What The Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 4/26/21 | The Daily Show

Another gender reveal disaster, Rick Santorum’s racist comments, and Paddington 2’s new standing as the GOAT. What the hell happened this week?

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  • Ubah Mohyadin
    Ubah MohyadinMonth ago

    Why doesn't Trevor talk about what's happening in Palestine ??

  • Margarita Jackson
    Margarita JacksonMonth ago

    and Marlboro! for country white men!

  • Margarita Jackson
    Margarita JacksonMonth ago

    you forgot about the women and the ad about Virginia Slims!

  • Munyaradzi Musariri
    Munyaradzi MusaririMonth ago

    Ah Ah Ah Ah

  • Elevation Training & Development Ltd
    Elevation Training & Development LtdMonth ago

    Free Palestine 🇵🇸

  • Aamina Hasan
    Aamina HasanMonth ago

    Trevor please talk about what’s happening Jerusalem rn #handsofalalqsa 🇵🇸

  • iman faraj
    iman farajMonth ago

    Free Palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸♥️

  • iman faraj
    iman farajMonth ago

    Free Palestine

  • Lanewreck1988
    Lanewreck1988Month ago

    With the census, most people didn't take it. Most people don't know that their number of representatives are tied to their population.

  • CM Punk
    CM PunkMonth ago

    "I've got some video tapes to return" ;)

  • TBNR Zephyr
    TBNR ZephyrMonth ago

    They didn’t have the dmv

  • Bang Babalas
    Bang BabalasMonth ago

    Bla bla bla Black people are amazing yay.

  • Chi Town Chei
    Chi Town CheiMonth ago

    I can't say it in front of my mom either. She soooo modest.

  • Musa Sibanyoni
    Musa SibanyoniMonth ago

    That "AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH" in South African accent😂😂😂😂

  • Jim Mclain
    Jim MclainMonth ago

    Rub some Vicks Vapor rub on your cigarettes. Menthol. Grandad recipe.. I'm 64.

  • N Villa
    N VillaMonth ago

    Here's your shovel.

  • kemalasari dina
    kemalasari dinaMonth ago

    Gender reveal party explosion... again? 😩

  • o'O'ohyea SezhoOo
    o'O'ohyea SezhoOoMonth ago

    That's weird, I'm in Los Angeles and i heard the loud boom. To think it came all the way from new Hampshire! Umm no. Its funny how They don't show no mug shot of this supposed guy and they show a quarry but no explosion. Idk but from all ive seen from the media this past year and all ive heard from these people with "power", it just raises red flags

  • Je Reine
    Je ReineMonth ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Trevor I’m loving those L E G S on the the gender reveal clip lol👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • Ross Parlette
    Ross ParletteMonth ago

    Do you mean that Mitch could loose his seat? Oops, he's in the Senate, so, no.

  • Tania NIXzS
    Tania NIXzSMonth ago

    Sir try y'all slowly stole, destroyed and killed the Native culture and the country itself. Wonder whatever 🙄 🤔 to the many plants, animals and people y'all killed. Jeez someone throw a history book at that idiot. Till this day y'all are still harming all three. Politicians aren't that bright are they 😐😒

  • mojo58
    mojo58Month ago

    Red states gain a set blue states lose a set

  • Dr RiveraSong
    Dr RiveraSongMonth ago

    He said, "...everything was black and white..." Buajajajajaja! Me muero! 🤣🤣🤣

  • TboyUltra
    TboyUltraMonth ago

    Yeah I’m a conservative and that was dumb what he said about the native Americans he should have rethought his word choice.

  • Hymedude
    HymedudeMonth ago

    That'll be interesting so the world will still have menthol cigarettes but they will be contraband in the United States.....

  • Paul Kenney
    Paul KenneyMonth ago

    I was at the capital the night befor the riots I visited the dnc and the rnc left presents for them

  • 123


    Month ago


  • SEA
    SEAMonth ago

    Crazy. They arrested a woman for a late video tape yet allow murdering police officers as well as fake wannabe police to go Free. amerikkkan, go figure.

  • keith anderson
    keith andersonMonth ago

    im gonna be sad when the daily distance show is over........ its your best work

  • Tony Parks
    Tony ParksMonth ago

    The coronavirus is the reason there is a shortage of population in the world nice article cover from Makaveli Portland Oregon

  • Tony Parks
    Tony ParksMonth ago

    The population has stopped growing and then they started Coronavirus or vice versa

  • Tony Parks
    Tony ParksMonth ago

    People with felonies in prison have female penpals people of criminals

  • Tony Parks
    Tony ParksMonth ago

    Committing felonies storm in the capital and other things what would you do

  • Tony Parks
    Tony ParksMonth ago

    So you can't tell the female what you do he's a criminal and she told the police gangsters beware

  • Eclipse Highroller
    Eclipse HighrollerMonth ago

    Husavik was 100% robbed

  • Delirious Mysterium
    Delirious MysteriumMonth ago

    Where you getting this minty menthol.

  • Fall H.
    Fall H.Month ago

    I really hope they ban menthols and that alot of black people stop smoking PERiODT because of that

  • Mark Masching
    Mark MaschingMonth ago

    As anti-Asian hate crimes are at an all time high, isn't it time to stop mocking Asian culture?

  • Brian Holmes
    Brian HolmesMonth ago

    *[caution, totally unrelated paranoid comment ahead.]* I had company over the other night and we were discussing Covid-19. Hepatitis came up in our conversation while we pontificated the long term side effects of contracting Covid-19. During this clip I get an ad targeted to me for Hep-c medications,.. I feel that my conversations are being heard by commercial programmed AI without my permission. My video preferences and age demographics don't explain this. Is there someone out there who understands this tech enough to tell me I'm either off my rocker or what?

  • Bill Ross
    Bill RossMonth ago

    When has a Chili's ever been fully booked?

  • M Browning
    M BrowningMonth ago

    If it weren't for the generosity of The First Americans, the first settlers would have died from starvation and ignorance. They didn't know how to farm, nor did they want to.

  • Christopher Santana
    Christopher SantanaMonth ago

    There was only 60 million native americans when this continent was colonized, and we, the white european people, annihilated 55 million of them.

  • Sacred Ascension
    Sacred AscensionMonth ago

    I loveee the periwinkle sweatshirt.....pretty color.....

  • Tommy the Squid
    Tommy the SquidMonth ago

    If menthol cigs are targeting black people, can the wyt ppl keep them

  • Jennifer N
    Jennifer NMonth ago

    How you know if a man can fix a car if a menthol not hanging from his mouth 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 facts!

  • Farf Agrogarg
    Farf AgrogargMonth ago

    Trevor Noah a danger to our Dumocracy

  • Memyself andI
    Memyself andIMonth ago

    Racist..but he's funny sometimes!

  • private private
    private privateMonth ago

    I thought ALL cigarettes had mint flavor

  • Sophia Graham
    Sophia GrahamMonth ago

    True 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😍😎🙏

  • Taylr Sillybunz
    Taylr SillybunzMonth ago

    Bruh - you bought a bunch of the same sweatshirt in different colors 👀 you look like the rainbow power ranger in his street clothes

  • Je Reine

    Je Reine

    Month ago

    🤨🤨really ?😏😏🧐🧐

  • /sz
    /szMonth ago

    so he chose violence

  • bigraviolees
    bigravioleesMonth ago

    The Trump census engineered to count white people only

  • fibi and cuphead
    fibi and cupheadMonth ago

    Just remember, he's British.

  • Chaitanya Kumar
    Chaitanya KumarMonth ago

    It is amazing how Americans are concerned over slow population growth. It is a dream for India :D

  • ccggenius12
    ccggenius12Month ago

    NO ONE talks about Citizen Kane excepting that "it's the greatest movie of all time", I think Paddington 2 can meet THAT low bar.

  • Random Tourist
    Random TouristMonth ago

    Lol 😂 I Just watched a 5min ad of the daily show, while watching this daily show

  • Shirley Beal
    Shirley BealMonth ago

    Trevor you crazy you know that Kiki Kiki Kiki Kiki I'm still laughing oh Trevor Trevor Trevor I'm still laughing you reveal your gender get out of here Oooooooo

  • Dante Kim
    Dante KimMonth ago

    Is it just me, or was the part about cutting power to the ferris wheel and driving his crush into Timothy's arms a personal reference from Trevor...?

  • gregory burczyk
    gregory burczykMonth ago

    if its not camel its kool

  • Ded Ede
    Ded EdeMonth ago

    Yeah. Planing more trees.

  • Sherry Jolliff
    Sherry JolliffMonth ago

    I'm sorry but I'm white and I used to smoke menthol. I just liked them better. And smoking in general is unhealthy. But to take a person's right to smoke whatever flavor cigarettes or cigars in their own home isnt...right.

  • Sherry Jolliff

    Sherry Jolliff

    Month ago

    I know the "I'm white" wasn't necessary but almost every white person I know smokes menthol and about every black person I know..and yes I know quite a few...doesnt. They may advertise to black people but it's still a preference. And a right to smoke whatever the heck you want...in your own home. I did respect those who didn't smoke and tried not to be too close.

  • Cuzane
    CuzaneMonth ago

    3:53 Fact check Trevor: Jesus had a star.. that has to be the most epic gender reveal.

  • Melissa Green
    Melissa GreenMonth ago

    I’m sorry, but if they’re gonna ban Newport’s, Kools, and other menthol cigarette’s they gotta go all in and ban the Marlboro Reds “cowboy killers” and every other cigarette brand out there. It is clear as day that Newport’s have been marketed towards black smokers for a long time. They are one of the few brands you’ll find in some neighborhood bodegas/corner stores etc. because that’s what the people buy. As bad as cigarettes are, lawmakers really should make sure they are not targeting only one demographic when they are taking one of two choices away from the people, even if it harms them. Cmon now.

  • Dr. Phibes
    Dr. PhibesMonth ago

    Nobody watched the Oscars you clump!

  • British Country sides.
    British Country sides.Month ago

    Really menthol cigarettes I try once never again.

  • Billy taylor
    Billy taylorMonth ago

    I have no sorrow for Blockbuster going out of business, their multi-day rentals were scams to collect late fees.

  • sher lock
    sher lockMonth ago

    There's no native American culture in American culture coz colonisers destroyed their culture. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Bird Nerd
    Bird NerdMonth ago

    That sweatshirt looks so comfy...😊

  • Je Reine

    Je Reine

    Month ago

    😏😏🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️❤️I wanna be I N that sweatshirt ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Bird Nerd

    Bird Nerd

    Month ago

    I just looked up the brand. Its called RicherPoorer and they have an online store.

  • Sabrina Doctor
    Sabrina DoctorMonth ago

    Hello Trevor!!!!! ✊🏽💙

  • Gregory Collins Bosque
    Gregory Collins BosqueMonth ago

    Wait, who are you?

  • SleepySera
    SleepySeraMonth ago

    "If 89 more people had filled out their census" Wait. Are you telling me the government decides how much political power a region holds based on...volunteers? Is their no official register of all US citizens??

  • Samuel Aina

    Samuel Aina

    Month ago

    It’s a census The only way to know who’s there is to count How would you expect the federal government to magically just know how many people are in the US without counting. And they can’t exactly go door to do so they ask everyone to fill a census Citizen, resident, non resident, etc. And the government can’t keep national lists cause it’s not equipped with that constitutional authority. That’s why the US doesn’t have a national ID card etc. The Census Bureau balances this inaccuracy by using a weighting factor to account for potentially under reported populations. This actually tends to emphasize minority representation as tackle under reporting of illegal residents in the US so that minority communities are not marginalized. All this because the US is ultimately a Union of states and what the states want is what gets done. The states don’t want to had the power of national registries to Washington and if that leads to a slightly less accurate distribution of congressional seats, it’s a trade off most are willing to make. So it’s not something imposed by the federal government to disadvantage certain states, rather it’s the opposite. I did a quick search on how different countries take census and voluntary reporting seems to be the most common among federated states and national lists are more common in unitary states. So I think like many things it goes back to underlying fundamentals about how governments are structured. Sources: All information I gave here can be found on the US census bureau website The analysis of different census regimes from the Canadian Broadcasting Association Reporting on their own census Government analysis is just me explaining how the US government is structured which I don’t think is too controversial or esoteric. Hope this little piece has helped 🙂

  • Jan Seidel
    Jan SeidelMonth ago

    *LOL* The former german chancellor Helmut Schmidt bought menthol cigarettes for over 70,000€ to have a lifetime stock as the got banned in Germany

  • Mrs. Carnero
    Mrs. CarneroMonth ago

    There isn't much Native American culture because America has worked really hard to erase it. :(

  • The PeanutButterHouse
    The PeanutButterHouseMonth ago

    When I switched from Newport Green to Newport Red, I stopped coughin up flem.

  • The PeanutButterHouse
    The PeanutButterHouseMonth ago

    Here, in the Detroit area, green Newports cost more than the red 1s..

  • Finesse Fine
    Finesse FineMonth ago

    🤔 Interesting that only Dem states (CA & NY 🤔) lost seats & Repub states gained... 🧐

  • Je Reine

    Je Reine

    Month ago


  • Ann Onymous

    Ann Onymous

    Month ago

    Trump messed with the census. Check it out.

  • Charles S
    Charles SMonth ago

    Maybe I'm wrong buti don't think menthols where marketed towards black people as a race thing i think it is just more popular in that community naturally and being greedy the cigarette people saw this and THEN started marketing to them...I also know quite a few white people that smoke them too....and I know Roy was bsing but he's kinda right why are they only banning the tobacco products with menthol and not clove and all the others....its weird cuz even in Australia where they put pics of cancerous lungs on the packaging of cigarette the haven't even banned menthol so it is rather curious

    D.SOKLENG NEWSMonth ago

    I'm getting real sick of these gender reveal parties.

  • NiNi J
    NiNi JMonth ago

    Thanks for letting us know you think we're nothing also. Next they will be talkin about the Italians and Irish people, oh wait, they already have... I mean they've already degraded every other race there is on this planet... so if you don't make over a million dollars a year, they'll be coming for you next. That's just how fast this work, I mean, we've already seen this played out so many times in history.

  • Joshua Joseph
    Joshua JosephMonth ago

    Do you agree while international and informative information is in high demand big media house produces fake news ??

  • Natilie
    NatilieMonth ago

    I quit smoking the week before Thanksgiving using On nicotine pouches...the vape (1 month) was too messy, bulky too many parts and I burned myself often...I really didn't think I could do it I really enjoyed smoking and didn't want to quit but I did it for my kids and the transition has been smooth and solid not one cig since(started when I was 15 I am 40 now)

  • 123


    Month ago

    Congrats on quitting smoking. I hope you inspire other smokers to find ways to be healthy to their bodies. You deserve a long life.

  • Susan F Lorito Schindler
    Susan F Lorito SchindlerMonth ago

    08:16 Census response results, consequences.

  • fuaad S
    fuaad SMonth ago

    Loool @ the gender reveal😂😂

  • Vita in DC
    Vita in DCMonth ago

    Kudos to Roy Wood: "Menthol is the seasoning", and "why is it that Black people don't get to have their unhealthy thing?" Yeah, so true Roy, and why doesn't Biden ban chewing tobacco first which white folks like and blacks don't And while Biden is at it, ban sodas, that's causing diabetes in everyone. And ban making more nukes, that's the most unhealthy thing of all.

  • ArisCarroll
    ArisCarrollMonth ago

    we all know the greatest movie of all time was the 1993 super mario bros movie

  • Lost Wookiee
    Lost WookieeMonth ago

    How in Gods name do you still have a show? Nobody likes you. It’s bewildering.

  • Fingers Crossed

    Fingers Crossed

    Month ago

    I really miss his predecessor. Trevor Noah spouts woke bullsh*t.

  • Caribbean vibe 2021
    Caribbean vibe 2021Month ago

    The back ground sound😂😂😂(eww gross )

  • Rohieram
    RohieramMonth ago

    This is why I have always referred to him as Rick Sanatorium.

  • Rose M
    Rose MMonth ago

    You are hilarious, Trevor Noah. I just love, love, love your show.

  • Alana Henry
    Alana HenryMonth ago

    There were so many controversial comments in this segment. Especially in the Paddington 2 part. Still pretty funny in general though.

  • Jason Santana
    Jason SantanaMonth ago

    Jesus got super explosions. The stars that the 3 wise men followed would be supernova, wherever they might originate. If you believe in that sort of stuff.

  • BeraNaLiva
    BeraNaLivaMonth ago

    The locals here call a menthol cigarette ... 'air conditioned '

  • Riles Drummond
    Riles DrummondMonth ago

    "you a hater... I don't deal with haters..." lol.

  • Morisejko Moriss
    Morisejko MorissMonth ago

    this guy preys to de or ev

  • Yom Derv
    Yom DervMonth ago

    Some people claim without proof that we still can fix all the environmental problems. We can not. It is already too late.

  • Josh Hamilton
    Josh HamiltonMonth ago

    My mans be dating with a mf Sharingan. Who tf can juggle that many women?

  • Cassie J.
    Cassie J.Month ago

    Absolutely a Hoodie boy, I wonder how many hoodies you have, always a different one every time I saw your videos. Love you!!

  • Yogitha Shetty
    Yogitha ShettyMonth ago

    Very sad the native culture( American Indians) is so demolished and forgotten their rich culture and entirely butchered!

  • jerry
    jerryMonth ago

    Native American art and history were systematically destroyed

  • Kealun Leday
    Kealun LedayMonth ago

    Menthol is the seasoning🤣🤣🤣🤣. Facts bro facts

  • Chris Aranda
    Chris ArandaMonth ago

    There's no way trevor didn't smoke menthols before