Vsauce Office Tour 1

A peak into our office. More to come!!
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Puppet at the end by Adam Kreutinger: adamkreutinger


  • Ryan McFadden
    Ryan McFadden4 hours ago

    Too Easy

  • eli VII

    eli VII

    3 hours ago


  • Abhishek.G.S
    Abhishek.G.SDay ago

    Make a motivational video

  • eli VII

    eli VII

    3 hours ago


  • Benji The Engi
    Benji The EngiDay ago

    Inspector: "is the asbestos in the building?" Micheal: "yup here it is" *hands him the bag*

  • eli VII

    eli VII

    3 hours ago


  • b∅ba zero

    b∅ba zero

    4 hours ago


  • Ignacio. C ツ (Shift)
    Ignacio. C ツ (Shift)Day ago


  • :p


    19 hours ago

    Great Comment i needed that

  • Sazid Hasan
    Sazid Hasan2 days ago

    Vsauce is becoming now more than just science, it's also philosophy. #collected

  • jaxon.minecraft
    jaxon.minecraft2 days ago

    Hey its my favorite youtuber How to basic

    ANUSHKA SINGH♡2 days ago


  • Sweeney
    Sweeney2 days ago

    "But the best part about this office, is that you can't, get away, from me." I mean... If I get to stroke that succulent beard of yours then I'm not complaining

  • Oliver Drow
    Oliver Drow3 days ago

    Are you going to engage in the UAP discussion?

  • Ahmad Programming
    Ahmad Programming3 days ago

    "Hey vsauce, Michael here... I am everywhere. Y O U C A N N O T E S C A P E M E"

  • Ben's Fractals
    Ben's Fractals3 days ago

    “No matter where you go, you CAN’T. GET. AWAY. FROM. ME.” Is that a threat?

  • b∅ba zero

    b∅ba zero

    4 hours ago


  • Schrödinger cat
    Schrödinger cat3 days ago

    When is the old content commin back?

  • Maymuna Begum
    Maymuna Begum3 days ago

    Whenever he says "Vesause" I say, "Vesause"

  • Sprite
    Sprite4 days ago

    "Here's a little tip: You may have noticed that the Curiousity Box has absorbed all of our office space. There is no safe place from it's insatiable rampage, to consume more knowledge and everything else along with it."

    BON3S McCOY4 days ago

    The subreddit is going to love this

  • Robloxity News Network
    Robloxity News Network4 days ago

    Hey vsauce, Im having troubles and would like an answer. They say after 8:00 PM, but, it goes 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 all the way BACK to before 8:00 PM. And so before can be after and after can be before.. and this is confusing

  • TheRealVsauce
    TheRealVsauce4 days ago

    I am the real vsauce there can only be one

  • God Blyat
    God Blyat4 days ago

    V SUS

  • Canned Ham
    Canned Ham4 days ago

    Does Vsauce still reply to comments? Because the last time I saw him reply to one in 2015

  • Xaleb Earls
    Xaleb Earls4 days ago

    How do you look younger than you did 9 years ago

  • Snek _
    Snek _5 days ago

    AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH- *vsauce theme plays *

  • Ten-Dimension
    Ten-Dimension5 days ago

    "Hey Vsause Michael here. Wherever you go, you can't get away from me. And as always thanks for watching"

  • Joshua Thomas
    Joshua Thomas5 days ago

    "You can't get away from me" Sounds like something a serial killer would say 🤔

  • n0
    n05 days ago

    So you are basically omnipresent in the VSauce office building.

  • Juan D'Marco
    Juan D'Marco5 days ago

    "Every second you're not running, I'm getting closer to you"

  • Nikk
    Nikk5 days ago

    Damn Vsauce, Michael here, it’s sad to see my main man Mikey getting older :(

  • Eragonmaster20
    Eragonmaster205 days ago

    Can you bring back Inq's astonishing ruler? Please.

  • LordTacoCat
    LordTacoCat6 days ago

    0:24 The puzzle be looking like a splash potion of slow falling tho

  • The Soviet Union ✔️
    The Soviet Union ✔️6 days ago

    No matter where you go, you *CANT RUN AWAY FROM ME*

  • Brendan
    Brendan6 days ago

    Anyone else feel this channel has gone from one of the best to complete shit? I can't remember the last time I watched a vsauce video before today.

  • Moises Solis

    Moises Solis

    5 days ago

    just you lol

  • Sean Man
    Sean Man7 days ago


  • Sean Man
    Sean Man7 days ago

    hey michael how fast can YOU run?

  • Leonides
    Leonides7 days ago


  • Infarlock
    Infarlock7 days ago

    DAMN, the video is just 555 views over 1M

  • iactivatemc pe
    iactivatemc pe7 days ago

    It's a pyramid puzzle if you don't know

  • Mr.clowny hofnarr
    Mr.clowny hofnarr8 days ago

    “hey jesse i have an office now”

  • freshy
    freshy8 days ago

    Heyy vsauce! Micheal here how fast can you run? You in a forest: * my time has come *

  • SozzledApe
    SozzledApe8 days ago

    If you drink water before you urinate on an empty stomach, will you just continuously urinate forever until you stop drinking?

  • Akash Krishnan
    Akash Krishnan8 days ago

    17 million... , Congratulations

  • Annika Ruelo
    Annika Ruelo9 days ago

    This reminds me how scared I am of this man oh my god.

  • JoJo
    JoJo9 days ago

    Damn Curiosity Box is the reason whe rarely get a Vsause video nowadays... 😭

  • Boop Doop
    Boop Doop9 days ago

    The perfect place for the cameras would be in the Michaels

  • Anonymousdude190
    Anonymousdude1909 days ago

    Are you ok

  • William Afton
    William Afton9 days ago

    If you were to fly a spaceship in at lightspeed in a 100% vaccuum, and then threw an object, say, a ball from a slingshot attached to the ship, would/could the ball exceed the speed of light and what would happen if it did?

  • Assassin’s Creed For life
    Assassin’s Creed For life9 days ago

    i didn't know my anus was "Uranus blue" color alright i'll see myself out

  • sam g
    sam g10 days ago

    Have you been to Epstein's island?

  • Charlie
    Charlie10 days ago

    The average color of uranus

  • PewDieFan no1
    PewDieFan no110 days ago

    why is this man so intelligent, please tell me

  • TheRedstoneGuy


    10 days ago

    He probably has a average IQ but he knows alot

  • Chishio Chishio

    Chishio Chishio

    10 days ago

    Ilusion he is just well prepared. Not smart but telling smart things. He may have average IQ.

  • GlowBaby
    GlowBaby10 days ago

    It’s the fear i felt at the end for me lol

  • Lumbr
    Lumbr10 days ago


  • Rockyzfunn
    Rockyzfunn10 days ago

    We say the mass of an object defines its attraction just like the moons gravity is less than the gravity of earth because it has less mass, but than we start to say that all objects fall at same speeds regardless the mass. Shouldn't objects with more mass fall faster because they have more attraction. I feel like the reason people think all objects fall at same speeds is because the objects people use to compare to each other are hardly different compared to earth itself. There for people have been comparing attractions thay hardly have any difference in attraction to see results.

  • nandi's top12
    nandi's top1210 days ago


  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker11 days ago


  • Erick’s Films
    Erick’s Films11 days ago

    People: That’s cool Me: Uranium blue looks like grey

  • 「popsicle•bliss」 ☁️
    「popsicle•bliss」 ☁️11 days ago

    Saw my brother watching Micheal one day and asked who he was. A life-changing miracle.

  • Spencer Lundt
    Spencer Lundt11 days ago

    If Uranus is blue, you may want to seek medical help

    THE REMOTE MAN11 days ago

    Will The full length vids return??

  • Ritik Chauhan
    Ritik Chauhan11 days ago

    17 milllion King!

  • Andro¡d
    Andro¡d11 days ago

    You alive?

  • Nio-BEl
    Nio-BEl11 days ago

    "You're alone at home, or are you?"

  • The O
    The O12 days ago


  • Lil' Timmy
    Lil' Timmy12 days ago

    this really opened my Lil' Timmy eyes, thanks bro ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;))))))))))))))))))

  • Silver Surfer
    Silver Surfer12 days ago

    You're creepy dude

  • Swole Dadguy
    Swole Dadguy12 days ago

    man ive been eyeballing the curiosity box for years now but ive never got the heart to ask from my parents nor the money to actually get one

  • Crispy Cream
    Crispy Cream12 days ago

    Make a video about magnets

  • TON 618 • 10'9 years ago
    TON 618 • 10'9 years ago12 days ago


  • Vipergaming
    Vipergaming12 days ago

    A tab of acid with this man would be crazy

  • shidmoment
    shidmoment12 days ago

    The only short that isn't cring

  • ZanyerTheLegend
    ZanyerTheLegend12 days ago

    Nobody: Nothing Everybody: Everything

  • Speed
    Speed12 days ago

    I'm Vsauce You're Vsauce More than 17M people is Vsauce

  • Ethan Williams
    Ethan Williams13 days ago

    Micheal I've been here for months let me leave 🥲

  • Marty Boi
    Marty Boi13 days ago

    "You can't do that with a video" Or can you?

  • Squidward Tentacles

    Squidward Tentacles

    13 days ago

    *vsauce music plays*

  • RECMonika
    RECMonika13 days ago

    Hey miachel Monika here

  • Shaikh
    Shaikh13 days ago


  • Christopher
    Christopher13 days ago

    His hair turning grey and his skin starting to have more wrinkles makes me realize how old I am too right now. He's been existing since the dawn of the universe and I didn't realize it until recent now.

    OOGA OOGA13 days ago

    17m subs pog

  • Disqus Without Q
    Disqus Without Q14 days ago

    Imagine implementing OS on those vsus figure and whenever you "Hey Vsauce" they all say "Michael here"

  • xtreme oak
    xtreme oak14 days ago

    Where’s the vsauce discord

  • Rodrigo Maravilla
    Rodrigo Maravilla14 days ago

    Tickles you pink huh?

  • Dallas Steele
    Dallas Steele14 days ago

    Hey, Michael. Dallas here. Will my fiancé ever come back?

  • Olivia Dawson
    Olivia Dawson14 days ago

    (Urmm uranus jokes, uranus jokes, maybe you cant get away from me-) yes! No matter where you go you can’t get away from uranus

  • Angus Jennings
    Angus Jennings14 days ago

    Video idea: why are clouds horizontal?

  • Two Wojec Gaming
    Two Wojec Gaming14 days ago

    he is somehow both bald and not bald at the same time

  • ImNootPingu
    ImNootPingu14 days ago

    Did Michael just ask if I wanted a bag of cancer?

  • אדר פנטי
    אדר פנטי14 days ago

    Do a video on what happens after death

  • Texas Ball
    Texas Ball15 days ago

    So what is the color of water?

  • wolfrig2000
    wolfrig200015 days ago

    When are you going to accept Paypal for the curiosity box? I'm not putting my card in on your site

  • Atmosphere of Moon
    Atmosphere of Moon15 days ago

    Come on, last video was ½ Year ago

  • Xerxes Jörgensen
    Xerxes Jörgensen15 days ago

    Do a video about waking up on the wrong side of the bed

  • The Crying Fire
    The Crying Fire15 days ago

    "You want asbestos? We got you"

  • A Ghost.
    A Ghost.16 days ago

    "office tour" *is A commercial*

  • Don Cavaloñ
    Don Cavaloñ16 days ago

    Who said i wanted to get away from you?

  • FuttBucker McJizz Launcher
    FuttBucker McJizz Launcher16 days ago

    I have a bunch of asbestos too!! 😷 It’s a real problem!! 🤢🤢

    PROF. BENTLEY16 days ago

    You can't escape from human Bentley

  • Azet aus KZ
    Azet aus KZ16 days ago


  • Tobi
    Tobi16 days ago

    My anus??

  • anshik brahmbhatt
    anshik brahmbhatt16 days ago

    Hey Vsauce Michael here, *how fast can you run?*

  • L.C.D ShrekFan
    L.C.D ShrekFan16 days ago

    In the next video answer this question : what Frame rate are we thinking in

  • Uncool hackerman
    Uncool hackerman16 days ago

    I can’t escape him anyway