We Popped The WORLD’S LARGEST BALLOON! (40ft+)


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Also a big thank you to RAC Arena for letting us blow up the Giant balloon there, such an epic place!
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  • How Ridiculous
    How Ridiculous5 days ago

    200k thumbs up on the vid and we’ll buy a Phantom Slow Mo camera! 🙈

  • Wolf Elkan

    Wolf Elkan

    8 hours ago

    @Mik Scheper Dinosaurs can't read. That's why he's listening to it on audible.com

  • Wolf Elkan

    Wolf Elkan

    8 hours ago

    How many 👍's do you want to get a Phantom and redo the giant balloon pop with it?

  • B.Banner_Hulk


    9 hours ago

    NooooOooOOoo need more likes!!!

  • Daniel Culver

    Daniel Culver

    10 hours ago

    6:10 Yo mamma's developmental milestones

  • Strucid Fan

    Strucid Fan

    11 hours ago

    when the dart is thrown through the 3 ballons it it looks like the 3rd ballon bust from the other side. also could it of been that the dart somehow went through the ballon without popping it and popped it on the far side.what do you think HR? 🤔

    D1DAN GAMERMinute ago

    13:38 “how is your ears” “WHAT” 😂😂😂😂😂😭

  • Farice
    Farice5 minutes ago


  • aaron7jones
    aaron7jones22 minutes ago

    Ive learnt more in Science with Gaunson then I did in high school science

  • Nagarider
    NagariderHour ago

    We need more science with Gaunson xD

  • Alex Post
    Alex PostHour ago

    I really missed you guys. I hope you had a good and safe holiday. Can’t wait to see what videos y’all have in store this year.

  • thumbnail man
    thumbnail manHour ago

    They're just normal grown me playing with balloons

  • Wingie Chunie
    Wingie Chunie2 hours ago

    I think you should have eye protection equipment.

  • WB1326
    WB13262 hours ago

    I love science with Gauson so much

  • 37 Codes
    37 Codes4 hours ago

    Best part 13:34

  • K P
    K P4 hours ago

    That was a loud video

  • K P
    K P4 hours ago

    You do satisfying and not safe stuff

  • stone town riders
    stone town riders4 hours ago

    Flippin BIG!!!

  • Black Clover Asta
    Black Clover Asta4 hours ago

    Is this thar warehouse I have not watch in long time

  • ANG vlogs
    ANG vlogs4 hours ago

    look at 13:46 thank me later

  • Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

    2 hours ago


  • Megas Minecraft world
    Megas Minecraft world5 hours ago

    1 69 is enough by its a funny number but 96 is not

  • Knivmaker
    Knivmaker5 hours ago


  • Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

    2 hours ago


  • Mason Brese
    Mason Brese5 hours ago

    Gaunsom is on some other shit😂

  • Evan Kumar
    Evan Kumar6 hours ago

    I hope tiger woods is getting better soon

  • blacksystem12
    blacksystem126 hours ago

    You guys are pretty lame but I did enjoy the balloons part..

  • TheDennyBros
    TheDennyBros6 hours ago

    the dart went through the last balloon and popped out its rear. that was cool AF

  • Aamir Jazeer
    Aamir Jazeer6 hours ago

    Imagine filling it with dry ice

  • Matthew
    Matthew6 hours ago

    0:21 I thought thats what she said

  • Christopher Killough
    Christopher Killough7 hours ago

    I was just waiting for the big balloon to pop and concuss Derek during Science with Gaunson.

  • CJM Productions
    CJM Productions7 hours ago

    Perfect for one of them arcade balloon pop machines

  • David Steppe
    David Steppe7 hours ago

    Are they just glossing over the fact that the dart went through the front and popped the ballon from the back?! That was sick!

  • Ziggynaut
    Ziggynaut8 hours ago

    "hey what are you doing with that needl-" *Famous last words*

  • Bill Barns
    Bill Barns8 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice that the dart went through the front of the last balloon without popping it?

  • Wolf Elkan
    Wolf Elkan8 hours ago

    Is no one going to talk about the dart pop at 6:29? Gaunson mentions how the third pop was "delayed" but the slo-mo footage reveals why. The first two balloons pop normally, but if you carefully follow the dart, you'll see it enters the third balloon without popping it. It doesn't pop until the dart _exits_ the balloon at the other side. You can clearly see the first two balloons pop from the right, but the third pops from the left. This means Gaunson hit a direct bullseye and the dart entered the balloon _through the nozzle!_

  • Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

    2 hours ago

    I noticed it, but I didn’t think much of it

  • IYBL Cinemadness
    IYBL Cinemadness8 hours ago

    9:34 GameStop stock 2021😅🚀🚀🚀🚀

  • PokemonGoster
    PokemonGoster8 hours ago


  • Austin Monster
    Austin Monster9 hours ago

    That was an ace serve!

  • Airmendy Farrel
    Airmendy Farrel9 hours ago

    Dart Monke: ez

  • Alex Hayes
    Alex Hayes9 hours ago

    You guys should fill these up with gas and make giant fireballs

  • Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

    2 hours ago

    Top 10 ways to go to jail:

  • Ethan
    Ethan9 hours ago

    Why does Scott sound like an Australian Jerry Seinfeld

  • Ruglef
    Ruglef9 hours ago

    I think the heat from the leaf blowers warm up the air and make the balloons rise

  • Jon Ruths
    Jon Ruths9 hours ago

    Wait a darn tootin minute... 😱 6:34 did the dart go clean through the front of last balloon and pop from the back?

  • Kevin de Graaff
    Kevin de Graaff9 hours ago

    that mushroom cloud though

  • Matthew Booth
    Matthew Booth10 hours ago

    I love the onewheel XR in the background when checking the first slowy 😂

  • Mark Evans
    Mark Evans10 hours ago

    Gorenson sounds like if Jerry Seinfeld mind melded with Kramer and tried to explain science

  • darkarrowgaming 91
    darkarrowgaming 9110 hours ago

    Mashed Potatoes

  • braydy gamer
    braydy gamer10 hours ago

    i swear i heard this from my house

  • randfur
    randfur10 hours ago

    Absolutely insane.

  • Strucid Fan
    Strucid Fan11 hours ago

    when the dart is thrown through the 3 ballons it it looks like the 3rd ballon bust from the other side. also could it of been that the dart somehow went through the ballon without popping it and popped it on the far side.what do you think HR? 🤔

  • Anom201 Bh
    Anom201 Bh11 hours ago

    If it’s big as the bass ball field and you pop it

  • IZeroX l زيرو اكس
    IZeroX l زيرو اكس11 hours ago

    wow that was really cool

  • Beck Hamann
    Beck Hamann11 hours ago

    Do you watch Theses vids and wish you where there

    RUDELINA VALMORIA12 hours ago

    Love your videos keep on going

  • HDWP Original
    HDWP Original12 hours ago

    13:21 BOOM!!! 13:41 watch Gaunson and Stanford 😂😂😂

  • Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

    2 hours ago

    Whip whip Watch me nae nae

  • Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

    2 hours ago

    He hit the dab

  • Always 0blivious
    Always 0blivious12 hours ago

    I would absolutely love to win. Been a long time fan of you guys. Here’s my IG always0blivious.

  • ZebraNeighbor
    ZebraNeighbor12 hours ago

    Scott wasn't too far off on that equilibrium thing actually lol

  • Yeetman Mr
    Yeetman Mr12 hours ago

    He sounds like berry bee benson

  • Gyarados Freak
    Gyarados Freak12 hours ago

    The 3rd BIG balloon that Scott popped in that line actually ABSORBED the dart and didn't pop until the dart exited the balloon!!!😱😲😮😯VERY COOL!!! #44 club

  • Ian Garza
    Ian Garza12 hours ago

    why didn't they just do it outside lol

  • Luke Hammond
    Luke Hammond12 hours ago

    Nearly at 200k 🤘🏻😛🤘🏻 bring the slow motion

  • Matt Gandelman
    Matt Gandelman12 hours ago

    I wonder if Gaunson was ever a pitcher. His form is fantastic

  • DeeZo
    DeeZo13 hours ago

    Gaunson has a hell of a throw

  • Little bro Roblox
    Little bro Roblox13 hours ago

    1 yard is 3 ft So that means 3 x 40 = 120 That means 120 ft And 40 yards

  • Sam Perkins
    Sam Perkins13 hours ago

    8:18 This was random

  • Not valk 5475
    Not valk 547514 hours ago

    At 4:59 that’s how dinosaurs died. Left is earth and right is meteor

  • Krstev 29
    Krstev 2914 hours ago

    I am surprised there aren't much kids that say: Its what you came from.

  • Maxence Leboeuf
    Maxence Leboeuf14 hours ago


  • Micky Waters
    Micky Waters14 hours ago

    So glad you guys are safe! I heard about the fire in Perth and was worried!

  • RufusTheCuddlyPitBull
    RufusTheCuddlyPitBull14 hours ago

    Collab with the slow mo guys

  • erling haaland
    erling haaland14 hours ago

    Looks like a massive condom

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh14 hours ago

    Okay hear me out: Science with Gaunson. When he speaks, he sounds like Barry Bee Benson

  • Elliot Hellyer
    Elliot Hellyer14 hours ago

    why did the biggest balloon pop from the back w/ dart throw?

  • JSWTW 21
    JSWTW 2114 hours ago

    “E-GO has E-Stopped” 😂😂

  • fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh

    14 hours ago

    I dare u to play soccer (futbal) with these things

  • Lordcole
    Lordcole14 hours ago

    Out of curiosity, would you be able to float with that thing full of helium?

  • William McGregor
    William McGregor14 hours ago

    in science with gaunson he sounds like barry from the bee movie

  • Weston Subiti
    Weston Subiti15 hours ago


  • JC 22
    JC 2215 hours ago

    Why did one of you not go into the big one

  • Christine Morgan
    Christine Morgan15 hours ago

    Make a giant metal rubber duck that’s bigger than the hulk hand

  • Quest R
    Quest R15 hours ago

    Derek: and I’m a big man Me:no just know yeah you’re bigger than me just just no

  • Knivmaker
    Knivmaker16 hours ago


  • Aydin Mitchell-Davis
    Aydin Mitchell-Davis16 hours ago

    Pop 13:21

  • Habwn Aow
    Habwn Aow16 hours ago

    I wanna see them put all the different sizes inside of each other And blow them all up

  • Engui-Erdene Uguumur
    Engui-Erdene Uguumur16 hours ago

    Can you not mate furnaiy the science guy

  • Villum
    Villum16 hours ago

    Dont Bully basketball players

  • Jackson Shaw
    Jackson Shaw16 hours ago


  • Max Cogger
    Max Cogger16 hours ago

    This gives me anxiety

  • Boipelo M
    Boipelo M17 hours ago

    I’m jelly!

  • Colin Plays
    Colin Plays17 hours ago

    I dare u to play soccer (futbal) with these things

  • Wayfaring Stanger
    Wayfaring Stanger17 hours ago

    "Science with Gaunson" segment....Close your eyes and picture Jerry Seinfeld.

  • Mr. comedian
    Mr. comedian17 hours ago

    Americans will measure with literally anything but the metric system

  • Mohammed Alhalabi
    Mohammed Alhalabi18 hours ago

    how the fuck is this video 16 minutes long

  • JSWTW 21

    JSWTW 21

    14 hours ago

    Because time

  • Chokyo
    Chokyo18 hours ago

    Crazy how many subs you guys have gotten since I last watched

  • Oudai Alnnashash
    Oudai Alnnashash18 hours ago

    The thumbnail 🏀 the vid 🎈

  • SE3SoLow
    SE3SoLow18 hours ago

    0:19 the size of my condom

  • Saphire Snake
    Saphire Snake19 hours ago

    The moment you came for, I guess 13:22

  • Jeffy Paul
    Jeffy Paul19 hours ago


  • Ploder
    Ploder20 hours ago

    13:33...Your Welcome!

  • After Verse
    After Verse20 hours ago

    its a giants condom

  • AnDiHaZeKaYe
    AnDiHaZeKaYe20 hours ago

    Awesome video guys! Actually now my favourite to date!

  • chris Dk
    chris Dk20 hours ago

    Put helium in them PLSSSS

  • IOS RyZe
    IOS RyZe20 hours ago

    I keep thinking ima get pumpkined.

  • MR.LuckyDuckie
    MR.LuckyDuckie20 hours ago

    Imagine filling it up with helium

  • Jannik N.
    Jannik N.21 hour ago

    Where can you get this?

  • Zues Talingdan
    Zues Talingdan22 hours ago

    What does 7 men tall even meannn?!?!?!?

  • Erin Knowles
    Erin Knowles22 hours ago

    A ( comment random appropriate things appropriate plz )

  • Erin Knowles

    Erin Knowles

    22 hours ago