ago

    Pros. All around. But it shouldn't happen in the first place 🤔

  • Swayam Shrestha
    Swayam Shrestha12 days ago

    Why all people coping this same thing

  • Melissa Peters
    Melissa Peters12 days ago

    You need nerves of steel to do these jobs my goodness.

  • produKtNZ
    produKtNZ12 days ago

    I work for a Pratt and Whitney site. The things I hear.....

  • Art Alagao
    Art Alagao12 days ago

    The damaged karate encouragingly stamp because drake eventually guard underneath a happy tray. deafening, unequal difference

  • M Gomez
    M Gomez12 days ago

    Pilot was calm and in control of situation at hand.

  • Lee Henry
    Lee Henry12 days ago

    Gotta appreciate how quickly everyone deals with the situation!

  • D MG
    D MG13 days ago

    Too many layoffs @ Boeing no more quality.

  • D MG

    D MG

    8 days ago

    @Slappy McGillicuddy Correct Boeing use to have members over seeing their engines regardless of who has the contract too many layoffs.

  • Slappy McGillicuddy

    Slappy McGillicuddy

    8 days ago

    Boeing doesn't make the engines

  • Lorenzo G
    Lorenzo G13 days ago

    There’s a video out there of the engine actually exploding in air

  • Jeff Pinter
    Jeff Pinter13 days ago

    What happens to all the other inbounds?

  • Dynasty001


    12 days ago

    Diverted or put on hold.

  • John Falcon
    John Falcon13 days ago

    are all the random lines representing fallen engine parts?

  • Michael Melvin

    Michael Melvin

    11 days ago

    Those are depictions of various navaids, airways, intersections, etc that air traffic controllers use to reference an aircraft position on their radar scope.

  • Something Original
    Something Original13 days ago

    Not this video but im beginning to suspect the ATC could be just as bad as security guards at dcs omg another career profession deals with aholes we cant get fired for being aholes also

  • Weasel Worm
    Weasel Worm13 days ago

    Very good. The professionalism is appreciated

  • Jonathan Benjamin
    Jonathan Benjamin13 days ago

    The calm and composed crew did a great job!

  • richard c
    richard c13 days ago

    Boing needs to be put out of business!

  • redsoxers


    12 days ago

    It’s a Pratt & Whitney issue, not Boing.

  • Jason W
    Jason W13 days ago

    The number or pilots that were frustrated that the local news called the airport DIA (denver international airport) instead of DEN were ridiculous - was almost as though pilots thought they were the only ones that existed :)

  • Big Al
    Big Al13 days ago

    I'm loving that an American pilot says Mayday when in trouble. There is no fuss, argument or ambiguity.

  • Thomas Lange
    Thomas Lange13 days ago

    The was an incident with a 4-engine Boing comming out of the Dutch Maastricht-Aachen-Airport (MST) just leaving the airport for New York on Saturday. One of the engines was heavily damaged and falling debris damaged several houses and cars. At least 2 people on the ground were injured. The plane landed in Liège (LGG) in Belgium. It was a 747-400 Cargo with medical equipment. Shortly ater the start the tower informed the pilots about a fire in one of the engines. The plane landed in Liege because of the longer runway. Plane number 6T5504, build in 1991. The plane belongs to Bermuda based Longtail Aviation. Hope you find something about it.

  • Malcolm Clements
    Malcolm Clements13 days ago

    Same aircraft engine fire BA las Vegas.

  • ari jääskeläinen
    ari jääskeläinen13 days ago

    Any information how old engine was?

  • Michael gay and proud
    Michael gay and proud13 days ago

    Very scary alot more could have gone wrong im glad they got it landed on the runway safely and crew and passengers are ok its all over the news here still its even on the news on my phone

  • jaypek43
    jaypek4313 days ago

    Also...did they get a chance to dump fuel to lighten their load?

  • jaypek43
    jaypek4313 days ago

    Wonder why they didn't opt for one of the NS runways with the wind out of 360 degrees?

  • SiriusGD
    SiriusGD13 days ago

    I guess they didn't dump fuel? I always thought that they had to do that. Must not these days cause they were calling him heavy all the way home.

  • Dynasty001


    12 days ago

    The 777 can land above MLW so dumping fuel is not a necessity. "Heavy" is just a term used for widebody aircraft in the US for distance purposes due to the risk of heavier wake turbulence to other aircraft.

  • Ryan Broich
    Ryan Broich13 days ago

    Props to ATC - calm cool and collected. Nice job !

  • Lerxstification
    Lerxstification13 days ago

    Question: Why did they not have to dump fuel like almost every other emergency landing? thanks.

  • Lerxstification


    12 days ago

    @Paul Janssen then why dump fuel on other emergencies when the engine is not on fire?

  • Paul Janssen

    Paul Janssen

    12 days ago

    Because the engine was on fire would have made of nice Fireball if they dump fuel

  • President Trump
    President Trump13 days ago

    Pilot sounded panicked. Bad pilot.

  • Sledgehammer
    Sledgehammer13 days ago

    The video of the engine burning is the real one for this accident?

  • President Trump
    President Trump13 days ago

    why it no crash??????

  • Brian Chilcoat
    Brian Chilcoat13 days ago

    I think we should all be happy this didn't happen over the pacific halfway between Cali and Hawaii, what if the engine forced a ditching? I know its not exactly safe to have debris raining down on the populace but I think we should be glad this happened over land and near DEN airport!

  • kykingz78
    kykingz7813 days ago

    Hopefully not a GE MOTOR

  • Poingy
    Poingy13 days ago

    Did they dump fuel?

  • alida flus
    alida flus13 days ago

    The professionalism of the pilots is outstanding. Calm, cool, collected and performing required checklists and procedures. This is how lives are saved. Great job.

  • Bill Beyatte
    Bill Beyatte13 days ago


  • xxxxxxxxxxhardy
    xxxxxxxxxxhardy13 days ago

    Can anybody tell me what is the mesh like material where the flames are burning ?