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This was so crazy, you will never guess who made the 'ultimate' couple! Don't forget to LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE!!
@Brent Rivera
@Ben Azelart
@Dominic Brack
@Sofie Dossi
If you see this comment who you think is the best couple, love you guys!


  • Maria Sulca
    Maria Sulca53 minutes ago

    Best couples from me is Lexi and Ben 😍❤️💕💕💕👸🏼👨🏼‍🦱

  • Kathleen Omandam
    Kathleen OmandamHour ago

    I always watching bexi

  • Brayden Baxter
    Brayden BaxterHour ago


  • Mercena Herlihy
    Mercena HerlihyHour ago

    I love how it was clear to see Persion and Brent are the only ones actually dating in this video

  • Aarya singh
    Aarya singhHour ago

    It is lovely how Ben need to bend while shootin a video with lexi...

  • Natalia Lizette Hernandez
    Natalia Lizette Hernandez2 hours ago

    dom and sophie are perfect for each other :)

  • Aubre Hess
    Aubre Hess3 hours ago

    It has to be you and you and

    FAITH CHARLES3 hours ago

    Ben cute❤️💖

  • Kaitlyn Radeke

    Kaitlyn Radeke

    3 hours ago


  • Sandra Whyte
    Sandra Whyte3 hours ago

    Brent & pierson

  • LonLin Lei
    LonLin Lei3 hours ago

    Bread in person have Towin

  • Team Zrush
    Team Zrush4 hours ago

    Sofie and dom

    ・MANGO SWIRL・5 hours ago

    I think all couples should of won! And Ben and Lexi should get back together! I ship bierson and doffie and bexi!

  • Selena Frame
    Selena Frame6 hours ago

    I vote Lexus and ben

  • Symphony Murphy
    Symphony Murphy9 hours ago

    Brent and Pearson go to benson

  • Tom Osborn
    Tom Osborn9 hours ago

    I’ve got two horses I have to pick up twice as much as a poo every day 😭

  • Prerna Joshi
    Prerna Joshi9 hours ago


  • Maria Amarra
    Maria Amarra11 hours ago

    My fav couple is bexi

  • Ryan Stuttard
    Ryan Stuttard11 hours ago

    Inapropiat for your chanlle picture

  • Fanta Keita
    Fanta Keita11 hours ago

    Sofie and Dom are like legit the best couple

  • monnan miah
    monnan miah11 hours ago

    When peirson kissed brent he looked so happy

  • Logan Werly
    Logan Werly11 hours ago

    professional pooper scooper!

  • Marie Anderson
    Marie Anderson12 hours ago

    am i the only one who's disgusted by them shipping dom and soffie? he is underage and it's creepy

  • Carl Khate Paglinawan
    Carl Khate Paglinawan12 hours ago

    Lexi dom likes u

  • Thelma Lisa
    Thelma Lisa15 hours ago

    I subscribed ❤️❤️

  • My Crazy Horse Life
    My Crazy Horse Life15 hours ago

    Me watching this thinking I look after my horses 24/7 👁👄👁

  • Akshaya Shravan
    Akshaya Shravan15 hours ago

    This will be the couple's future name. Alexa - Alexa Azelart Pierson - Pierson Rivera Sofie - Sofie Brack I hope this will happen in the future

  • Toby De Wesselow
    Toby De Wesselow17 hours ago

    I vote Pearson and brent

  • Dhruba Bhattarai
    Dhruba Bhattarai17 hours ago

    ben and lexi

  • Akok Bruh
    Akok Bruh18 hours ago

    I ship Andrew and Lexi 😫💕

  • Katz Moggy
    Katz Moggy19 hours ago

    oooh is bexi a thing again haha jk ANDREW AND JEREMY JENDREW IS THERE SHIP NAME

  • Nibin C
    Nibin C20 hours ago


  • Juvina Hannah
    Juvina Hannah20 hours ago

    dom and sofie are a match made in heaven they look so cute together

  • MuKuĽ MaNn
    MuKuĽ MaNn21 hour ago

    Alexa u r really beautiful👌

  • rani hareesh
    rani hareesh21 hour ago

    yes lexi dom and soffie is the best coupleand they are called doffie

  • Marie Anderson

    Marie Anderson

    12 hours ago

    he is 17. it's illegal.

  • Alyssa Dennewitz
    Alyssa Dennewitz21 hour ago

    Lexi your bathing suit top is cute! Where’d you get it?

  • Head Professor
    Head Professor23 hours ago

    Why does Lexi Rivera’s hair in the pool looks like Ariana Grande hair.

  • Sofia Calderon
    Sofia Calderon23 hours ago

    I got to say it's Brent and pearson

  • Ailey Martinez
    Ailey Martinez23 hours ago


  • Adeia Maisarah
    Adeia Maisarah23 hours ago

    brent : lexi and andrew andrew : jeremy and andrew 😂😂

  • Sriharsha Polaki
    Sriharsha PolakiDay ago


  • Tristan Ford
    Tristan FordDay ago

    You and Ben are so cute together

  • Marwan Kahhale
    Marwan KahhaleDay ago

    Hey Lexi I wanted to ask you a question about your name"Is your name Lexi Rivera or is your name Alexa Rivera? The resion I'm asking this question because I couldn't watch the video/Why did you and Ben break up? Please give me your answer love u so much btw I'm a girl ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙂

  • O p
    O pDay ago

    The 1st thing I think of is Brearson, Bexi, And Dophie Little did I know those were gonna be the couple's

  • Karson E Allen
    Karson E AllenDay ago

    People just said Andrew and Jeremy does that mean they’re gay I’m just asking I don’t really think they are just saying if they are

  • Christina Charles
    Christina CharlesDay ago

    Go team berson I didn't pick team bexie because they broke up

  • Livy Hauf
    Livy HaufDay ago


  • Livy Hauf
    Livy HaufDay ago


  • Livy Hauf
    Livy HaufDay ago


  • Livy Hauf
    Livy HaufDay ago


  • Livy Hauf
    Livy HaufDay ago


  • Livy Hauf
    Livy HaufDay ago


  • MaryMaria ت
    MaryMaria تDay ago

    I dare u To go to a store with ur mom and ur mom needs to say that how many year child can enter the store and the manager says a year and u say awww mommy I can’t enter like if u want to Lexi see this

  • ItzChlxePlayz
    ItzChlxePlayzDay ago

    Brent looks like the flash lmao

  • Kara and Leah play
    Kara and Leah playDay ago


  • caleb tigert
    caleb tigertDay ago

    I wanted you and Ben to win 👩‍❤️‍👨 bexi

  • Elora Urmi
    Elora UrmiDay ago


  • Jan Rasmussen
    Jan RasmussenDay ago

    I really want to ride on a horse again it’s been like forever i Think almost a year because of COVID-19🥺

  • Abagail Clark
    Abagail ClarkDay ago

    Are dom and Sophie actually dateing

  • Rashida Nazir
    Rashida NazirDay ago

    is here name lexi or alexa?

  • Marie Carline Nozier
    Marie Carline NozierDay ago


  • Marie Carline Nozier
    Marie Carline NozierDay ago


  • wolfie shadow lil demon
    wolfie shadow lil demonDay ago

    Lexi: says the best couple sofie and dom Ben: ugh Lexi uhhhh what?! Ben: never uhm never mind I'm embarrased

  • DD Williams
    DD WilliamsDay ago

    I think Lexi and Andrew would be super cute tbh. I did like her and Ben together but her and Andrew are very fun and cute. Andrew doesn't seem like the type of guy to step on any toes though so if it was to happen, Ben must've said it was okay to do so.

  • Amlorpava Mary
    Amlorpava MaryDay ago

    When perison bet brent was so funny

  • Oceansea YT
    Oceansea YTDay ago

    I think Dom and Sofia should marry each other for 24 hours!

  • Lucia Rossi-Wells
    Lucia Rossi-WellsDay ago

    i think that brent and Pearson are the best

  • Eia Eia
    Eia EiaDay ago

    Lexi and bren

  • Eia Eia

    Eia Eia

    Day ago


  • joey doesn't share food!
    joey doesn't share food!Day ago

    Ok guys Have you noticed that brent voted for " lexi and andrew"😂

  • Robert Nobbs
    Robert NobbsDay ago

    I love yOu lexiii and love ya name

  • Robloxian Pirate
    Robloxian PirateDay ago

    .. ......

  • Galaxy Anime Lover
    Galaxy Anime LoverDay ago

    Ugh we luv a good couple like SofiexDom im a strong shipper ♡♡ ^^

  • Shane Maher
    Shane MaherDay ago

    Yeah I think Jeremy and add Andrew should have won

  • Tatum Lorde
    Tatum LordeDay ago


  • Preetyomisha omishaJagutpal
    Preetyomisha omishaJagutpalDay ago

    I am a big fan LEXl

  • 荒野亂鬥Brawl Stars
    荒野亂鬥Brawl StarsDay ago

    Lexi and Ben gets 2 points Lexi : *In mild shock Bexi Fans : Yes OMG Lexi : Really 😑 Bexi Fans : Yes!!!!!!

  • Bethany Doyle
    Bethany DoyleDay ago

    I feel so bad for Lexi!

  • Maya Khader
    Maya KhaderDay ago

    It' s true, Dom and Sofie are the best couple.🤣🥳🥰


    Brension a nice couple

  • Naty rose
    Naty roseDay ago

    The fact that person and Brent are just comfortable when they kiss tho-

  • maletinarose tovi
    maletinarose toviDay ago


  • bumpy bubbles
    bumpy bubblesDay ago

    When done tried to eat the ring pop Sofie: that's my ring pop!!

  • Dhwani Gola
    Dhwani GolaDay ago

    Damn, the way she was looking at him at 2:27! My heart!

  • Kali Schoenforfer
    Kali SchoenforferDay ago


  • Kali Schoenforfer
    Kali SchoenforferDay ago

    lol. when sofe liked the ringpop dom went crasy

  • Urwah Arslan
    Urwah ArslanDay ago

    No bexi it’s Andrew and lexi

  • Safire DonBomb
    Safire DonBombDay ago

    there's too many cute couples in the squad...i can't choose who is the best and cutest

  • Eef ten Haaf
    Eef ten HaafDay ago

    di's was amesing challenge

  • Bren Amazing
    Bren AmazingDay ago

    Love how fun and proper her voice sounds

  • Abi’s Beanie Boos!
    Abi’s Beanie Boos!Day ago

    I miss Bexi! They were amazing together! No hate to them for breaking up though. They did what they thought was best and I fully support that.

  • Thaine Patino
    Thaine PatinoDay ago

    Sofie and Dom are really cute together I think they will make a good couple.

  • Thaine Patino
    Thaine PatinoDay ago

    2:45 you can tell brent liked it.

  • Alex Shand
    Alex ShandDay ago


  • Yasmine Ibrahim
    Yasmine IbrahimDay ago

    Who ships Alexa and Andrew together

  • ariana someone
    ariana someone2 days ago

    honestly, sofie and dom was the cutest

  • Neha Rao
    Neha Rao2 days ago

    Ben over there expecting a kiss on the lips

  • zion casurao
    zion casurao2 days ago

    get back with ben plssssssssssssssssss

  • Kenza KSOURI
    Kenza KSOURI2 days ago

    Fun fact: Sofie is older than Dom

  • The Gamer Buddies
    The Gamer Buddies2 days ago

    Who realized she misspelled piersons name

  • Laepa Ekeroma
    Laepa Ekeroma2 days ago


  • Gensis Garcia
    Gensis Garcia2 days ago