We add some NEW ores and loot to beat Minecraft!

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  • Tanachai Prasong
    Tanachai Prasong11 hours ago

    When your friend finally turns on vane miner for the first time

  • Caleb
    Caleb11 hours ago


  • Muhammad Said
    Muhammad Said19 hours ago

    what the heck man amazing😋 I have missed alot of these vidiose

  • Loky
    Loky20 hours ago

    Too strong

  • Gowtham Sivanesan
    Gowtham SivanesanDay ago

    sundee its unsubbing

  • Tristen Mason
    Tristen MasonDay ago

    It should

  • Tristen Mason
    Tristen MasonDay ago

    On the sword I said a sword that should not exist

  • TheBleuKnight26
    TheBleuKnight26Day ago

    9:40 tell me why Phil is also here?

  • Andrea Arenivar Grajeda
    Andrea Arenivar GrajedaDay ago

    why are in this episode friends??????????

  • AM - 02HJ 915874 Kindree PS
    AM - 02HJ 915874 Kindree PS2 days ago


  • Bailey Lewis
    Bailey Lewis2 days ago

    ssundee: *wondering why his sword isnt doing damage on blazes* me:*wondering how he still spam clicks after a harcore series* by the way i am not hating on ssundee i just found that funny

  • Mitchell Patterson
    Mitchell Patterson4 days ago


  • White Samurai
    White Samurai5 days ago

    I thought this was insane craft

  • Ninjagofan2021
    Ninjagofan20215 days ago

    3:36 yes he’s still struggling and he’s calling x-ray vein minor so sad😢

  • Shotti
    Shotti6 days ago

    Give mod link

  • Sean Quinn
    Sean Quinn8 days ago

    Yea your not the only one

  • Didnyd
    Didnyd8 days ago

    First fractal go brrrrrrrrr

  • Matthew Dela Torre
    Matthew Dela Torre9 days ago

    in lvel 4 u can kll it at 1 hit

  • Spencer Drumm
    Spencer Drumm10 days ago

    Who is PhilTheSkid he made an advancement

  • Eabo Daddy
    Eabo Daddy11 days ago

    Who is phil?? He went to the nether with them??????

  • Imran S
    Imran S11 days ago

    Og my Gard

  • MrPug_035
    MrPug_03511 days ago

    Wanna know how cobble stone is life and better than dirt. Because you can make tools out cobblestone not dirt

  • Kate McPherson
    Kate McPherson12 days ago


  • Tywonon Lannister
    Tywonon Lannister12 days ago

    Ya lol

  • roan corners
    roan corners12 days ago

    whats your world seed number

  • Texan Cowboy Cheese
    Texan Cowboy Cheese13 days ago


  • tech moon
    tech moon13 days ago

    5:19 favorit moment and tis too 18:45

  • Mrapplemanz
    Mrapplemanz15 days ago

    What mod pack is infinity craft?

  • Kanwaljeet Shergill
    Kanwaljeet Shergill15 days ago

    Play apex legend it is the second played game in the world

  • noor abid
    noor abid15 days ago

    make more insancraft vido

  • Xander Stevens
    Xander Stevens16 days ago

    Dirt stick

  • Kimberly Desormeaux
    Kimberly Desormeaux16 days ago

    that was sooo funny!!

  • Abdrrahman Benyoussef
    Abdrrahman Benyoussef16 days ago


  • Andrew Luu
    Andrew Luu16 days ago

    That was so amazing and then we go cry

  • Millan Espuelas
    Millan Espuelas16 days ago


  • Dark
    Dark17 days ago

    wait is it just me or did anyone else notice that this video was put in the insane craft series section

  • DS2
    DS217 days ago

    Instead of liking the video when the bell is hit, shouldn’t we sub and use all notifacations? It makes more sence

  • Ben Gallo
    Ben Gallo17 days ago


  • Keenath ツ ROar
    Keenath ツ ROar18 days ago

    9:38 does anyone notice another person not there who has the advancement for the nether?

  • Slytoxin
    Slytoxin18 days ago

    You can't make the light button green

  • cynthia lim
    cynthia lim18 days ago

    so cool you just 1 shot the ender dragon

  • Unkown Secret
    Unkown Secret19 days ago

    That should end-er-dragon

  • Andrei Drew Santos
    Andrei Drew Santos19 days ago

    Oh my gosh that a lot of attack damage 100,0002 attack damage i thought your can ender dragon😶😶😶

  • Chim568new
    Chim568new19 days ago

    Its insane craft

  • Dominik Bekier
    Dominik Bekier19 days ago

    hey sundee do u play roblox if yes then 1v1 me in to a duel in a game named boxing leyuge

  • Benjamim
    Benjamim19 days ago


  • ishanya kashyap
    ishanya kashyap19 days ago

    You couldve 1 shot the edrag with lvl 4 sword coz as of 1.16.5 the ender drag have 300health which is as same as wither.

  • Gamer Trav
    Gamer Trav20 days ago

    im not hitting the like button cause he said to like 10 times

  • Mohammed gaming and video of toys
    Mohammed gaming and video of toys21 day ago

    Hi 👋 hi I

  • Mohammed gaming and video of toys
    Mohammed gaming and video of toys21 day ago

    Hi hihihihkhihihihihihhihiihihihihihihihihihihihihiihihihihihihihih

  • Gloria Kandah
    Gloria Kandah21 day ago

    That's the best sword

  • light what if
    light what if21 day ago

    Infinity shield

  • charliemcg100
    charliemcg10022 days ago

    It turned white: ( I don’t get to see biffle’s knees : (

  • charliemcg100


    22 days ago

    I don’t know how to spell

  • charliemcg100


    22 days ago

    Oh wait its sigles, never mind

  • Kasen Dinkins
    Kasen Dinkins22 days ago

    In insane craft they used the rod of Lyssa to steal your stuff

  • Werewolf’s rule
    Werewolf’s rule22 days ago

    Ssundee: stop running away Birtha/dragon: I’m not running away I’m flying away

  • D-KO nnect
    D-KO nnect22 days ago

    Level three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RealGlitchedChaos
    RealGlitchedChaos22 days ago

    SSUNDEE PLEASE GET BACK INTO TERRA TECH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cookie Cool
    Cookie Cool22 days ago


  • Blake Giroir
    Blake Giroir23 days ago

    i saw that you can one tap the ender dragon with the level 4

  • Arfan Ahmad

    Arfan Ahmad

    8 days ago

    when ff player writes a coment says one tap insted of one shot

  • Mahd Khan
    Mahd Khan23 days ago

    One shot the ender dargon

  • vouge mist
    vouge mist23 days ago

    Fun fact ender dragon has 100 health

  • Rodney Kamau
    Rodney Kamau23 days ago


  • Gitesh Tomer
    Gitesh Tomer24 days ago

    3:05 is the sneaky villager

  • Kylie Harig
    Kylie Harig24 days ago


  • Mihai Olarescu
    Mihai Olarescu24 days ago

    my computer just break my computer when i start it the video

  • Raahe,s Mum
    Raahe,s Mum24 days ago

    The last level of the sword does 10k not 100k

  • 영준 강
    영준 강24 days ago

    The mellow kite weekly squeal because step-daughter perplexingly reply about a simple odometer. tender tense, fabulous sheep

  • king324rel no
    king324rel no25 days ago

    Am I the only one that misses 2017 ssundee

  • R Man
    R Man25 days ago

    he dont know how to count its lvl 3

  • Tippsy Toppsy
    Tippsy Toppsy25 days ago


  • norma martinez
    norma martinez25 days ago


  • Alexandre Makharashvili
    Alexandre Makharashvili25 days ago

    ender dragom: im gone kill you ssundee:*uses* sword* dragon:i ded dam

  • nicole kirsten
    nicole kirsten25 days ago

    ive heard on a vid its where u use snowballs they deal 17 damage (I think) to blazes

  • Phyllis Thomas
    Phyllis Thomas25 days ago

    The highfalutin wheel briefly melt because tyvek ignificantly possess but a tame helmet. thoughtless, married frown

  • SumRoblocUserB)
    SumRoblocUserB)26 days ago

    The bets pun that sundae said in this video Oooooo SNAP cx

  • Victor Sumano
    Victor Sumano26 days ago

    The abrupt tin genomically work because sled commercially sip regarding a rabid cobweb. complex, hushed pull

  • BreadBoy
    BreadBoy26 days ago

    what mod is this cuz i rlly want it

  • John Andrei Formacion
    John Andrei Formacion26 days ago

    Cobblestone is life

  • buggacraft
    buggacraft26 days ago

    The dragon only has five hundred 💯 hit points

  • 0ti
    0ti26 days ago

    the whole thing was so cringeworthy holy damn

  • Michelle Robinson
    Michelle Robinson27 days ago

    The x ray is OP!

  • LittleEnd Dragon
    LittleEnd Dragon27 days ago

    Ian is a footing protagonist

  • Cynthia Martin
    Cynthia Martin27 days ago

    The cute heron postsurgically attend because buffer critically disagree a a caring nic. fluttering, nimble fowl

  • Scott Wenman
    Scott Wenman27 days ago

    Who is pill the skid

  • HoneyBlox
    HoneyBlox27 days ago

    you can one shot it with lever 4 im like bruh

  • BeenAnimations
    BeenAnimations28 days ago

    4:23. Ssundee: U WILL NEVER FIND IT, or maybe with X-ray I lost my shit

  • Quoc Nguyen Tran Bao
    Quoc Nguyen Tran Bao28 days ago

    The spiteful brother secondarily lighten because activity plausibly kiss beside a faded james. ragged, closed red

    ZAC AZRAEL V. RAYALA28 days ago

    Ssundee- I tried- I tried yay sticks out of dirt AHHAHA/ You can make dirt sticks/ he was like a Pinata- AHAHAHAHAH

  • Jezo Aragon
    Jezo Aragon29 days ago

    Ok I looked it up and you did 500.01 times the ender dragon’s health which is 200

  • subzero the chicken
    subzero the chicken29 days ago

    Ssundee you need to time your swings not rapid fire swinging

  • isaac el youtuber 2
    isaac el youtuber 229 days ago

    good video i loved it hahaha

  • Aidan Cristea
    Aidan Cristea29 days ago

    9:42 read the chat…. Who is Phil the Skid?

  • Sila Awad
    Sila Awad29 days ago

    Sundee if you tell us what is the name of the game we will give you a 19 million subscribers

  • NotThe _Bleok
    NotThe _Bleok29 days ago

    The older i get i realized ians kind of a bad friend. But knowing him its just an act

  • Zyren Horton
    Zyren HortonMonth ago

    Ssundee chases child and kills it😬

  • Red Panda
    Red PandaMonth ago

    9:38 who is philtheskid

  • Roberto Sammarco
    Roberto SammarcoMonth ago

    Wait a second I thought this was insane craft

  • Happy Boi
    Happy BoiMonth ago

    19:13 the one guy who made the sword doesn’t even want it to exist because of ssundee

  • The King of Braves
    The King of BravesMonth ago

    Hypixel vibes

  • Sid P
    Sid PMonth ago

    A new title for ian: The Server King