We Pretended To Break Up Infront Of A 8 Year Old...


We Pretended To Break Up Infront Of A 8 Year Old... in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 gameplay
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Fortnite Season 5 REVEAL LIVE REACTION! (Battle Pass LIVE) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay funny moments video! Today we react to the LIVE Galactus Devourer of Worlds event in Fortnite to start Chapter 2 Season 5!


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    Shreyas Sathe

    14 hours ago

    I'm sorry but what is the relationship of you guys and zalin

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  • Stanley Pullen

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    squirrel YT40 minutes ago

    Where is mushy

  • Jessica Dantin
    Jessica Dantin7 hours ago

    You will make me Call call

  • Samuel Kim
    Samuel Kim13 hours ago

    Techy can I be apart of the family

  • Shreyas Sathe
    Shreyas Sathe13 hours ago

    Who noticed zalin had tiko's entire locker combo.

  • Krupesh Bhatt
    Krupesh Bhatt15 hours ago

    I love techy

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    Noel Cecil17 hours ago

    U spaiids

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    Ha Hah

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    So mean

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    techy i just supscribed and like your videos

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    Mariah L.Day ago

    Do it again with mushy

  • Mikkelony The Goose

    Mikkelony The Goose

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    If y’all break up I’m gonna I’m gonna break up with my girl juriah

  • Mikkelony The Goose

    Mikkelony The Goose

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  • RedHulkTheOne_Gaming YT
    RedHulkTheOne_Gaming YTDay ago

    Wait did zalan just say you where his mom and dad are you I forget

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  • Thodoris Chatzipetkos
    Thodoris Chatzipetkos2 days ago

    Is it only me or does he kinda sound like tiko?

  • Favor yt
    Favor yt2 days ago

    Hahaha I cant belive zalaan cussed

  • beny9530 beny9530
    beny9530 beny95302 days ago

    the way he said you doing itlike my parents made me sad

  • Nikoli Gardner
    Nikoli Gardner2 days ago

    He said fuck??

  • ObbySkilledYT
    ObbySkilledYT2 days ago

    :Tucky WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY :me yo chill your language though

  • Elliott Sosa
    Elliott Sosa2 days ago

    Great 4

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    Pierre Pete2 days ago

    Zalaan said the f*ck

  • Pierre Pete

    Pierre Pete

    2 days ago

    Did u say

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    I need Friends

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    Is zalaan47980 you kid

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    I feel like I know him

  • Myion Montgomery
    Myion Montgomery3 days ago

    6:38 did he say f u c k

  • Yousif Atoo
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    Stop Omg

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    That was so cute

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    Techs can you ask if I can add zalaan

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    Techy is quite the actor

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    I use code techy

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    This was funny

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    I meant 6 subs

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    Can I have a shout out plz no one shout outed me :( (and r u able help I lost a sub and I have no subs

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    Wait a minute if he cute what about mushy

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    Can I be your fortunate girl kid

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    Me to

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    Anos Yt5 days ago

    What tf did y say techy

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy5 days ago

    Every vid I watch I have to watch it over and over again BC the little cute voice He has I wish I had a voice like that ❤️

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    Use code techy in the fortnite item shop

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    Destiny Stade5 days ago

    Lmaoooo your so funny guys I love your guy's videos but zallan didn't deserve it

  • Destiny Stade
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  • Its_Isabella Plays
    Its_Isabella Plays5 days ago

    the 8 year old may be think why you two are nice to him bc when you brake up he’s gotta choose who to go with

  • aye yah zee fan gameing
    aye yah zee fan gameing5 days ago

    Zalaan is so cute 🥰

  • leon janssens
    leon janssens5 days ago

    You should do a 8 year old face reveal

  • Gonzalez family
    Gonzalez family5 days ago

    I’m here ready

  • The amazing spider man
    The amazing spider man6 days ago

    Mushy be like from a video: NOOO FARRRR NO FARRR

  • Thian Chu
    Thian Chu6 days ago

    I fell sorry for him (I'am new sorry)

  • Richard
    Richard6 days ago

    Techy drop a author banger

  • Andre Caballero
    Andre Caballero6 days ago

    I smell drama

  • Malachi F
    Malachi F6 days ago

    U had to do it to him 😭

  • Christian Doug
    Christian Doug6 days ago

    I thought he cussed when techy said something about his ex

  • Maison Webb
    Maison Webb6 days ago

    Tucky Is cheating

  • Tyedup Playz
    Tyedup Playz6 days ago

    So 8 year olds have passifires now

  • Ultimate GamerYT
    Ultimate GamerYT6 days ago

    Pls do it to Mushy

  • Arya4K
    Arya4K6 days ago

    6:08 "You guys are acting like you my age both need to be quiet and be mature"-Zalan. LOL

  • Bryce Woudenberg
    Bryce Woudenberg6 days ago

    Tiko suks

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    its soooo sad

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  • Anthony Esparza
    Anthony Esparza7 days ago

    Techs and strawbys are arguing like 5 year olds XD

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    Yo the best prank oh my god lol

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    ARACID7 days ago

    How else thinks zalaan kinda likes starw berry’s mushy around techy and strawberries hello zalaan zalaan same thing of the mike what the fuc she is mine it what it probably be like

  • Hina Khatri
    Hina Khatri7 days ago

    Zalaan : Be MaTuRe

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    Is he your son

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  • Taco Time with me and friends
    Taco Time with me and friends7 days ago

    This is sooo cute. ❤️❤️i feel bad

  • Taco Time with me and friends

    Taco Time with me and friends

    7 days ago


  • cmyyt
    cmyyt8 days ago

    you didnt get a rare tac when u had an uncommon? what the

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    Zalaan is better than mushy

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    Hey can I add zalen

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  • Fanis Psarros
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    you really broke up

  • Cillian Swindle
    Cillian Swindle8 days ago

    They’re fake aren’t duringBut do you want to break up but how long is that

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    This kid is tiko I am flipping telling you

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    poor zaylan

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    i fell sorry for him

    DRO GAMES9 days ago

    Me watching feeling bad for zalaan

  • King Maxwell
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    but i thought mushey was the cutest ur cheating on him with zaylan.

  • Gabriel Manzo
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    Strawbys is such a annoying name to hear

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    Will strabys look like

  • Dc Spider man fan
    Dc Spider man fan9 days ago

    Salem said the f word If you rewind it when you said that when you want to go play with Amanda right now he swore but I love you and you’re so awesome man Techy say that to sound for me

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    I feel bad for him and he is so cute

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    I wish they did really break up

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    I'm close with your friend and you can always I love you all

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    What about mushy

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    My big brother has parent control so I can’t here you

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    Add my give me battle pase