Ups & Downs From WWE WrestleMania 37 - Night 1


Our Review of Wrestlemania Night 1 as Simon Miller runs down last nights events.
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  • Ayad Ali
    Ayad Ali5 days ago

    😂😂😂Nice jacket there, Simon!🤣🤣🤣

  • Josue Guillen
    Josue Guillen12 days ago

    Didn’t even mention the Canadian destroyer?

  • UngarToTheMax
    UngarToTheMax12 days ago

    You don’t have this video in the right place in the Ups and Downs Playlist on your channel. You have the Smackdown episode from April 9 and then WrestleMania Night 2 but WrestleMania Night 1 isn’t there.

  • bbsy1
    bbsy113 days ago

    So they made a gimmick out of something caused by the weather? Lol The driver of the train is called a conductor. Learn Wnglish. . . You Englishman! 😝 The best part of the build up is that they didn’t beat it into the ground that both are black women, they let them be wrestlers.

  • kyle wark
    kyle wark14 days ago

    Is there a meaning behind having two of your fingernails painted black?

    JC HAZARD17 days ago

    Sounds like Techno? U don't know what Techno mean dumb

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon18 days ago

    When Simon gave a golden up to Bianca and Sasha, I cried from happiness

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu18 days ago

    Night 1 was awesome, pumped for Night 2 !!!

  • Subho Roy
    Subho Roy20 days ago

    Let's start calling Cesaro, Zazzaro.

  • Soul Seeker
    Soul Seeker20 days ago

    Who gives a shit if they're black, Simon? Why was that a necessary bit to add about the Belair/Banks match? It couldn't just be that they're both incredibly talented and deserved the top spot of the night? Them being black has absolute jackshit to do with it and you and whomever wrote that little line for you, needs to check themselves.

  • John Smith
    John Smith20 days ago

    So we just going to ignore the fact that The New Day was dancing to AJ Styles music as AJ walked to the ring ???

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone20 days ago

    So we're just not gonna talk about Bad Bunny pulling a Destroyer out of nowhere 😂🇵🇷

  • Johnny82Utah
    Johnny82Utah20 days ago

    Trouble with the end is it was the wrong end. Sasha never winning at Mania is a travesty. Cesaro vs. Seth was not only my favorite match I think it was the best one.

  • Donnie Harden Jr
    Donnie Harden Jr21 day ago

    "It's time for the 'Let's try to kill Shane McMahon Spot'" lmao

  • Brother Esquire
    Brother Esquire21 day ago

    Respect to BAD BUNNY..... You come to my world, and stand your ground. Go down but stay down and bound to knock somebody round. RESPECT BUNNY. RESPECT... Best in ring performance by a celebrity ever

  • enniobg13
    enniobg1321 day ago

    Of all the moves that Bunny did really impress me the pin break... you need a killer timing to do it right. Huracanrana, destroyers, He really put the effort on this wrestling thing... I even want to hear his music now!

  • enniobg13
    enniobg1321 day ago

    Seth and Cesaro are awesome wrestlers. I loved the replay of the falcon arrow when you see how smooth Seth change the hand position to the back of Cesaro head to put it in a safer position.

  • MarcusFenixKO
    MarcusFenixKO21 day ago

    But Omos is bad. Kofi and Xavier carried that match.

  • Theokolese The Shadow Of Death
    Theokolese The Shadow Of Death21 day ago

    Two chicks headlining night one is one of the reasons WWE's ratings are in the tank. Women's wrestling is like the WNBA, a really crappy version of the men's product. It is hilarious watching guys like Simon fawn all over it knowing that he dare not make a single criticism out of fear of being called a sexist, racist or both.

  • Boii Boiii
    Boii Boiii22 days ago

    wrestle mania more like whackamania

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy22 days ago

    I was legit thinking the whole time: I wonder why Bianca doesn't just use her hair as a whip? Then she actually did it and it was devastating lol

  • Travis Beem
    Travis Beem22 days ago

    Um Bad Bunny was horrific. Give the props to Miz and Morrison for being able to sell that hammered crap. Hopefully this Bad Bunny story line is over.

  • Gran Oculus
    Gran Oculus22 days ago

    Screw you for spoiling mania.

  • Nightwing84
    Nightwing8422 days ago

    Can't forget that Cesaro did the UFO

  • Armando Dynamite
    Armando Dynamite22 days ago

    What does the weather have to do with the pandemic? Why is having hosts "problematic"? And I've said it before, and it needs to be repeated, but making the "norm" to book main events based on things like skin color or gender is insanely regressive. Not once during the run up to this match did any of that cross my mind, more like what great talents these two are. Down.

  • PrezidentHughes
    PrezidentHughes23 days ago

    They made Bianca look so strong. Wish they would've done the same for Bayley as she has a similar frame and is much more technically sound that both of them.

  • Official X1998
    Official X199823 days ago

    Soulja boy bow wow where you at

  • TheDevineMrFIne
    TheDevineMrFIne23 days ago

    I just bought that same shirt! Do you shop at Cracker Barrel?

  • MrRiddler6
    MrRiddler623 days ago

    i believe the Natalya non-Sharpshooter spot 7:28 was a reference to the Owen Hart's refusing to use the Sharpshooter in his tag team championship match with Yokozuna against The Smoking Gunns at Wrestlemania 11

  • Anthony Naylor
    Anthony Naylor23 days ago

    Yo is Jonny sins talking about wwe

  • J Neto
    J Neto23 days ago

    Man, don't get me wrong, I like Lashley, but he can't sell move, he can't make it look real, he just twitches his neck or gets up a bit slow.

  • chrisisballin123
    chrisisballin12323 days ago

    I really can't stand the injection of identity politics in every fucking thing,who cares that they're black women,if they were white men would it be worse,if it's an awful match why does it matter what demographic is represented?can we just talk wrestling and leave stupid politics out of it,the white guilt pouring from this channel is so damn pathetic,anyone with a brain would be sick from it,and another thing,banks is mixed race not black,but we gotta point out nonsense that has nothing to do with wrestling in order to virtue signal and make ourselves feel good

  • SolidState Gaming
    SolidState Gaming23 days ago

    That Bunny Destroyer was the greatest thing ever. Surprised you didn't mention that

  • Marc-Anthony D
    Marc-Anthony D23 days ago

    Bad Bunny stole the show. That destroyer to Morrison was insane

  • HammerSticks
    HammerSticks23 days ago

    Night one was awesome. I was very impressed with bad bunny and his "bunny destroyer." And miz's reaction was so darn good lol.

  • Ty Bafus
    Ty Bafus23 days ago

    Belair and Banks was by far the best match of the whole weekend. Night two was just one interference after another.

  • Jaybee
    Jaybee23 days ago

    Why put up Cesaro's UFO on Seth in the thumbnail and ignore it altogether in your commentary? Nevermind, you didn't give props to Bad Bunny for the destroyer to Morrison on the floor.

  • Gandalf the Grey
    Gandalf the Grey24 days ago

    I saw the commentators standing in front of their desk and for the WHOLE MATCH I though about why that is. Through the camera the weather didn't look that worse and I came to the conclusion it has to be connected to the pandemic. Rules in the sort of "performers cannot be stationary next to fans but have to be X meters away". And I though to myself... And they couldn't have handelt it better? With a bit of spacing out everything will be fine! Yeah.. was the weather... Lol

  • Punkwrestle
    Punkwrestle24 days ago

    The bad bunny match was the best celebrity match by a hare!

  • NEERAjBORA offical
    NEERAjBORA offical24 days ago

    Jonny sins

  • Friend of Jesus
    Friend of Jesus24 days ago

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  • Anurag Kataria
    Anurag Kataria24 days ago

    All matches were entertaining except Women's Tag team turmoil. Loved AJ and Bianca Winning🔥🔥❤️️❤️️ Hire Bunny Fire Nia Jax, Bunny Destroyer 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ben Cracknell
    Ben Cracknell24 days ago

    AJ joins the Grand Slam winners as he should

  • Walter D Brown
    Walter D Brown24 days ago

    Lashley retaining was the biggest surprise of the weekend. So happy that was the result they went with.

  • Aaron
    Aaron24 days ago

    *Hey, to you reading* .. you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

  • Diane Long
    Diane Long24 days ago

    wrestlemaina was awesome! i was disappointed that they didnt have better entrances, its usually a big deal, but it was way toned down, belair and banks was awesome, i wanted drew to win, but he will get it back!

  • Marc cres
    Marc cres24 days ago

    You talk too much about nothing

  • Jay Harvey
    Jay Harvey24 days ago

    There was somebody in WCW that did a 360 splash

  • itisprettyswag
    itisprettyswag24 days ago

    One problem i have with seth rollins doing his top rope suplex into the falcon arrow is that years ago a top rope suplex was considered a move that would damage both opponents but now you cant do that in any match because you can just say how are they both hurt when seth does it and no sells it

  • Ittirutak
    Ittirutak24 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought that the greenscreen was super distracting?

  • Stephen Phelan
    Stephen Phelan24 days ago

    Call me a sleeze. I enjoyed the wardrobe malfunctions. I respect the gals so I won't point out when they happened or on what day. If you know, you know, if you dont, you don't. Made my day.

  • Michael Richoux
    Michael Richoux24 days ago

    I saw the match where Braun showman versed Shane McMahon

  • DuBose
    DuBose24 days ago

    That golden up looks A LOT like a brown down.

  • Jeremiah Mathis
    Jeremiah Mathis24 days ago

    That main event was the best woman's match ever!!!

  • Toronto Maple Leafs
    Toronto Maple Leafs24 days ago

    this was a horrible show maybe one good atch and the rest all duds

  • Nellzartworx
    Nellzartworx24 days ago

    I actually...fell for the Braun train conductor joke. I skipped that match.

  • K.C. Dennis
    K.C. Dennis24 days ago

    You forgot to mention that Bad Bunny did a hootagranna Piledriver before the cross body and Miz look like he took a giant dump in the ring when he seen it.

  • Chris
    Chris24 days ago

    I like how the gold up always looks like vomit brown

  • Hookah 99
    Hookah 9924 days ago

    Last time I heard of bad bunny, he traumatized me when he dressed up as a woman 😂

  • Beef Chief
    Beef Chief24 days ago

    That thumbnail is me when my brother takes the last cookie

  • CPA
    CPA24 days ago

    WM37 Night 1 = Up.

  • Dylan Richards
    Dylan Richards24 days ago

    I enjoyed every single match and have no issues with the outcomes, for night one.

  • sadowolf
    sadowolf24 days ago

    I had to pause the video for a laughing fit when he said that Vince could drag a hater fan to Wrestlemania and make them champ, and they'd still say "I don't think I got pushed properly." It's funny because it's true 🤣👌 I thought night 1's matches were much easier to predict than night 2's (was actually surprised Simon was so convinced Drew would win), but it was overall so good it didn't matter.

  • Gabriel Mendes da Cunha
    Gabriel Mendes da Cunha24 days ago

    shane is the new mankind

  • Vonnie Dutch
    Vonnie Dutch24 days ago

    Asuka shouldn’t have lost. PERIODT.

  • jdowling5
    jdowling524 days ago

    Black fingernails?

  • Omen
    Omen24 days ago

    Jackson Number 1 Commander Ryker. Good one.

  • pigs18
    pigs1824 days ago

    A down for WWE not understanding that 25% attendance restrictions doesn't mean you can shut down 75% of the arena and shove everyone into the remaining space. That's not how that works!

  • James Silk
    James Silk24 days ago

    Shouldn't you be giving me bodybuilding tips?

  • john stone
    john stone24 days ago

    Simon, are your fingernails painted or is my video quality deceiving?

  • Joker JAK
    Joker JAK24 days ago

    All my predictions (except one) came true. The only one I was wrong about was The Fiend losing to Orton. I didn't mind Orton winning (he's my favorite). I was just surprised. I am really curious where that story is going, but I enjoyed the entire show.

  • Tycave
    Tycave24 days ago

    Don’t forget that Dana Brooke tagged in by spanking Mandy while she was standing on the middle turnbuckle

  • Brandon Webb
    Brandon Webb24 days ago

    Sasha Banks might be the greatest wrestler of all-time.

  • Simon George
    Simon George24 days ago

    Revelation 19:21, “The rest were killed with the sword coming out of the mouth of the rider on the horse, and all the birds gorged themselves on their flesh."

  • Kenshigo
    Kenshigo24 days ago

    Cesaro vs Rollins was a 5 star match and one of the best matches i´ve seen in years from WWE!

  • JayVon Deontae
    JayVon Deontae24 days ago

    Night 1 was clearly the best.

  • Thereal Dex
    Thereal Dex24 days ago

    Was he talking about the phenix splash?

  • Thereal Dex

    Thereal Dex

    24 days ago


  • kevin kasmarski
    kevin kasmarski24 days ago

    My dudes? What about that Canadian destroyer from bunny? I swear I screamed like a fan girl finally seeing that wwe. Let alone wrestlemania Let alone by a celeb

  • ali taj
    ali taj24 days ago

    Cesaro section

  • CeltBear333
    CeltBear33324 days ago

    You couldn't take the belt off Lashley that soon regardless of any factor because of woke culture. Wwe would have had millions of fools on twitter crying "racism".

  • frank unodostres
    frank unodostres24 days ago

    Sasha isn't black, she's hispanic btw

  • frank unodostres
    frank unodostres24 days ago

    13:51 where did that metaphor come from? ^^

  • Xristosdomini
    Xristosdomini24 days ago

    I think I have it figured out... Because WWE refuses to build actual stars (because "The Brand is the star" or some bollocks), they have to have all these distraction/DQ/count out/Rollup non-finishes because they are trying to protect everybody except the real geeks while giving some kind of wins or losses. That's sad.

  • پویا بوریایی
    پویا بوریایی24 days ago

    الان مسابقه همین دوتاس

  • Wayne Blackwood
    Wayne Blackwood24 days ago

    That Hogan shade from the crowd lol

    STILL24 days ago

    One is stuck playing the impassioned protagonist in one’s Subjective Narrative of Self🎈

  • Tony Reimer
    Tony Reimer24 days ago

    Sasha Banks is the modern day Shawn Michaels. She’s at her best in the biggest moments, able to be smaller without seeming like the underdog but can still rag doll better than almost anyone in the business. And even while she’s making someone a new star she loses nothing in defeat

  • Daniel Gosling
    Daniel Gosling24 days ago

    Your vids are the best !!!! Press this button you you think so to 👇

  • Vlad Uchiha
    Vlad Uchiha24 days ago

    wwe is so bad

  • Psycho the Unsane
    Psycho the Unsane24 days ago

    The true record number of swings Cesaro has hit was 40, back in NXT. However, it apparently doesn't count...?

  • Oozemacheesemo
    Oozemacheesemo24 days ago

    My man said he came out to the ring wearing visceras jacket that made me lol more than it should have

  • Gman75
    Gman7524 days ago

    Do you think Simon could ever keep his hands at his side the whole time while talking? ...I don't think so. :)

  • Morel the Mic Killer
    Morel the Mic Killer24 days ago

    Seth used that splash in ROH. Shane he doesn’t bust it out more often in WWE

  • Chuck Hammond
    Chuck Hammond24 days ago

    You have become a simple trash can

  • Dustin S
    Dustin S24 days ago

    I just love watching Simons mannerisms and body language lol. Born showman.

  • Josue
    Josue24 days ago

    If anyone is wondering the truck Bad Bunny came out of is from his latest album cover and marketing material. It was also really fun seeing those negative wrestling nerds eat their words on the bad bunny match, the guy killed it and its undeniable. Not just the moves but the selling and in ring psychology, better in ring story telling than most indy flippy mcflip matches.

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin24 days ago

    Cesaro will never be a top guy. He has as much personality as stale bread.

  • KingxD3ath_ARTS
    KingxD3ath_ARTS24 days ago

    Seth Rollins was breaking out the wwe 2k new moves dlc pack in that match

  • Kensley
    Kensley24 days ago

    As someone who really likes the entertainment side of wrestling, I loved the bad Bunny match I was happy and grinning and laughing the entire way through, they were able to make bad Bunny look pretty good especially with that Canadian destroyer

  • Bob Mirco
    Bob Mirco24 days ago

    I swear this channel is only relevant cause of Simon. The other guys suck